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Who I Am: Final Chapter

Chapter 10: Who I am

It was a rainy Friday afternoon and Melanie was about to head home when Lorna cornered her. “Hey Mel, I don’t know how long you are planning to act this way but can you hang out with me tonight?” Lorna asked her friend. Melanie stared at her a bit and then nodded. “Yeah I guess I need to unwind a bit, so I say lets go to the bar and have a drink” Melanie said with enthusiasm. Lorna was surprised with her reaction but she accepted it since it was the first time after a month she would get a chance to spend with her friend.

At George’s bar the two ladies went and immediately Melanie ordered for drinks. Kyle went up on stage and froze as she saw Melanie after a long time. The crowd noticed him looking at her so they started teasing them again. “Hello Melanie, I have not seen you for a long time” Kyle said. Melanie’s mood began to change and for the first time after a long while she smiled. As Kyle serenaded the crowd the ladies drank their hearts out.

The second set was about to start and Melanie was already noisy, Lorna was keeping her quiet but her friend had already consumed too much alcohol. As Kyle returned to his seat on stage Melanie stood up and yelled. “Hey Kyle! I heard you are friends with Peter. Where is he?” Melanie said and the crowd fell silent. Kyle was surprised with her question and simply looked at her. “Yes I know Peter, why are you in love with him?” Kyle asked her and the crowd started to tease Melanie. “I am not! Tell him he can go straight to hell!!!” she again shouted. “Do you really want me to tell him that?” Kyle asked her and Melanie nodded her head.

“Kyle would you want to go out with me?!!!” again Melanie shouted and the crowd started to laugh at her drunken attitude. Kyle managed to smile again and said “Tomorrow i have been invited to perform at your company, so as for your first request you can tell him that yourself for he will be there. As for your question, I will give you my answer tomorrow.” Almost everyone in the bar worked at the same place so they were happy to hear what Kyle just said. Cheers and claps erupted as Melanie took her seat and looked at Lorna. “So I guess I would be going to the party after all” she said and Lorna was surprised. “Were you planning on not going?” she asked and Melanie nodded as she yawned.

“Peter will be there so did you really mean what you said?” Lorna asked and Melanie sighed. “Yes, I am really going to tell him to go straight to hell and I don’t like him!” Melanie stated and Lorna just nodded her head. “If you really hate him that much then why have you been acting weird ever since he left?” Lorna again asked and Melanie remained silent. “I never liked him, from the start I hated him. Maybe I was just caught off guard with that stunt he pulled with the roses. He just played with my mind and left so I cannot retaliate. He is a jerk, he would never compare to Kyle right?” Melanie said and looked at her friend. “If that’s what you think, so I guess tomorrow you will have your chance to tell him that” Lorna replied and Melanie nodded and gulped down her drink.

The much awaited day finally arrived and everyone was gathered in the main auditorium of the building. Melanie and Lorna were seated in the first row and they were having fun watching some new employees dance on stage. Anna was seated two rows back and beside her was Peter and Mrs Jenkins. After two performances Mrs Jenkins looked at Peter and she stood up, “You stay here first, I will call you when you need to go backstage” she said and Peter nodded.

“Thank you for keeping our secret” Peter suddenly said and Anna turned to him and smiled. “Are you still mad at me?” he asked her and Anna shook her head. “Did you know that when I entered this company I was torn between two ladies” Peter suddenly said and Anna looked at him curiously. “Yes I was, I was ready to move on but I did not know who to choose. There was this pretty secretary that I liked and there was this evil woman that I also liked” he revealed and Anna managed to smile. “One day I decided to go with the kind secretary and let go of the nasty lady but things did not turn out right. I don’t know why she felt that way and she started to avoid me. I hate to say that it made my decision making more simple but it really did so I pursued the other girl instead” he added and Anna was surprised.

“I really wanted to know why that kind secretary acted that way that night but I never had the chance to do so” Peter said and from the stage Mrs Jenkins signaled him to come over. “Well lets chat another time, oh can you hold my camera for me” Peter asked and Anna nodded. Peter opened his bag and brought out his camera but Anna noticed the wig inside his bag. “What is the wig for?” she asked and Peter smiled at her. “I wear this every night, and tonight I am going to wear it again” he said and Anna was shocked. “You are Kyle?” she softly asked and Peter stood up and smiled at her then proceeded to the back stage.

Anna was still in shock with the revelation she just had and held on to the camera. She turned on the camera and viewed the saved images on them. On the LCD panel she saw the copies of the photos that Peter had displayed on the art gallery and again she began to frown. As she moved quickly through the photos with Melanie’s reflection she suddenly froze at the sight of a picture she has never seen. They were the same photos with the same view but the lady on the reflection was different, it was her. She scanned the other photos and there were at least twenty pictures with her reflection and a dozen more of her stolen shots. Anna closed her eyes as tears started to pour down her cheeks, now she is regretting what she has done.

Mary Jenkins proceeded on stage and got everyone’s attention. “Now for the main event, this guy needs no formal introduction since almost everyone knows him. So everyone lets welcome Kyle!” she said and the crowd started to go wild. As Kyle entered the stage he was shaking and Mary noticed it quickly. “Mary I cant do it” he whispered and she laughed. “Don’t worry I might be able to help you out. So for now just entertain everyone” she said as she ushered him towards the center stage. The crowd were on their feet clapping and cheering.

Kyle sand two songs and the crowd was indeed mesmerized with his voice. As he was about to sing another song Mary went on stage and grabbed the microphone. “Excuse me Kyle, Now everyone someone among you shall be chosen to come up on stage, sorry guys only ladies are allowed. So I have placed all the ladies names in this basket and Kyle is going to pick one. Whoever she picks shall seat beside him here on stage and Kyle will serenade her with whatever song she likes” Mary said and all the ladies screamed with excitement.

Mary shook the basket and Kyle picked one piece of paper from it. Mary held the paper up high and the crowd went wild. As she opened it she moved closer to the microphone and said “the lucky lady would be Melanie from the programming department!” Melanie was surprised and froze as she heard her name. There were more screams and cheers from the crowd since they knew about their budding romance. Lorna urged Melanie to stand up and she did so and Mary instructed to men to bring out another seat on stage. As Melanie walked up the stage Kyle looked at Mary and asked “What if I did not pick her name?” and Mary laughed. “That would be impossible” she said and laughed. Kyle knew that the basket was rigged so he managed to smile at her.

Melanie was ushered by Mary to be seated beside Kyle on stage. The crowd was teasing them again and some were egging them on to kiss. “What song would you like me to sing?” Kyle asked and Melanie was blushing and giggling with glee. “Any song would do fine” she said softly and Kyle began to strum his guitar. Kyle looked at Melanie and began to sing, the crowd went wild and almost all ladies giggled and were filled with envy.

During the middle part of the song, Kyle’s eyes were still focused on Melanie, and she was smiling all over. The crowd were laughing as Mary Jenkins was sneaking behind Kyle as if she was dancing to the tune. In one sudden motion Mary pulled the wig out of Peter’s head and he stopped singing. The crowd suddenly fell silent and were shocked to see Peter. Melanie sat their frozen with her mouth open, she could not believe that it was Peter all along. Peter looked at Mary as she urged him to continue singing, he took one deep breath and again started singing.

After the song the crowd was still silent and in shock as Peter scratched his head. Melanie was frozen and still in disbelief so Peter started to speak. “I guess the secret is out, yes I am Kyle, I am sorry I had to keep it from everyone” he said but it did not get any response from the crowd. Peter turned to Melanie and said “I believe there is something you wanted to tell me” and all eyes were now focused on Melanie.

“You tricked me, Kyle and you, its all a joke right?” Melanie softly said and now the crowd looked at Peter. “Whether it was me or Kyle, I do really like you, that is not a lie. I know you liked Kyle and probably hated me, so eventually you would learn that I was Kyle so I had to express what I was really feeling for you as myself and not Kyle.” he said and the crowd started to get noisy as they watch a real live drama on stage. “So why did you leave?” Melanie asked and Peter turned to Mary and she nodded. “I did not leave, I was promoted, I now work four floors up. I was ashamed to admit this to everyone because it was so sudden” he revealed.

“A lot of people do miss you on the workplace” Melanie softly said as she bowed her head. “Do they? I heard you were doing a fine job acting as me” Peter said and the crowd started laughing. Mary frowned and looked away from Peter and the crowd was on the edge of their seats. “I told you before that you do look better when you are smiling” Peter said but Melanie just pouted and kept still.

“Melanie, I love you” Peter said and a dagger pierced Anna’s heart, all along she was wishing for the worst to happen on stage but luck was not on her side. Melanie slowly looked at Peter as people in the crowd were giggling and more excited. “What?” she asked and Peter repeated it louder. “I love you!” he said and Melanie began to smile as the crowd burst with cheers and laughter but they became silent and waited for her reply.

“I love you too Peter” Melanie softly said as she looked at Peter. The crowd was noisy as cheers and screams were echoing throughout the auditorium. “Excuse could you repeat that again. Did I hear you say Peter and not Kyle?” Peter joked her and Melanie laughed and slapped him on the arm. “Oh shut up newbie and sing for me!” she said and the crowd went wild.

Who I Am: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Truth and Lies

A week passed and Melanie made up her mind, she decided to confront Peter. She went to work earlier than usual so she could talk to Peter at once. As she entered the workplace she headed to his cubicle and she was surprised to see the desk clean. There were no folders, no inbox and outbox tray, it was as if no one was occupying that space. She decided to wait for him so she sat down and stared at the clock. Thirty minutes went by and people were trickling in the workplace but still Peter was nowhere to be found. Five minutes before work time Lorna went to Peter’s cubicle, “Hey Mel, what are you doing? Work is about to start come on lets go” Lorna said. Melanie looked at the clock then shifted her eyes on the desk. “Lorna tell me was Peter ever late before?” she asked and her friend answered no. “I see” Melanie softly said and stood up then walked with Lorna back to their cubicles.

