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ONE BEAT (poem)


Paul Diaz

The moment I saw you my heart skipped and beat faster

Alone in this world I shall never be any longer

He may have left you because of your weak heart

A dire condition as stated in your medical chart

We are just the same, I too am suffering

I’m not curable and so my time is ticking

To prove my love I would do one amazing feat

When it’s done we would have one beat.

No second thoughts and one final decision

My heart is yours, be healthy and live on

I may be gone but I made you complete

Together we are one heart and one beat

A preview to the story entitled "ONE BEAT"


Paul Diaz

She was just a friend who i started to admire

The perfect partner that would fulfill my heart's desire
I was ashamed so i never did admit
That she was the girl who would make my life complete

She started to love but that guy was not me
I gave up hope, maybe we werent meant to be
Reality i accepted i was contented as a friend
So much pain inside me, how i wish it would end

One day they broke up and she cried to no end
My shoulders were hers still i was just a friend
In her mind that guy she still cannot forget
I have to tell her now or i will live in regret

Wedding day came she was an angel in white
How come i was nervous, and shaking in freight
I knew that there was nothing else i could do
When i heard them say those words, "I DO"

Friday, April 25, 2008

At the end of the rainbow

At the end of the rainbow

Life is beautiful, let me begin again, yeah beautiful to those who are at bliss, to those who are enjoying the moment of love and those who just found love. Indeed what a wonderful feeling when you are truly in love. The incredible sensation of love which brings the floating feeling, gigantic and energetic butterflies wandering around your intestines and so many more. Funny, those who are aching, those who just suffered a break-up think otherwise. They say life sucks, life is a bitch, and life is full of crap and other more stuff. So which is it?

When you have failed in love it would seem that the rain never stops pouring on your head or around you. Gloominess fills up your eyes and makes you see things badly. Emotionally you feel bad, physically you feel worse. Then suddenly the rain stops pouring and beside you is a puddle of water, the sun begins to shine when you are ready to move on. The sun hits the water then a rainbow appears.

Scientifically, it takes two bodies of water in order for a rainbow to materialize, so you would think that there is someone else who is in the same situation as you. An amazing coincidence indeed for a rainbow has formed, meaning another person on the other end had their rains stopped and the sun began to shine on them again.

Indeed, you rush to the other end of the rainbow to find out who that person is, will that person be your true love, is it fate for you to end up together? Is this your chance for redemption? Your only wish is that the person on the other side is not another man if you’re a man and a woman if you’re a lady, geez talk about Brokeback and L-Word rainbows. (no pun intended for the third sex)

You run as fast as you can to find out who is in the other side, crossing your fingers hoping it’s not of the same sexual origin, and hoping it would be the man or woman who needs you. Come hellish hurdles you strive to get over at the other end while the rainbow is still shining bright.

Alas, when you get over the other side, you find nothing. Yes, at the end of the rainbow there is nothing. No pot of gold, no one waiting for you, nothing at all.

And you begin to wonder why? Where did she go? Where did he go?

It takes two to tango….redundant horse crap all over the years. But yes, love takes two, when you get hurt the other one likewise gets hurt. If there was ever love between the two of you, you will not be the only one bleeding; even the other person would suffer. The intensity may vary but still they would suffer. This means when you both lost the love, it also rained on her side.

The rainbow is the only sign that you both once loved each other; it may be a sign that you both still love each other, but if there was still love in both ends then you might have found her still waiting at the other end. The fact that she is not there anymore mean she has moved on, or probably he or she ran towards your end but you two never met again. Should you have waited for her to arrive? Or did he or she move on taking another path?

Not all people find their rainbows, not all people experience mutual true love. If the love was one sided, you will only end up with a puddle of water after the rain and even though the sun shines no rainbow will ever be formed since it was only one sided….it never rained on their side. So suck it all up and step on that puddle of water, and move on.

Seeing the rainbow should rid the pain out for it is a testament of your true love, yes, you can be sure that when there is a rainbow formed she loved you too.

Yeah yeah yeah, it sounds like total crap and horse dung to most people but this is what you call the art of love. The funny thing is, most people who experienced pain are those who can best illustrate artistically what love is. So I don’t expect you all to understand what I am saying.

I may be a babbling baboon writing this nonsense but to those who can understand I tell you again there is nothing at the other side of the rainbow.

I am the foolish one.

So sing along with me….”why are there so many songs about rainbows…..the lovers, the dreamers and me”

My Heart

My heart.....
by Paul Diaz

The ideas in my head i try to visualize and illustrate.
But my hands start painting things my brain does not dictate.
I close my eyes and let my hands freely do the art.
In the end it was a portrait of the person in my heart.

I try to sing a song out loud but a voice keeps interrupting.
It keeps messing up my song so i shut up and start listening
The voice was singing a song about you, so soft and mesmerizing.
So close the voice was to was my heart that was singing.

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes...
by Paul Diaz

The Day is Dull and somewhat boring
I close my eyes,the mood starts changing.
Time passess by and nothings worth doing.
I close my eyes, suddenly im smiling.
Everytime I shut my eyes you suddenly appear.
Although were far apart with my eyes closed
you are here.

I stroll alone wandering the places we have been.
Each place i stop and linger on the memories that lie within.
I can see clearly. all the happiness that we had
But reality suddenly struck me, all alone, so sad.

You are in a new place, new sites you have gone to.
No memories of me i know because im not there with you.
So i do stay away from places where i do remember our past.
With my closed were together, how i hope this feeling wont last.

The only place we have in common is when we look up high
Sunny day or a cloudy one, we still both have the sky.
Whenever i look up the sky i wish you are looking too.
For in that magical moment together its me and you.

I close my eyes...

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Maraming Salamat Po!

SEVEN DAYS - Final Chapter

Chapter 7: Seven Days

Elaine checked in at a local hotel and the following day she hired a rental and a driver to help her find Nathan’s place. For one whole day they roamed around the city looking for his place, she led the driver to the specific places and turn that she could remember them taking. By the evening she went back to the bus station, she didn’t bother go step out of the car as Martha shook her head. She went back to her hotel room frustrated.

The next day Elaine decided to try one more time so they went around again the whole city this time taking the routes they did not take yesterday. Still no luck, among all the places they went to she could not remember any of them. A trip to the bus station proved that their whole day effort was again fruitless.

On the third day she wanted to give up but something inside told her to try one more time. After two hours of searching Elaine burst into joy as she saw the old house where Nathan tricked her. She knew it was close by and she remembered clearly all the turns from there on. Excited she was as they grew nearer towards Nathan’s house. After a few minutes there it was, she quickly got out of the car and ran towards the house. Her happiness turned into grief as she saw a placard stuck on the door. “For Sale: Contact Owner” was written on the placard and Nathan’s number was written at the bottom. She tried calling his phone but it wasn’t turned on.

