Saturday, June 21, 2008

Who I Am: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Love Triangle

Peter came to work early the following day so that he could talk with Anna but it was already five minutes before work time so he had to go to his workplace. Lunch time came and Peter waited for her but she never showed up so he was worried. After work he immediately proceeded to Anna’s office but she was not there. Peter saw Mary and asked about Anna and he was told that she did come to work but she immediately left at five. Peter was confused so he decided to go to the bar but he did not find Anna there.

For one whole week Peter never saw Anna so he was terribly worried and confused. His work was terribly affected and everyone in the workplace noticed it. Peter was slow, sluggish and quite not his usual self for one week but nevertheless he got the job done. Friday came and it was lunch time, Peter looked like he was empty as he walked towards the lounge.

“Hey Pete, for a change have lunch with me” Melanie suddenly said and Peter just looked at her and nodded. The two of them filled their plates with food and then proceeded to a vacant table. “So how is it going between the both of you?” Melanie suddenly asked him. Peter sighed and played with his food then looked at the window. “She has been avoiding me for a week now and I do not know why” he said softly. Melanie chewed and swallowed then teased Peter, “Maybe you went too far” and then she laughed. Peter shook his head and grinned “Just one song and she started acting weird, maybe I should have not sang that night” he said. Melanie looked at him curiously and asked “Don’t tell me you have not kissed her?” and Peter laughed loudly. “I am not even courting her, I just went out with her that night because i turned her down before” he revealed.

“You men are all the same; I don’t believe you are not courting her. You are always with her and I can see that she likes you very much” Melanie said and took a sip at her drink. Peter smiled and said “Well honestly speaking I am not courting her, I am just being friendly with her since she was the one who took care of me during my first days here. “ Melanie chewed her food and cleared her mouth, “Oh come on Peter, you don’t have to lie to me, I can see that you are attracted to her too, she is pretty and smart and friendly. I know you are attracted to her” she teased him.

“Attractive, smart and friendly…just like you right?” Peter countered and Melanie almost choked hearing that. “But I’m a bit wary about the friendly part about you” he added and Melanie laughed. “Hey, I am not evil if that is what you are thinking” she said. Peter smiled at her and said “Well if that’s the case you do have a funny way of making friends then” and they both laughed loudly. “Oh by the way where is your girlfriend?” Peter asked and Melanie quickly raised her eyebrows. “Lorna is not my girlfriend and I am not a lesbian if that is what you are trying to imply” she stated. Peter laughed and pointed at Melanie who was angry. “Relax I was just teasing you, well I just thought you two were a couple since I don’t see you being with any other guy” he explained. “There you go again, drawing conclusions, I am not attracted to women, I am attracted to men!” Melanie exclaimed.

“Kyle” Peter said and Melanie looked at him curiously. “What about Kyle?” she asked. “You are attracted to Kyle right?” he added on. Melanie nodded her head and smiled. “What is it about Kyle that you like so much aside from his singing?” Peter asked. There was a sparkle in Melanie’s eyes and she took a deep breath before answering. “Well he seems to be mysterious and shy; I really don’t care if he doesn’t look good since I never saw his face. Maybe I just like shy and mysterious guys” she said and giggled. “Like me?” Peter quickly added and Melanie was surprised. “You are mysterious…no you are weird. On the shy part, yes you are but…” she stopped and looked away. “But what?” Peter asked and Melanie softly whispered “You are handsome” and Peter laughed at her.

“So you don’t like handsome guys” Peter stated and Melanie shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. Who would not like a handsome guy?” she replied and Peter smiled at her. “So you are attracted to me then” he teased her and Melanie’s eyes grew bigger and she stared at him. “Oh shut up Peter, you would never compare to Kyle” she stated as she blushed and Peter grinned. “What are you grinning about all of a sudden?” Melanie asked him and Peter started laughing. “Oh nothing, come on it’s about time lets go back to work” he said.