Lunch time came and Melanie returned to her favorite table and stared at the sofa in front of the window. She looked around the lounge but Peter was not there. A few seconds later Lorna sat beside her and offered her a drink. “Has Peter ever been absent before?” Melanie asked suddenly and Lorna shook her head. “Maybe he got sick right?” she asked again. “Of course Melanie, Peter is not a superhero, eventually he would get sick too. But it’s really unusual not seeing him at work or here at lunch. Look around Mel, almost everyone glances at the sofa, so relax its not only you who noticed” Lorna said and Melanie smiled at her.

Each day Melanie went to work early but for three days but Peter never showed up for work. Everyone already acted normal and they thought Peter was just sick except for Melanie. On the fourth day Melanie decided to go to work in her usual time and as she entered the workplace she saw Mrs. Jenkins standing beside Peter’s cubicle. She quickly ran towards their superior and was surprised to see another man occupying Peter’s seat.

“Is Peter’s computer destroyed?” Melanie asked and Mary Jenkins turned and looked at her. “No, the computer is working fine. And this is not Peter’s computer anymore” she replied. “What cubicle did he transfer to?” Melanie again asked and Mary patted her shoulder. “Peter will not be working here anymore” Mrs. Jenkins said and Melanie just stood frozen in disbelief. “I believe it is already eight so get going young lady” Mary said and Melanie slowly walked to her cubicle still dazed. She wanted time to speed up fast that moment and she wanted to wake up from this awful dream.

The following day Peter was really gone, she saw the same person occupying what once was Peter’s cubicle. She went to her cubicle and started to work, several times she stood up and peaked at Peter’s cubicle, and she thought again it was just a practical joke but she was just fooling herself. Lunch time came and Melanie walked lifelessly towards the lounge, she immediately saw two co-employees carrying the sofa away from the window. “Don’t you dare remove that sofa from the window!!!” she shouted and everyone looked at her. The two men carrying the sofa simply stared at her but she was not finished yet. “Put it back where it was now!!!” she again yelled and the men quickly returned the sofa in front of the window.

The lounge was silent and all eyes were on Melanie, Lorna did not even bother to pacify her friend as she just stood there watching with the others. Melanie walked towards the sofa as the two men bowed their heads and walked away. She sat down on the sofa and the lounge began to regain its usual noise. Lorna walked towards the sofa in order to calm down her friend but as she neared her she saw tears flowing down Melanie’s cheeks so she did not bother to go closer.

For several days Melanie came to work just like Peter used to. She sat on the sofa in front of the window during lunch and she finished her work so fast that her co-workers thought that they were seeing a reincarnation of Peter. Melanie was living each day as if she was Peter, no one knew why and not even a single person bothered to ask her. Lorna did not even know her friend anymore and she was longing for her since Melanie goes straight home after work just like Peter did, or they thought he did.

Several floors up the building Mrs. Jenkins entered a wide room that looked like the employees lounge. There were fewer people in that room who were eating and enjoying their break time and on the far end there was a sofa in front of a large glass window. Mary sat down on the sofa and looked at the gentleman beside her. “Hello Peter, how do you like the administrative lounge?” she asked. Peter smiled at her and loosened his tie a bit, “This place is boring, its so silent here” he replied and Mary laughed. “Get used to it since you are already a part of the administration just like I promised you” she said. “Madam, is there a way that I could go back to being a programmer?” Peter asked and Mary looked at him curiously. “Call me Mary from now on. About your question, isn’t this what you wanted? Why do you want to go back being a programmer?” Mary asked him and Peter sighed and looked at the window.

“I miss her so much” Peter softly said and Mary fixed her seat and looked at the window. “You miss the woman in the glass reflection?” Mary said and Peter looked at her. “So you have seen the photographs, yes I miss her” he said and sighed. “Then why don’t you visit her downstairs if you miss her?” Mary suggested and again Peter sighed. “I have been wanting to do that but I don’t know how to explain things to her. You know she is competitive, you know what happened when I first came in. I don’t think she will like the thought that I am in the administration now, amazingly after six months at that” Peter explained and Mary shook her head.

“I am afraid really, I don’t know how she is going to take the truth, me being promoted and me being Kyle. It is as if she knew me as a lie so I really don’t know what to do anymore. I did move on like you said but I did not think this far” Peter added on and Mary started to laugh at him. “You silly man, if she likes you then she will accept the truth so just tell her” Mary told him. Peter shook his head and frowned, “I did something much worse, I played with her emotions. I knew she liked Kyle so I made her think Kyle likes her. Then I did show her too that I like her, so I am really going to look bad” he said and Mary was surprised with his revelation.

“Peter you still have a chance on redemption” Mary suddenly said and smiled at him. Peter looked at Mary intently and asked “What do you mean? Please tell me, help me out I really like her” he begged. “The administrators are not exempted from performing in the employees’ night” Mary answered and Peter was confused. “I don’t know how you are going to do it but on that night you will have a chance to settle things” Mary added and Peter turned towards the glass window and took a deep breath.

“On that night Peter remember you will be there as Kyle and yourself, you have to tell her the truth. If she does not take it well then that is the consequence of your actions” Mary said. Peter nodded and said “On that night I have to tell her the truth, I have to show her who I am.”

Who I Am: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: State of Confusion

Melanie was confused in what Peter did but she kept thinking that Peter was fooling her and playing with her mind. She went to work the following day and avoided Peter but she found out that it was impossible to do. Her daily routine was a mess, and she did not seat in her favorite table during lunchtime, she sat far away from Peter as possible.

For several days Melanie did her best to avoid Peter but no matter how hard she tried their eyes met several times and she kept looking away. For the first time in her life Melanie was weak and as each day passes the more she entered the state of confusion.

“Lorna I have been trying to avoid him but why is it this difficult?” Melanie asked her friend as they walk out of the building. Lorna started to laugh at her and giggled. “Are you really avoiding him? Or are you waiting for confirmation or a follow-up on what he did?” Lorna asked her. Melanie stood still and looked at her. “What are you saying? I have been avoiding him and you know that!” she exclaimed. Lorna laughed even louder and said “Mel, if you are really avoiding him then why are you doing it half-heartedly?” Lorna asked again. Melanie started to frown and pulled her friend aside. “What do you mean half-hearted?” she asked her. “Well if you are really avoiding him then you can do better. Why are you still being visible to him?” Lorna expounded and the more Melanie got confused.

“I am doing my best to avoid him! I have not spoken to him even though I see him!” Melanie shouted and a lot of people were looking at her. Lorna giggled and grinned at her and patted her shoulder. “Mel, have you seen Anna lately?” she asked. Melanie quickly answered no and Lorna smirked at her. “What the hell does Anna have to do in this situation?” Melanie snapped and Lorna started to walk slowly. “Peter said Anna has been avoiding her, if Peter knew you were avoiding him then he would come to me and ask me. So far he has not come to me and ask so that means in his thoughts you are not avoiding him. And take note you never talked with him everyday” Lorna clarified and Melanie was silent as reality started to kick in.

The two of them walked away from the building and Melanie kept her head bowed. As they were to separate ways Lorna had more to say to her friend. “Mel, listen to me, if I were in your shoes I would be flattered with what Peter did, actually flattered and amazed with that cool move. I know you like Kyle and almost everyone knows that too. I also know you like Peter” she said and Melanie was about to interject but Lorna held her hand. “Let me finish please. You like Peter and you don’t have to deny that. If you don’t like him then you could have easily rejected him on the spot like you do with all your suitors. The first rose I can understand you were surprised that time but the next two, the Melanie I know would have done something nasty at once if she did not like the guy but you didn’t. For the first time since you became my friend I never saw you look that way for two straight days, Kyle and Peter. So right now I don’t know what’s on your mind but if I were you I would snatch them both!” she said and laughed loudly. Melanie stood still and looked up at the sky and sighed.

The next day during lunch Melanie did not proceed to the lounge, instead she went to the art gallery on the second floor. As she entered the room she saw Anna seated at the reception area munching on a sandwich. Melanie headed towards Anna and sat down beside her, “So this is where you have been hiding” she said. Anna looked at her and shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t remember us being on speaking terms Melanie” Anna said and continued eating.

“I know you are avoiding Peter, I guess we are on the same boat now” Melanie stated and Anna looked at her surprised. “Would you like the other half of my sandwich?” Anna offered as she brought out the other half. Melanie quickly took the sandwich and smiled at her “Thank you I am really starving, I can’t go to the lounge because he is there” she explained. Anna laughed and fixed her seat and looked at Melanie. “So tell my why you are suddenly avoiding him” Anna asked Melanie. “You tell your reason first since you were the first one avoiding him” Melanie snapped back.

“That is fair enough; well I don’t want to fall in love with him. That is why I am avoiding him.” Anna revealed and Melanie almost choked hearing that. “You don’t want to fall in love with him? I thought you were” Melanie said but Anna shook her head. “I was falling in love with him, but I don’t want to hurt myself” Anna said and Melanie looked at her curiously. “I don’t understand you” Melanie said and Anna stood up “Come follow me I want to show you something” she said.