Elaine was so frustrated and she got back inside the car and started to cry. “Madam are you okay?” the driver asked. “Yes. Please take me back to the hotel” she said and continued sobbing. As they reached the hotel the driver looked at Elaine, “Madam don’t give up I know you will find him. Can you give me his name so I can ask around just in case?” the driver offered. Elaine smiled at him, “His name is Nathan Garcia. Thank you very much” she said and got out of the car.

The fourth morning came and Elaine was out of ideas anymore. She spent all night praying that she could find him. She did not discount the possibility that he might be gone forever. Elaine got up from bed but she felt so weak, she has skipped several meals already. She wanted to go out and find him but her body would not allow her to.

She called up room service and ordered some food to replenish her energy. The food that she ate did not do much for she still was weak. She tried calling up his mobile phone several times but still it was off. As evening approached another day was wasted and tears started to gather once again in her eyes. She goes out into the room balcony and looks at the sky and calls out his name.

The seventh day arrived and Elaine checked out of the hotel. She headed to the bus station and purchased her ticket back home. Her scheduled bus has not arrived yet so she had to wait along with the other passengers. Elaine decided to go to bid Martha goodbye as she waited for her ride home to arrive.

“Good day madam! Are you going home already?” Martha asked her. Elaine sat beside Martha and sighed, “I really don’t know, I have no more ideas where to find him. I have been looking for six days, I found his house but he was not there anymore” she said. “Well madam today is the seventh day, you might be lucky if you try looking for him today” Martha suggested.

Elaine sat back and just stared at the pavement. “I already have a ticket but my bus has not arrived” she told the old woman. “Maybe that is a sign for you to keep searching. Maybe fate tells you to try one more time” Martha said. Elaine smiled at her and put her hands on her face. “If it were that easy, if only he turned his phone on so I can call him up. Where in the world could he be right now?” Elaine softly uttered.

A bus was arriving and Martha looked at Elaine who had her head bowed down. “Madam what number is your bus?” she asked. “107 I think” she said lifelessly. “Well it just arrived, I guess you will be going now” the old lady told her. Elaine did not respond and maintained her position.

The bus docked right in front of them and passengers inside were already standing. As the passengers went out the bus door Martha saw someone familiar. The old woman’s eye filled with tears of joy as she waived to the man. Nathan nodded at her and smiled, Martha quickly pointed at the woman beside her and he looked. Nathan was surprised to see Elaine whose head was still bowed down.

He signaled Martha to keep silent as he went around and stood at Elaine’s back. Martha could not stop giggling but she kept calm and acted normal. “Madam your bus is waiting for you” the old lady said. Elaine slowly looked at the bus and felt lifeless, she stood up and dragged her bag but someone was holding it back. “Will you let go of my bag!!!” she shouted and turned around. “Let go I said or…” and she stopped as she recognized the man who was holding on to her bag.

“Or what?” Nathan asked her and Elaine let go of her bag and jumped towards him. She wrapped her arms around him so tight and all he could do was do the same. Elaine started crying again and said “Where the hell did you go I have been looking for you?”

“That’s funny I went to look for you and they told me that you resigned from work” he told her and they both stared at each other’s eyes smiling. “You went to look for me?” she asked him. Nathan wiped the tears in her eyes and said “Yes I did, I even went to your apartment and they said you left” he replied. Elaine leaned her head on his chest as they kept hugging each other as people where starting to look at them.

“And there is something else that I found out” he suddenly said. Elaine looked at him and asked “what did you find out?”

“Well I found out that I can do this already”

Nathan kissed Elaine on the lips.

SEVEN DAYS - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Moving On

A week has passed and she has not seen Ronald yet nor has he called her up. After work she decided to visit the place where Ronald hangs out. She saw him there with his drinking buddies and Ronald was surprised to see her. “Hi, where are you going?” he asked her. Elaine was quite frustrated with his greeting, she expected him to be more excited but she let it go. “I came here to see you. You want to have dinner? My treat” she offered him. Ronald did not refuse the offer; it has been that way ever since with the two of them.

While they were having dinner Ronald noticed Elaine’s new blouse. “Hey Tina has a blouse just like that you know” he said. Elaine looked at him and wanted to say that the blouse was Tina’s birthday gift to her. “Really? How did you know she had something like this?” Ronald twitched and said “Well when I went to visit your office to check on you she was wearing something like that” he replied. Elaine became suspicious since at the office they were not allowed to wear casual clothes. They were provided uniforms; she managed to change into casual attire before she met with Ronald. “I see. So you went to the office to check if I was there?” she asked him. Ronald nodded as his mouth was full of food.

The parted after dinner since Ronald had an exam the following day. Back at her apartment Elaine was getting the feeling that Ronald and Tina were seeing each other but she shrugged away the thought since Tina was her best friend. She just slept it out and tried to forget about it.

Another week has passed, it was a Saturday and Ronald came to Elaine’s apartment. They spent the whole day watching movies on DVD. “Ron, can you go to the grocery and buy some things. I want to cook something for you tonight” Elaine told him. Ronald was excited since it was about food, “Sure, write it down so I won’t forget, but I don’t have money” he said. “It’s okay I will pay for it” she said and started to write things down on a piece of paper.

Ronald rushed out and headed for the grocery. Elaine knew it would take more than an hour before he could return so she decided to start another video. As she was about to sit on the sofa she saw Ronald’s mobile phone. She sat down and browsed the contents of his mobile phone and once she opened the message inbox she was surprised to see messages from Tina. She read all the messages and anger was written all over her face.

She was so mad that she wanted to crush the mobile phone but she decided to check out if the two were really having a relationship behind her back. She started to write a text message, she pretended to be Ronald.

“Tina, can I come over to your place tonight?” her message said and she sent it at once.

After a minute of waiting a reply arrived and she read it immediately.

“What? You just left this morning. Do you miss me that badly already?” Tina said in her reply. Elaine was furious, she wanted to call Tina already but she kept her cool and played along.

“Yeah. I miss you badly” Elaine said in her next message.

“Come over then. I thought you were going to Elaine’s place today?” read the message of Tina.

“Okay I’m coming over. Wait for me” was all Elaine could say and she quickly hurled Ronald’s mobile phone on the wall. She was losing control of her mind, she tossed all the things she could see in front of her. She smashed the flower vase on her television. She went to her room and ripped the blouse Tina gave her and all her pictures with Ronald and Tina she burned in thrash can.

An hour later she was knocking on Tina’s apartment door. Tina opened the door and was surprised to see Elaine. “Elaine what a surprise! Hey are you going for a vacation again? What’s with the big travelling bag?” Tina asked.

Elaine managed to fake a smile and said “I just wanted to say two things to you. First I will be leaving again…a longer vacation this time. Don’t worry I will call the office myself and tell them about it.” Tina’s face saddened but managed to ask Elaine “Well what’s the second thing you have to tell me?”