After work George’s bar was crowded as Kyle was early on stage. Melanie and Lorna was there seated in front of the stage giggling. Peter fixed the microphone in front of him and the lights began to dim. Peter began to play a melody but he suddenly stopped and spoke. “George, I want to try something different tonight. I want to get to know this beautiful lady in front of me” he said and Melanie and Lorna looked at each other. The two ladies were tugging each other’s arm and the crowd was teasing them on. George approached their table and handed Melanie a microphone and Lorna forced her to stand up.

Melanie was trembling as she looked around the crowd. “Hello, may I know your name?” Peter asked and Melanie tugged on Lorna’s arm. “Hi I am Melanie” she said as she giggled and laughed. “Melanie, okay let me tell you something, I am going to give you three wishes and I will try my best to grant them. So let me give you some time to think about it and after on my second set you better be prepared” Peter said as Melanie sat down and kept on tugging at Lorna. Both of them were giggling as Peter started to play a tune with his guitar. As Peter serenaded the crowd Melanie was in dream state, she still could not believe what just happened and her eyes were fixated at the man on stage.

The second set was about to begin and Melanie looked at ease and Peter got back on his hot seat. “Okay Melanie, let me hear your wishes” he said and crowd cheered and teased them as Melanie stood up. “Well here me out, I was supposed to wish for three things but somehow I knew you would not give in to them so I changed them” she said and Peter adjusted his seat. “Wow, you really think that far? So before you telling me your three wishes I would like to know what those three wishes that you changed” he said.

“I would have wished for the following; first that you would come here and seat beside me and sing for me, I know I am being selfish but it’s a wish. Then I would love to see what you really look like. Lastly, I would like to have a date with you. So you see those three wishes I knew somehow would not be granted so I changed them” Melanie told him.

Peter took a deep breath and managed to laugh a bit. “So in the end I could not think of anymore wishes that I think you would grant me so I just have one. Sing me one song, you choose, whatever song you may seem to describe me would be better” Melanie added and took her seat. There was silence inside the bar as everyone’s attention was focused on Peter; they were waiting for him to respond.

Peter tapped on his guitar several times then stood up. He walked down the stage stairs and headed towards Melanie. George was quick to follow him and Peter stood beside Melanie who was shocked to see Kyle beside her. George offered Peter a seat and he sat down beside Melanie. Lorna moved her chair a distance farther as the crowd teased on. Peter grabbed the microphone and said “Melanie you think too much, so here I am beside you like you wished for. About showing you my face, can a smile replace that instead?” he asked her and Melanie who was still stunned nodded her head. Kyle smiled at her and everyone stood up and drew closer to see them.

Peter made sure his face was hidden took his guitar and started to strum. George grabbed a seat and held the microphone as he signaled Harold to quickly get the other one. Melanie was blushing all over even though Lorna was laughing in delight nearby. As Harold rushed the second microphone to George, Peter began to play a tune where the crowd became silent.

Melanie bowed her head and Peter stopped playing the guitar, he placed his hand on her chin and raised her head slowly. Melanie blushed even more and then smiled.

“Smile, an everlasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me….” Peter sang his mellow rendition of the famous Bee Gees song and everyone calmed down and kept their focus on Melanie who was shaking with disbelief. As the song ended Melanie was almost in tears as Peter drew closer to her and whispered something in her ear. Melanie was left with her jaw open as Peter stood up and headed towards the backstage where George followed him.

People went closer to Melanie and they were curious about what Kyle said to her. “Mel what did he tell you?” Lorna quickly asked her as her question was echoed by some people in the crowd. Melanie shook her head and took a deep breath; she gave everyone a smile and kept on shaking her head. “I can’t tell you” she said but Lorna was hesitant. “Come on whisper it to me, come on Mel” Lorna said but Melanie sat bat and placed her hands on her face. “I really can’t tell you I am sorry” she repeated so the bystanders just moved back towards their own seats.

