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A Walk With Caileen

A Walk With Caileen

Jonathan Paul Diaz


It was the first day of summer vacation and Caileen woke up early to go for her early morning jog. It was only five in the morning and as she stepped out of their front door she stopped and looked around her surroundings. Everything was new to her, she was used to seeing crowded houses but this time there were only two on that residential area. They had moved to a place where only a few could afford and she was starting to like it since there were tall trees around and a mini park nearby.

She tied back her red hair and put on her hood and started to jog towards the park, along the way she could not help glance on the other house. After an hour of circling the park she started to cool down by walking and still her eyes were drawn towards the other house. It was a huge estate, huge gates were all around so she could not see what was inside. Due to her curiosity she walked towards the guards’ outpost and asked who lived there but she learned that no one was living there but there were people who came to clean it.

On her way back home she started to think that a celebrity resided there and the more excited she was. She was only seventeen, pretty and smart, her parents were both doctors and they did spoil her for she was their only child. Before Caileen went inside their house she glanced again at the other house and somehow she felt something amazing would happen soon.

Chapter 1: Caileen and the Cave Man

A week passed and Caileen was again out for her morning jog, she had circled the park twice when she saw a man leaning against a tree and who seemed lifeless. She stared at the man who had long hair and who sported a long beard and mustache. She ran towards the man and lay him down on the ground; she held his nose and instinct told her to apply CPR immediately. Their lips barely touched each other when the man started to move, “Are you trying to kiss me?” he said. Caileen was surprised and moved back, she smiled at him and said “Oh, sorry I thought you were dying, I was about to administer CPR.” The man stood up and looked at her curiously, “Trying to steal a kiss and that’s the only lame excuse you can utter? Keep your hormones in check young lady” he told her and Caileen was irked. “Hey, I was not trying to kiss you! Why would I kiss a cave man like you? There are good looking boys out there who deserve my first kiss you know!” she answered and the man laughed at her.
“Excuses excuses, kids these days are really sexual predators” he comments as he walks away. “Hey wait, are you from here? Where do you live?” Caileen said and the man turned his head to look at her. “Where else but in a cave of course” he said while grinning. “I am trying to be friendly here and you answer me with a joke!” she yelled. “Hey you were the one who called me a cave man so where do you think cave men live? Why do you want to know where I live? Are you going to stalk me?” he asked and Caileen was irate. “You are so rude! You are a dirty old man, a rude dirty old man!” she said and the man again laughed at her. “So you think I am a dirty old man now” he said and Caileen stopped and shook her head. “I’m sorry…you actually smell good for a dirty old man so maybe your just old” she told him. “So you actually had time to smell me when you said you were going to give me CPR. Get your act straight, your pretty but you’re also perverted” he commented.

“I am not perverted!” she yelled but the man walked away from her. Caileen followed the man and walked beside him, “Hey, I’m Caileen, I live over there, what’s your name?” she asked him. The man didn’t bother to stop but said “Good for you, now go away and leave me alone” he said. “You’re being rude again! I am just trying to be friends with you” she said. The man stopped and looked at her, “Why are you being friendly all of a sudden?” he asked. “Well, you called me pretty and I don’t think that you are mean person. And old people like you need friends, so here I am trying to be friends with the elderly” she stated and the man laughed at her. “Cave man, dirty old man, and now you call me an elderly, so why don’t you give me all the insults you can muster right now” he said. Caileen blushed and felt ashamed; she did not know that the man was offended that easily,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Okay let’s start again, hi my name is Caileen” she said. “I am Fred, nice to meet you so now leave me alone okay?” the man said and he walked towards the house with the huge gate. Caileen was amazed and she became curious, “Fred, you live here? Are you a celebrity? Tell me your whole name and what do you do?” she playfully asked. The man opened the gate and stepped inside, he looked back at Caileen and smiled at her, “Yes I am a celebrity, my whole name is Fred Flinstone and I a cartoon character, a cave man, YABADABADOO!!!” he said then shut the gates. Caileen became furious and she banged on the gate, “You rude old person! You may have gotten one over me today but I tell you I’m going to get back at you! Rude old man!” she yelled and kicked on the gate then she walked home.

The following day the man did not show up for jogging so Caileen decided to pay him a visit after breakfast. The summer sun was intense and the silent residential area started to get noisy with Caileen banging on the man’s gate. Thirty minutes passed and the gates opened, the man peeped and he saw Caileen sitting on the pavement. “Why are you still here, go home you pervert” he told her. Caileen stood up and tried to take a peek inside the gate. “Please stop calling me a pervert, it does not sound good at all” she pleaded. “Stop calling me old man then” he said. “Okay, but tell me how old you are first, I am seventeen” she said. “Fine, I am 30 years old, now are you happy?” he told her. “Thirty years old? Stop joking me, my dad is 45 and he looks way younger than you” she commented. “So you are judgmental, you are basing my age on the way I look. So be it, but next time don’t ask a person a question if you will not believe their answer” he lectured and Caileen looked at him closely.

“Why would a 30 year old man wear that kind of hair all over his face? Anyway, since we are friends already maybe you would like to show me your house?” she asked. “And why would I do that?” he shot back. “Because we are friends” she said. “Are we? You have not showed me your house yet. I can’t let you in I have a dangerous pet inside” he told her. Caileen became more curious and she tried to push the gate open, “I want to see it, show me” she said. “Panther is a dangerous animal, I would not come inside if I were you” he said and Caileen started laughing. “Your grammar is wrong, it should be ‘A panther is a dangerous animal’” she said. “You think? Anyway go home, I am busy right now” he told her and she pouted. “Its summer vacation and all my friends are away, I’m grounded so I have to stay at home. Hey maybe I can help you with what you are doing, don’t worry I won’t charge you” she suggested. “I don’t know you that well, and sorry I don’t need your help, I know how to swim on my own” he told her and Caileen’s eyes grew bigger with amazement. “You have a pool inside there?” she asked. “Of course, where do you think would I go swimming? In my bath tub?” he said.

“Please let me in, I want to have a swim too, but I don’t know how to swim so you can teach me right?” she asked. “Nope, sorry, I don’t know you that well. We just met and I still don’t trust you. Go home and leave me at peace please” he said and shut the gate. Caileen started banging again on the gate but the man would not open it, she became more furious but her hands started to hurt already. She walked home angry, she really wanted to swim, and this time she knew what their new home was missing.

Caileen and her parents were enjoying dinner when they heard a wonderful tune emanating from the outside. Caileen rushed towards the front door and looked around; her father stood beside her and said “Someone surely knows how to play the violin well.” Caileen looked at her father and said “Do you know what tune he is playing dad?” and her father shook her head. A few seconds later Caileen’s mother stood next beside her and whispered

“That my dear is the sound of loneliness” her mother said. Caileen looked at her mother and put her arms around her waist, “Mom, that guy is rude to me but I guess he is just lonely, can we invite him to dinner?” she asked. “Well I don’t see any problem with that, invite him tomorrow then” her mother said. Caileen smiled and leaned on the porch, “Caileen lets go inside its cold out here” her father said. Caileen quickly rushed to her room and opened her window; she lay in bed and listened to sad tune emanating from the other house.

Life has been good to Caileen and she does not understand the concept of loneliness. As she listens to the sound of the violin she tries her best to comprehend the state of being lonely, she tries to recall moments in her life where she could fit in this tune but she could not find a match. She gets up and walks towards her window and glances at the other house, she pictures the man with his eyes closed, holding his violin close to his cheeks, playing the sad tune but still she cannot understand why.

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2: Dinner with the Caveman

The following morning Caileen gets up and takes a peek out her window, she sees the man jogging around the mini park so she quickly gets changed. A few minutes later she catches up with the man who notices her running alongside him. He ups his pace but Caileen quickly matches his speed so the man suddenly stops and takes a deep breath. “What now?” he asked her. “A little good morning would be nice” she answers. “What’s good in the morning if you are the first person I get to see?” the man snaps and walks away from her. “So early in the morning and you are being rude, but its okay, I understand why you are rude to me. It’s because you are lonely” she tells him and the man looks at her and starts to laugh. “And who told you I am lonely?” he asked. “My mom, she is a psychologist, she told me that what you played on your violin last night was the sound of loneliness” she states and the man kept on laughing.

“So we decided to invite you to dinner later” she said and the man shook his head. “No thanks, I know how to cook my own food” he told her. “I was not saying you don’t know how to cook but we just wanted to invite you to dinner, you know to get to know you better and you get to know us too. Its what new neighbors do” she said. “Yeah right, so when I come over to your house it gives you the right to come over to my house. I know what you are planning to do, better ask your parents to build your own pool” he told her. “It’s not about the pool! We just want to invite you to dinner that’s all” she reiterates and the man turns around and walks towards his house. “So are you coming?” she asked him. “No, thank you for the offer” he said and continued to walk away. Caileen was frustrated and but somehow she didn’t want to give up.

An hour later loud banging could be heard on the man’s gate, he was irritated and quickly ran to open to make the noise stop. “What the hell do you want now?” he yelled but he was surprised to see someone older in front of his gate. “Good morning, I am Karen Peterson, Caileen’s mom” she told him. “Oh sorry about the yelling, yes what can I do for you?” he said. “Well Caileen might have told you already but she said you declined, would you please reconsider our offer, and we just wanted to get to know our neighbor better if that’s alright with you?” she said. The man took a deep breath and smiled, “Okay, what should I bring over?” he asked. “Oh nothing, just be in time for dinner, around 7 that is if it’s okay with you” she told him. “Okay, seven it is” he answered. “And yes you forgot to tell me your name” she said. “P…Anthony…it’s Anthony” he said and she looked at him for a second then smiled and walked away.

Anthony took a peek outside and he saw Caileen grinning at him. “See you later Anthony” she teased him and playfully walked towards her house slowly. “I am coming because your mother asked, remember that” Anthony said and Caileen turned her head and smiled, “I don’t care as long as your coming, for sure you are not coming looking like a caveman” she spat back. “Oh yeah? Do you want to bet on it?” Anthony dared her. “Oh come on, you are coming over to someone else’s house, I know your decent enough to groom yourself” she added. “How about if I show up as a caveman you don’t bother me anymore, and if I don’t then you can come inside anytime you want?” Anthony wagers and Caileen nods her head and laughs, “Okay, if you show up as a caveman then I will never come close to you or ever talk to you again, as if you could do it. See you later An-tho-ny!” she said cheerfully and left.