Elaine slapped Tina on the face with all her might. Tina was so surprised and moved back. Elaine took some things out of her bag and handed it to Tina. “Here is the phone of Ronald; you can give it back to him when you see him. Here is the birthday present you gave me, sorry I shredded it but I heard you just had one like this” Elaine told her while keeping calm. Tina took the phone and the shredded blouse and started to cry. “Elaine please forgive me I didn’t mean to hurt…” Tina began to say but another slap on her other cheek from Elaine sent her kneeling on the ground.

“I don’t want to see you or talk to you again. You can tell that bastard to do the same.” Elaine said and left Tina’s apartment. She booked a room at a hotel since she still had to go to work the next day. Even though she just experienced something heart breaking she didn’t feel that sad anymore. She was fed up with Ronald and it was about time they had ended their relationship. She thought about Nathan and she remembered the piece of paper with his phone number. She tried calling his phone but it was not on. She decided to resign from work and move to Baguio city and hoped that she would be together with him again.

The following day Elaine was busy filing her clearances and resignation. At the end of the day she got on a bus and headed to Baguio City. As soon as she arrived there she was expecting to see Nathan at the station doing his routine package claiming but he was not there.

Elaine saw Martha and the old lady was surprised to see her. “Hello Martha, sorry last time I didn’t say goodbye. Have you seen Nathan around lately?” Martha stood up and offered her a sit. “Madam I have not seen sir Nathan the whole week” she revealed.

Elaine was kind of sad to hear that. “Maybe I should go and visit his place then but I don’t know the exact address” she told the old lady. “Madam the day you left he was here until the evening waiting for you to return. He came the following day waiting for you, wishing you might come back. From morning till evening he was sitting with me telling stories about his life. I enjoyed his company for he helped me out the whole week” Martha told her. Elaine was moved and said “He came and stayed here for a week waiting for me?” she asked.

Martha nodded and bowed her head “Last time he was here he said something about moving on. I did not quite hear what he was saying because there was a customer. The next thing I know he was gone, that was last week” she revealed. Elaine felt lifeless and confused and her mind trying to understand what he meant by moving on.

“I tried to call him up but his phone is turned off. I know his place but I don’t know the address. How am I going to find him now?” Elaine said bowed her head. “Although he did not say why he was here I knew he was waiting for you to return. Did he give up and move on as he said? I don’t know the answer to that. All I can say is that I could feel he really loves you” And Elaine started to cry once again.

“Madam, maybe he gave himself one week, that one week he waited. I know it’s foolish of him waiting but at least he tried to wait. In the end he probably gave up and moved on already thinking that you were back in your hubby’s arms” Martha added.

“But I’m not…and now he is gone. Why did he move on without me?” Elaine said while sobbing. Martha could not say anything more to comfort her so she just patted her back.

In a residential area within the city Nathan was watching a lady and her young child playing in the park. The woman notices him from afar and was surprised so she carried her child and walked towards the Nathan. “Nathan! What are you doing here?” she asked him. Nathan just looked at the child in her arms and he reached out and touched the little boy’s hand. “Hello Arlene, long time no see. He has your eyes you know” he said.

“I have not seen you for a long time, how are you?” Arlene asked him. Nathan looked at her and let go of the child’s hand, “Do you really want to know?” he said and Arlene was speechless. “You just left me without saying a word” he added.

“Walk with me lets talk” Arlene said and they walked towards a bench and she sat down. Nathan sat down beside her and the child reached out to Nathan. “He wants you to hold him” she said. Nathan took hold of the baby and the little child laughed. Nathan smiled and asked “What’s his name?”

“I named him after you, his name is Nathan” Arlene answered and Nathan started tickling baby Nathan. “Every Saturday you come here in this park, you and him and baby Nathan” he told her. Arlene was surprised that he knew that. “How did you know?” she asked. “I come here too every Saturday but I just stay far away, just enough to see you” he said.

“I know you hate me for what I did to you” she said softly. Nathan looked at her “The funny thing is I never did, instead I hated myself since I thought maybe it was because of me that you left” he told her. Arlene bowed her head and tears started to fall down her face. “It wasn’t you, it was me. Please don’t hate me Nathan.”

“If it wasn’t me then what?” he asked her and Arlene looked at Nathan then she looked at the baby. Nathan looked at the baby and he understood what she was trying to say. He was so angry at that moment but as he looked at the child in his arms he was quickly tamed. “So it’s about this baby” he said and he looked at the baby. “I am going to tell you this now since you cannot understand what I’m saying, I have to get this off my chest. You made my life miserable. I love your mother so much and don’t forget that. We both have the same name so I do hope you won’t feel the kind of pain that I went through when you grow up” he said and he took a deep breath and hugged the baby. “I could have been you father you know” he softly whispered in the child’s ear.

Arlene cried hearing those words from Nathan and all she could do was bow her head in shame. “Nathan I am so sorry, it just happened, I was scared to tell you but ...” she said but Nathan interrupted her. “I don’t want to hear the details, I have gone through enough. I am happy to know it was not me. Just promise me to raise little Nathan well. He then passes the baby to her and stands up.

“You know what ever since you left I have been in pain and misery, 10 months to be exact. I met this girl, and being with her for just seven days took away the pain I was feeling. Too bad she had someone in her heart that time so I didn’t want to mess up their relationship. Even if she did not have someone I could not l totally fall in love with her since our relationship still didn’t have closure. Now I can move on.” He said and smiled at her.

The baby started to cry and was trying to reach out to Nathan. “Where are you going now?” she asked Nathan and she patted the baby but still baby Nathan kept crying. “I don’t know yet but I feel free to do whatever I want to know” he replied. The baby’s cry was getting louder and louder and Nathan held him again in his arms and the crying stopped.

“Arlene are you sure I’m not the father of this baby? Just kidding!“ Nathan joked as he started to make the baby laugh. Everytime Nathan would return the baby to his mother it would start to cry so he had no choice but to wait until the baby fell asleep.

Once the baby was asleep Nathan gently handed him over to Arlene. “I have to go now” he whispered in her ear. Arlene looked at Nathan and asked “Where are you going now?” Nathan looked at her and smiled “I am going to find her and tell her how I truly feel, if I am too late then its alright, I will just move on again” he softly whispered. Arlene pouted and looked at her baby. Nathan stooped down and kissed the baby on his forehead and he kissed Arlene her cheek. “Its okay I forgive you. You will always have a special place in my heart, but this time you will be sharing it with baby Nathan” he said and walked away.

SEVEN DAYS - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: One Sign

The next day they travelled back to Nathan’s house. The sudden change in weather made Elaine sick once again so she stayed in bed the whole day. Nathan went out to take care of some business so Elaine was left alone.