Melanie’s happiness carried over to the next day at work where she quickly finished her tasks. Lorna did not want to hear anything about it so she went over to Peter’s cubicle. Melanie saw Peter in deep thought as he was holding a single red rose. “Hey, who are you going to give that rose to?” she asked him as Peter swiveled his chair around to face her. “Hello Melanie, you seem to be so happy today” he greeted her. “Well I don’t want to talk about it, so who is lucky lady who will get that rose?” she repeated. Peter looked at the rose and sighed, “Well you see there is someone I like but I am hesitant in giving her this rose” he said. Melanie laughed at him and patted his back. “Come on now, I am sure Anna will like that rose, maybe with that you two can patch things up” she said.

“Well you see I don’t know what to say when I give this to that person. I am scared of her reaction once she gets this. I am not really good at this I told you” he revealed. Melanie sat on the desk and kept laughing at him. “Why is this lady that scary? Come on Pete, all you have to do is give that to her and you don’t even have to say anything” she told him. Peter looked at her and shook his head. “I am just going to give it to her? I don’t have to say anything anymore just give this rose to her?” he asked. “Yep, just give it to her and make sure she does not see it coming. That will be a real surprise, just give it to her then leave without saying a word and you will be fine trust me” she clarifies. “But how will she know that I like her?” Peter again asked. Melanie stood up and patted his shoulder “Do not worry that’s the power of the flower, any woman who gets flowers from a man instantly know that they are liked or loved. Anyway, good luck to you I have to go back to my desk now” she said and left him alone.

One hour before five Lorna brought her chair to Melanie’s cubicle and they started chatting about the incident at the bar. As the two were indulged in their topic they noticed Peter standing nearby and looking at them. “Yes Peter anything we can do for you?” Lorna asked him. He bowed his head and moved closer to Melanie and he handed her the rose. Melanie was surprised so she looked at Lorna who was likewise caught off guard. “What is this Pete?” Melanie asked but he remained silent and was waiting for Melanie to accept the flower. “What are you waiting for Melanie take it” Lorna said and Melanie slowly lifted her hand to receive the rose. As she got hold of the rose Peter quickly left and headed back to his cubicle. Melanie stared at the rose and said “Why did he give me this one?” she asked Lorna. “Someone is being really lucky, first Kyle then now Peter. This time I am really jealous” Lorna answered.

Melanie told Lorna about the talk they had with Peter hours back as she still does not know why he gave her the rose. “I really don’t know Melanie, you are really dumb sometimes. Connect the dots, the person Peter was saying he was afraid of was you. And you taught him how to give the rose to that person so there you are.” Lorna explained and Melanie started to smile. “Stupid Newbie” Melanie whispered as she stared at the rose one more time then she started laughing. Melanie placed the rose on her desk and started to pack her things, “It would have been better if Kyle gave me the rose, since its Peter then I guess he is just playing games with my mind again” she said.

It read five on the clock so Lorna went back to Melanie’s cubicle and saw her clutching the rose with both hands and smelling it while smiling. “Eating your words I see” Lorna suddenly said and Melanie was quick to stand up and move the rose away from her face. “Well you could at least thank him you know” Lorna suggested and Melanie looked over Peter’s cubicle and saw him there. “Yeah, come on lets go” she says and they head over towards Peter.

Peter was about to leave his cubicle when Melanie and Lorna cornered him. He saw Melanie holding the rose and he quickly bowed his head. “Pete thanks for the rose” Melanie softly said but Peter looked at them surprised. “What rose are you talking about?” he said and the two ladies were bewildered. “This one” Melanie said and Peter shakes his head and said “You should say roses” and the more confused the ladies were. Out of nowhere Peter managed to bring out two more roses and handed them to Melanie who gently got hold of them. “I heard that three makes it more meaningful” Peter told her and then walked towards the exit leaving Melanie again speechless.

As Peter went out of the workplace Lorna jumped and pumped her fist on the air. “Damn! That was so cool. That move of his, I can’t believe it Melanie, he was way too cool. I am really envious of you now!” she said excitedly. Melanie could not still believe what just happened and was just staring at the three roses on her hand. The two of them started to head out of the building and along the way Lorna could not stop herself from giggling.

A few meters away from the building Melanie suddenly stopped and said. “Tell me Lorna, it’s just a dream right? Peter would not really do this…it’s just a joke right?”