Later that evening there was a knock on the door and Caileen rushed to open it. As she opened the door she stood frozen in disbelief because Anthony made good his promise. Anthony was wearing Leopard skin shorts, he was barefooted and holding a box. “I brought dessert” he said and Caileen started laughing out loud. She could not stop laughing and she sat on the floor almost in tears and she kept pointing at Anthony who was just staring at her. A few seconds later she took a deep breath but still giggled, “I can’t believe you actually came as a caveman” she told him. “Well, about our deal, I am serious about it” he told her and she suddenly paused and slowly stood up. Caileen was not laughing anymore and she saw a bag on the porch, “Did you bring normal clothes? If you did you can wear them now, its okay I lost” she said. Anthony handed the box to her and changed his clothes.

Five minutes later Caileen went to check on Anthony and she saw him well dressed, if not for all those excess hair on his head and face she would have called him decent. “Come on the food is ready” she said to him and he followed her inside. Caileen’s parents were already seated in front of the table but the stood up to greet Anthony. “George, this is our neighbor Anthony. Anthony this is my husband George” Karen said. “A pleasure to meet you Anthony, it’s my first time to meet a real caveman” George said and Caileen and her mother was surprised. “No it’s my pleasure to meet civilized people, I should get out more often” Anthony replied and the two men had started laughing. Once they were seated Karen served the food and she noticed Caileen with a sad face. “What’s the matter sweety, it’s not polite to pout in front of the table” Karen told her daughter. “It’s nothing mom” Caileen responded as she passed the bread basket to Anthony.

“So Anthony, when did you move in to the house next door?” George asked. “Oh I have been here for a long time now, it just happened that when you moved in I was away, so I should ask you when did you move in here?” Anthony said and they started laughing again. “Gone on business?” George asked. “Yeah, I found a buyer for my dinosaur meat, I tried selling it on E-bay and luckily I found a carnivore so I had to deliver it to him” Anthony joked and Caileen started giggling. Anthony was about to take a bite on the chicken when he saw Karen staring at him. “I’m sorry, am I eating this chicken the wrong way?” he asked and Karen smiled and shook her head. “You look familiar, I was trying to figure out what you would look like without that beard and long hair” she said. “Well in that case you would start calling me Cancer Boy or Mister Monk when that happens, worst comes to worst you might even call me Mister Clean” Anthony quipped and everyone started laughing. “I didn’t know you were a funny guy” Caileen interrupted and Anthony did not respond to her.

“You know what you really do look familiar” Karen repeated and Anthony stared at her. “No, you must be mistaken, I don’t recognize you at all unless you too had a beard on your face a long time ago” he told her and George erupted in laughter. “You know what I like you, you make me laugh so much” George said. “Wooah, easy now cowboy, I don’t go hiking or camping or even sharing tents with the same gender” Anthony said and then everyone laughed even harder.

As everyone was finished eating Karen served the ice cream cake that Anthony brought. Caileen was so delighted since it was exactly her favorite. “How did you know I like mangoes?” Caileen asked and Anthony looked away and said, “Well it just happens I love mangoes too.” She smiled at him even though he wasn’t looking but Karen still kept staring at Anthony. “Do you know that Caileen loves reading books” Karen told him and Anthony suddenly fell silent and bowed his head and slowly took a chunk of his dessert. “But she stopped reading two years ago just because she could not get a copy of one specific book. I downloaded a copy from the Internet just to make her happy but she wont read it and said she wants the real book” Karen narrated. “Why don’t you buy her the real book then?” he asked. “Well you see they stopped publishing this book two years ago and at the same time the author disappeared from public” she added and Anthony’s body jerked and he looked at Karen.

“What’s so special with that book anyway?” Anthony asked her and Karen grinned at him, “I don’t know why don’t you tell me?” she said and Caileen suddenly butted in. “Mom why would Anthony know about that book when obviously he doesn’t know how to read” she said and they all laughed. “Do you read books Anthony?” Karen asked him and stared him again in the eyes. Anthony looked away and smiled, “I can read but I don’t like reading books” he said softly. “See mom I told you, cavemen don’t like reading books, they either start fires with stones or chase after dinosaurs” Caileen joked. “And they write too” Karen added and Anthony looked at her, “You know those weird symbols on stones” she added and Anthony just nodded his head.

“That PA Kevins is sure dumb, if he let his book remained published then for sure he would have made millions more. A lot of people are talking about his books and a lot are angry since they didn’t get a copy of his last book. We have his first two books but what’s the point in reading it when you don’t have the third one, right?” Caileen exclaimed and her father just shook her head. “Well why don’t you just read the first two books then read the copy your mother got for you” George told her. “No! I want the real book and not just a pirated copy” Caileen insisted and Karen stood up. “Let me help you with the dishes” Anthony offered, “Oh no, you are our guest so please go with George to the living room” Karen said. Anthony looked her in the eyes and said “Please, I insist” so Karen agreed.

Karen and Anthony were in the kitchen sorting out the dishes, “I don’t know what the P stands for but I am sure the A is for Anthony” Karen blurted out and Anthony kept silent. “So tell me Mister Kevins, why did you disappear and stop your book from being published?” Karen asked. Anthony took a deep breath and looked at her, “I am thirty years old and your daughter says I look older than her father, you are a psychologist so you tell me why” he answered and Karen just looked at him. “I would appreciate it if we kept this between us, please” he begged and she nodded. “Thank you for dinner, I have to go now” he told her and she wiped her hands and escorted him to the front door. “George! Anthony is leaving!” Karen yelled but there was no reply. “Oh I think he is at his study, but its okay I will just tell him later” she said. Karen opened the door and saw Caileen seated on the porch steps, “Honey, Anthony will be going now” she said but Caileen just sat their gazing at the stars.

Karen went back in and Anthony stood beside Caileen, “Thank you for inviting me to dinner, it’s been a long time since I enjoyed the company of people” he told her. “Hey, will you stop it already with those caveman jokes. Okay I am sorry for calling you a caveman and I take it back” she said and angrily looked at him. Anthony looked up at the sky and sighed, “I am not joking this time, I have not eaten a meal with people for a long time. It has been always me alone. So I enjoyed dinner today and thank you for inviting me” he softly said and Caileen was saddened as she could feel the truth in his words. “About the deal we had” Caileen was about to say but Anthony looked at her, “You lost” he said and slowly walked away from the house. Caileen pouted and admitted defeat; she stood up and walked towards the door. “Hey, you have a cell phone right?” he heard him say so she turned around and looked at him. “Yes I do” she answered. “Good, I left a card on the table beside the door, when you come over instead of banging on the gate send me a text message” he said and Caileen quickly went inside and found the card. As she went back out Anthony was already far away.

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3: Panther

The next day Caileen did as she was instructed, she did not receive a reply from Anthony so she decided to wait a bit in front of his gate. A few seconds later the gate door opened and Anthony was dripping wet all over as he let her in. Caileen was amazed with the huge estate so she just stood there frozen. “The pool is this way, follow me” Anthony said and Caileen followed him. They walked towards the back of the house and Caileen’s jaw dropped; she could not believe what she was seeing. It was a huge garden filled with colorful flowers and on the center was the pool where a small waterfall was supplying it with water. “Oh my God, I can live here for the rest of my life” she said and Anthony proceeded to the giant umbrella shade and sat down. Caileen followed him and took a seat while her eyes were being drawn further by the majestic the garden.

“Can we go inside, I want to take a look what the inside looks like” she asked and Anthony shook his head and toke out his mobile phone. “Sorry you have to be contented with the outside” he said as he started playing with his phone. “An i-phone! I have always wanted a phone like that but mom would not buy me one” she said and Anthony just ignored her. Caileen brought out her mobile phone and placed it on the table, “Trade me your phone, I know mine is cheaper but you are so rich so I know you can afford dozens of those” she told him and Anthony looked at her and grinned, “Wow, that phone is ancient, or even Jurassic. I thought you were going to swim, so go swim” he said. “I don’t know how to swim so you have to teach me” she replied and Anthony stood up and handed her some floaters. “Here put this on your arms and go in the water” he told her and she pouted at him.

“I am not a kid you know, these floaters are for kids” she said. “Do you know how to swim?” Anthony asked her and she fell silent and she stood up and started undressing. A few seconds later Caileen was only wearing a skimpy bikini to where Anthony stared at her for a few seconds. “How do I look?” she asked him and he immediately looked away. “I thought you were here to swim but it seems you came here to seduce me. You really are perverted” he told her and she started laughing. “Well I have always wanted to try one of this, but I only get to wear it here, I can’t wear this on the beach because I am ashamed” she said and Anthony looked at her. “I don’t see why you are ashamed when you have a beautiful body” he commented and Caileen smiled at him. “Really? Am I sexy?” she asked. “You are here to swim so now go in the water, and wear those floaters” he told her.

Caileen left the floaters on the table and jumped in the pool, “Hey this pool is not deep, look the water is only up to my chest” she said. “Yes but only for that portion of the pool, it gets deeper when you move to the middle so just stay where you can stand” he told her. “Why don’t you come in and teach me?” she asked. “I had a swim already and I don’t want to get wet anymore” he said. Caileen turned around and started walking towards the center; the water was now touching her chin. “Hey look the water is up to my chin” she yelled. “I told you to stay where you can stand! Go back to where you were right now unless you want to die then just tell me so I can call 911 immediately” he shouted back. Caileen ignored him and continued walking towards the center and a few seconds more she was totally submerged.

Anthony wasted no time, he dashed and dived in the water and immediately Caileen was in his arms as he brought her to safety. “Caileen are you okay?” he asked her and she smiled at him. “That’s the first time you called me by my name. And since your already wet again why don’t you teach me now?” she asked and Anthony sighed. “We can’t be seen together like this, people might say I am a predator” he told her. “Predator? No you are not; you are just going to teach me how to swim. And come on who would see us here, we are the only two people here” she said. “Well have you heard of the Paparazzi, they can turn up anywhere you know” he told her. Caileen laughed and put her arms around him, “Oh, so they might take shots of us in this position right?” she teased him and Anthony pushed her away. “Hey, I was just teasing you. Why in the world would the Paparazzi stake out your place, are you a celebrity? Don’t tell me your going to say you are Fred Flintstone again” she commented and Anthony shook his head.

“Fine, first you have to learn how to float, move closer to the edge and grab on and let your feet float. Don’t worry about drowning since the water here is not deep” he told her. “I am not worried at all since you are here” she said and she followed his instructions and started to float her body. “Okay that’s the easy part, now slowly release you hold on the edge and let your body float in the water. As Caileen released her hands she managed to float for a few seconds then she panicked. Caileen’s whole body sank into the water, a few seconds later she emerged wiping her face and Anthony was laughing at her. “Why didn’t you catch me?” she asked. “How are you supposed to learn if I catch you every time you sink? Come on try again, balance your body as you are floating, don’t panic too” he told her and Caileen tried again. A few more tries and Caileen could now float forever on the water; she was happy and excited to learn how to really swim.