Still waiting for him to come back she felt lonely and bored. She remembered her mobile phone which she has not used for a long time. Elaine turned her mobile phone on and waited for messages to arrive. Not a single message was received so she scrolled over her phone book and Ronald’s name popped on screen. She wanted to call him and check how he was but she hesitated and dialed Tina’s number instead.

“Hello” she said.

“Elaine! My goodness how are you?! I have been trying to call several times but your phone is off!” Tina said on the other line.

“I’m fine; actually I just have a slight cold right now. Have you heard from him?” Elaine asks.

“Yes he actually came here several times looking for you. So you are coming back tomorrow right?” Tina said.

“Yes I am” Elaine said in a sad voice. “Well you must since the next day is your birthday and I already have a present for you but I’m not telling you what it is” Tina added.

“So how’s work? Are they looking for me?” Elaine inquired.

“Everything is fine here, you sound sad. You miss him don’t you?” Tina suddenly said. Elaine did not respond to her question but just sighed. “I have to go; I will call you tomorrow when I get on the bus. Don’t tell him I called you up please” Elaine pleaded. Tina laughed and said “okay don’t worry it’s our secret. He will be surprised when you come back you know. Okay tomorrow then. Bye” and she hung up.

Elaine’s mind was struggling, she misses Ronald but likewise she has grown feelings for Nathan already. Tomorrow will be her last day with Nathan but deep inside she wanted to stay a little bit more. She prayed and asked for one sign and one reason for her to decide to stay but that evening there was none.

Morning came and Elaine was so sad, Nathan tried to cheer her up still she felt lifeless. They sat in the living room after breakfast and she just stared blankly at the fireplace. “What do you think, should I take the evening bus so I can arrive there in the morning? Or the early morning bus and I shall arrive there in the afternoon?” Elaine asked Nathan. He sat beside her and turned on the television. “It’s up to you, you can take the evening bus and sleep or take the early morning bus and enjoy the scenery” he said.

Elaine did not like his answer; she was expecting him to tell her to stay. “You should call him up and tell him to pick you up at the bus station” he suddenly said. Elaine looked at Nathan and she was angry for bringing that subject up again. “Yeah maybe I should call him so he can pick me up” she replied sarcastically. Nathan smiled at her and teased her “See, you do miss him don’t you. I know you have forgiven him already”

Elaine was really angry and tried to make him jealous. “I gave it some thought and I have forgiven him. I do miss him a lot already” She observed his face but he had no reaction to what she said. “Okay then let me leave you again today so you can call him up. You might need some privacy. There is food in kitchen in case you are hungry. Let me leave you my number so you can call me in case when you decide to go. I will be back in the evening” Nathan said and he walked towards the door leaving a note in the table with his number.

Elaine didn’t bother to take a look at it; she ran upstairs and locked herself in the room. Her last day with him was a total mess, something she did not expect. Minutes later she felt lonely and started to get bored. She explored the house trying to find clues on Nathan’s past but there was nothing to be found. All she found were his clothes and computer which had a password, so she could not use it. She saw the note he left her and wanted to call him but she decided not to in order to show her anger.

She skipped lunch and watched television the whole day. She didn’t know why but tears started falling down her cheeks. She did not want it to end this way, she was expecting something more but she messed it up. She was expecting a sign from him but he never gave one. Her tears never stopped so she decided to sleep.

Elaine woke up smelling something good; she got up and saw Nathan cooking in the kitchen. She went to sit down in front of the dining table and just stared at him. “Hello Elaine, slept well?” he asked her but she looked away and did not respond. “I know you are hungry, you skipped lunch. I told you there was food but you didn’t reheat it” he added.

“I wasn’t hungry” she said. Nathan served dinner but Elaine didn’t bother looking at it. She just sat down and stared at the wall and pouted. “Please wait a little bit more, you can start eating if you are hungry. But please wait for one more dish I prepared” he said. “I don’t want to eat” she said.

Nathan went in the back of the house and Elaine looked at the food in front of her. Suddenly the lights went off and the room was engulfed in total darkness. Elaine screamed in fright and called out for his name.

“Nathan! Where are you!?” she shouted. She held on tight to her chair for she could not see anything.

“Elaine someone is beside you, I can see it clearly” she heard the voice of Nathan say. She let out a loud shriek and she fell to floor. “Nathan! Please I am scared!” she pleaded.

Suddenly she saw a little flame from a lighter and saw Nathan’s face. Nathan lit a candle and placed in on the table. The room brightened a bit and Elaine got back on her chair. Nathan lit another candle and told her to wait. As he came back Elaine saw him holding something with little candles on it.

“Happy Birthday Elaine!” he said.

As he came closer to the table she saw the cake in his hands. Elaine was surprised and was quite moved and tears again filled her eyes.

“I know tomorrow is your birthday but since you are leaving later let’s celebrate it together now” he said as he laid the cake in front of her. She was speechless and she could not hold back the tears from falling down her cheeks. “Come on make one wish and blow the candles” he said. Her mouth was trembling as she bowed her head and wiped the tears in her eyes.

She took a deep breath and looked at him for a while. “I wish tonight you be honest with me” and she quickly blew the candles. Nathan scratched his head and went to sit across her. “So are you now going to turn back on the lights yet?” Elaine asked him. Nathan looked at her and said “Tonight I cannot lie to you” and Elaine looked at him curiously. “What do you mean?” she asked him.

“You wished that I be honest with you tonight so I cannot tell lies” he explained. Elaine smiled and nodded. “Still I don’t see the connection of your answer with the lights you know” she said. Nathan took a deep breath and looked at her.

“It’s supposed to be a candle light dinner for me and you” he whispered softly. Elaine was touched in his motives but she started to giggle. “You cannot tell lies, okay then. Would you like to seat close to me?” she asked him and tried to hide her laughter. Nathan kept his head bowed and stood up; he brought his plate and sat closer to her. She burst in laughter and Nathan started to laugh with her.

Elaine enjoyed the food and her privilege so she got to know more about Nathan as they ate dinner. After dinner Nathan lit the fireplace and they sat on the couch watching it.

“This morning I prayed and asked for a sign. A sign to tell me if I should go or I should stay. Still I am undecided” Elaine told Nathan. “Should I take the late bus or the early morning bus?” she asked him again. Nathan moved closer to Elaine and he suddenly placed his arm across her shoulders. Elaine looked at him and he stared back into her eyes. “Tomorrow can wait” she whispered to him and he smiled at her. She leaned at his chest and he held her tightly.

Elaine opened her eyes and looked at her watch; it was already five in the morning. Nathan’s arms were still around; they had fallen asleep on the sofa. She wanted to stay that way a little bit longer but she had to go. She woke up Nathan who accompanied her to the room and pack. As soon as everything was set she changed clothes and stepped out the door. Nathan just sat on the bed looking at her bag.

