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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 8: All Bases Covered

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 8: All Bases Covered

Four days have passed and the new attacks of the gangs are again all over the news. Jennifer turned off the television and John reacted. “Hey turn it back on” he said. “We have seen enough, come on lets go to the conference room” she said.

Inside the conference room as the three were seated, two more agents entered the room. Ed Priestly and Kevin Sholes, were two young agents with the latter having the hots for Jennifer. “I got you some coffee” Kevin said as he hand the cup to Jennifer. “Oh thank you Frank” the lady agent replied. “Its Kevin” the man said and Jennifer looked at him and smiled.

Yehleen passed the folders around as John flashed images on the giant screen. “So what do we know so far?” Jennifer asked. “Nothing” Yehleen said and there was an air of frustration in the room. “Even the cops are not going anywhere, they don’t have any leads or clues to who this gang members are” Ed told them.

“And last night they attacked again, not even one arrest or even a chase” Kevin said. “Wait, how about the dead bodies in the first attack? Have they been identified?” Jennifer asked. “Local drug dealers and pimps” John revealed as he flashed the identities of the dead gang members. “No one has claimed their bodies yet, the police questioned their family members but they all deny that the men were involved in a gang” he added.

“Two gangs just showing up out of nowhere and terrorizing the city all of a sudden” Jennifer murmured. “Not just this city, they are nationwide” Ed clarified. “Okay lets focus locally first. Have the cops questioned the known gangs? Do they know about the two new gangs?” Jennifer asked.

“The actually did that but it led them to nowhere since even they are baffled. The known gangs don’t know who they are” Yehleen said. “That’s impossible, aren’t they even trying to defend their turf? Isnt that how they are supposed to be?” Jennifer asked. “Indeed but I saw the footages of the questioning and I saw that most of the gang members had fear in their eyes. Even the members of the two top gangs in this city” Yehleen added.

“So they know who they are if that is the case” Jennifer said and the doctor shook her head. “Not really, if they knew who they were then the top two gangs would have squealed already. You are right, they have to defend their turf and so if they know who the two new gangs are then without hesitation they would spill on the beans or name them” Yehleen clarified.

“So what are they? A sleeper cell of sorts? Never been heard of at all then one day they start to show themselves. Well the funny side is that the two new gangs are trying to kill each other which is good right?” Kevin said and everyone looked at him irritated.

“They know the right places to hit at the right time. The sad thing is when the cops arrive they are already gone” Jennifer said and all eyes were on her. “What are you trying to say?” Ed asked. “I don’t want to think of it but we should look at all angles here” she stated. “Oh come on, you among all people? Come on you were a member of Operation Salvation, you shouldn’t be talking that way” Ed told her.

“I am not trying to accuse them, I just said we should also look at that angle” Jennifer clarified. “I think she is right, if you look at it the two gangs seem to know the right moves at the right time. At all times there are no cops present or if there are the always are too late to stop the crimes or even witness it” Yehleen said.

“So we two should go check on the cops then” Kevin said and smiled at Jennifer. “Oh sorry Frank, I am going with Yehleen. You and Ed go to the cops and check on the 911 calls and shifting schedules” Jennifer instructed. “Hey stop calling me Frank” Kevin said. “Yeah sorry. You two go now and report back here after lunch” she told them.

After the two men left the room Yehleen looked at Jennifer. “Why are you calling him Frank? Do you like him?” she asked and Jennifer laughed. “I was trying to piss him off and it worked. Anyway lets go” she said. “Why me? I am not suited for field work” Yehleen complained. “Yehl I need you, we are going to go question gang members ourselves. I am sure they must know something, two gangs would not just pop out of nowhere and decided to be street kings. That is why I need you with me to see if there is truth in what they would say” Jennifer explained.

“I think you should get another agent” John said. “John please relax, I wont let anything bad happen to Yehleen. “Fine, then let her wear a vest, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and if you can manage it please wear a metal armor” John told them and the two ladies laughed.

At the warehouse located at the outskirt of the city, William was pacing around his office as he listened to the five men on screen rant. “Are you crazy? Why did you give them fifty thousand dollars each this time?” one man asked. “Gentlemen why are you all so worried about that?” William asked as he lit a cigarette. “You are paying them off to much, then after all of these you will pay them a million each again” another man told him.

“Gentlemen they are doing our dirty work, in order to gain their loyalty and silence we should make sure they are happy” William explained. “As for the million, well we only pay those who are alive” he added as he faced them and grinned. “What are you trying to say?” one asked.

“Well after all damage has been done we cannot afford to have loose ends even if they pledge their loyalty. So in the end I shall have them all killed, it has to be done so there would be no chances of leaks and links to us” he clarified and the five men were satisfied.

“Now for the good news, please click on the link I sent you a while ago” William told them. “As you can see our efforts has caused a mild tremor, look at the stock prices of our selected targets. They have dropped, but that is days ago. Click on the second link now to see the current values” he told them.

