Tuesday, March 3, 2009



I received reports about chapter 18 not showing and indeed as i checked this a while ago it was definitely not showing.

I did some editing and i think it works fine now. I checked and reloaded the page three times and its okay now.

Anyway, hold on for just a little longer as i am currently writing a new story. Sorry Frank fans, the new story is OF MUD AND LACES

Its a roller coaster or emotions actually and i hope you will like it.

Currently i am at chapter 3, i cant give you a specific time when i finish this but definitely it will be soon enough.

Frank fans, i promise to write the second book after that. A lot are asking if Frank is a super human, an alien or a mutant hehehehe...

Well you will learn the truth soon. I promise to make it funnier and more cheesy hehehehe..

See you in a few days!