“Today is your birthday so I still cannot tell lies” he suddenly said. Elaine stood by the room door and looked at him as he bowed his head. She went in front of him and played with his hair. He stood up and pulled her close to his body and wrapped his arms around her waist and he looked at her. “I cannot tell lies” he uttered and Elaine looked at him.

He bowed his head and repeated those words over and over as she saw his lips trembling. She was about to say something to cheer him up but he suddenly leaned his forehead against hers. Their noses touched each other and their lips were just centimeters away from feeling each other. He took a deep breath and he softly said “Take care of yourself” and Elaine wrapped her arms around his head. “Do you want me to stay?” she asked him.

“I cannot tell you lies, I cannot say no. I do not want to be selfish to say yes. I know how much it would hurt him and I do not want to be that reason” Nathan answered.

“In the past seven days with you I really enjoyed. I think…I know I have…” Elaine was about to say but Nathan interrupted.

“You and him have one year between you, we only have seven days so you cannot just compare the two situations. Don’t put your one year with him to waste. Our seven days together can just be a cherished memory…I did enjoy every moment of it…thank you” he said and he closed his eyes and a single tear managed to flow down his cheek.

“Nathan why are you saying those things? You are hurting my feelings” she said and she started to cry. More tears started flowing down Nathan’s face and he hugged her tightly. “I have to say those things to prepare myself for the harsh reality that you will be leaving. I know I am going to be hurt when you leave, and whenever I remember you the more it will hurt me. So I have to say these things now so that I know where I truly stand…” he stopped as he gasped for air.

Elaine placed her hands on his face and he lifted up his head to face her. “Seven days might not compare to one year but in the past seven days you have been more than he ever was. Nathan I…” she said but was again interrupted.

“Please don’t say it” he begged her. Elaine wiped his tears and drew his face closer to hers. She was about to kiss him on the lips but he begged off. He turned around and took her bag and walked out of the room.

They both arrive at the bus station and acted as if they did not know each other. She boarded the bus and he walked towards Martha’s stall. “Martha may I seat beside you?” he said to the old woman. Martha stood up and placed her hand on his shoulder “Yes sir, please sit down, it’s a little bit dusty but here take my sit” she offered. “No here is fine” he answered and sat on the dusty pavement.

The bus started to move and Elaine stood up and looked at Nathan. He saw him being comforted by Martha, she sat back down and she again started to cry. Nathan’s tears dropped on the pavement as the bus started to move away. “Yours tears tell me that you have fallen in love with her” Martha said as she offered her hanky to Nathan. He begged off and wiped his own tears with his hands; he took a deep breath and looked at her. “How come it’s this painful even though it has been only a week?” he asked her. “Once you have fallen it does not matter how long or how short the time was. It only means that in one week you did truly fall in love with her. Cheer up now sir I know you two will meet again someday” she said and smiled at him.

Elaine checked her phone for messages. There was only one missed call and it came from Tina. She decided to call Tina and told her she was on the way. She told Tina not to tell Ronald that she was coming home.

Elaine arrived at her apartment after lunch. The place was the same as she left it; Ronald did not even bother to fix it up. She took a light snack and went to her bedroom took a nap. As she woke up the nap took longer that she had planned, it was already eight in the evening. She checked her mobile phone and still there were no messages so she went down to prepare dinner. After dinner she sat in front of the television and kept checking her mobile phone.

It was 11:59 already and she did a countdown to end her birthday. As soon as her watch read 12:00 she turned off her mobile phone. Ronald once again forgot her birthday, this was the sign she was waiting for. A sign that could have made her stay with Nathan, but it came too late.

SEVEN DAYS - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Falling

The following morning Nathan was knocking at Elaine’s room. She got up and looked at the time and it was only 6 in the morning. She put on the robe and opened the door. Nathan quickly went inside and said “Pack your things, you are leaving!” and Elaine was shocked to hear him say that. He went for her bag and placed it on the bed. “Come on get dressed in the bathroom I will wait for you, you have to leave now” he said. Elaine was so confused and she did not know what to do. She took some clothes and headed to the bathroom and changed. As she stepped out Nathan carried her bag and went downstairs, she followed him and he went directly for the door.

“Nathan wait! What is happening?” she asked. “No time to explain, you have to leave now!” he shouts at her and he goes out the door. Elaine follows him and closes the door; Nathan quickly opens the trunk of his car and places her bag. “What are you standing there for? Quickly get in now” he said. Elaine was so scared seeing him that way; she could not do anything but follow orders.

The car starts to move and Elaine is looking at Nathan terrified. “Why Nathan? Why all of a sudden?” she asks him. “I can’t explain I’m sorry you have to go” he said and Elaine sits back and pouts. She does not understand what was happening. Everything went well after dinner last night she thought to herself, she does not know why this is happening so early in the morning.

“Wake me up when we get to the station” she told him and she closed her eyes and tried to sleep it out since she said to herself maybe this was just a bad dream.

Elaine felt warm and she heard the car door close so she opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was the car digital clock, it read 7:15 am and so she quickly looked forward. She could not believe what she was seeing, the sand and the water, it was a beach. She quickly went out of the car excited and she saw Nathan at the back of the car taking out two bags. She ran towards him and jumped into his arms.

“I can’t believe it you took me to the beach!!!” she said. “Am I dreaming? This is really the beach but I thought you were sending me home?” she asked him. Nathan smiled and closed the trunk door. “Well I wanted to surprise you so I had to pretend that I was letting you leave. It had to be that way so you could bring your clothes along you know” he said.

Elaine was so excited, “I want to go to the beach now, can we?” she asked. “Come with me then let’s get a cottage” he told her. “Cottage? We are staying here?” she asks. Nathan nodded and Elaine once again hugged him as they walked towards the office are of the resort.

They reach the front desk and Nathan quickly inquires. “Excuse me do you have a cottage with two separate rooms?” he asks. The receptionist checks her computer and shook her head. “I’m sorry sir the only cottage available is a single bedroom, queen size bed” and Nathan takes a deep breath.

“It’s okay I don’t mind, we will take it” Elaine tells the receptionist. Nathan looks at her and asks the receptionist “Does that cottage have a living room with a couch?”

“It does have a living room but the couch sir is made from bamboo” the receptionist states. “That will be fine with me, we will take it” he says and the receptionist presents him a form. “How many days will you be staying sir?” she asks.

Nathan looks at Elaine once again and she shrugged her shoulders. “Two days?” she asks Elaine and she nods her head. “Two day then” he tells the receptionist. After all forms were filled up Nathan was handed the key and they proceeded to their cottage.

As they enter their cottage, it was warm inside. Nathan quickly tested the sofa made of bamboo and laid down. Elaine noticed him and she went near him. “We can share the bed you know, I really don’t mind” she said. Nathan looked at her and smiled, “I will be fine here, it’s therapeutic” he replied.

Elaine went to the room and shut the door, Nathan toyed with the air conditioner settings and after a moment Elaine came out.