“Hey, I remember you said you had a pet panther, so where is it?” she asked. “In his cage, he is very dangerous so its better you not see him” he told her. “I want to see it, please. Even just for a second only I promise” she told him. “You promise me not to touch him” he said. “Yes I promise I will not touch him” she replied. Anthony emerged from the pool and dried himself then walked towards a small cabin in the garden. A few seconds later he came out and sat under the giant umbrella. “So where is the panther?” she asked. “You better stay in the water so you are safe” Anthony said and Caileen moved away from the edge and stayed near the center. “Okay, Panther! Panther! Here boy!” Anthony shouted and from minute barks emerged from the cabin. A few seconds later a pure white Chao Chao came running towards Anthony and jumped up on his lap. Anthony patted the dog and looked at Caileen who was quickly walking towards the edge of the pool. “Well here is Panther, my pet dog” he said and Caileen was rushing to get out of the water and ran towards them. “Wow! He is so cute. Let me pet him please!” she begged. “You promised not to touch him, so I am sorry you can’t pet him” Anthony said as Panther barked at her.

Caileen sat on the other chair pouting, “I didn’t know Panther was a dog. You said he was a dangerous animal so I thought it was a real panther. That is why I promised not to touch him. You are so unfair, I want to pet him” she murmured and Anthony started laughing. “Call his name, then pat your lap so he can jump on” he told her and she immediately called Panther and he ran towards her and jumped on her lap. Caileen was so happy, she hugged Panther and the dog started licking her face. Anthony was looking at her and was full of smiles until Caileen noticed him. “Why are you smiling?” she asked. “Nothing, I just remembered someone who loves dogs too. Anyway towel up and get dressed, you can come back tomorrow and continue” he told her.

“Can I stay and play with Panther for a while?” she asked. Anthony looked at her and then thought of a bright idea. “What if I say I will give you this phone of mine for free as long as you keep away from Panther forever” he said and Caileen looked at the phone and then at Panther. “Keep your phone, or better yet let me keep Panther and I will stay away from your phone forever” she replied and started laughing. “I’m turning eighteen in a few months” she suddenly said and Anthony raised his eyebrows, “So what are you trying to imply?” he asked. “My birthday, since you will be giving me a gift on that day why don’t you give me Panther now. I will consider him my advanced birthday present and I will take really good care of him” she stated and hugged the little furry dog.

Anthony called Panther’s name and the dog quickly wriggled out of Caileen’s arms and ran towards him. “I am sorry I can’t give you this dog, he keeps me company at nights. If you take him away from me then I would have no one to talk to anymore” he said and Caileen felt sad for him. “But if you want you can borrow him once in a while but you have to return him before nightfall, you can come over here and play with him too” he added and Caileen smiled at him. “That would be nice, anyway why don’t you show me the inside of your house now?” she asked and Anthony refused. “Why don’t you want to show me the inside of your house?” Caileen asked and Anthony sighed. “I have not been inside that house for two years now and I have no plans of stepping inside that house ever again” he told her and Caileen was confused. “You are kidding me right? This is your house and you don’t want to go inside? Oh come on, I thought we were friends already?” she said. “Yes that is that, I live in that small cabin, I have all the things I need there. People come to clean that house once in a while. So stop asking me to show you what’s inside” he stated.

“Maybe this is not your house after all. Maybe you are just a house sitter and you are just pretending to own this place to make you look cool right?” Caileen said and Anthony just ignored her. “Or maybe you forcefully entered this place and the real owners are out of town, you don’t have the key to the house and you are afraid to break in since there are alarms” she added on and Anthony stood up and shook his head. “I think you should go home now” he told her and Caileen sat still and took her phone, “I am calling the cops now” she said.

“Dammit! You want to know why I don’t want to ever enter that house again? Do you want to know why?!!!” Anthony shouted and Caileen was frightened. “Yeah tell me why” she replied.

“Because that damn house is haunted!!!”

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4: The Haunted House

Two days passed and Caileen has not seen Anthony, he was not on his usual morning jogs and his house seemed silent. Caileen wanted to send him a text message but she was ashamed ever since he got mad about the house issue. After breakfast Caileen was still hesitant on sending him a message and so she decided to walk around and eventually she ended up in his front gate. She saw the gate was open so she slowly entered and closed the gate behind her. She walked towards the pool area and saw Anthony lying on the ground. She slowly walked up to him and said “Your gate was open.” Anthony looked at her and sighed, “You are blocking my sun, move away” he said. “Sorry to bother you then I am leaving” she told him. “I didn’t tell you to leave; I just said you are blocking my sun. I knew you would come so I left the gate open” he said.

Caileen stepped aside and raised her eyebrow, “I didn’t plan to come here, it just happened that I passed by and saw the gate open” she replied. “Oh, so it just so happened that you were walking around the neighborhood too?” he asked and Caileen laughed. “No, I just came over to say sorry about the other day. I said lots of nasty stuff, I understand if you are mad at me” she told him. “It’s okay I am not mad at you. Would you like to take a swim?” he offered. “Not really, I just came to apologize” she said. Anthony stood up and called for Panther, the dog immediately ran out of the cabin and jumped to Anthony’s waiting arms. He handed the dog to her and said “Here hold him wait for me I am going to get the key.” Caileen took the dog and watched Anthony as he went to his cabin. A minute later he walked towards the front of the house and called for her. “You want to see what’s inside right?” he asked and Caileen stood silent. “Come on then I will show you the inside, hurry before I change my mind” he said so she ran towards him and they both went to the front of the house.

Anthony opened the door and stood still, he looked at Caileen momentarily and then bowed his head. Caileen noticed the sudden sadness in his face and so she moved closer to him, “Hey, if you don’t want to its okay” she whispered and Anthony smiled at her. “No, eventually it has to happen, it just feels weird” he said. “What is it? Do you feel spirits?” she asked as she leaned her body to his. Anthony started laughing, “If there were spirits here that dog would have reacted already, come on lets get this done with” he said as he took a deep breath and walked inside.

The living room was huge, it was not fancy and there were no ornaments or decorations. There was a fireplace on one corner and several art works on the walls. “Those paintings must have cost you lots of money, they are so beautiful” she said softly. Anthony looked at them and his eyes started to get accumulate tears. “She made them” he said as he walked on further. They went to the kitchen and Caileen saw lots of bottled ingredients on one of the walls, “She collects those, although she does not know how to really cook. She does know a little but she just loves collecting those bottled ingredients” he said as she could see a little smile on his face.

Anthony took out two canned sodas from the fridge and handed one to Caileen and they proceeded to the next room. As he opened the door Caileen saw a pool table and so he looked at Anthony. “Do you play pool?” and he just smiled at her. “We did play pool a lot, the first few games we played she was not really good but eventually she got better. She loved playing pool and there were times we would end up playing like fifty games a day. She would not stop until she won, sometimes I just let her win because I like seeing her happy” he related and Caileen closed the door and smiled at him.

The next room was a mini theater, there was a huge television on the center, three racks of DVD’s and the room was surrounded by speakers. “She loved watching movies, I wanted to make this room like a real theater but you know when she watches movies she would feel sleepy after a while so I decided to just place large and cozy sofas so she could just lay down whenever she wanted to” he said.

They went upstairs and there were three rooms on that floor, “That room on the farther end is just a guest room, this room on the other end is the master’s bedroom” he told her. “How about this room in the middle, what’s inside?” she asked but Anthony walked towards the master’s bedroom. “That room is off limits, don’t ask why but please understand” he said and Caileen just looked at the door and wondered what was inside. Inside the master’s bedroom there was a huge bed and another large LCD screen television. There was a sliding glass door that leads to a balcony where you could see the garden and pool. Caileen entered the bathroom and she saw an enormous bath tub, a separate shower area and on one end there was a large mirror where you can see your whole body.

Caileen went back to the room and she saw Anthony sitting on the bed with his head bowed, she walked around the room and saw a picture frame which was facing the wall. She fixed it and she was surprised to see her picture but something was definitely wrong. “Hey, how come I have a picture here? I don’t know how you got this picture and I don’t remember having this clothes or being in this place before. You did a good job in editing this though I should say” she commented and looked at Anthony. “That is not you” he said and Caileen started to laugh. “Yeah right, if you had a crush on me you could just have asked me for a picture and not edit some pictures that you found, but I really don’t remember posing this way either” she said.

“Caileen please put that down, that is not you and I did not edit that picture” he told her. Caileen looked closely at the picture and again she laughed. “Is this computer graphics? You are really good then with computers if that is the case” she said. “No, that is the picture of the one who broke my heart” Anthony softly answered as Caileen was surprised as she saw tears dropping towards the floor. Again she could not believe what she just heard, she didn’t know if he was playing tricks on her since the lady in the picture really looked like her.

“She broke your heart? But she looks like me” she said and Anthony clasped his fists and looked at her, “That’s right you exactly look like her! We have been together for eight years, eight long years and then two years ago she suddenly left me. I don’t know why she did but I didn’t bother to ask her because the pain was unbearable. For two years now I have been miserable, I always wanted to ask her why she left me but I fear that once I get to know the reason the more I become miserable. So I just said that it was my fault so I can move on but it has been difficult, I moved away from this house because the memories are haunting me every moment I am here. Everything in this house reminds me of her, all the happy moments we had, so I could not stay her, two years ago I left this place.”

Caileen started crying herself as she watch more tears dropping from his Anthony’s face, she could not say any consoling words for she has never been in love and she has never gone through heart break. “I decided to come back here thinking I have gotten over her, one day I go for a jog and the next thing I know I see her” he added and Caileen reacted, “But it wasn’t her, it was me that you saw” she said. “That’s the point! Every time I see you I feel miserable, do you understand what I am going through? Its as if fate is playing a nasty trick on me!” he yelled and Caileen fell on her knees and started sobbing.

“That’s why I try to avoid you but you just keep coming back. It pains me so much whenever I see you because this house already reminds of me her, what more when I see you?” he softly said. “I am sorry…I didn’t know” Caileen said with a trembling voice, she slowly stood up and wiped her face. “Don’t worry I am not going to show up anymore” she said and quickly ran out of the room.

Later that evening Anthony went over to Caileen’s home to apologize, her mother opened the door and she quickly stepped outside and closed the door behind her. “Now is not a good time, she just came down to eat dinner, she locked herself in her room the whole afternoon” she told him. “Oh I brought her favorite Ice Cream cake, kindly give it to her and say that I am sorry” he said. “Oh no I am sure its Caileen’s fault, you see we spoiled her too much and even though she is seventeen already she still acts like a child. Shame on me for being the psychologist but when it comes to real life I forget to apply my expertise” she related. “Oh no, this time its my fault, totally my fault so I came here to apologize” Anthony said as Karen took a seat on a bench.