Melanie followed Anna as they walked towards the display area, a lot of art works were there ranging from paintings, sculptures and photographs. They reach the farthest corner of the room and displayed on the wall were several pictures on frame. “Melanie look at these photographs, can you tell me who took them?” Anna asked her. Melanie looked at the photos on the wall, there were twelve frames arranged in three columns and four rows. The last frame on the bottom was covered with a black cloth and the rest were the same photographs of the outside view which can be seen from the lounge but taken in almost different angles. “That’s easy, there is only one guy I know who carries a camera in the lounge, its Peter” she said and started laughing. Anna looked at her and said “Here you can see the reason why I don’t want to fall in love with him” and Melanie took another look at the photographs.

“Tell me Melanie why are you avoiding Peter?” Anna suddenly asked. Melanie was laughing but she stopped and looked at Anna. “I saw Peter holding a rose one day and we had a talk, he told me that he wanted to give that rose to the person he liked but he was afraid to do so. I gave him some advices and I got the shock of my life when he gave that rose to me hours after. I thought it was a joke but he was serious. I was confused, I did not know if he was serious or just playing games with me…so basically that’s the reason” Melanie explained. Anna nodded her head slowly but Melanie suddenly erupted in laughter. “I didn’t know you were a joker Anna, these photos are the reason why you are avoiding him? I really cant see why but these photos are funny. Why did they even display them? They are just the same photos of the same view from the lounge, you call this art?” Melanie said and again erupted in laughter.

“Stop laughing” Anna said softly but Melanie could not do so. “Please stop laughing!” Anna repeated in an angered voice but Melanie was not clutching her stomach and almost in tears as she kept laughing at the photos. Anna slapped Melanie on the cheek and everyone turned towards their direction. Melanie held her face in shock and in front of her was an enraged Anna. “I am in love with Peter but I cannot for the simple reason that he likes you! The day at that bar when he sang his eyes were focused on you! For a long time now I noticed the way he looks at you but I just ignored it. Then I saw this photographs, don’t you dare laugh at them! Take a look closer and tell me who do you see?” Melanie was almost in tears as she turned towards the photographs. On the first photograph she now sees the reflection of herself seated on her favorite spot on the lounge. As she moved her eyes to the next photograph it was still her reflection. Eleven photographs of the same outside view, all had her reflection on them, the only difference was they were taken on different days.

Melanie was stunned and speechless and turned to Anna. Anna was in tears as she held on to the cloth which was covering the last photograph. “And if that is not enough evidence for you then look at this” Anna said and quickly pulled the cloth to reveal the last photo. It was different from the others but still it was a view from the lounge, there were two reflections that were visible, Peter who was holding his camera and Melanie who was smiling. Melanie remembered that day well, it was the day when Peter told her she looked better when she smiled. “From the start it was all about you. Even though you were so mean to him he never did you harm or retaliated, didn’t you even think about that? How am I supposed to love him when he loves you?!” Anna furiously said then left the room. Melanie stood there in tears as she stared the last photograph.

“How am I supposed to love him when I like someone else?” she whispered to herself as more tears flowed down her face.

Who I Am: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Love Triangle

Peter came to work early the following day so that he could talk with Anna but it was already five minutes before work time so he had to go to his workplace. Lunch time came and Peter waited for her but she never showed up so he was worried. After work he immediately proceeded to Anna’s office but she was not there. Peter saw Mary and asked about Anna and he was told that she did come to work but she immediately left at five. Peter was confused so he decided to go to the bar but he did not find Anna there.

For one whole week Peter never saw Anna so he was terribly worried and confused. His work was terribly affected and everyone in the workplace noticed it. Peter was slow, sluggish and quite not his usual self for one week but nevertheless he got the job done. Friday came and it was lunch time, Peter looked like he was empty as he walked towards the lounge.

“Hey Pete, for a change have lunch with me” Melanie suddenly said and Peter just looked at her and nodded. The two of them filled their plates with food and then proceeded to a vacant table. “So how is it going between the both of you?” Melanie suddenly asked him. Peter sighed and played with his food then looked at the window. “She has been avoiding me for a week now and I do not know why” he said softly. Melanie chewed and swallowed then teased Peter, “Maybe you went too far” and then she laughed. Peter shook his head and grinned “Just one song and she started acting weird, maybe I should have not sang that night” he said. Melanie looked at him curiously and asked “Don’t tell me you have not kissed her?” and Peter laughed loudly. “I am not even courting her, I just went out with her that night because i turned her down before” he revealed.

“You men are all the same; I don’t believe you are not courting her. You are always with her and I can see that she likes you very much” Melanie said and took a sip at her drink. Peter smiled and said “Well honestly speaking I am not courting her, I am just being friendly with her since she was the one who took care of me during my first days here. “ Melanie chewed her food and cleared her mouth, “Oh come on Peter, you don’t have to lie to me, I can see that you are attracted to her too, she is pretty and smart and friendly. I know you are attracted to her” she teased him.

“Attractive, smart and friendly…just like you right?” Peter countered and Melanie almost choked hearing that. “But I’m a bit wary about the friendly part about you” he added and Melanie laughed. “Hey, I am not evil if that is what you are thinking” she said. Peter smiled at her and said “Well if that’s the case you do have a funny way of making friends then” and they both laughed loudly. “Oh by the way where is your girlfriend?” Peter asked and Melanie quickly raised her eyebrows. “Lorna is not my girlfriend and I am not a lesbian if that is what you are trying to imply” she stated. Peter laughed and pointed at Melanie who was angry. “Relax I was just teasing you, well I just thought you two were a couple since I don’t see you being with any other guy” he explained. “There you go again, drawing conclusions, I am not attracted to women, I am attracted to men!” Melanie exclaimed.

“Kyle” Peter said and Melanie looked at him curiously. “What about Kyle?” she asked. “You are attracted to Kyle right?” he added on. Melanie nodded her head and smiled. “What is it about Kyle that you like so much aside from his singing?” Peter asked. There was a sparkle in Melanie’s eyes and she took a deep breath before answering. “Well he seems to be mysterious and shy; I really don’t care if he doesn’t look good since I never saw his face. Maybe I just like shy and mysterious guys” she said and giggled. “Like me?” Peter quickly added and Melanie was surprised. “You are mysterious…no you are weird. On the shy part, yes you are but…” she stopped and looked away. “But what?” Peter asked and Melanie softly whispered “You are handsome” and Peter laughed at her.

“So you don’t like handsome guys” Peter stated and Melanie shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. Who would not like a handsome guy?” she replied and Peter smiled at her. “So you are attracted to me then” he teased her and Melanie’s eyes grew bigger and she stared at him. “Oh shut up Peter, you would never compare to Kyle” she stated as she blushed and Peter grinned. “What are you grinning about all of a sudden?” Melanie asked him and Peter started laughing. “Oh nothing, come on it’s about time lets go back to work” he said.

After work George’s bar was crowded as Kyle was early on stage. Melanie and Lorna was there seated in front of the stage giggling. Peter fixed the microphone in front of him and the lights began to dim. Peter began to play a melody but he suddenly stopped and spoke. “George, I want to try something different tonight. I want to get to know this beautiful lady in front of me” he said and Melanie and Lorna looked at each other. The two ladies were tugging each other’s arm and the crowd was teasing them on. George approached their table and handed Melanie a microphone and Lorna forced her to stand up.

Melanie was trembling as she looked around the crowd. “Hello, may I know your name?” Peter asked and Melanie tugged on Lorna’s arm. “Hi I am Melanie” she said as she giggled and laughed. “Melanie, okay let me tell you something, I am going to give you three wishes and I will try my best to grant them. So let me give you some time to think about it and after on my second set you better be prepared” Peter said as Melanie sat down and kept on tugging at Lorna. Both of them were giggling as Peter started to play a tune with his guitar. As Peter serenaded the crowd Melanie was in dream state, she still could not believe what just happened and her eyes were fixated at the man on stage.

The second set was about to begin and Melanie looked at ease and Peter got back on his hot seat. “Okay Melanie, let me hear your wishes” he said and crowd cheered and teased them as Melanie stood up. “Well here me out, I was supposed to wish for three things but somehow I knew you would not give in to them so I changed them” she said and Peter adjusted his seat. “Wow, you really think that far? So before you telling me your three wishes I would like to know what those three wishes that you changed” he said.

“I would have wished for the following; first that you would come here and seat beside me and sing for me, I know I am being selfish but it’s a wish. Then I would love to see what you really look like. Lastly, I would like to have a date with you. So you see those three wishes I knew somehow would not be granted so I changed them” Melanie told him.

Peter took a deep breath and managed to laugh a bit. “So in the end I could not think of anymore wishes that I think you would grant me so I just have one. Sing me one song, you choose, whatever song you may seem to describe me would be better” Melanie added and took her seat. There was silence inside the bar as everyone’s attention was focused on Peter; they were waiting for him to respond.

Peter tapped on his guitar several times then stood up. He walked down the stage stairs and headed towards Melanie. George was quick to follow him and Peter stood beside Melanie who was shocked to see Kyle beside her. George offered Peter a seat and he sat down beside Melanie. Lorna moved her chair a distance farther as the crowd teased on. Peter grabbed the microphone and said “Melanie you think too much, so here I am beside you like you wished for. About showing you my face, can a smile replace that instead?” he asked her and Melanie who was still stunned nodded her head. Kyle smiled at her and everyone stood up and drew closer to see them.

Peter made sure his face was hidden took his guitar and started to strum. George grabbed a seat and held the microphone as he signaled Harold to quickly get the other one. Melanie was blushing all over even though Lorna was laughing in delight nearby. As Harold rushed the second microphone to George, Peter began to play a tune where the crowd became silent.

Melanie bowed her head and Peter stopped playing the guitar, he placed his hand on her chin and raised her head slowly. Melanie blushed even more and then smiled.