“I’d be damned! You should start buying!” one man told him and William laughed. “Gentlemen, we should start buying” he clarified. “Don’t worry the gangs will be having two weeks off, enough time presume for the stocks to rise. If ever we are not satisfied with the gains we can hold them off a bit longer” William told them and the six of them shared a good laugh.

“Oh by the way William, Rahim wants back in” one man said. William sat down and took a deep breath. “Its up to you all to decided. For me I think Rahim is a vital asset to us. We cannot shop for a replacement” he said and the five men were in agreement.

“But even if we decide to let him back in, they already know that he is the mastermind” one man said. “Indeed and we cannot do anything to refute that. The only thing we can do is hide Rahim, well I think you will agree with me that is a just punishment for him” William said. “You are correct, he has to pay for trying to opt out. He has to suffer, so will we be able to keep him hidden?” another man asked.

“Of course, that would be easy” William said. “Wait, you told us that there is a troop headed his way. How are you going to deal with that? We all know that Rahim is not fond of heavy security” an elder voice said. “Well fortunately there is a sandstorm that is currently ravaging their location so even the troops cannot advance towards him” William said.

“Rest assured I am sending some of our own men to give this troop something they will never forget. Relax gentlemen I have foreseen this and our men will arrive there just in time to defend Rahim’s palace” he assured them.

“So gentlemen please excuse me for I have other matters to attend to. Leave some stocks for me please” he said and again they all laughed.

William shuts off the monitors and Tina enters the room. “Sir I think we found him” she said and the man was delighted. Tina turned on one LCD panel and took over the computer. Showed on the screen a video of Frank’s funeral. Seconds later she paused the video and William could not believe it, “So he is alive!” he exclaimed.

“Yes sir, and we were able to get the plate number of the vehicle he got in to. It is registered to Senator David Richards” she said and the man sat down and grinned. “Sir please focus your attention on the two men with him” Tina said but William shook his head. “I just want Nathan, track down that vehicle and find him. Do whatever it takes but make sure bring him to me alive” he instructed.

Tina left the office and William just stared at the paused video. He took out his phone and started to dial. “Hello Elaine, its me William” he said. “I told you not to be calling this phone. Hang up and let me be the one to call you, its not safe” she said.

William hang up and seconds later his phone rang, “What is it?” she asked. “I found him” he replied. “You found Nathan Miller?” she asked. “Yes, I found him and soon we will have him” William told her. “Finally, you are making yourself useful” his sister said.

“Elaine, how is dad doing?” William asked. “Nothing has changed, he is still in a coma. If what you say is true then dad will be fine that is if Nathan still has the serum” Elaine told him. “If he doenst?” he asked. “Then he has to make one, I am sure his wife gave him the papers. I don’t believe that she kept it all on her head. Even I cannot do that, so call me when you have him dear brother” Elaine said as she hung up the phone.

Hundreds of miles away Erick and his troop were having fun inside a huge tent. “Hey Major are you sure this tent will be able to withstand this sandstorm?” one soldier asked. “Hell yeah, if the tanks start flying then we start worrying” Erick said and everyone laughed.

Their huge tent was swaying, the only thing that kept it from being blown away were the ropes that were tied to it, and at the end they were tied to tanks at both sides. “Now you all gather around so we can plan our siege. Based on satellite images Rahim has a low level security. We don’t want bloodshed, we are here to take him back alive so he can pay for his sins” Erick said.

Eric looked at the badge on the arm of the soldier beside him, “We have no room for error, we are not doing this for us, we are doing this for Frank” the major said and the soldiers were silent.

Back at the warehouse William was staring at two satellite images, one was the palace of Rahim and the other was the location of Erick and his men. “How long will the sandstorm last?” he asked. “Probably two days sir” the man on the other end of the phone replied.

“Will you be sure you will get to Rahim’s palace in time?” William asked. “We shall start moving tomorrow sir, with or without sandstorm” the man answered. “Good, if you get there in time get Rahim out and burn everything. If the troops catch up, engage them and make sure their ashes blend well with the sand” William instructed as he hang up the phone. He dialed another number and he sat back.

Hundreds of miles away in a desert palace Rahim answers his phone. “William! I have been trying to get in touch with you. What the hell did you do?” Rahim asked. “Rahim, relax, I have everything under control. I wont let anything bad happen to you. Sit back and enjoy for a while. My men will be with you shortly” William reassured him. “Relax? Are you crazy? One troop is headed over here and you tell me to relax? You know I don’t have that much firepower!” Rahim said.

“Rahim, you know me well and you know what my men are capable of” William said and the middle eastern man sat back and smiled. “Of course William, I am sorry. Thank you for having me back by the way” Rahim said. “You don’t have to thank me, we always look out for each other. See you in a few days my friend” William said as he turned off his phone.

Rahim stood up and walked towards the window, he could not see anything outside because of the sandstorm. “Well at least even nature is on my side” he said to himself and started to laugh.

Outside his palace gates the winds were vicious. The palace could barely be seen due to the sandstorm. A few seconds later the storm momentarily calmed down and there stood a man facing the palace with head up high.

A strong wind started to blow along with it blinding sand particles, the man who was in front of the palace gate suddenly vanished.

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