“You asked me why, here look at this picture, she is the reason” Anthony said and handed Karen a small picture and sat down beside her. Karen was speechless and shook her head, “Oh my they look alike, the hair, the cheekbones, even the smile, it’s as if this girl is also my daughter” she said and they laughed a bit. “Two years she left me, I was shattered and emotionally unstable so I had to go away. About the book, well the third one was supposed to tell the story about our love, well I changed the characters but all the things that happened in that book were about us. That book ended in a happy note as you have read but my life didn’t so I had to stop the publishing since it is as if I told a lie to everyone. In all my books I tell something about myself, although it is reflected on the characters, this third one was about us and the happy ending that I always wished for” he explained and Karen kept silent.

“Your daughter is irritable at times but I can manage that, but they look alike, I have been trying to recover and the more I see Caileen the more I feel angry. A while ago I said something harsh and I just realized that they are not the same person, I unleashed my anger at your daughter and I am very sorry” he said. “Don’t worry about it, I understand your situation. If you were a stranger then I would not allow her to be seeing you, but you are correct, reading your books made me feel as if I already know you so I was complacent when you came to dinner. Caileen is very fond of you, for her you are a big mystery, I mean a thirty year old man who looks aged, who has a huge estate and cute little dog. To her you are different and she is trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, she inherited this behavior from me undoubtedly” she related and Anthony laughed. “You were pestering a man too when you were in your teens?” he asked and Karen laughed and nodded.

“I sure know how that man feels, well where is that man now and how did he take it?” Antony inquired and Karen giggled, “I am married to him” she said. Anthony was surprised and started laughing, “So were you able to solve the puzzle then?” he asked and Karen shook her head. “The more I put the pieces of the puzzle together the more I fell in love with him, maybe Caileen would end up that way too” she said and giggled. Anthony was shocked and shook his head, “Me and Caileen? Oh no, she is way too young and I already gave up on love. I promised my heart that I would never create a situation where it could end up getting hurt again. I am happy being alone and slowly but surely I will recover” he told her. Karen grinned at him and stood up, “It’s getting late I have to go now, I will tell Caileen you dropped by. Anthony stood up and bowed at her and walked down the porch steps, “You should start writing again” Karen said and he turned and smiled at her and answered, “You know maybe I will just do that.”

Karen went upstairs to Caileen’s room and brought her dessert. “Caileen I know its your bedtime but I am sure you would like some of this” she said and Caileen’s eyes brightened to the sight of her favorite dessert. “Anthony dropped this off and he said he was sorry” she added. Caileen smiled and leaned back as she enjoyed herself to the Mango Ice cream cake. A few seconds later the sound of a violin could be heard again from the outside, Caileen got out of bed and rushed towards her window. “Mom look he is at his room balcony! He is inside of his house!” she exclaimed. “Of course that is his house dear” Karen told her.

“No, he hasn’t been inside that house in two years; he has been living at a small cabin at the back of his estate. Now he is in his room…how come that tune isn’t lonely?” Caileen asked. Karen smiled and stood at the back of her daughter and hugged her. “I think that tune is a lullaby” Karen said. “Lullaby? Why would he play that tune? To make himself sleep? He is really weird” Caileen stated. “No dear, that lullaby is for you. Maybe that is his way for reaching out to you since he was not able to talk to you a while ago” Karen said and Caileen was full of smiles. “A lullaby for me…sweet…how come I don’t feel sleepy hearing it…lullabies are supposed to people to sleep right mom?” she asked and Karen giggled. “That’s because you are falling in love with him” Karen said and Caileen turned and looked at her. “I am not!” she said.

“Really? I could feel your heart beating so fast” her mom teased her. Caileen shook her head and pouted, “How could I be in love with an old guy?” she asked. “Tell me have you ever been in love before?” Karen asked her. Caileen paused and said “No i have not” she said. “Well you are now” Karen teased her again as she walked towards the door. “Mom! Take it back! I am not in love with Anthony!” Caileen yelled. “My daughter is in love with an older man, it seems that the fruit didn’t fall far away from the tree” Karen added and Caileen started laughing. “I am not in love with him! And I will never be in love with him!” Caileen stated and Karen paused and looked at her. “Really? Are you willing to swear on that?” she asked her. Caileen looked at her mom suspiciously then said “Yes, I will never fall in love with that man, he is just my friend” Caileen said and Karen grinned at her. “Goodnight dear, enjoy your lullaby” Karen said as she stepped out of the room and closed the door.

Caileen stood in front of her window looking at the dark shadow of the man playing the violin, her heart was beating fast, and she was feeling something she has never felt before.

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5: First Love

The following morning Caileen went on her usual morning jog and while she was running she felt someone running beside her. As she looked it was Panther so she quickly picked her up and cuddled him. “Good morning Panther, you are so cute. Why are you out here?” she said to the dog and the dog barked at her. “He is asking if you are still mad at me.” Anthony said and Caileen was surprised to see him. “You hurt my feelings but that’s okay, oh I forgot I must not show my face in front of you or else you will get depressed again” she told him and he bowed his head. “About that, I am really sorry, I was so dumb to tell you that” Anthony said. “Words don’t mean much, you have to show that you are really sorry” Caileen stated.

“You want me to kneel down and beg for your forgiveness?” Anthony asked and Caileen laughed. “No, I want you to treat me out for lunch. I have not been out for such a long time but if mom learns that you are treating me out for sure she would let me go” she said and he laughed at her. “Okay, lunch it is then” he said and Caileen smiled. “But promise me that you won’t wear a dress” Anthony added and Caileen looked at him strangely. “How come?” she asked and Anthony scratched his head. “Trust me you would not want to wear a dress, if possible wear something red, make sure its not a dress or a skirt, wear pants” he told her and Caileen laughed. “I don’t know why but okay, so what time will I come over?” she asked. Anthony grinned at her, “I will pick you up” he said and Caileen started laughing. “Is this a date?” she added. “Definitely not, I have to go now, about the time well you will know when I will be there” he told her and he took the dog and left.

Two hours later Caileen was so excited and she could not keep still. “Sweety, why are you so excited?” Karen asked her. “Mom, it’s been a long time since I went out, and he told me to wear red, maybe it’s his favorite color” she said. “So you really are in love with him” her mother said and Caileen smiled. “No, I tricked him, I said he has to treat me for lunch in order for me to forgive him” she stated and Karen laughed. “It’s funny, I wanted to wear the floral dress you bought me, but somehow he knew it and told me not to wear a dress. I wonder why he does not want me to wear a dress” Caileen expressed and she sat down and pondered. A few seconds later they heard a roaring sound that was coming closer to their home so they rushed to the door to have a look. There was Anthony wearing a leather jacket with matching killer dark shades riding a huge and shiny motorcycle, he turned off the engine and walked towards the door. “Good morning Karen” he said and the two women had their mouths open. “Wow! A Harley! That is so cool!” Caileen exclaimed. “Now I understand why you didn’t want her to wear a dress” Karen said and Anthony scratched his head.

“Good, you are wearing red, here this will look good on you then” he said as he handed Caileen a red helmet with two little horns. Caileen raised her eyebrows and pouted but Karen started laughing. “Wait here, I have to get the camera” Karen said as she was still laughing. “So you had this planned did you? Me wearing red and this helmet, she-devil, so you still see me as a pest” Caileen said. Anthony bowed his head and looked at her, “I didn’t plan this, I had that helmet for a long time now…she never wore it…it’s okay if you don’t want to wear it” he told her. Caileen looked at him and then looked at the helmet, she giggled and shook her head, “Okay I will wear it then” she said. As she put on the helmet Karen came out of the door and started laughing louder. “Oh my God honey, you are so cute, come on you two move closer and I will take your picture. Caileen moved closer to Anthony and they both looked at the camera, “Wait, something is not right, Anthony place your hand on my daughter’s shoulder” Karen said and Caileen reacted. “Mom!” she shouted but Anthony did what Karen told her and Caileen fell froze. “Okay, smile…sorry honey, you don’t have to since you’re wearing that, one..two..” and their picture was taken. “Wait mom, one more” Caileen asked as she took of her helmet and Karen smiled at her. Caileen leaned her head against Anthony’s chest and the shot was taken.

“Tony, do I stay in front or at your back?” Caileen asked as they walked towards the motorcycle. “At the back honey, unless you know how to drive one of those” Karen said. Anthony got on the bike and Caileen got at the back and immediately hugged Anthony’s body, she looked at her mother and she smiled at her. “You don’t have to hold on to me yet since we’re not moving, and you have to wear the helmet” Anthony said. Caileen blushed and wore the helmet, Karen was giggling as she took another picture of the two. “How come I have to wear a helmet and you don’t?” Caileen asked and Anthony wore his dark glasses, “Because I am going to look cool this way, hold on tight now” he told her as he started the engine and they sped off.

The two had lunch on an outdoor restaurant and after eating Anthony told Caileen to sit still as he had to go see some business associated. As he left she heard someone call her name. “Caileen?” the man said and she turned around to see who it was. Her heart skipped faster and she could not believe among all the people she would be seeing would be her long time crush. “Tim…Timothy?” she said and he sat across her. “I knew it was you, but I was ashamed to come over a while ago since you were with that man” he said. “Oh…he is my friend…scary person right?” she asked. “Oh no definitely not, he is way too cool, I thought he was your boyfriend” Tim said and Caileen laughed. “Him, my boyfriend? Are you crazy? He is just a friend and he treated me to lunch. What brings you here?” she asked him. “Well its summer and I got bored at home, how about you what have you been doing this lately?” he said. “Well im grounded, my mom let me out since it was with Anthony, he is our neighbor, he lives alone” she said.

“Caileen!” they heard someone shout and they turned to see a young lady running towards them. Caileen immediately stood up and the two girls hugged. “Mindy! Wow I missed you, you have not been returning my text messages and calls” Caileen said. Mindy paused as she looked at Tim who stood up and offered his seat. “Oh, Mindy this is Timothy, Tim this is Mindy my best friend” Caileen said and the two shook hands. “Wow, we just came back from Hawaii and I was just accompanying my mom. I can’t stay too long since we have to go somewhere else to meet my dad, but hey call me later” Mindy said and she immediately left. “That was fast” Tim commented and Caileen smiled at her, “Can I get your number too, you know just to keep in touch” Tim shyly asked and Caileen blushed and gave it to him. “I have to go too, but I will call you sometime maybe you would like to go hang out with me or I can accompany you to places since I am bored at home” he said. “Oh I would love that, you call me anytime. Oh look here he comes” Caileen said as the loud engine sound was approaching. “Okay then see you soon Caileen” Tim said and smiled at her.