“Smile, an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me….” Peter sang his mellow rendition of the famous Bee Gees song and everyone calmed down and kept their focus on Melanie who was shaking with disbelief. As the song ended Melanie was almost in tears as Peter drew closer to her and whispered something in her ear. Melanie was left with her jaw open as Peter stood up and headed towards the backstage where George followed him.

People went closer to Melanie and they were curious about what Kyle said to her. “Mel what did he tell you?” Lorna quickly asked her as her question was echoed by some people in the crowd. Melanie shook her head and took a deep breath; she gave everyone a smile and kept on shaking her head. “I can’t tell you” she said but Lorna was hesitant. “Come on whisper it to me, come on Mel” Lorna said but Melanie sat bat and placed her hands on her face. “I really can’t tell you I am sorry” she repeated so the bystanders just moved back towards their own seats.

Melanie’s happiness carried over to the next day at work where she quickly finished her tasks. Lorna did not want to hear anything about it so she went over to Peter’s cubicle. Melanie saw Peter in deep thought as he was holding a single red rose. “Hey, who are you going to give that rose to?” she asked him as Peter swiveled his chair around to face her. “Hello Melanie, you seem to be so happy today” he greeted her. “Well I don’t want to talk about it, so who is lucky lady who will get that rose?” she repeated. Peter looked at the rose and sighed, “Well you see there is someone I like but I am hesitant in giving her this rose” he said. Melanie laughed at him and patted his back. “Come on now, I am sure Anna will like that rose, maybe with that you two can patch things up” she said.

“Well you see I don’t know what to say when I give this to that person. I am scared of her reaction once she gets this. I am not really good at this I told you” he revealed. Melanie sat on the desk and kept laughing at him. “Why is this lady that scary? Come on Pete, all you have to do is give that to her and you don’t even have to say anything” she told him. Peter looked at her and shook his head. “I am just going to give it to her? I don’t have to say anything anymore just give this rose to her?” he asked. “Yep, just give it to her and make sure she does not see it coming. That will be a real surprise, just give it to her then leave without saying a word and you will be fine trust me” she clarifies. “But how will she know that I like her?” Peter again asked. Melanie stood up and patted his shoulder “Do not worry that’s the power of the flower, any woman who gets flowers from a man instantly know that they are liked or loved. Anyway, good luck to you I have to go back to my desk now” she said and left him alone.

One hour before five Lorna brought her chair to Melanie’s cubicle and they started chatting about the incident at the bar. As the two were indulged in their topic they noticed Peter standing nearby and looking at them. “Yes Peter anything we can do for you?” Lorna asked him. He bowed his head and moved closer to Melanie and he handed her the rose. Melanie was surprised so she looked at Lorna who was likewise caught off guard. “What is this Pete?” Melanie asked but he remained silent and was waiting for Melanie to accept the flower. “What are you waiting for Melanie take it” Lorna said and Melanie slowly lifted her hand to receive the rose. As she got hold of the rose Peter quickly left and headed back to his cubicle. Melanie stared at the rose and said “Why did he give me this one?” she asked Lorna. “Someone is being really lucky, first Kyle then now Peter. This time I am really jealous” Lorna answered.

Melanie told Lorna about the talk they had with Peter hours back as she still does not know why he gave her the rose. “I really don’t know Melanie, you are really dumb sometimes. Connect the dots, the person Peter was saying he was afraid of was you. And you taught him how to give the rose to that person so there you are.” Lorna explained and Melanie started to smile. “Stupid Newbie” Melanie whispered as she stared at the rose one more time then she started laughing. Melanie placed the rose on her desk and started to pack her things, “It would have been better if Kyle gave me the rose, since its Peter then I guess he is just playing games with my mind again” she said.

It read five on the clock so Lorna went back to Melanie’s cubicle and saw her clutching the rose with both hands and smelling it while smiling. “Eating your words I see” Lorna suddenly said and Melanie was quick to stand up and move the rose away from her face. “Well you could at least thank him you know” Lorna suggested and Melanie looked over Peter’s cubicle and saw him there. “Yeah, come on lets go” she says and they head over towards Peter.

Peter was about to leave his cubicle when Melanie and Lorna cornered him. He saw Melanie holding the rose and he quickly bowed his head. “Pete thanks for the rose” Melanie softly said but Peter looked at them surprised. “What rose are you talking about?” he said and the two ladies were bewildered. “This one” Melanie said and Peter shakes his head and said “You should say roses” and the more confused the ladies were. Out of nowhere Peter managed to bring out two more roses and handed them to Melanie who gently got hold of them. “I heard that three makes it more meaningful” Peter told her and then walked towards the exit leaving Melanie again speechless.

As Peter went out of the workplace Lorna jumped and pumped her fist on the air. “Damn! That was so cool. That move of his, I can’t believe it Melanie, he was way too cool. I am really envious of you now!” she said excitedly. Melanie could not still believe what just happened and was just staring at the three roses on her hand. The two of them started to head out of the building and along the way Lorna could not stop herself from giggling.

A few meters away from the building Melanie suddenly stopped and said. “Tell me Lorna, it’s just a dream right? Peter would not really do this…it’s just a joke right?”

Who I Am: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Speechless

There was one whole month before big performance and Peter was so much confused. He was seated on his favorite spot and simply staring out the window and suddenly Anna sat down beside him. “Peter did you know there is a photo gallery on the second floor, you can exhibit your photographs there if you want” Anna said. Peter smiled and looked at her “What makes you think that I have photographs to exhibit?” he asked. “Well there isn’t a day I see you holding your camera, or do you just hold that for props?” she said and laughed. “I do take photographs once in a while if there is something I like” Peter responded. “But you just bring that out whenever you are seated here, I don’t see you point that thing and shoot” Anna said. “Really? Well that means you have not been observant enough, here take a look” Peter said and he showed her the screen of his camera.

Anna was surprised to see her photograph and laughed. “You took my picture! I didn’t even notice or hear the shutter” she said. “I place it on silent mode, stolen shots are the best for me, just look at your picture here, it says lot you know” Peter revealed and Anna was lost and didn’t understand. “Well you see if you look at this picture, it’s just a photograph of you, but if you look closer it makes you wonder what you are thinking at that moment when this was taken. It’s much different if I ask you to pose and smile, because if that’s the case then I just know you are thinking of nothing and you are just waiting for me to get your photograph” Peter explained. Anna nodded her head and moved closer to Peter. “So by looking at that picture then what do you think is on my mind?” she asked him.

Peter looked at his digital display and paused and quickly took another snapshot of Anna. “Now look at this picture, here you are thinking of what answer will I give to your question” he said and then both of them started laughing. Amid their laughter Peter suddenly looked at Anna and took a deep breath, “Hey Anna, are you free after work?” he asked her. Anna stopped laughing and looked curiously at him. “Peter suddenly has free time after work? This is a rare situation, I have no plans after work, are you inviting me out?” she asked him. Peter smiled and scratched his head, “Well Mrs. Jenkins told me to get a social life” he said. Anna frowned and looked at the window “Oh so you are forced to go out with me if that’s the case” she commented. Peter shook his head and bowed his head “Well not really, she told me that a long time ago, and I am not really good at this…I mean its not like she told me to go out with you…I want to go out with you” he said.

Anna didn’t budge and didn’t look at Peter; she just kept staring at the window. “I am sorry, I really am not good at this, it’s okay just forget what I said” he mumbled and Anna started to laugh. “Hey I was just kidding you, I will wait for you at my office then after work” she said and stood up and they both traded smiles.

Work ended that day, Peter and Anna were heading out of the building when they saw Melanie and Lorna. “Hey Peter would you want to come with us?” Melanie asked. Peter smiled and scratched his head and looked at Anna. “Oh I see, you two have a date. Go on now the two of you enjoy” Melanie said and she elbowed Lorna as they walked away. “I see that you both are in speaking terms already” Anna commented as the followed the two ladies. “Well maybe she had a change of heart” Peter replied and laughed. “Change of heart? Maybe she likes you” Anna added and Peter laughed louder which made Melanie turn her head and look at them.

“Hey Anna, why are we following them?” Peter asked and Anna smiled at him and didn’t answer. As Melanie and Lorna turned around the corner he knew they were heading for George’s bar and he began to worry. He called George before meeting Anna and told him he would not be able to make it. Peter was worried about the reaction and greeting of George and the others once they see him in the bar. He could not do anything anymore, and Melanie and Lorna had already entered the bar and they were a few steps away from doing the same.

Melanie and Lorna were seated in front near the stage, Anna rushed towards the vacant table beside them but Peter bowed his head and quickly followed. George attended to Melanie and Lorna and he saw Peter and was about to say something when Peter gently shook his head and looked at Anna. George understood right away and nodded his head but Anna was quick to notice it. “Hey Pete, do you know that guy?” Anna asked right away. Peter shook his head and said “No I don’t, its my first time here.” Anna believed him and smiled then called for the waitress but George was quick to come near them. “Yes, let me take your order please” George said. Anna looked at the menu and Peter did the same as George kept smiling at him.

As Anna was about to order Harold came over holding a glass of pineapple juice, Peter and George were trying to signal him but they were too late. “Ah here you are your favorite Pineapple juice” Harold said and was about to place the drink on the table. “Hey put it on the bar and I will drink it later” George was quick to say and Harold was suddenly confused. “I thought you were not coming tonight” Harold added and George gave him a little elbow on the chest and said “Come on place it on the bar, I am taking orders, yes I did decide to come tonight” he said and pushed George to go back to the bar. Peter breathed a sigh of relief and said “That pineapple juice looks tasty can I have one of those?” he said. George nodded and signaled Harold to come back with the drink. Harold was so confused and he just stood there beside George holding the drink. George took the drink and placed it on the table “Here sir, since it’s your first time here let me treat you to your first drink” he said and Peter quickly took a sip and smiled.

