Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ONE BEAT: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: First Date

The following day a huge female nurse attended to Sheryl for her sponge bath. “Excuse me do you know when I can go home?” asked Sheryl after the nurse changed her clothes. “When you are strong enough young lady” the nurse said as she sat Sheryl down on the wheelchair.

“Ouch!!!” screamed the nurse as John accidentally hit her leg with the cane. “Peter did you hear that, we hit a post and the post screamed” John jokingly said and Peter burst in laughter. Sheryl was trying not to laugh as she saw the angry face of the nurse. “John will you watch where you’re going” the nurse said. John lifted his blind fold and smiled at her “Oh it’s you Jean, sorry about that. Did you lose weight?”

Jean blushed and smiled “I have been doing what you told me, one hour walk daily. I lost 30 pounds so far, 50 pounds more and you better keep your promise” she said. John nodded and smiled “I never break promises, 50 more pounds and you get a brand new car. But remember if you gain a single pound I take the care back” he said. “How about I lose 100 and you just buy me a house instead?” Jean asked. John laughed “If you lose 100 more then I will be tempted to court you already” he added and they both laughed.

“Estella said that Miss Brandis over here requested for you” Jean said and Sheryl immediately blushed. “I didn’t say that!” Sheryl quickly interrupted. John looked at her and scratched his head then looked at Jean “Oh okay maybe it was just a misunderstanding, the drugs can do things to your head sometimes” John said. “So Peter and I will head to the yard now, unless you want to come along Miss Brandis” John offered. Sheryl bowed her head and became shy “I entrust her to you then John, and take note of her heart condition” Jean said. “Relax Jean I won’t break her heart ever I promise” and the two ladies immediately look at John.

Once the three got to the yard Peter walked alone and Sheryl looked at John “Is he going to be alright walking alone like that?” she asked him. John pushed the wheelchair towards at the center of the yard and said “We trained together for a week so he knows his way around. Don’t worry tomorrow he is getting his transplant so let’s just say this is his farewell walk in darkness”

“Estella told me about that, it’s really kind of you doing those things for him. What do you get out of all the things you do for the patients?” she asked him. John scratched his head and thought for a while. “I gain friends that’s just about it” he said and smiled.

“Thank you for the flowers” Sheryl suddenly said and John looked at her. “Estella said you often came to visit me, Is that true?” she inquired further. John took a deep breath and looked at Peter. “Well the day that they brought you to the recovery room you had no companion so I sat down watching you sleep. But no one came to visit you so I came daily, sometimes I talk to you but you do not respond” he jokingly said. Sheryl laughed and shook her head. “How am I going to respond when I am asleep?” she said.

“I guess you’re right, no wonder Mrs. Thorn doesn’t respond to me, I have been talking to her every day you know” he added. Sheryl looked at John and asked “she is asleep every day?” John smiled and said “She is in a coma” and Sheryl could not stop laughing.

After an hour telling stories together and watching Peter play they saw a couple approach the little kid. “Those are Peter’s parents, they always come here every lunch to eat together” John said. “Aren’t you going to tell them that you are paying for everything?” Sheryl asked. John looked at her and raised his eyebrows. “So Estella has been telling you a lot I see. That’s okay; I won’t tell them until it’s over. The money that they saved up they sure could use for his education, he stopped so he has to catch up as soon as he can see again” he revealed.

“Do you want to eat lunch with me at the cafeteria?” John asked her. Sheryl tilted her head sideways and tried to stand up but she was too weak to pull her body to her feet. “Yes you definitely have to eat with me. Don’t worry it’s my treat and I will make sure you eat a lot” he said. She smiled and shook her head “I can’t eat a lot I have to watch my heart” she said.

“Okay then but do you really like the food they serve in your room?” he asked her. Sheryl did not respond and simply looked at him. “See! Come on lets go, this is going to be our first date together” he said and she started laughing. “What’s so funny?” he asked her as he was pushing the wheelchair towards the cafeteria. “You said first date, are you courting me?” she gamely asked. “Didn’t you see the flowers I sent you every day? I confessed while you were asleep and one time I thought you nodded” he joked. Sheryl kept on laughing and said “You are really funny.” John stopped and looked at her, “So you think I’m not serious?” and she paused and looked at his serious expression. “Are you serious?” she asked.

John went in front and kneeled and bowed his head. He held her hand and he raised his head slowly. There was a moment of silence between then and Sheryl just stared at him. “Sheryl” he said and he looked away. “What is it John?” she asked. “You’re now wearing any underwear” he whispered and he slowly removed his jacket and gave it to her. Sheryl was so embarrassed and quickly covered her front with the jacket.

They found an empty table inside the cafeteria and John went to get their food. As he returned Sheryl had her head bowed down in shame. “Come on let’s eat” he said but she didn’t look at him nor the food on the table. “Hey come on there’s nothing to be embarrassed about okay? I didn’t see it, I looked away at once” he said. Sheryl raised her head slowly and smiled. “I’m sorry I don’t have clothes and I forgot I wasn’t wearing any underwear” she said softly. John laughed and egged her to eat. “Tell me your size and I will ask Estella to get you some clothes” he told her and she started to smile and eat. “Remind to ask her to get you a razor too” he added and Sheryl looked at him curiously. “Razor?” she asked him.

John smiled and nodded then looked at her. “You saw it?” she asked him and John started to laugh. “I’m just kidding you relax now and eat” he said. Sheryl was quite confused but she trusted him and continued to eat. As they finished eating John brought her back to her room. “I have to go; I have to be with Peter now. Tomorrow I promise you the clothes and razor” and he grinned at her. “There you go again I know you kidding me” she said. John went towards the door and shook his head and went out. Sheryl immediately lifted her gown and took a look for herself. The door opened once again and Sheryl immediately covered herself up. John peeked inside and said “You took a look didn’t you? I was just kidding you! See you tomorrow!” and he closed the door.

Sheryl laughed at herself and looked forward to tomorrow.