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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 5: Birth of Chaos

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 5: Birth of Chaos

It was a cold night in the city, for almost two months people enjoyed peace and tranquility. Months ago a lot were terrified to even stay out late because of the alarming crime rate. One man changed everything, and even in his passing the people took the cudgels to make sure that there was peace.

At the outskirts of the city, a group of men were laughing and fooling around as they walked towards a nearby warehouse. “You better make sure this trip is worth it Darrell or else I am gonna collect each drop of sweat from you but in blood” a fat man said as he huffed and puffed. “Relax, this guy is legit yo. He said if we wanna get filthy rich we drop by his place yo” Darrel replied. “And how did you meet this guy?” another man asked.

“I mugged him” Darrel said and the others laughed. “You mugged him and he still offers you a way to get rich? Yo man, didn’t you even think that this was a setup? He might pump iron in your chest yo” the fat man said and the more the group laughed. Darrel shows the group a bundle of cash and everyone fell silent and looked at him.

“He told me if I can get my gang here he would pay me more. So if this man’s ayt right?” he asked and the group nodded in unison. “Gentlemen this way please” a deep voice said. The group turned around to see a well dressed man greet them. They followed the man and before they entered the warehouse they saw him speak to his sleeve. “The other group is here and we are coming in” he said.

“What do you mean other group yo?” the fat guy asked but once they entered the warehouse all hell broke loose. Darrel belonged to a gang, the other group that the man was talking about was their fiercest rival gang. “I told you Darrel this was a setup” the fat guy said as he brought out a fan knife. Punches were thrown as chains, pipes and other weapons were brought out.

A lot of bodies sprawled on the floor as more bloodied gang members traded blows. Amidst the rumble an old man emerges and behind him were ten armed men. With one hand signal, one guard fires his gun and the gang members stop and look at him.

“Gentlemen I didn’t call you all here to annihilate yourselves. I called you all here for business” the old said. The armed men separated the group and positioned themselves in between as the two group still traded verbal assaults and stares.

“May I have your attention please” the old man said and the armed men made sure everyone paid attention. “I am sorry I didn’t want to get my men involved but you forced me too” he added and with one hand signal the armed men walked away. “Now if you all want to continue fighting then my men will not hesitate to kill you all” the old man told them. Everyone turned their heads to see the armed men at the back pointing their guns at them.

“So start talking yo!” the fat man said and everyone looked front. “Okay, I chose you to gangs because word on the street is that you two are the top gangs” the old man said and the two groups started cheering. “So with that said I want you two to work with each other” he added and everyone was shocked. Seconds later stares were thrown all around and came the violent reactions.

“We aint working with those puny punks yo!” the fat man said. “Who you calling puny sissy!?” replied a gang member from the other side. A gun shot was fired and everyone again fell silent. “So you don’t like each other? What if I say the pay is a million dollars?” the old man teased and slowly each gang member looked at each other.

“Oh, a million dollars each member” the man added and a lot of jaws dropped. The two gangs looked at each other and in an instant there seemed to be unity as the two gangs started smiling and laughing.

“So what we gonna do?” the fat man asked. “It seems you are the top dawg of your gang, and who is the top dawg of the other side if I may ask?” the old man asked and a bald gang member raised his hand proudly. “I see, then before I tell you what you have to do can you two assure me that you two groups would work hand in hand. No bickering, no fighting, or better yet could you manage to call a truce?” the old man asked.

The fat man stood up and the bald man from the other side did the same. They walk towards the center and stare at each other. “One million dollars each baby!!!” the fat man yelled and they both laughed and shook hands. “Hell yeah! For a million dollars I would even marry this guy yo” the bald man said and everybody laughed.

The old man raised his sand and several men came inside carrying boxes. “Now you have to change your gang colors, don’t worry it will be temporary” he said as the men distributed pink bandanas to one gang and light blue bandanas to the other. “Hey yo we gonna look like sissies” one gang member reacted.

“Why cant we use our gang color?” the bald man asked. “Well you will be pretending to be another gang. You two will pretend to be two new rival gangs and will fight each other” the old man said and the group was confused. The old man laughed and sat down. “Relax you will be doing for show” he added but still the gang members did not understand.

“I am sure you all know about Frank, how the government made him look like a hero in many instances. They set up the scene to make him look good and a lot fell for it. So we are taking a page from their book. We are going to make it seem like you two gangs are fighting. We are going to make it look real” the old man explained.

“So I have prepared a script that you will follow. Don’t worry you will likewise be working hand in hand with my men and there is nothing to fear because we have all bases covered. Do not fear of the cops, and do not fear of being caught. If you do get caught do not worry because we shall get you out. All you have to do is follow the script and get your hands dirty a little bit” the old man said as his armed men started distributing folders.

“Inside those folders are the scripts. The activities planned, which we shall be doing. Follow the script well and everything will be alright, and you will get paid as promised” the man said and the gang members started reading.

“What is in store for you? I mean what are we doing this for? What is your name?” the bald man asked and the old man stood up. “Robert Downton. With a million dollars I thought you wouldn’t ask anymore. Well if you look at the list do you see anything worth gaining?” Robert asked and again everyone looked at their scripts.