“How do I look?” she says. Nathan looks at her and saw her in a skimpy red bikini. He faced the air conditioner and said “It’s getting so hot in here; this thing is even on full mode.” Elaine giggled and playfully went near him. “Why don’t you get changed so we can go to the beach now” she told him.

Nathan quickly dragged his bag and went into the bathroom and change. Moments later they head on towards the beach, Elaine quickly runs towards the water and calls out Nathan who sat along the sand.

“Nathan come quick the water is warm!” she yells but Nathan just waives his hand and watches her. She runs towards him and pulls his hand. “Come on what are you waiting for? Youre not going to let me swim alone are you?” she asks him. Nathan stands up and walks along “Well if you went to your vacation spot alone then you would be swimming alone too wouldn’t you?” he asked. Elaine looks at him and pouts. “I guess you’re right. But now is different, I’m with you so come on lets go” she playfully says and drags him to the water.

They play in the water for an hour then go under the shade of a coconut tree. Elaine sits back on the trunk of the tree and wipes her hair with a towel. “You know what if ever I went alone to a beach I think I would not even enjoy it” she said. Nathan laughed and said “Well that’s what happens if you do rash things out of anger.”

“He is a total jerk that’s why” she suddenly opens up. Nathan sits beside her and shakes off the water in his hair. “Well that’s part of a relationship you know, help him grow out of it. Tell him what you feel so he can improve” he suggested. Elaine looks at him and says “What if he keeps on doing it?” she asked.

“Well it takes time for someone to change, but eventually they will so have patience and understand him if you love him” he adds. “What if he does not change?” Elaine asked further. Nathan took a deep breath and looked at her “Then I will be waiting” he said.

Elaine was surprised and her heart began to beat faster. She looked at him and asked “you will be waiting?” Nathan laughed and said “Yes, I will be waiting for your call to tell me what happened. So be sure to call me when you break up with him” and he kept on laughing.

Elaine pinched him on the side and playfully hit him on the arm. “You always do that, you always play tricks on me” she said in anger. She did not stop pounding his arm as he kept laughing and laughing at her. Elaine stopped and pouted then turned away from him. “You always keep cracking jokes like that, I don’t like them at all” she angrily said.

Nathan leaned against her back and played with the sand. “I will be waiting for that call of yours, for I know that time you will be very sad. So that time when you call I will be waiting to cheer you up” he whispered.

Elaine’s heart pounded once again and she felt so happy. She leaned her head against his back and enjoyed the moment being with him. “I will call you right away” she likewise whispered.

They ate lunch along a seaside restaurant and went for a walk after. The roamed along the seashore telling stories with one another and they seemed tireless. As the sky grew darker they walked back towards the resort both tired and exhausted. A quick dinner at the same seaside restaurant gave back some lost energy in which Elaine decided to go for a night swim. The beach was dark so they had to settle for the pool near their cottage.

Both of them were the only people in the pool, the just floated along the water wasting time. Elaine had many things on her mind, she was thinking about Ronald and at the same time the man with him that time. “Hey Nathan, I only have three more days in my vacation, tomorrow will be spent here, so where do you plan to take on the last two days?” she asked. Nathan opened his eyes and looked at her. “I really don’t know, there are still many places that you have not been to” he answered.

“I know your planning another surprise right? So tell me now” she says. Nathan just smiles and remains silent. Elaine sees him smiling and scheming something so she was curious and drags him down under the water. As he emerges she was laughing. “I know you are planning something again, tell me now” she insisted. “I don’t have anything planned I promise you” he replied and she dragged him down again. Nathan grabbed on to her body and he submerged her too, as their heads come up they both gasp for air.

Their bodies were close to each other, his arms were around her, and their faces were so close to each other and she began to blush. “Tell me now” she softly says. Nathan lets go and moves away from her, he steps out of the pool and she follows him. Nathan grabs his towel and hands him hers, they walk towards their cottage they both enter.

Elaine enters the room as Nathan sits on the wooden sofa, “We can share the bed, I really don’t mind” she says. Nathan towels off and smiles at her. “Don’t worry I’m alright here thank you” he replied. Elaine was about to close the door but managed to ask him “Tell me what your plans are” she says and Nathan lies down and closes his eyes.

“Tomorrow can wait” he softly says and she closes her door.

Elaine woke up and immediately gets up and checks on Nathan. As she opened her door he was not in the living room, she looked at her watch and it was only five in the morning. Nathan was nowhere to be found inside the cottage so Elaine quickly got dressed and headed out to find him. She went to the reception area and asked if ever there was a message left for her but there was none. She did not know where else to find him so she just decided to go for a walk along the beach.

As she was walking she saw Nathan lying down on the sand so she quickly ran towards him. She was about to get mad but she quickly saw the fresh fruits scattered on top of a picnic blanket beside him. “Oh you found me, I guess you read my note” he said to her. “What note?” she asked him. Nathan looked at her and said “the note I left on the table near the wooden sofa” he answered. “I didn’t see it, where did you get these fruits?” she asked.

“Sit down, come on. These are fresh fruits, I thought you might like them so went to buy them” he said. She sat down near him and picked up a ripe mango. “Why did you bring it here and not in the cottage?” she asked him. “Any minute now you will see why” he told her and she began peeling the mango. A few minutes later the surrounding became brighter, the sun was peeping beneath the clouds. “There it is” Nathan tells her and Elaine was speechless with the marvelous spectacle happening before her eyes. Towards the east the sun was about to reveal itself and make their brighter.

“It’s beautiful, it’s my first time to see the sun rise” she said with glee. A few minutes more and the sun was totally out and the water began to sparkle. The sound of the gentle waves and the cool breeze made the experience more memorable. As she looked at Nathan he handed her the plate of peeled and sliced assorted fruits. “You made this? I thought you were watching the sun too?” she asked. “I have seen the sun rise too many times already. Here come on eat it” he said. Elaine started to eat the fruits and enjoyed their sweetness.

“It’s really my first time seeing the sun rise, I did not know it was this beautiful” she said. “Don’t tell me it’s your first time at the beach as well” Nathan joked. Elaine laughed and responded. “No I mean, when he and I usually go to the beach we don’t do this stuff, it’s just all about the water” she revealed. “Well every time I go to a new place I see to it that there is always a lasting memory that stays on my mind forever” he told her.

Elaine looked at him and asked “Like this moment?” Nathan shook his head. “What kind of memory then?” she inquired. Nathan lied down on the sand and looked up at the sky and smiled. “I don’t know yet, but definitely there will be one.”

Elaine finished off the fruits in her plate and thought of what he said. “For me I will never forget this sun rise. I will never forget how you surprised me, bringing me here. The nature walk we had, how I wished the flower you gave didn’t have to rot though.” Elaine said.