Anthony turned off the engine and as he was about to get off the big bike two ladies stopped and stared at him and they both giggled. Anthony just smiled and walked towards Caileen and scratched his head. “It’s just the bike, they like the bike” he told her. “No, you actually look cool, my friend even said so” she commented. “Oh, the guy you were just with?” Anthony asked and Caileen blushed again. “Timothy, he is my friend” she said. “A friend you say? Then why are you blushing? You like him I can see that in your face” Anthony told her. “I have had a crush for him for a long time now, and he got my number and said he wanted to hang out with me” she related and she giggled. “He looks decent, is he a good guy?” he asked her and Caileen looked at him curiously. “Why are you asking me that? Are you jealous?” she teased him. Anthony laughed at her and said “I told you I am not into young girls, just say I’m just acting like a parent when I asked that question” he said and she pouted. “I don’t know, I guess so…it’s so hot lets go home now” she said.

As soon as they arrived at Caileen’s home she got out of the bike and looked at him. “That’s funny, I never saw this bike in your home, where was it hidden?” she asked. “In the garage, you never asked to enter the garage so I didn’t show you” he told her. “So what else is inside you garage?” she asked. “Oh nothing much, maybe one time you will get to ride one of them too” he told her. Caileen looked at him and smiled, “You should make me angry often, so next time you take me out using a car hopefully” she said and he laughed. “Oh, I have no plans on making you angry anymore trust me, so see you soon then” he told her as he sped off. Caileen slowly walked inside the house with the red helmet on hand. She went to the living room and sat down lifelessly.

“So how was your date?” Karen asked her. “It’s not a date mom, he just treated me out because I said so” she replied. “What happened, you were all smiles when you left, why the sad face now?” her mother asked. “I don’t know you know what I saw Tim today and he asked for my number” Caileen said in delight. “Tim? Anthony? Another man in your life, I thought you were in love with Anthony?” Karen teased her. “I told you I am not, we are just friends, and neighbors should be the better word” Caileen stated. Karen just looked at her curiously and continued reading her book. “Why the sudden change of heart…I wonder” Karen said softly and Caileen sighed. “He told me he didn’t like young girls, he asked about Tim and I asked if he was jealous, he told me he was just being like a parent” Caileen related and pouted.

“I’ve had a crush on Tim for a long time, a while ago I saw him and we talked. He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him, I gave him my number but I just remembered I’m grounded” Caileen said. “Is this Tim a good guy?” Karen asked and Caileen laughed. “Why are you laughing?” Karen asked her. “Because that is what Anthony asked me a while ago, I guess he was right, he was just acting like a parent to me” she said. “Well is this Tim a good guy then?” Karen repeated and Caileen smiled, “I don’t know mom, how will I be able to find out if I am grounded?” Caileen replied and Karen smiled at her. “Okay, then you are not grounded anymore but be sure that this Tim is a good guy” Karen stated and Caileen quickly stood up and sat beside her mother and hugged her. “Thank you so much mom! Now should I call him and tell him I’m not grounded anymore or should I wait for his call?” she asked. “Who are talking about, Anthony or Tim?” Karen teased her. “Mom! Tim of course!” Caileen said and Karen laughed.

One week passed and Caileen was with Mindy as they were about to enter Anthony’s front gate. “Hey Caileen are you sure it’s okay with your friend that we just enter?” Mindy asked. “Yeah, come on, I have not seen him for a week since I was always with Tim. I’m sure Anthony won’t mind if we use his pool, and did I tell you that he has this cute little dog?” Caileen said as they slowly walked towards the pool. Anthony was doing laps around the pool; he stopped and noticed the two young ladies approaching. “Oh it’s you” Anthony said and the two ladies smiled at him. He swam to the edge and immediately got out of the pool and Mindy bumped Caileen and whispered, “You didn’t tell me your neighbor was hot” and Caileen looked at her strangely. “Are you crazy? Look at him, he looks old and dirty” Caileen whispered back. “Maybe with that excess hair, but if you look closely and imagine him without it he looks handsome” Mindy said. “Oh shut up, Tim looks better, I didn’t know you were into old men Mindy” Caileen teased her friend as Anthony sat down and toweled off.

“Oh don’t mind me, if you are going to use the pool go ahead” he told them. “Anthony this is my best friend Mindy” Caileen said and Anthony smiled at her. “Mindy do you know how to swim?” he asked. “Yes I do, I love swimming and we have a pool at home” she answered. “Good, Caileen the floaters are in the cabin if you need them” he said and Mindy laughed. The two ladies started undressing and Anthony suddenly stood up and walked towards the cabin. “Hey! I don’t need the floaters I am not a child!” Caileen yelled. “I was not going to get them, I was going to hide myself while you two swim since with the way you two look the weather just got hotter” he replied and Mindy laughed. “He sure is funny too” she said and Caileen pouted.

A few minutes later Panther came out of the cabin, he was biting on the floaters and he walked towards the pool. “Oh look its Panther...and he has the floaters” Caileen exclaimed and Mindy laughed aloud. “Anthony I said I don’t need the floaters!” she yelled and Anthony came out of the cabin scratching his head. “Hey, I don’t know why he took them out, probably he was concerned about you” he said and the more Mindy laughed. Anthony came to sit on the shade holding a pen and a pad paper, Mindy swam closer to the edge and looked at him. “Why don’t you get a haircut and a shave, I know you look handsome” she commented and Caileen laughed, “I will if only you shave your head bald” Anthony replied and Mindy smiled at her. “If I shave my head bald would you shave and get a haircut?” Mindy asked and Caileen looked at her. “Are you serious?” Caileen asked and Mindy nodded. “Just a haircut, but if you shave your eyebrows too then I will shave, deal?” he offered and Mindy laughed.

“You really were going to shave your head for him?” Caileen asked and Mindy smiled, “I was going to but shaving my eyebrows is going too far, But hey Anthony, if I do what you ask will you go on a date with me?” Mindy asked and Caileen was surprised. Anthony looked at her and said “How would the guy your currently dating feel if I go on a date with you then?” Mindy fell silent and just stared at Anthony who was grinning at her, she turned around and looked at Caileen, “You are dating someone and you didn’t tell me?” Caileen said and Mindy just smiled at her. “It’s not that serious, we just went out once, let’s not talk about it, come on race to the other end” she said and she quickly swam. Caileen looked at Anthony who was scribbling on his pad, she tried hard to imagine what he would look like without the excess hair but she just could not get Tim out of her mind.

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6: Heart Break

One more week and school was about to begin, Caileen went over to Anthony’s house since Tim had a family outing. She found Anthony sitting under the shade and was once again scribbling. “Hey you! I have not seen you for a while” she surprised him. Anthony stopped writing and put the pad away and looked at her. “Good morning Mindy” he said. Caileen laughed and she sat down and Panther jumped on her lap. “You like my friend Mindy, you should have told me sooner so I could have set up a date for you two, and she seems to like you too” Caileen told him. “No, I don’t like her, she is going out with someone else” he said. “So what have you been doing these days? I kind of missed you” she said. “The usual daily stuff, been out often too, just driving around the city and stuff” he told her. “What were you writing?” she asked as she tried to reach for the pad. Anthony quickly grabbed it and moved it farther away from her grasps. “Nothing, just some chores I have to accomplish, hey Mindy would you like to go to the city with me?” he asked. Caileen pouted and crossed her arms, “I am not Mindy, if you like her just tell me so I can give her number to you” she said and Anthony laughed. “Oh right sorry, well would you like to go to the city with me?” he again asked.

“I’m not changing, I am wearing this dress” she said thinking that they would be using the bike again. “Oh you don’t have to change, come on lets go. I will treat you for lunch so you can tell me all about Tim” he told her and Caileen grabbed his arm with glee. “We are going to use your car? Tell me what kind of car is it? A Porsche? Ferrari? Mercedes, or a BMW?” she asked and Anthony just laughed and said “Follow me and you will see” They walked towards the front and Anthony pressed the remote switch and garage door opened, Caileen was so excited to see what kind of car he had. As the garage door was fully opened Caileen’s jaw dropped as four sparkling cars were parked inside. “Oh my God, you have all of them” she said as she stood still in disbelief. “So pick one” he told her and Caileen looked at him. “Did you rob a bank? You are damn rich, all my dream cars in one garage, oh God and I get to ride them too” she exclaimed and she looked at the three cars and she could not make up her mind. “Come on pick one, I promise you will get to ride the others too one day” he told her.

“Okay since you can’t choose one, let’s take the SUV today, since its summer and it has a sun roof too” he said. Anthony opened the door for her and she quickly got in, Caileen could not still believe that he had all the cars she ever wanted. “Why are you being so kind to me today?” Caileen asked as Anthony got in the driver’s seat. “Only today? Have I not been kind to you before?” he replied and Caileen smiled at him, “Well not really, but today you are different and I like it this way” she said. “Get used to it, its going to be this way from now on” he added and she started laughing. “Is jealousy the reason?” she teased him and he looked at her, “What do you think?” he snapped back and she smiled. “I have a better idea, do you know how to drive?” he asked her and Caileen’s eyes grew big as she knew he was going to let her drive. “Are you serious?” she asked. “Do you know how to drive?” he again asked her and Caileen was smiling from ear to ear, “My dad taught me, but I don’t have a license yet” she answered and Anthony handed her the key and he stepped out of the car.

Anthony opened her door and Caileen looked at him, “Well what are you waiting for? Move over to the driver’s seat then” he said and still she could not believe what was happening. Caileen moved to the driver’s seat and when she was about to start the engine Anthony stopped her. “Seatbelts please” he said and Caileen laughed and put on her seatbelt. “What am I missing tell me quick” she said and Anthony held on tight, “What else start the engine and drive, oh please don’t kill us” he replied and Caileen gamely started the engine and started to drive.

Caileen drove slowly and she was giggling all the way. She had no license, she was driving one of her dream cars and Anthony was being nice to her for a change, she thought this was her lucky day. Once they reached the city Anthony told her to pull over and park the car, she laughed since she didn’t know how to parallel park. “Ok let me do it” he said and he got out of the car and they changed places. As soon as the car was parked Caileen was still full of smiles and waited for Anthony. “Okay where do you want to eat?” he asked her. “I don’t know, im just so happy right now I think I cant eat, you decide” she said. “Nope you decide, take advantage while I am this nice” he told her and she giggled. “Okay then, I would choose the most expensive restaurant and I am going to eat everything I want” she threatened and Anthony nodded.