Anna finished ordering and George rallied the troops and explained the situation. After a few minutes Harold waived at Peter and nodded and gave him a thumb up signal. Peter could not resist from laughing from seeing Harold do funny faces. “Hey Pete what are you laughing at?” Anna asked him. Peter stopped and pointed at George who was about to go on stage. “The show is about to start, he is going to introduce Kyle now, I tell you he really sings well” Anna said and Peter just smiled at her.

George went on stage and took a deep breath as he turned on the microphone. “Good evening everyone, I know this is sudden but Kyle would not be with us tonight. I am sorry but he said it was an emergency so I hope you guys understand. Anyway since there are no performers if anyone wants to sing just come on stage. Thank you and enjoy the night” he said. The crowd became noisy and Anna pouted and slouched on her seat. “Hey cheer up maybe it was really an emergency you know” Peter tried to console her but she would not budge.

Some people from the crowd went on stage and sang their hearts out. The bar erupted with laughter as some of them were simply fooling around. Peter was having a blast but Anna still was pouting even though everyone was already enjoying the comedic stunts on stage.

“Wait here” Peter told Anna and she looked at him curiously. “Where are you going?” she asked. Peter stood up and smiled at her “I am going to put the smile back on your face” he said and walked towards the bar. Melanie turned towards Anna and asked “Where is he going?” and Anna shrugged her shoulders. Anna looked at Peter as he was talking with George and Harold, a few seconds later Peter walked towards the stage and took the guitar and sat down.

“Hi, my name is Peter. I know most of you know me since we work in the same company. I just did not like to see the smiles in your faces fade away when you heard that Kyle would not be here so let me try to bring it back. Please bear with me since this is my first time” he said and the crowd began laughing and cheering him on. Peter adjusted his seat and tuned the guitar as cheers and jeers were reverberating inside the bar. Melanie stood up and yelled “What the hell are you trying to do Pete? Don’t embarrass us this way!” and a lot of people laughed with her.

Peter started to strum his guitar; he got a different reaction compared to when he was Kyle, this time the crowd did not calm down. The bar was still noisy but he started to play the tune already and moved his face closer to the microphone. Melanie stood up again and acted on walking out and a lot of people did the same. Peter started to sing and the noise slowly died down and those people standing quickly took their seats. Melanie was left standing as her body froze with the cool sound of Peter’s voice. Slowly she took her seat and could not believe what was happening. She quickly turned around and looked at Anna but she saw even Anna was stunned and could not get her eyes of Peter.

As the crowd was stunned and being serenaded by Peter, George and Harold could not believe what they were hearing. “Hey George are you sure Peter and Kyle are the same person?” Harold asked. George took a gulp oh his drink and shook his head, “I really don’t know now, he sounds different today. They don’t sound alike but I know they are the same person” George said. “He sounds better now don’t you think?” Harold commented as he was preparing a pineapple juice for Peter. “Damn this guy, he has been holding back on us” George said and they both laughed as Peter ended his song.

The crowd erupted in cheers for Peter as he bowed several times and stood up. He turned off the microphone and started to walk towards the stairs. There were several people still clapping and some were egging him on to sing one more song but Peter just smiled and went back to his seat. As he took his seat Anna, Melanie and Lorna were looking at him with disbelief. “Hi, what’s with those look on your faces?” Peter asked but the three ladies remained silent.

The crowd noise simmered down and George played Jazz music to make the atmosphere cozy. Melanie and Lorna left the bar and Anna still was silent. A few minutes later Peter and Anna left the bar, they walked for a few more minutes then suddenly Anna hailed a cab. Before she was about to enter the cab she looked at Peter and took a deep breath “I am sorry, I did enjoy your singing but it just made things more complicated now” she said. Peter was confused and looked at Anna as she entered the cab and closed the door. “Hey Anna what do you mean it became complicated?” he asked her. Anna just shook her head a bit and looked forward and then the cab took off.

Who I Am: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Acceptance

Mrs. Jenkins was reviewing a file and scribbling some notes on her desk pad when a mild buzzer sounded. “Madam Peter is here” said the voice on the intercom speaker. “Thank you Anna, send him in please” she answered. A few seconds later Peter comes in the door and seats in front of her desk. “Good morning” Peter said in a low and shy voice. Mrs. Jenkins placed down the file and brought out another folder.

“Peter, you have been with us for four months now, how are you?” Mary asked him. Peter looked at her curiously and grinned. “Well is that a trick question or is that a serious question?” Peter shot back. Mrs. Jenkins laughed and stood up and sat on the vacant seat beside Peter. “Now I am not in front of my desk I am speaking to you as a friend. How are you Peter?” Mary repeated. “So right now you are not my superior so work aside I am fine as always” he replied. “I heard that you are at peace with Melanie already, but how come you have not advanced with Anna yet?” Mary said and Peter was surprised. “Advanced with Mary? What do you mean?” he asked.

Mary grinned and elaborated “Anna is beautiful am I right?” and Peter nodded in agreement. “She is your closest friend here am I right?” she asked and again he nodded. “No sparks? No hidden feelings that I should know about?” Mary playfully asked. Peter laughed and fixed his collar “Oh I can see where you are getting at, no sparks whatsoever” he replied. Mary looked at him curiously and said “Did you like the movie Brokeback Mountain?” and Peter laughed louder. “You psychologists do really have a funny way of asking questions. I never watched that film and I am not gay thank you” he said.

“So maybe its Melanie then” Mary quickly jabbed. Peter sighed and looked at Mary then bowed his head. “No, there is no one” he softly answered. Mary stood up and paced around her office for a few seconds then she sat back down. “Why can’t you let go Peter? Why are you still holding on?” Mary suddenly asked him. Peter pouted and simply stared at the floor and did not respond.

“Do you think she will come back? Is that what you are wishing for? Keeping yourself busy always so that the memories would not haunt you?” Mary kept on going and Peter stood up and walked towards the window. “Eight years…she was my everything, my life revolved around her. I have adapted to her, I learned to depend some things on her and suddenly one day she just said it was over. No reason that I know of…she just said it was over…eight years” he said softly and leaned his forehead on the window.

“I always stare outside windows wondering where she is, what she is doing…why she ended it. Yes I am wishing that she would come back and say she made a mistake and I would forgive her and we would be together again” Peter revealed. “What if she does not come back? How long are you willing to wait?” Mary asked and he remained silent. A minute later Peter walked towards the door and excused himself for a while. Mary did not object and remained seated as she waited for him to come back, she did not bother to ask why since remnants of Peter’s tears were still flowing down the window glass.

Five minutes later Peter came back in the office but Mary was already in her desk seat. “So I guess this time you’re my superior again” Peter said and Mary nodded. “Back to business, I forgot to inform you that yearly we have what we call the company week, during this time everyone enjoys less work and more fun. For new employees they have to perform in the Big Night, and since you are the only new employee from your division then you have to perform alone” she told him. Peter scratched his head and fixed his seat. “So what am I supposed to do? Shall I make a graphics display? I can make a music video and integrate the graphics that I can make.” Peter suggested. Mary shook her head and said “You are going to sing” and Peter was speechless.

“You are going to sing in front of everyone” Mary repeated and Peter laughed. “I am sorry but I don’t know how to sing” he lied and scratched his head. “I have seen and heard you sing so you cannot lie to me” Mary revealed and Peter was surprised and simply stared at her. “You cannot fool me even though you did manage to look different. Long hair and rocker look but your mannerisms were the same” she stated and Peter started laughing. “And I was really surprised to see you that night I almost choked” he said and they both laughed. “I don’t earn anything from the bar I promise, you told me to get a hobby so I guess I did. I don’t get paid and please believe me” Peter said and Mary nodded. “Don’t worry Peter, George told me everything. He and I go a long way so your secret is safe with me” Mary said.

The intercom buzzer sounded and Anna’s voice was heard “Madam Melanie is here” and Mary told Anna to send her in. A few seconds later Melanie stepped through the door and she was asked to take a seat. Melanie was surprised to see Peter and they just exchanged smiles.

“Melanie what do you think of Kyle?” Mary quickly asked her. Melanie blushed and smiled “He sings well” she quipped. “I heard you have been frequently seen on that bar watching him perform am I right?” Mary said and Melanie nodded. “So what would you say if he was to perform here for us?” Mary added and Melanie became excited and said “Are you serious?” and Mary nodded. “Well that would be really amazing I should say a lot of people would be happy” Melanie added. “And how about you, what would you feel?” Mary asked her and grinned. “I would be really happy, but if I would get a chance to have a date with him then that would be even better” Melanie revealed and laughed. Peter smiled and looked at Mary who was staring at him. “Okay that will be all for now, spread the word then that Kyle will be coming” Mary told her and Melanie stood up at once and asked “When is he coming? Today? Tonight? When?” and Mrs. Jenkins laughed. “On the company night, now go along and please ask Anna to come inside” Mary said and Melanie rushed towards the door and waived at Peter as she stepped out.

Anna peeked at the door and Mary signaled her to come inside and take a seat. Peter greeted her with a smile as he again scratched his head. “What is it madam?” Anna asked. “Did you know that Peter know Kyle?” Mary asked her. Peter looked at Mary then shifted his eyes towards Anna. “Peter is that true?” Anna asked him. He was speechless and again looked at Mary who was grinning. “Yes, they know each other. Peter promised me that Kyle would be performing on the company night” Mary revealed and Anna was beaming with total happiness all over.