“But you can’t tell him any of those memories. The memories you mentioned you just have to keep to yourself or it would cause problems” Nathan suddenly said. Elaine momentarily pondered on what he said and indeed she cannot tell anyone about her vacation. “So you have two more days to make a memory which you can tell him, and for that reason you have to find one good memorable moment, one without me” he said as he smiled at her.

“So you mean you are going to leave for two days?” she softly says. Nathan laughs and looks at her “Leave you? How can I do that? Of course I would never leave you” he exclaims. “So how am I going to make that one memorable moment alone then if I am with you?” she asks him. Nathan’s face turned serious and he looked towards the water. “I’ve also asked myself that question many times and I still don’t know the answer. When you find out tell me so I can make one for myself” he softly says and Elaine could feel the seriousness in his voice. This is the first time he ever opened up his hidden feelings, she knew deep inside he was hurting.

They spent the whole morning and afternoon on the beach where Elaine really enjoyed herself. As the day was about to end Nathan was waiting along the shore holding her towel. Elaine ran towards him and took the towel. Nathan suddenly placed his hands on her shoulders and she felt her heart beat fast once again. He slowly turned her around and she saw the final seconds of the sparkling water and the sun was starting to hide itself. A few more seconds and it was totally gone and turned and looked at him. “Thank you it was another first for me” she told him. Nathan was not looking at her; his eyes were still affixed on where the sun hid itself. “The sun set shows you that everything has an ending” he softly says and looks at her. “Come on lets go have dinner”

After dinner they spend time in the cottage room telling stories to each other. They forgot all about the time but Nathan noticed Elaine was already tired and sleepy. “I can see you are sleepy so let’s stop here and continue some other time” he said and stood up. Elaine held his hand and he turned to face her. “Sleep beside me tonight” she tells him. Nathan smiled and shook his head, “I’m fine, you just sleep okay?” he told her.

“Please just tonight” she pleads and he takes a deep breath. Nathan sits down on the edge of the bed as Elaine moved herself towards the other end. He lied down beside her and faced the ceiling. Elaine turned and faced him. Nathan closed his eyes and Elaine did the same and the room became silent.

“Nathan” Elaine whispers. “Yeah what is it?” he replied without opening his eyes. “Why are you so nice to me?” she asked in a soft voice. Nathan did not move but took a deep breath. “Why should I not be nice to you?” he answered.

“I asked you first” she said to him. Nathan smiled and took another deep breath. “Well first I took you in so you are considered my guest and I have to take care of you” he answered.

“So I am just a guest to you?” she asked him. Nathan did not bother replying since he did not know what to say. “Stop being nice to me” she further said. “Why?” he asked her.

“Stop being nice to me or else I might…” she stopped and Nathan turned at looked her. “Did you ever ask yourself why I am being nice to you?” he asked her. “I did” she answered. “So what answer did you arrive at?” he asked. Elaine blushed and smiled and did not answer.

Nathan closed his eyes and Elaine moved closer to him. “What if the answer on my mind is wrong?” she softly asked. He opened his eyes and stared at her, their face so close to each other. “What if you are correct? What if I truly am…” he stopped and smiled at her. Elaine’s heart was beating rapidly once again and she was really slowly falling in love with him. She stared at him and moved her face closer and their lips were about to touch. Nathan opened his eyes and they stared at each other, he quickly shifted position and faced the ceiling once again.

Elaine felt so embarrassed; she quickly turned around and faced the opposite direction. Her face was warming up and she felt so low at the moment. She felt Nathan move and he placed his arm on her stomach. “Is it okay if I put my arm here?” he asked her. Elaine’s was beating rapidly once again; she could not speak for she was so happy. “I guess not” he said and removed his arm but Elaine quickly held it and placed it back. She moved backwards so she could lean against his body, she didn’t let go of his hand. “Goodnight Elaine” were the final words she heard before she closed her eyes.

SEVEN DAYS - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: True Intentions

Morning came and Nathan went out early to go to the grocery. As he came back he saw Elaine sleeping along the stairs. He dropped everything he was holding and rushed towards her. “Elaine! Wake up! What happened to you?” he said as he held her in his arms. She slowly opens her eyes and tries to get up.

“I woke up not feeling well, my body aches. I feel hot, I think I have a fever” she softly said as she shook her head. “I called for you but you were not responding so I came down but I was too weak so I just decided to wait over here” she added. Nathan lifted her up and said “Okay I’m here now, come on I will take you back to the room.”

Elaine shook her head like a child and said “No, I want to stay in the living room, I don’t want to be alone in the room.” Nathan carried her and brought her to the sofa. “Okay then you stay here and I will cook you breakfast” he said. Elaine looked at Nathan and started to laugh. He looked at her and wondered why she suddenly laughed.

“You can cook? You really make me laugh all the time” she said. Nathan looked serious and raised his left eyebrow. “So you don’t believe me, fine then let me show you” he said and went to the kitchen. Elaine kept laughing and sat back at the sofa and turned on the television. After a while she smelled something good so she tried to stand up and immediately walked towards the kitchen. She saw Nathan cooking up something and she could not believe that he was actually cooking.

She sat in front of the dining table and watched him. After a few minutes he was serving her breakfast. Elaine was quite delighted seeing the French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon in front of her, she at once took a piece of bacon and munched on it. Nathan sat across her and started to eat. “I told you I can cook” he boasted. Elaine acted not convinced and said “Well even elementary students can cook this you know, it’s so simple” and Nathan just smirked and she laughed.

While they were eating the phone suddenly rang and Nathan quickly ran to get the wireless phone. He walked back towards the dining table and handed the phone to Elaine. “It’s for you” he said.

Elaine was surprised and she slowly placed the phone on her ear. “Hello?” she said. Nathan got back in his seat and continued eating. Elaine was just looking at him while she was talking on the phone.

“Madam we already have a room for you ready. We need your confirmation if you still want it and we need you credit card details for the reservation” the other man on the line said.

Elaine was silent, she was happy to hear that a room is ready for her but on the other hand she did not want to leave. “Please give me a minute” she said.

“Hey Nathan, they said I have a room ready for me” she told him. Nathan’s mouth was full but manage to speak. “That’s good” he said. Elaine was looking for a reason for her to stay but it was as if he did not care. “Can you bring me to the hotel after eating?” she asked. Nathan looked at her and said yes. Sadness filled Elaine’s mind, she really wanted to stay a little longer. “But I still feel weak” she softly said.

“Then stay here until you get better” he said and continued eating. Even though she did not get the response she wanted from him she now had a reason.

“Sorry to keep you waiting but can you give the room to someone else. I am really sorry I cannot come over today” she told the man on the phone.

“I see, well we look forward to your stay here some other time then madam, good day” the man said and phone went busy.

Elaine put the phone down and looked at Nathan who was looking at her. “Maybe I will just rest today. Tomorrow I might be better so can you help me find a place tomorrow?” she told him. Nathan just nodded. At that moment she was confused, he was nice to her but at that moment she felt that he did not care if she stayed or she went away.