“I am sure you wont find anything there. So lets just say I am a wealthy man willing to pay you to start chaos. What do I get in return? Satisfaction of course. I know it sounds off but what if you have experienced being screwed by the government? So lets just put my reason as satisfaction” he said.

The gang members were satisfied with what he said, they all nodded and were in agreement. “By the way do you have members from other cities or states?” Robert asked and everyone nodded. “Good! This act isn’t only limited to this city. We are going to bring chaos nationwide” he said and there was a pause from the gang members but the lure of big money clouded their minds.

A few seconds later several men came in pushing two large containers. “Gentlemen, I am sure you still know how to conduct yourselves decently” Robert said as his men opened the two crates. The gang members gathered around to see what was inside and moments later their faces lit up.

The crates were filled with expensive suits, shoes and watches. “I am sure you will all find your right sizes inside so please take one each and I expect you to wear them” Robert told them. “You expect us to wear this thing always?” Darrell asked and the old man laughed.

“Oh no, as a sign of good faith you all will be spending the weekend in Sin City” Robert said and the more jubilant the gang members were. “Hey yo, you sending us to Vegas to do what?” the fat man asked as he tried on a tuxedo coat. “Have fun what else” Robert answered as two men came out with briefcases full of money. “Each of you will receive fifty thousand dollars, don’t worry it’s a gift and it wont be deducted from your million” the old man added and there was celebration inside the warehouse.

“After suiting up there will be several cars that will take you to Vegas. Have fun all of you, please excuse me for I have other things to attend to” Robert said and bade them goodbye.

At the far end of the warehouse was a small office, Robert stepped inside and sat down in front of six LCD panels. At the same time, five of the panels lit up and there were men on the screen. “What are you planning William?” one man on the screen asked. “Who the hell is Robert Downton?” another one added.

“Well its just a cover name” William replied as he sat back and looked at the unlit panel. “We saw everything, can you explain why you are going to pay them one million each and will you tell us what you are planning?” someone asked but William still had his attention focused on the unlit panel.

“William!” one shouted and the man faced forward. “You don’t have the right to shout at me, that goes to each and everyone of you!” William snapped and stood up. “You all told me that you had everything under control and the Wanston bombing would run as planned. You all told me that we will be taking over this country in two months but look where we are now?” he added.

“We didn’t expect that Frank to appear” one said. “Of course because you didn’t cover all bases. This time I want to show you how it is done so just sit back and watch” William said. “Sit back and watch? Watch you spend our remaining funds on gang members. What are you up to?” one asked.

“I cannot tell you but I ask you to have faith in me. I had faith in all of you last time but nothing happened. So this time let me try so sit back and watch me” William repeated. “Okay fine, but Rahim has already backed out” one said. “Yes I saw that coming” William replied.

“So what are you going to do about it? He knows to much and can turn us in” one man said. “I already have it under control so don’t worry about it” William told them. “What do you mean?” another one asked. William sat back and shook his head, “I scattered bread crumbs and it leads to him. All evidences point to him that is why the government already deployed a troop to get him” William said and the others were impressed.

“Wait, what if he talks?” one man asked and William sighed. “When I told you leave this to me I meant every word. He will never talk, why you ask? Here see for yourselves” William said as he pushed a botton. All five men watched the same surveillance video of Rahim’s family and again they were in amazement of William’s capabilities.

“But you know Rahim is very valuable to us especially when this plan succeeds. It would be hard finding a replacement. If we don’t find a replacement in time we lose the Middle East area but in the mean time let us not think of that since we are not there yet” William added.

“So does Rahim know that they are after him?” a deep voice asked. “No he doesn’t. I made sure that its only the government who sees the evidences. In short this is a covert operation. The troop they sent were friends of the that hero guy, I am sure they would be trigger happy. If they are righteous as their dead friend and decide to let Rahim rot in jail then I am sure we still will be safe” William explained.

“So if you have everything under control and you don’t want to share your plan with us, what are we five going to do?” an elder man asked. “For now just sit back and relax, soon I shall tell you everything. When the first stage is successful I will be needing your cooperation and I do hope there will be no questions asked” William answered.

“How I wish you father was here to see you” one man said and William took a deep breath. “Have you found the husband of the scientist?” another man asked. “That matter does not concern you all, its personal and I don’t want it to get in the way of my plan. I am sorry gentlemen I have a plane to catch. I have to meet with other gang members in different states. I am sure your spies would be reporting to you everything I do. Oh yes I do know you have been sending people to spy on me and I am fine with that” William said as he ended the video conference.

William opened his desk drawer and takes out a folder. On the desk he lays out the contents and a picture of Nathan and Francesca Miller was present. He pulled out a death certificate and read the name aloud, “Francis Miller” he said. He then took out a newspaper clipping showing the dead hero, “Frank Miller” he uttered.

“Could it be?” he asked himself and then compared the photo of Nathan and the photo of Frank. William smiled and shook his head. “The son dies, the father should mourn” he mumbled and immediately took out his phone.

“Hello, its me William. Find all video footages of Frank Miller’s funeral and have them sent to me. When I say all I mean all, news stations, private videos, even camera photos. Do whatever it takes to get them immediately”