“Tell me Anna, what do you think about Kyle?” Mary asked her. Anna took a deep breath and started playing with her pen. “Kyle is a mysterious person, he sings well and he reminds me so much of Peter” Anna stated and Mary and Peter looked at her closely. “Kyle reminds you of Peter?” Mary asked and Anna nodded and looked at Peter. “You see Peter is likewise mysterious. Kyle has his face hidden all the time and all we know about him is he sings well. Peter on the other hand we see him every day and we know what he is capable of” she said and Mary raised her eyebrows. “Silly me, well both of them you don’t know what is running through their minds, you know they are good at something but still that’s only as far you will ever get to know” Anna added.

“So what else would you like to know about them? Peter is here so maybe you can ask him” Mary suggested and Anna blushed. “Anyway madam if I remember correctly, new employees have to perform on the company night so will Peter be performing too?” Anna asked and Mary suddenly turned to Peter. Mary laughed and looked at Anna “tell me Anna, who would you like to see perform Kyle or Peter?” and Anna quickly answered “I have seen Kyle several times already, I want to see Peter perform” then she blushed one more time. Peter scratched his head and laughed but Mary was grinning from ear to ear. “Oh, so what would you like Peter to do? Dance?” Mary asked and Anna played with her hair and said “I would like to hear him sing” and she laughed.

“Sing? Me sing?” Peter quickly interrupted and Anna nodded and smiled at him. “What makes you think I can sing?” Peter asked her. “I heard you sing several times” Anna revealed and Peter was shocked and looked at Mary who shrugged her shoulders. “You heard me sing? When did I sing?” Peter pursued her. Anna looked at the ceiling and said “There was a time when it was raining and you were seating on the sofa, I heard you singing but you stopped when I sat down. Then another time was when you were doing overtime and I heard you singing again as you were working alone” Anna stated.

Mary tapped her desk and started to laugh “I want to hear you sing Peter, so you will sing on company night. That would be all for now Anna don’t worry he won’t be able to say no I will assure you that” Mary told her and Anna smiled at them both and went out of the office.

“What are you trying to do? You know I can’t be Kyle and Peter at the same night” Peter angrily said. “You cant? But Kyle and Peter is the same person is it not?” Mary responded. “Yes I know that but the don’t. I thought this was our secret?” Peter countered. “It is our secret, so you decide who will come on the company night? Will it be Peter or Kyle?” Mary asked and Peter sighed and slouched on his seat.

“Both of them do like Kyle, they are interested in him. So they are interested in you, isn’t that enough reason for you to move on already?” Mary suddenly said and Peter realized what she was trying to do. “Melanie sees you every day at work; she knows you already so she chose Kyle since that person is still a mystery for her. Anna on the other hand has been friends with you for months now and she chose you. Whatever it may be it boils down to you, they both like you, and the question now is who among them will you choose?” Mary added and Peter bowed his head. “I can’t be both Kyle and Peter at the same night, if I choose to be Kyle then you would say I favor Melanie, if I come as myself you would say I choose Anna” Peter stated and rubbed his forehead.

“Whoever comes on that night it would still be you. So you are right who will it be Anna or Melanie?” Mary said and looked at Peter. “How come it came to that choice? Why do I have to choose between them?” Peter snapped back and Mary laughed. “If you had no feelings for them then the decision would be really easy. Since you are having a hard time deciding then it’s quite clear that you are torn between the two of them. Now I know you will say you don’t want to hurt the other one’s feelings but right now you three are not attached to each other, so whoever you choose among the two then the other one just has to accept reality. Peter I am not putting you up on a pedestal, it just so happens they both like you and you are holding back because you are clinging to the past. Accept what fate has dealt you and move on already” Mary said.

“What if she…” Peter was about to say when Mary interrupted him and said “What if she comes back? When will that happen? What if she won’t come back? You are willing to wait and make yourself more miserable? Do you think the two would wait for you? In the end you will end up with nothing. Accept reality even though it hurts. Move on and get on with your life, that woman who left you does not deserve you”

Peter took a deep breath and took a deep breath and stood up. “I guess I have to go and practice my singing now” he said and Mary looked on curiously. “So who will show up Peter or Kyle?” Mary asked playfully and Peter smiled at her and said “Keep on guessing for now.”

Who I Am: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Cruel Intentions

It was a bright Monday morning and everyone was surprised to see only three folders each on their desks. Peter as usual had his work started as the rest took their time with their reduced work load. Melanie started crumpling papers and Lorna noticed her. “What are you doing?” Lorna asked Melanie but she did not answer but she stood up and threw one at Peter’s head. Peter was distracted and picked up the paper and placed it on top of his desk. Melanie threw another one and it his Peter hard on the head. Peter just picked it up and placed it on his desk and continued to work. Melanie was relentless as she threw consecutive balls of paper and once she stopped Peter picked them all up and placed them on his desk. After a few minutes he gathered all the balls of paper and returned them to Melanie and he smiled at her and went back to his cubicle.

Melanie was again unleashed a barrage of shots at his head and once she was out of ammo Peter returned them to her again. Melanie stood up and looked at Peter as he was crumpling rolls of paper, everyone started to notice and thought a war was going to erupt. Everyone was so excited since Peter made so many balls of paper; Melanie was likewise doing the same. Peter suddenly stood up and brought all the balls of paper to Melanie and said “Here more ammo for you, have fun” and he turned around and sat back in front of his desk. Everyone was looking at Melanie but she suddenly felt embarrassed with what Peter did. “Get back to work!” she yelled as she dumped all the balls of paper on the trash bin.

The following day Melanie was so pumped up and got to work early. Once Peter entered the workplace he saw his swivel chair gone. He went around the workplace looking for it but everyone was already seated on their own chair. Melanie was laughing but she was not showing Peter, Lorna was giggling with her but they were surprised to see Peter back at his cubicle and started to work standing up. Everyone once in a while stood up and peeked at Peter, but he was still standing and still working. Every thirty minutes he would squat and stretch and walk around but he would still go back to his desk and work. After lunch break Melanie returned Peter’s chair but again Peter did not use it and worked standing up to everyone’s amazement. Again for the second day Melanie felt embarrassed for once again Peter turned the situation around in his favor.

The following day everything seemed normal but Melanie was grinning the whole morning. “Hey Mel what did you do this time?” Lorna asked and Melanie started to laugh. “Well at lunch time you will see” she said and Lorna checked the clock and there was two more hours to go.

As lunch time came Melanie rushed towards the lounge and sat on the seat near Peter’s favorite spot. A few seconds later Peter came walking in with his camera but this time the sofa in front of the window was not there. He stood in front of the window and Melanie was giggling with Lorna. Anna came inside and saw the two laughing at Peter and so she approached them. “You have gone too far this time you bitch!” Anna said. Everyone’s attention shifted to Peter who sat on the floor, Anna looked at Melanie and said “whatever you do you can never put a good man down” and she walked towards Peter and sat down beside him. A couple of other employees suddenly carried chairs and offered them to Peter who graciously stood up and accepted. Melanie was so irked that she left the lounge.

It was another Monday morning and for several days there was peace and quiet in the work place. Everyone was surprised to see Peter come in late for the first time. He slowly paced his way to his cubicle and as he took his seat there was a loud thud and everybody stood up and looked. Peter was sprawled on the floor, his swivel chair was dismantled, a lot of people were laughing like children and Melanie was even one of them.

Peter slowly stood up and smiled at everyone. “Nice one Mel!” Lorna said and Melanie shook her head. A lot of people nodded at Melanie and smiled at her but she said “Hey, it wasn’t me I promise!” but no one believed her. She went to Peter’s cubicle and saw him reconnecting his swivel chair. “Hey, I was not the one who did that” she told him. Peter smiled at her and nodded. “How come you have tools prepared for that?” she asked as she noticed him tightening a bolt with a mini wrench. “Well you need these tools in order to dismantle them right?” he said and Melanie squatted to level her eyes with him. “Are you saying you did this?” she asked and Peter nodded. “But why?” she asked him. Peter finished tightening the last knot and sat on his chair and spun around. “Well to make you look good I guess. Your last attempts on humiliating me failed so now everyone thinks you succeeded” he replied.

Melanie pouted and walked back to her desk and went back to work. She could not believe Peter would even think about her that way so she started feeling really awful all of a sudden. An hour later she walked towards Peter’s cubicle and she saw him writing on a piece of the words “KICK ME” and she started to get mad. She silently went back to her seat thinking that Peter was already making his move in retaliation to her antics. Every once in a while she would glance over her shoulder to check if Peter was there sticking the tag at her back. She never could imagine Peter would resort to child’s play as payback.

During lunch break Melanie was still on guard but Peter was simply seated by the sofa holding his camera. She knew he did not have much friend so as long as she had him in sight he would not be able to stick the tag on her. Lunch break was almost over but Melanie waited for Peter to go back to the workplace first. An hour passed and she was so much indulged on her work, as she looked over her should she saw Peter pass by. Melanie quickly reached for her back and check but there was no tag there. She glanced at Peter and saw the tag attached on his back. Everything happened so suddenly and Lorna stood up giggling and rushing towards Peter. Melanie stood up and shouted “No!!! Lorna don’t!” but it was too late, Lorna had already kicked Peter solidly on his back and the new guy fell on the floor on his knees.

Everyone started laughing and cheered on Melanie, Lorna was laughing her guts out as Peter walked back towards his cubicle. Melanie looked at Peter and he smiled at her, she felt so bad and went back to her seat and hid from everyone. “Now you are on a roll Mel” Lorna said and Melanie looked at her with tears on her eyes. “You bitch, he stuck that tag on his own back that’s why I tried to stop you” she said and Lorna was shocked. “Are you serious?” Lorna asked and Melanie wiped her tears from her eyes. “This morning he was the one who removed all the bolts from his chair. I saw him writing that tag a while ago thinking he would attach it on my back. He did it all to please everyone so I can save my face for my failed attempts to embarrass him” Melanie revealed. Lorna could not believe what she said so she went over to Peter and apologized.