They went to the classiest place there is and at the front lobby they were stopped from entering. “Sorry sir, only if you have reservations” the receptionist said. “I know the owner” Anthony said and he stepped forward but a huge man stood in his way. “Do you have a reservation?” the huge man asked and Anthony looked at the receptionist, “Call the owner, now!” he demanded and the receptionist did so at once. Caileen was scared and tugged on Anthony, “Hey, you don’t have to do that lets just go to another restaurant” she whispered. “No don’t worry I have this covered” he told her and a minute later a decent looking man approached them and said “Yes they said you know me?”

“Hello Rutherford, remember me?” Anthony said and the man looked surprised and his jaw dropped. “Oh my God is that you?” Rutherford said and Anthony laughed. “Yes I am God and I demand you give us a table quickly” he replied and the man hugged him. “I can’t believe it where have you been? Hugo get out of the way, Frank get them the best table at once” Rutherford ordered. “But sir, the best table is reserved for the Mayor” Frank said. “Give the Mayor another table, quick snap snap” Rutherford said and Frank ran towards the dining area. “I thought you two broke up” the owner said and Anthony whispered in his ear and Rutherford nodded. “I see, I am sorry, come on lets go to your table now” he said as he escorted the two inside.
As the two were seated Anthony called for Rutherford again and said “I would appreciate it much if you didn’t tell anyone you saw me” and the man nodded and he left to attend to the Mayor who just arrived. “Well time to order, what would you like to have?” he asked Caileen and she just stared at him in disbelief. “What are you really? I mean, huge house, lots of expensive cars, priority over the Mayor…I mean wow who are you?” she asked and Anthony laughed at her. “Anthony your neighbor, come on don’t be silly and order” he just said. After two hours the left the restaurant and they were seated in the car all full and sleepy. “Man I ate too much I want to take a nap” Anthony said and Caileen was staring at him. “Tell me really what you do?” she asked and Anthony looked at her. “Why do you want to know?” he replied. “Like I said you are so rich and we just ate in the most expensive restaurant and they did not even let you pay? It’s so unreal or maybe you are a member of the Mafia” she said and Anthony laughed. “Welcome to my world Caileen” he told her and she was not satisfied with his answer.

Anthony looked at his watch and immediately started the car, “Teach me the song with the sitting on the tree and the kissing” he said. Caileen gamely sang it, “Caileen and Timothy sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G” and she laughed and laughed. “Mindy and Timothy sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G” Anthony sang and Caileen got mad. “Why do you keep saying Mindy and this time with Timothy, it should be Mindy and Anthony!” she exclaimed but Anthony drove slowly and pointed outside. Caileen looked to where he was pointing and she saw Timothy and Mindy interlocking lips on an outside restaurant. Anthony stopped the car and Caileen was frozen looking at the two as they continued their passionate kissing.

Caileen wanted to go out of the car but Anthony stopped her, “Trust me there is nothing you can do, they have been seeing each other always” he told her and she looked at her and tears were starting to fall from her eyes. Caileen sat back and sobbed, Anthony drove away and all that could be heard inside the car was Caileen gasping for air. They reached an abandoned beach and Anthony parked the car, he went out and opened Caileen’s door. “Come with me” he said and stepped out still crying. They walked along the beach and sat down.

“I’m sorry Caileen, I planned everything, I wanted you to see it for yourself because if I just told you maybe you would not believe me” Caileen looked at him and the more she cried. “I have seen them several times together already and yesterday I saw you and Tim, I saw you two were getting too close already so I decided you have to know about it. I know how much it hurts because I have been there already” he related and Caileen just kept sobbing.

“This is the first place I went to when I got my heart broken, I even cried but much worse than you I should say. Eight years is no joke that is why I cried for several days in this place. I was so angry but the sound of the water kept me calm the whole time. Only a few people come here so I vented out my anger by shouting, it really helps you know, you should try it” he told her. Caileen remained silent as she continued crying, Anthony stood up and looked at her, “Let me leave you alone for a moment, I will be in the car if you need me” he said and Caileen looked up to him and said “Don’t leave me, stay with me” she murmured. Anthony sat back down and Caileen leaned on him, he put his arm on her shoulder and patted her gently. “It’s painful isn’t it?” he asked her and she nodded. “So can you imagine how much pain I felt two years ago?” he again asked and she looked at him. Anthony wiped away her tears with his hands and pinched her cheek, “Look you are so pretty even when you are crying, but you would look really beautiful if you smiling” he whispered and her lips trembled and a smile broke out. “See, you look beautiful again making me fall in love with you more. Now let me wipe this tears some more just in case your prince charming arrives he might think I made you cry” he added and Caileen stared at him and smiled even more.

“Let’s go home” she said and so Anthony stood up and held out his hand to her. She grabbed his hand and he gave her the key. “You drive us home” he told her and Caileen who was sad moments ago was again happy as she ran towards the car. Along the way Caileen was full of smiles and she was humming a tune which Anthony noticed. “Wow a few minutes ago you were like weeping and now you seem to be in a jolly mood” he commented and Caileen shrugged her shoulders. “May I know the reason for the sudden change in mood?” he asked and Caileen smiled at him. “Something you said probably but I am not telling you” she answered. “Something I said? Help me remember” he told her. “Sorry I won’t…what would happen if I stepped on this harder?” she playfully asked and the car sped faster. Anthony held on tight as Caileen was giggling, “Please don’t kill us!” he yelled and laughter erupted inside the car.

An hour later they arrived home safely, Caileen ran out and hugged her mother who was outside to greet them. “Anthony! You let her drive?” she asked and he shrugged his shoulders. “Twice, Im going to take a bath now, see you Anthony!” she said as she ran inside the house. “You actually let her drive?” Karen repeated and Anthony walked towards her. “Yes but there is a reason, have a walk with me” he said and Karen walked with him.

“I know she looks jolly and happy but she just encountered her first heart break” he revealed and Karen was surprised. “You broke up with her?” Karen joked and Anthony scratched his head. “I was just kidding; you mean she broke up with Timothy already?” Karen asked and Anthony nodded. “Why so sudden?” she inquired and Anthony sighed, “Well boyfriend meets girlfriend…you know that kind of television stuff” he said. “Mindy and Timothy?” Karen said and Anthony nodded. “Oh my, how did it happen?” she asked. “Well you see I have seen Mindy and Tim getting together a few times and yesterday I saw Tim and Caileen go separate ways. I thought Tim was going home but he met up with Mindy and I saw them kiss, not the normal kiss but torridly I should say. So this I knew I had to tell Caileen but she probably won’t believe me so I had to show her and we actually did see them a while ago” he elaborated and Karen was surprised.

“So how did she take it?” Karen asked. “The usual reaction, anger, crying oh you know what I mean you’re a doctor” he told her and she nodded. Karen smiled and laughed, “Then how come she does not seem to be sad or depressed?” Karen added and Anthony smiled. “I administered my special treatment, the eight year heart break treatment and I think it works wonders” he said and they both laughed. “But still my treatment does not work efficiently there are times when those memories kick in so you should be there for her when that happens” he told her and Karen nodded.

“I knew it, Caileen Barton just did not sound right” Karen quipped and Anthony was confused. “Oh Timothy Barton, I was just pondering that thought days ago” she added and Anthony smiled at her. “Caileen Kevins sounds so much better doesn’t it?” Karen teased him and Anthony looked at her curiously, “Oh I was just kidding, since you healed her maybe she can heal you too you know” Karen added and Anthony walked to his car. “Maybe, I have to go now” he said. “Do you like my daughter Anthony?” Karen asked and he smiled at her. “Ask me that question in a month then I will give you my answer” he said. “A month? Why the wait?” she again asked. “Her birthday, when she turns eighteen” he said and he entered his car. Karen waived at him smiling and she slowly walked inside the house.

“What was his answer mom?” Caileen asked and Karen was surprised to see her standing behind the door. “Didn’t you hear it?” Karen asked. “No, I could not hear it, was it a yes?” Caileen said and Karen laughed. “You don’t look depressed, he told me about today” Karen said but Caileen insisted, “Was it a yes?” “He didn’t say, he told me to ask again on your birthday, why are you curious?” Karen told her. “Oh nothing, maybe you were right all along” Caileen replied and Karen looked at her. “Right about what?” she asked. “Oh nothing, forget it, I just wished the days would move faster to my birthday” Caileen said and she ran upstairs.

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7: Portraits

It was a beautiful day and Anthony was sitting under the shade scribbling notes on his pad. Panther suddenly ran out of the cabin and barked aloud prompting Anthony to turn around. There was Caileen who was sneaking behind him, he quickly hid his pad and greeted her. “And why are you silently sneaking behind me?” he asked and she immediately scolded Panther, “If not for your bark I would have seen what he was writing, bad dog!” she said. “You have a pad paper too, are you imitating me?” he asked. “Oh did mom let you write things too? I mean she told me writing down things can help me get over depression, but I am not depressed. Are you undergoing that therapy?” she asked as she took a sit beside him. “Maybe, but let’s not talk about that, how are you coping up?” he asked her. “Coping up with what? Timothy? Like you said he isn’t worth it, so past is past I have to move on” she replied.

“Oh, don’t the memories haunt you? Memories like your first kiss with him, how you hold hands and so on” he said. “We never kissed! Held hands maybe twice but we never kissed, almost but it never happened” she said. Anthony slouched and looked at the sky; Caileen stared at him and started sketching on her pad. Anthony closed his eyes and fell asleep while Caileen continued sketching. A few minutes later Anthony opened his eyes and looked at Caileen, “What are you writing about?” he asked and Caileen stopped and shook her head. “Let me read it” he asked her and she sat on her pad and shook her head violently. “Oh my Panther jumped on the pool!” Anthony shouted and Caileen immediately stood up and looked at the pool. Anthony grabbed the pad and laughed, Caileen noticed she was fooled and begged for him not to open it. “Tell me why I should not open it, if your answer is valid then I will not open it” he told her. “Please don’t, it’s not finished yet, I promise to show you when it’s done” she said. “Sorry invalid response, let me see” he said and he opened the pad and he saw a sketch portrait of man he recognizes.

Anthony stared at the sketch and he looked at Caileen, “This is me but without the long hair and beard, how did you do this?” he asked. “I just looked at you and omitted to draw the excess hair, sorry it messy” she said. “No, you are really good in drawing, how come you never told me?” he asked and Caileen blushed. “Can I have this?” he asked her and she shyly nodded. Anthony stood up and ran to his cabin, he returned holding the key to the house and her sketch pad. “Come with me I want to show you something” he said and they went inside the house. They proceeded to the second floor and Anthony unlocked the room he never showed her and he went inside. She followed him and saw a wide room with large windows. There were no curtains and the room was very bright, there was an easel on each corner of the room and one on the center where there was a boarded canvas but it was covered with a read cloth. On the walls of the room were sketches and paintings similar to those she saw in the living room.