The next morning Melanie wanted to approach Peter but there was more than the usual number of folders on everyone’s desk. She had no time to waste so went to work at once. Lunch time came and Peter was already seated at the sofa, Melanie was in her usual table with Lorna and she was just playing with her food and staring at Peter. “Hey Mel, aren’t you going to eat your food?” Lorna asked her. Melanie stood up and approached Peter, “Hi, may I seat down?” she asked him. Peter moved his bag and nodded. She took her seat and looked at the horizon for a few seconds then turned towards Peter. “Peter, I am sorry” she said. Peter looks at her curiously and said “Peter? What happened to newbie?” he asked. “I am sorry for that too” she replied. Peter smiled at her and looked at the window and said “Do you know that you look more beautiful when you smile?” Melanie was surprised and looked at Peter and asked “When did I ever smile at you?” and reality hit Peter, he could not reveal anything about the bar.

“Well you haven’t really but I was just saying that you would look more beautiful if you do smile” Peter rebounded and as he was staring at the glass window he saw Melanie smile.

Who I Am: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Man with a Hidden Face

The following day Peter went to the bar after work and George was so eager to greet him. “Do you have the things I asked for?” Peter asked and George nodded and showed him towards the backstage. “Come on lets fit this on you” George said and he placed a long hair wig on Peters head. He fixed it to cover his face and said “There now your face cannot be seen or distinguished” and Peter adjusted it more and tried to move. “Yes, this will do fine. Now what name will I use?” he asked. “Would like to use the name Kyle? It was my son’s name and he loved to sing but he died of an illness” George revealed. Peter looked at George and said “So Kyle it is. Come on let’s start the ball rolling” Peter said but George laughed. “I think you better change your outfit first” and Peter remembered he was still wearing a semi formal suit on. “Don’t worry I got you an outfit that would match that hair” George told him and revealed a pair of tattered pants and a rocker’s shirt. “Now that would really make me look different” Peter commented and they started laughing.

A few minutes later the bar was full and the customers were the same people who came in yesterday. George stood on the stage and announced “Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Kyle!!!” and the people started clapping as Peter entered the stage with his new look. As he sat down he adjusted the microphone and said “For those who saw me yesterday please let’s keep it a secret. It’s complicated, the looks may be different but the voice will sound the same” and cheers started to get louder. When the guitar started to sound everyone became silent, once Peter started to sing everyone was again mesmerized.

Two weeks have passed and George’s bar became famous. Even at the employees’ lounge it was the topic of many. Peter was once again seated on the couch facing the window holding his camera and Anna sat beside him. “Hey Pete, have you heard of the bar a few blocks away from here. They say that there is a singer named Kyle who really sings well” she told him. Peter smiled at her and said “Oh I don’t go out after work, I just go straight home.” Anna sat back and shyly asked “I was wondering if you like to go with me to that bar later after work” and Peter looked at her and could not say anything. “Come on its just once, I am sure you will like It there” she adds. “I can’t promise you but if I can make time I will go I promise” Peter said and Anna smiled at him.

“Hey newbie! I challenge you right here right now!” Melanie suddenly shouted. Anna turned around and stood up while Peter remained seated and stared at the window. “Hey newbie are you deaf?! I said I challenge you now come on are you scared?” Melanie said. People started to gather around and looked at Peter who slowly stood up put his camera inside his bag and turned around. “I heard you the first time Melanie. Whatever challenge it is I give up, you win” he said and people were disgusted. “You are scared of me?” Melanie asked him. “Yes I am scared of you” Peter replied and almost everyone turned their backs but Anna suddenly interrupted. “No he is not! Come on Peter show this bitch who you are” she told him but Peter patted her shoulder and shook his head.

“So I see the newbie is a faggot, he even has a girlfriend who does the fighting for him. Hey Anna, you’re just a secretary so butt out!” Melanie lashed at Anna. “You don’t have to say that. Okay come on let’s do this” Peter said and everyone started to get excited. “Johnny are the computers ready?” Melanie asked the guy with glasses near the computer section of the lounge. Johnny gave the thumbs up sign and Peter and Melanie proceeded towards him.

There were two desktop computers faced back to back so that each contestant could not peek on the other. Not even the crowd would be able to see what the contestants are doing. As the combatants were seated Johnny stated the rules “Okay, both of you have the same picture to work with, all you have to do is clean out the picture and isolate the human figures. After that you have to paste those human pictures on the second picture and you have to match them well. No traces of editing should be visible. You can add effects if you want too if you have the time. You only have ten minutes to do this.” Peter and Melanie both nodded and everyone was crowding at the back. “Start now!” Johnny shouted and the two started working.

The lounge was noisy and everyone was so excited to see the two face off. Five minutes passed and Peter showed no change in emotion while Melanie had her angry face on. Thirty seconds left and suddenly Melanie stood up and yelled “Done!!!” and she tilted her monitor to face the crowd. Peter stood up and offered his hand “Congratulations you win” he said. Melanie accepted and held her head up high. Peter walked away and headed back to his favorite spot and Johnny went over to Peter’s computer and checked.

“Wait! You guys have to see this!” he yelled and everyone gathered around and even Melanie rushed towards his side. Everyone was amazed with what they saw on the screen, Peter did not only accomplish the task but he even made it a screensaver where the background was changing scenes. He did not only work with one background photo but he managed to place the human photos on eight different backgrounds. “Newbie wins!!!” yelled one employee and everyone burst into laughter and cheers. Melanie had her fists clenched and she could not believe what Peter had just done. When everyone turned to look for Peter he was nowhere to be found.

After work a lot of employees headed towards George’s bar, Melanie and Lorna tagged along. Anna who was with the group distanced herself from Melanie but she kept looking back just in case Peter wanted to come too. Little did they know Peter ran as fast as he can towards the bar, he entered all sweaty and catching his breath. “Hey Pete, what’s the rush?” George asked. “They are coming” Peter managed to say as Harold rushed over to hand him a glass of water. “Who is coming?” Harold asked. “The people from my workplace are coming, about thirty of them” he said as he ran towards the backstage. George started to panic and Harold ran towards the bar and got things ready. A few minutes later a horde of people came rushing in the bar just as expected. The noise in the bar could be heard backstage as George enters to check on Peter.

“Hey why are you not dressed yet?” George asked. “Man, I am so nervous, what if they recognize me?” Peter asked. A knock on the door frightened the two of them as George slowly opened it. Harold entered the room and handed Peter a glass of pineapple juice and Peter quickly gulped it down. “Oh my, I forgot to tell you I added a little alcohol to remove your stage freight” Harold said and Peter laughed. “Maybe its just what I need” Peter said and stood up and wore the wig. “Hey Harold do you know where Peter went?” George asked. “I don’t know boss, he was just right here a while ago” Harold said and the three started laughing.

Ten minutes later Peter took the stage and the crowd became silent. Seated right in front of him were Melanie and Lorna and right beside their table were Anna and Mrs. Jenkins. Peter’s heart beat faster and he looked at George. He took a deep breath and started to strum his guitar to which the crowd clapped and cheered. His intro was a bit longer since he was scared to see Mrs. Jenkins in the crowd, he once again looked at George who was egging him on to begin and Peter drew the microphone closer to him and the crowd became silent. He started to sing and for the first time he saw Melanie smile; as he looked over to Anna she was also smiling and even Mrs. Jenkins seemed impressed. This gave Peter much confidence to sing out louder as the crowds appreciation was evident as each song ended.

Who I Am: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Loner

The next day Peter was early for work, Anna was already there waiting for him as he entered the building. “Good morning Anna” he greeted her. “Peter you are so early, just as I expected from you” she replied. “Am I early? You are already here so I think I am late already” Peter said. Anna laughed a bit as they walked towards the lobby and two security guards blocked their paths. “Your Identification cards please” said the taller guard. Peter did not have an ID yet so he looked at Anna. She brought out two identification cards from her bag and showed them to the guards and they were allowed to enter. “Im sorry its my fault, I forgot to give this to you yesterday so I had to come in early and wait for you” she said and handed over his identification card. “Do I have to wear this inside the building?” he asked her. “Once you are inside you don’t have to wear it, just don’t lose it or else you will not be allowed to enter even though you are an employee” Anna responded. “Wow, tight security but I think I have to wear this one since there will be two more guards before I enter the workplace” he said and he pinned his card on his chest.

“Tell me Anna, where will I get my work load from?” he asked her. “You don’t have to worry about that, there is a team who distributes those things, they are called the sorters. All instructions will be there so all you have to do is work on them. If you are done then you can go to the lounge and relax. Lunch break by the way lasts for an hour and if you have no more work to do for the day you cannot go home early, you have to wait for 5 pm so you can just hang out in the lounge” she added. “What if I want to do overtime, can I do that?” he asked again. “Yes, you just have to inform the sorters so that they can give you extra work. The sorters review each task and appropriate certain time period for an employee to finish one task, so they give you tasks based on an 8 hour basis” Anna answered. “So what if I work fast? I mean what if I can do the task quickly, can I ask for more?” Peter inquired. “Nope, so if you want to work some more then you have to inform then and wait for 5pm” she stated.