“This was supposed to be her art room” Anthony said and he tore the page of the pad and was about to place Caileen’s sketch inside a fitting frame. “Will you sign it for me?” he asked and he handed her a pen. Caileen was surprised and she started laughing, “I am not good, that’s just a sketch” she said but Anthony was just staring at her. She took the pen and signed her name at the bottom, Anthony fitted the sketch in the frame and he took it to his room. Caileen was about to remove the red cloth but Anthony returned in time to stop her, “Please don’t” he begged and she nodded and walked out of the room.

“For a change would you like to spend time with me inside this house?” he suddenly asked her and Caileen shook her head. “She can draw so can I, you must be thinking of her again because of me” she whispered and he laughed at her. “No, I just want to make new memories in this house, happy memories…with you” he said and she looked at her and her faced turned red. “Happy memories…like kissing?” she asked and Anthony was surprised. “I said happy memories not erotic, you are showing your perverted side again Caileen, are you sure you didn’t kiss Timothy?” he joked her and she laughed. “I was just kidding you, and what if I did kiss him?” she said. Anthony paused and bowed his head, “then I would be really jealous” he softly said. Caileen was caught off guard, she did like what he just said but she could not react. He lips trembled and her heart beat faster, she wanted to smile but she could not do so. “So that’s how you would react, I am only kidding you. Come on downstairs let’s play some pool” he said Caileen felt embarrassed and she ran after Anthony and rode on his back.

The two played like children running around the house and teasing each other. After an hour they became exhausted, Anthony ran outside and Caileen chased after him. He lay lifelessly on the grass facing the sky and Caileen lay beside him as she tried to catch her breath. “I’m too old to be running around like that but it was fun” he told her. “Now I know what I am missing, how I wished I had a brother or sister” she replied. “Someday how many children would you like to have?” he asked and Caileen thought hard and laughed. “I would like to have two children, one boy and one girl” she said. “Yeah, me too, but the boy has to come first” Anthony said. “Yeah, and we will name them Anthony and Caileen just the same” Caileen said and she laughed but Anthony did not and he looked at her. “Why is there something wrong?” she asked. Anthony smiled and shook his head, “No but you said we, we would name them Anthony and Caileen” he repeated and she suddenly realized what she had done.

Caileen felt so embarrassed and she looked away and remained silent. “I think Peter and Cathleen would sound better, don’t you think?” Anthony said and Caileen looked at him. “I beg your pardon?” she said and Anthony smiled. “I said we should name them Peter and Cathleen” he repeated and she smiled for a moment as he gazed into his eyes. “Tell me the truth, would have been jealous if I kissed Timothy?” she softly whispered and Anthony took a deep breath and stared at her eyes. “Very…very jealous” he said. Those were the exact words she wanted to hear, her body started moving closer to him, it felt like something was pulling them closer together. Their lips so close touching each other, this was going to be her first kiss, she closed her eyes and her body trembled.

“Caileen, I have to be gone for a while” he heard him say. She opened her eyes and she saw him seated looking away. “Where are you going?” she asked as she sat up beside him. “I have to attend to something important, something that I have to do” he said. “How long will you be gone?” she asked. “I don’t know yet but for sure more than one month” he answered. “But it’s my birthday next month; you won’t be here on my birthday? Are you kidding me? You are joking me again right?” she said. Anthony shook his head and said “I am not joking this time, there is something I have to do. It’s going to take some time and I am leaving tonight” he told her. “Take me with you” Caileen suddenly said and Anthony looked at her and pinched her cheek. “I can’t do that, you have to go to school, and I need to ask a favor” he told her.

“I want to be with you, take me with you” she repeated. “I really can’t, could you please take care of Panther while I am gone? I am leaving you the key to the gate and the house, you can use the pool, game room, and you can even live here if you want” he told her. Caileen fell silent and she looked away. “I am not sure if I can return on your birthday but I will do my best to come home. Just in case I can’t what gift would you like and I will have it sent to you?” he asked. Caileen looked at him and angrily said “You! I want you! You have to show up on my birthday, promise me that! I will let you go but promise me you have to come back on my birthday!” she yelled and started to cry. Anthony bowed his head since he was unsure, he could not make a promise that he could not keep. Caileen stood up and took Panther, “If you can’t come back on that day then don’t ever show your face to me ever again!” she said and she ran away.

The following morning Caileen went to Anthony’s house to check if he was there. She wished that he was just joking but he was nowhere to be found. The whole day she waited for him still denying that he went away, but night time came and she had to go home. There were thirty days before her birthday and she wished she could just close her eyes and time would move faster.

School started and Caileen was still depressed, her days seemed longer and sleepless nights hounded her. Her parents tried to cheer her up but she opted to spend her free time in Anthony’s house. Sometimes she invited friends on weekends but still she could not smile naturally.

The morning of her birthday arrived, thirty days has passed and even though her parents greeted her she was still lonely. To make things worse it was a school day, the only consolation was it was Friday so many of her friends would be able to attend her party in the evening. After school she rushed home and immediately went to Anthony’s home but he was not still there. The short walk back home seemed longer, this was her special day but the one she wanted to spend it with was nowhere to be found.

The party went on as planned and Caileen managed to put on her jolly face even though she was hurting inside. She kept on glancing at the door but her mother was there shaking her head. It was getting late and one by one her friends were leaving and heading home. After all her friends have left she sits on the sofa and her mother brings out two gifts, she notices something hanging on their wall covered by a red clothe so she stood up and went closer. “Caileen, this came for you this morning and I forgot to give this to you a while ago” Karen said. “Who is it from mom?” she asked as she stared at the red clothe, the same clothe she saw in Anthony’s home. “It’s from Anthony” Karen said and Caileen looked at her mother and she took a deep breath. “So he isn’t coming after all” she said and she walked back to the couch and she started crying. Caileen plunged her face on a pillow, her heart was heavy, and the wish she made before she blew her candles did not come true.

She felt someone sit beside her and pat her shoulder gently, “Leave me alone mom! Please I want to be alone right now!” she said as she could not stop crying. “Oh good they arrived here, I thought they would get lost along the way” she heard the person beside her say. It was not her mom but it was the voice of the person she was wishing to be with. She did not even look at him but she immediately hugged him, Anthony embraced her back and patted her gently. “Oh stop crying young lady; of course I would not miss this day. Come on let me look at you” he told her but she would not let go. Karen and George joined them in the living room and they were laughing at their daughter. “Karen I don’t remember you crying for me like that” George said and Caileen moved away from Anthony and wiped her face. “Thirty days have passed and you look prettier, I should be gone longer then it seems” Anthony joked and Caileen managed to smile. “You still look like a caveman” she told him. “Come on Caileen its time to open your presents” Karen said and the first presents she grabbed were from Anthony.

“I wonder what’s inside this box?” she joyfully said and everyone was surprised on how she could recover quickly. “A while ago you were crying then in an instant you joyful as hell” Anthony quipped and she leaned on his chest as she opened her first gift. “An i-phone! Wow this is the newest model, I thought they have not released this yet?” she exclaimed and Anthony grinned at her. “Well it just happens I know some people and those people know other people” he told her. “It’s useless since you don’t even send me text messages and you don’t even call me!” she said. “Oh yeah I lost my phone, and I didn’t memorize your number, sorry about that, this time I am not losing my phone, open the next one” he told her. Caileen quickly opened the other gift and Karen looked intently. Caileen was surprised and she quickly showed her mother. “Mom look! Portraits of Happiness, the book that I have always wanted! Wow this is the best gift…wait second best gift” she happily said. “So whats the first best gift then?” Anthony asked her and she blushed and shyly looked away.
Caileen opened the first book and she was more surprised to see a dedication, “To Caileen, I hope you start reading again. Take care P.A. Kevins” it read and she could not believe it. “The author signed it, oh my God, this can’t be happening! Am I dreaming?” she said and Karen looked at Anthony who smiled at her. “You know the author? You let him sign it? Tell me!” she told Anthony, “Of course he knows the author” Karen said and Anthony twitched his eyes. “He knows a lot of people” Karen added.

“How about the third gift? You should open it too” Anthony told her and Caileen rummaged through all the gifts but she could not find the third one. “Where is it?” she asked and her father stood up and walked towards the wall. “I think it’s this one dear” he said and he held the end of the clothe and started to pull. The clothe fell to the ground and what was left hanging on the wall was a painting of Caileen. Everyone was mesmerized by the new art work hanging on their wall, it was Caileen smiling on the park with the sun rising behind her. “Its beautiful” George said and Karen looked at her daughter. “I don’t remember you having a picture like that” she said. Caileen looked at Anthony who smiled at her, “It’s the first day we met, I went for a jog and I got tired so I sat down and closed my eyes. When I opened them again an angel was standing before me” he related. Caileen was teary eyed so as her mother, George kept staring at the painting and said “I knew this wall was missing something, now the living room is perfect” and everyone laughed.

“There’s a fourth one” Anthony reveals and everyone looked at him. “Give me ten minutes, I will go get it” he said and Caileen sat beside her mother and she hugged her. “So was your wish granted?” Karen asked and Caileen nodded. George could not get his eyes off the painting and just kept staring at it. “If we sell this how much do you think we could get for it?” he joked and Caileen ran to her father and embraced him. “Millions and millions of gold bars dad” she said and they all looked at the art work. “Can you believe he made that out of his imagination, I never knew he could paint, I thought it was his ex-girlfriend that was the artistic one” Caileen said. “And you thought he was just autistic?” her father again joked and Caileen pinched him.

As the three of them were enjoying a laugh they suddenly stopped when they heard the violin play. They all looked towards the door and there was Anthony with eyes closed playing the wonderful instrument. Caileen sat down beside her mother and again they were both teary eyed. Anthony played something they never heard before, it wasn’t not a lullaby and it wasn’t a sad song. Whatever that tune was it surely caught their attention and they felt so relaxed listening to it. As the tune ended Anthony bowed as Karen and Caileen wiped their tears. “Oh my now you made me cry” George said as everyone looked at him and indeed there were tears flowing down his cheeks. Karen started laughing but Caileen could not take her eye off Anthony.
“Oh Anthony we were thinking of selling this painting because you made me cry” George said and Anthony laughed. “The Healer” Anthony said and everyone looked at him. “Yes, the title of that Painting is The Healer” he repeated and Karen nodded her head and smiled at him. “And how about the tune you played, what was the title of that song and who sang it?” Caileen asked and he looked at her. “It’s your song, I composed it for you, so decide what title you want” he told her. Again tears gathered into Caileen’s eyes and her father again interrupted, “You made my cry again, please don’t name it George Cry Baby” he said and Karen and Anthony laughed at him. “You composed that tune for me?” Caileen suddenly asked and Anthony nodded. “While I was away whenever I remembered you I started to put some tunes together, each day it got longer and longer until three days ago it was finally complete” he revealed.

Caileen looked at the painting for a moment and then stared into Anthony’s eyes, she thought deep and suddenly said


A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8: The Caveman and the Angel

“You are going to leave again” Caileen said and she pouted as she walked slowly. “Yes that’s true but I will come back, look I came back as promised” Anthony said as they were strolling around the city. “How long are you going to be gone this time?” she asked and looked at him. “I don’t know yet, but hey I am yours for two days, I will be leaving on Monday so you have my full attention for the weekend” he told her. “So where do you want to go?” Anthony asked and Caileen shrugged her shoulders, “Let’s just walk for now” she said. “You are going to parade the caveman around the city?” he asked her and she laughed. “No, I thought we stopped that caveman issue already, you are not a caveman okay?” she said. “If I am not a caveman then you are not an angel?” he said and she smiled. “I am an angel?” she asked and Anthony nodded.

“Wait lets ask this old lady if you don’t believe me” he said and they waited for the old lady to approach them. “Excuse me madam, could you please take a look with my companion here, she doesn’t believe me when I say she is an angel” Anthony said and Caileen was embarrassed. The old lady looked at Caileen and she smiled, “Well yes indeed she is an angel” she said. “You see, now do you believe me?” he told Caileen and she blushed. “Madam one more thing, if she is an angel I am a caveman right?” Anthony said and the old lady looked at him from head to foot. “Caveman? I don’t think so, you look like a perverted old man” she said and Caileen laughed. “Witch! Be gone you witch!” Anthony shouted and the old lady slammed her bag at him. Caileen was laughing out loud as Anthony was being scolded by the old lady.

“That didn’t go well” Anthony said as they walked away. Caileen was still giggling and laughing and holding her stomach. “I can’t believe you, you picked a fight with an old lady and you lost” she said. Anthony scratched his head and started to laugh, “I don’t know what she has inside her bag but I tell you it sure is damn heavy. Why couldn’t she just ride her broom and fly instead?” he said and the old lady walked towards them. “I heard that! You really want to get hurt do you?” she said. Anthony and Caileen ran away from her and along the way Anthony would look back and call the old lady a witch. Once they were far enough they stopped and Caileen leaned on a wall and she still could not stop laughing. “You are so mean, but you were really funny” she told him. “Nah, don’t worry about Mrs. Parton, she could take it, but I can’t believe it she still has that power though. She was my teacher when I was in elementary, with all this hair she could not recognize me” he said and Caileen was surprised.

As they were catching their breath an Asian man approached them and looked at Anthony. “Oh God what now?” he softly said and Caileen laughed louder. “Konichiwa…you…yes you are…” the man was about to say but Anthony shook his head. “Japanese?” he asked and the man nodded. “Okay, do you know me?” Anthony said in Japanese which surprised Caileen. “Hai! You are the author of the book, the one who got lost” the man replied and Caileen could not understand what they were saying. “With all these hair you still recognize me?” Anthony asked and the man nodded. “I own a small book store around the corner, will you please come and sign my book. Please, it would make my wife and daughter happy” the man said and Anthony nodded. “Okay lead the way and we will follow” he replied and looked at Caileen. “You know how to speak Japanese?” she asked. Anthony scratched his head as they followed the man, “It’s a long story and you would not believe it anyway” he said. As they reached the bookstore the man rushed inside, Anthony asked Caileen to wait outside as he followed the man.

A few minutes later Anthony came out with the man and they were laughing. “Oh don’t tell anyone you met me, and I have a feeling this lady with me will be asking you about me so I would appreciate it if you don’t tell her who I really am okay? It’s not that I am tricking her but I want it to be a surprise someday” Anthony said and the man nodded and he shook his hand. They walked away but Caileen was glancing at Anthony and he noticed it. “What is it?” he asked and she just shook her head.

“So where do you want to go?” Anthony asked and Caileen stood still and took a deep breath. “Since I only have two days with you, I was thinking about just spending time with you at your cave” she said and she chuckled. “Oh the angel is willing to come down to earth and get herself dirty?” he commented and she laughed. “Yeah, and while you were gone I actually did some studying and I want to cook for you” she said. “You learned to cook for me?” he asked and she smiled at him. “I’m not really that good but I learned two dishes, I am not sure if it will turn out right but I just want to try” she said. Anthony smiled at her and nodded, “An angel will cook for me, I wonder what heavenly food tastes like, better than raw meat for sure” he quipped and Caileen laughed.

Back at Anthony’s home all the ingredients were set on the dining table, Caileen wore an apron as she stood looking hesitant. Anthony sat down and watched as she could not decide where to begin. “Whats wrong Caileen?” he asked her. “I am feeling nervous, I don’t know if this will turn out right” she said. “Why are you nervous I thought you practiced while I was away?” Anthony said and Caileen took a deep breath. “I want it to be perfect but I feel shy when you are around. So can you go to the living room and come back when its done?” she asked and Anthony laughed. “Nope, I want to watch you cook. Just imagine I am not here okay?” he told her. “But you are here and you are watching me” she said. “Come on Caileen, I want to watch you cook, please” he said and she looked at him and she smiled.

After thirty minutes all ingredients were mixed and Caileen sat down across Anthony and she smiled. “Well all we have to do now is wait for it to be cooked” she said and she laid her hands on the table and she bowed her head. She was exhausted and as she took a deep breath she saw Anthony hold her hand. “Are these hands tired, let me massage them” he said and she slowly looked at him. It was the first time they held hands and as he massaged her hands her heart began beating faster. “Well does it feel good?” he asked her and she did not know what to say, for a long time now she dreamed of holding his hands and at this moment she got her wish. “You have soft hands” was all she could say and Anthony laughed at her. “So do you, were you expecting rough and stone-like caveman hands?” he asked her and Caileen smiled. “What you said last night…when you were away, did you really think of me every day?” she shyly asked and Anthony nodded. “But you said that I remind you of her, why did you think of me every day?” she again asked. “You are not her, you are Caileen” he said.

“Yes I am Caileen but tell me why” she said and Anthony released her hands and sat back and looked at her. “Do I need a reason for me to remember you every day?” he asked her and she likewise sat back and slightly bowed her head. “Well yes of course, you don’t just miss someone for no reason. You remember them because you miss them. I did miss you a lot, so tell me the reason why you missed me too” she explained. “You missed me a lot?” he asked and Caileen looked away and said “Yes I did” and Anthony laughed. “Why did you miss me?” he asked and Caileen looked at him feeling the tides have turned. “Unfair! I asked you first, so tell me why did you miss me?” she reiterated and Anthony took a deep breath and stared at her. “Fair enough, the reason…I missed you because…should it be really smoking that way?” he said as he pointed at the stove. Caileen turned around and quickly turned the stove off and she laughed. “I forgot I was cooking, silly me” she said.

Caileen managed to save the meal and she prepared early dinner for them. Anthony was raring to taste what she cooked and Caileen watched him as he took a spoonful. He watched him slowly chew and waited for him to clear his throat. “Well?” she asked and Anthony looked at her for a long time, she felt nervous and sad when his face became serious. “You’re beautiful” he softly said and she was confused. “What did you say?” she asked as she felt her face get hotter and her heartbeat faster. “I said you are beautiful” he repeated and her eyes gazed upon his, she felt shy and looked away. Caileen smiled and bowed her head a bit, “I was asking about the food” she said and Anthony laughed loudly. “Oh this? Well its delicious and I am being honest, and I would never lie to you” he told her. Caileen was full of smiles as she watched him gulp another spoonful.

After dinner they both sat by the living room, Anthony was so full and Caileen was sleepy. She leaned her head on his shoulder but he slowly guided her head until it was lying on his lap. “Anthony do you…” she was about to say but she stopped. Anthony looked at her and pinched her cheek gently, “Do I what?” he asked her. “Nothing” she said and he smiled at her. “If you are looking for answers you better ask the right questions, so tell me what were you about to ask me?” he said. “I…I love” she said but he covered her mouth so she was not able to complete her sentence. “You love to cook? Yes I can see that, you made a delicious meal today” he told her and he removed his hand. “No, I wanted to say that I love” she said but again he covered her mouth. “Caileen you don’t know me yet, you just think you do but you actually don’t. Im not saying that I have been lying to you, there are just some things you still don’t know about me. Look at me, I am a caveman, and you are an angel. You are young, beautiful, smart and jolly while I am old, boring, grumpy and miserable” he said. Caileen got up and knelt on the sofa and put her arms around his head. “You are old but age is just numbers, you were grumpy but I understand why, you are not boring, you are fun to be with, you are mysterious and you keep on surprising me. I don’t care if you look that way I still like you, no I think I am in love with you” she told him.

Silence engulfed the room as Anthony could not respond to her. Caileen was waiting for his response but Anthony just sighed and looked away. “I am sorry but that’s how I feel and I cannot help myself tell you. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same but just don’t say no yet. I know I am childish but I will change for you, I will be more mature. I don’t expect a response from you now, but I know you will learn to love me, I can wait, I will wait. You are leaving again right? I will wait for you, I won’t get mad at you this time even if you are gone, but don’t get mad at me if I will miss you so much and keep calling you every day. Just don’t say no please” she said as tears started to gather on her eyes. Anthony was silent and he did not look at her, tears started to fall down Caileen’s cheeks but still she waited.

“I am your angel and you are my caveman” she said as she sobbed and embraced him tightly. “Caileen, cavemen cannot fall in love with angels” he whispered. Caileen looked at him and she saw him still looking away. “It can happen, I did fall in love with you. I am in love with you, you are my caveman” she said but still he would not look at her. Caileen felt so much pain in her heart, she stood up and ran home. Anthony didn’t move nor ran after her, he just sat still as tears started falling down his face.

The next morning Caileen got up early, her eyes were still sore from crying all night. She did not feel like going for a jog but she walked to her window and opened it to get some fresh air. She looked towards Anthony’s home and she saw a limousine parked in front. She thought she was imagining things so she wiped her eyes and looked closer. She saw Anthony coming out of his gate carrying a bag, a tall blond haired lady came out of the car and met him. She felt something stab her heart as she saw Anthony and the woman kiss. Her body was trembling with anger and she kept shaking her head, she blinked several times faster but she was fully awake and she was not dreaming. The lady got in the car and Anthony looked her way and she immediately shut her window.

Her caveman fell for another woman.