The two of them reach Peter’s work area and on his cubicle there was a laptop and several folders. Peter looked around and saw folders on each cubicle too. “So the sorters do come early, these folders I guess are tasks for the day. A laptop and a desktop, so which should I use?” he asked. “This laptop is yours, company issue; the accessories are inside the bag under your desk. You work using the desktop and yes those folders are your tasks” she told him. “Wow, so this is my laptop. So can I start working already?” he asked her. “If you want too, its still 30 minutes early for work. Would you like to grab a cup of coffee with me?” she asked him. Peter sat down in front of his desk and turned on his desktop. “I don’t drink coffee; I think I want to start work. Maybe I will see you later at lunch” he told her as he started to open one of his task folders. Anna quietly left him and stared back and saw him already punching on his keyboard, “Hey Peter don’t stress out yourself okay?!” she yelled and Peter didn’t turn around but he just raised his hand and waived.

Twenty five minutes passed and the other employees were trickling in the workplace. Everyone was surprised to see Peter already working. Melanie entered the workplace and saw all people looking at Peter. She walked towards Peter’s cubicle and everyone took their seats and started to work. Melanie looked over Peter’s shoulder and saw he had already finished two folders of work so she proceeded towards her cubicle and took a seat. “Hey Mel, can you believe this new guy he already finished two folders. At the rate he is going he might finish his tasks before lunch” said Lorna from the cubicle to her left. “I don’t think so, maybe the sorters just gave him easy tasks since he is new” she replied and stood up once more and took a peek at Peter.

An hour before lunch Peter stood up and brought all of his folders and proceeded to the sorters’ office. A few minutes later he and one lady sorter came back to his cubicle and the lady started to give him a lecture. Peter was scratching his head and continuously nodded, and a few seconds later he walked towards the exit. Melanie stood up and went to the sorter and asked. “Hey, what was that all about?” and the sorter shook her head. “That guy is amazing I tell you, he finished his work load for today and came asking for more. I told him he can come back at 5 if he wants to do overtime” the sorter said. “What do you mean finished? He did them all?” Melanie inquired. The sorter nodded her head and fixed the folders. “Well I guess you gave him pretty easy tasks since it’s his first day” Melanie added but the sorter shook her head. “He was given the same tasks as you guys, funny thing is I tried to access his records and they were locked” the sorter revealed. Melanie was irked and she immediately went back to her cubicle and got back to work.

Lunch break came and everyone proceeded to the lounge. Melanie was quick to enter the employees’ room and looked for Peter. “Hey Mel, look the newbie and he has a camera with him” Lorna whispered and there was Peter sitting in front of the window just staring outside. Melanie just walked towards the buffet table and filled her plate then proceeded to a table near the sofa where Peter was. “Hey Mel, what do you think is that guy thinking right now? He is a bit mysterious don’t you think?” Lorna whispered. “Shut up and eat, I don’t care about that guy, sooner or later he will feel the pressure” Melanie quipped and munched at her food.

A few minutes later Anna sat beside Peter and they started a conversation. “Hey Mel look, do you think Anna has the hots for the new guy? Come to think of it he is quite handsome you know” Lorna again whispered. Melanie looked over and saw Peter and Anna laughing, “I don’t care, I lost my appetite. See you at the workplace” she said and stood up and walked away.

Ten minutes before five in the afternoon and everyone was surprised to see Peter walk in the workplace. He proceeded to the sorters office and then went back to his cubicle. At exactly five almost everyone were packing their things and getting ready to leave. Peter was turning on his desktop and a sorter approached him and handed over several task folders. Peter started working on his first folder and Melanie passed by his cubicle and stared at him, Peter paused and looked at her and smiled. “You won’t last long I tell you” she tells him but Peter faces his desktop and continues to work. “Way to go newbie!” one employee yelled and the others cheered as Melanie rushed towards the exit and slammed the door.

One month has passed and Peter was standing in front of Anna’s desk. “Go ahead she has been waiting for you” she told him. Peter entered the door and Mrs. Jenkins told him to seat down.

“Peter let me get to the point; you have been doing very well but working 16 hours a day I don’t think is right. Don’t get me wrong but we do pay you a decent salary for 8 hours and you even told me you are fine with that. So why do you extend 8 more hours for overtime, do you need money that badly?” she asked him. Peter relaxed on his chair and took a deep breath. “It’s not about the money” he said and Mrs. Jenkins raised her eyebrow.

“Not for the money?” she repeated. “Yes, I don’t mind if you don’t pay me for my extra work. I just need it to keep me sane” he revealed. “You work for 16 hours a day, go home and sleep for seven hours and you are back here one hour before work time. Do you even have a social life?” she asked him. Peter smiled and shook his head. “I see. So why is that?” Mrs. Jenkins asked but Peter did not respond. “Ok then from now on I am instructing the sorters not to give you extra work” she stated and Peter looked shocked. “No madam please, let me work, I don’t care if you don’t pay me just let me work” Peter pleaded.

“I am sorry Peter but it is also my duty to see to it that you are mentally balanced, I know you are good, probably the best according to the sorters but you need balance in your life. Sources tell me that you only have one friend here and it is Anna. I want you to socialize or go get a hobby, spend the 8 hours on something else except work. It is company policy that you do not work for another company while you are working for us. About your salary grade well I can fix up something to make it higher since in 30 days you have accomplished your tasks with 100 percent efficiency” she added.

“So what am I going to do for eight hours then? Sit in my apartment and watch television? Surf the internet and bore myself to death?” Peter said. “Get a social life, enjoy and have fun. Stop being a loner” she told him and Peter bowed his head and shook his head. “That’s all for now, you may go” Mrs. Jenkins told him and Peter stood up and walked out of her office.

“Hey Peter, what was that all about?” Anna whispered. “She told me go get a social life” Peter answered. “So where are you going after work?” Anna asked. “To find a social life perhaps” he responded sadly and kept walking back to lounge.

Ten minutes before five in the afternoon everyone in the workplace started looking for Peter but he was nowhere to be found. Whispers were getting louder and even Melanie stood up and looked for him. “So after 30 days the newbie finally gave up” she said. “Maybe he is just late for overtime” Lorna interrupted. “Well perhaps that robot went for cleaning” Melanie said loudly and everyone started to laugh. At exactly five in the afternoon Anna arrived at the workplace and started looking for Peter. “Hey Melanie, have you seen Peter?” she asked. “No. He might be in the technical department having his oil changed” Melanie replied and bursts of laughter again erupted. “You should stop being mean to him, and for your information he is now the best, 100 percent efficiency in all his tasks. You are just now ranked second so think twice before you make jokes about him!” Anna revealed and everyone was stunned to hear that.

“Yeah you heard that right; Melanie is not the top dog here anymore!” Anna added and lots of people started clapping and cheering. “Melanie you suck!” shouted one co-employee and chants and rants started to fill the room and Anna smirked and told Melanie “You see nobody really likes you here, so if I were you start changing your bitchy attitude” and Anna stormed out towards the exit. No one bothered to console Melanie, not even Lorna. People just passed by her and stared at her. Melanie’s evil reign over the workplace has ended.

A couple of blocks away Peter was walking and decides to enter an alley and found a small bar. He enters and a tall man greets him. “Will you take a table sir or would you prefer to sit on the bar?” the man asked him. “I’d like to try and sit on the bar, I have never tried that yet” Peter replied and the man ushers him to the bar. “Hi I am George and I own this place, this is Harold my bartender” said the tall man. “I am Peter, are you two the only people here?” he asked. “Not really, we do have two cooks and two waitresses but they are still at the back. So what would you like to drink?” George asked him. “I don’t really drink but do you have any kind of soda or juice?” Peter politely asked. “Ah I think you will like my pineapple juice sir, wait a minute” Harold told him as he started to prepare the drink.

“I noticed you have a small stage, do bands play here?” Peter asked. “Used to play here, well nowadays only a few people do come here. But even though we still make ends meet. I wanted to close this down but what the heck maybe my fortune will come around again” George revealed and started laughing. “Do you have a guitar?” Peter asked and George points towards the stage. “There is one over there, its not been used for a long time. Sometimes costumers just go on stage and start singing when they want to and I don’t mind as long as no one complains” the tall man said. Peter stood up and went on stage and took the guitar and tuned it. There was a stool nearby and he dragged it towards the center and sat on it. “Do you mind if I play a couple of tunes?” Peter asked and George said “Go ahead do as you please” and Peter started to strum the guitar.

“It’s my dream to perform on stage you know. Is this microphone on?” he asked. George walked towards a small booth and turned on a switch then gave Peter the thumbs up sign. Peter started to play a tune with the guitar and soon after he started singing. George and Harold were stunned and seconds later the entire crew came rushing towards the bar. They all sat on the empty seats and listened to Peter as he sang. When the song ended everybody started clapping and Peter bowed to them and said “Thank you”. “Sing another one please!” Harold yelled and the whole crew started cheering one. Peter gave in to their request and started another song. While he was singing several people were peeking inside the bar and started going in and taking their seats. George signaled to the crew to man their stations and the waitresses started taking orders. Another song ended and George signaled Peter to play one more and he indulged delightfully. The bar was almost filled with suit clad people; George was smiling and was helping out serving. Harold was busy mixing drinks as he had his fair share of costumers in the bar. Peter finished singing four songs and he took a break and walked towards the bar and George greeted him.

“My God you are amazing! Look at this, the bar is filled. Hey can you work here, I am willing to pay you” George said. “Oh sorry I can’t take in another job, they will fire me if they find out” Peter replied. George was saddened and took a deep breath. “But I think we can work something out “Peter suddenly added and George was all ears. After listening to Peter’s suggestion George scratched his head. “I am not sure I can pay you the amount you expect since we are a small bar” he said. Peter took a sip of his pineapple juice and said “Let’s have it this way, you don’t have to pay me a cent just give me some of these every night and I will be fine” Peter suggested and Harold and George looked at each other. “Are you sure?” George asked. “Yup, this is delicious Harold; this will be enough payment for now. When your bar grows then we can renegotiate” Peter added and George hugged him and was filled with joy.