After breakfast Elaine watched television in the living while Nathan was washing the dishes. Minutes later he joined her at the living room but was busy sending text messages on his mobile phone. Elaine was kept glancing at him but every time he looked at her she would turn her eyes towards the television.

“Hey Elaine I was wondering why you don’t have your mobile phone on” he said. Elaine sighed and said “I don’t want to receive calls or messages from him.” She looked at Nathan who was still busy with his phone. “So you really are mad at him” Nathan suddenly said.

“Yeah” she replied. “You may hate him for now but you will forgive him soon” he added. Elaine closed her eyes and thought about what he said. “Maybe” she whispered.

“Maybe? Come on, he is your boyfriend; in the bottom of your heart you still love him. Love does not go away that easily.” Nathan stated. “Would you want me to talk to him and tell him your grievances so you two can patch things up when you return home?” he asked her. Elaine opened her eyes and looked at him; he was looking at her waiting for her reply.

“Why would you do that?” she asked. Nathan sighed and sat back; he put down his phone on the table and said “I believe that once you love someone you don’t simply love him for a certain reason. You love that person for who they are, and if ever they did something that you do not like then tell them so they can change. Its part of growing, so whatever he may have done to you I am sure he feels sorry and wants to change. So give him a chance to change, don’t waste the love that you have for him. I know you feel that you hate right now but deep inside you do still love him. Your feelings of anger are just clouding your feelings of love for him” he stated.

Elaine pouted and remained silent, she remembered Ronald as he was begging for forgiveness. “If you don’t forgive him and you decide to leave him, he might just end up like me” Nathan suddenly revealed. Elaine was surprised to hear him say that so she quickly replied. “End up like you?”

Nathan lit a cigarette and bowed his head. “Yeah like me…” he said and he quickly killed his cigarette. “Sorry I was so inconsiderate, you are sick and here I am making you more sick by smoking” and he started laughing.

“What do you mean end up like you?” she asked again. He stood up and walked towards the kitchen swaying his hips. “He might end up gay like me” he said and laughed loud. Elaine didn’t laugh, she noticed that it has become a habit of him making her laugh whenever he is in a tight spot. She got up and followed him into the garden where he sat and lit a cigarette.

Elaine sat in front of him and asked “What happened to you and your girlfriend?” Nathan quickly stood up and was about to walk away. “I know you’re trying to think of a funny joke again, I noticed you do that whenever I ask you serious questions” she said. Nathan looked at her and sat back down. “Let me ask you, what do you think of me?” he said and Elaine was once again surprised.

“What I think of you? Well you are a nice guy, kind and funny, a happy go lucky guy maybe” she answered. He just smiled and puffed his cigarette. “So you still don’t want to tell me what happened?” she asked. “There is nothing to tell, can’t you see I’m happy, happy go lucky as you say” he replied. Elaine just stared at him; she could not break him down to talk to her honestly. Even though he was smiling at her she could feel it was a fake smile, deep inside she now knew that he had undergone severe pain in his life, a pain that he does not want others to feel.

The rest of the day Nathan took care of her, she acted sick and succeeded. She was treated like a baby, a treatment that she never felt with Ronald. When night came she lie in bed saddened thinking that she would leave tomorrow.

Dawn has broken and she slowly packs her bags. She took an hour in the bath tub thinking whether is she should go or she should stay. She wanted to stay but was ashamed to tell him. She just thought that even though she goes to the hotel he would still tour her around.

After breakfast they headed to the car, Nathan opened the trunk and asked her where her bag was. “I left it in the room” she said as she entered the car. She was hoping that he would catch her drift. “Okay I will go and get it” and he went inside the house. Elaine shut the door and closed her eyes; it was not the reply she wanted to hear. She wanted to ask her to stay but it was too late, they were going to find a place for her.

She heard the car trunk close and looked around and saw Nathan coming in front. As he enters the car and shut the door the more she felt sad. There was no turning back now.

They went to all the hotels and found no vacancy, Elaine was happy. They decided to try again later in the afternoon so they went for a drive around the city. They went to a nearby town to pick strawberries and Elaine did enjoy each and every moment. She enjoyed Nathan stealing strawberries from her basket and acting innocent all the way.

They returned to the city and went around all hotels again, Elaine wished that there was no vacancy and happy she was to see none. They drove around the city once more and Nathan suddenly drove the car in a dark alley. He stopped the car in front of a shabby Inn. Elaine looked out the window and the place was a mess, there were nasty looking people all over the place. She was getting nervous thinking that he would let her stay in a place like that. “Wait here I wont take long” Nathan told her and she started to feel nervous. Nathan went inside the Inn and after a few minutes he went out with another person and headed towards the car. He opened the trunk and Elaine was really furious now seeing what was happening.

The car trunk closed and Nathan stepped back in the car, he looked at Elaine and was about to speak but she could not hold it any longer. “I never thought that you were this low. How could you even think of making me stay in a place like this?” she angrily said. Nathan looked surprised and said “Wait…” but Elaine was really angry.

“I want to go back to your place now! How dare you!? I really cant imagine…you are much worse than him. Take me back now!” she said. Nathan could not do anything but drive towards home.

As soon as they reached his place Elaine went out of the car and slammed the door. She ran towards the house and waited for him to open the door. As soon as the door was opened she ran towards the stairs.

“I will cook dinner” Nathan said. Elaine turned her head at him and shouted “Eat dinner yourself. I don’t want to see your face again! Don’t even talk to me anymore. Let me stay just for tonight and tomorrow morning I will leave!” and she went straight up. Nathan went to the kitchen and started to prepare the food.

Elaine entered the room and closed the door. The room was dark and she could not see a thing. She leaned back at the door and cried. After a few moments she decided to turn on the lights, as the room brightened she was surprised to see her travelling bag in the room. She was confused at the moment thinking how it got there. She approached the bag and there was a note on top of it which read

“You can stay here as long as you want”

Elaine fell on her knees as tears began to fill her eyes once again. He wanted her to stay but he could not say it directly. She could not understand why he would still accompany her to find a room when he left her bag at his place. She felt terrible for thinking that he wanted her to stay at the nasty Inn and those harsh words that she had told him.

Elaine got on the bed and felt really terrible with what she has done. She wanted to go down and apologize but she was too embarrassed to do so. She rolled and turned on the bed not knowing what to do but she decided to go down and ask for forgiveness.

Elaine walked down the stairs slowly wiping her tears along the way. She headed towards the kitchen where she saw Nathan preparing dinner. Nathan saw her and said “Take a sit, it will be done in a minute” and he continued cooking. Elaine could not utter a single word; she could not even move a single step. Tears again fell down her cheeks and she bowed her head.

She suddenly feels and arm around her shoulder so she looked and Nathan was beside her. He wiped her tears softly and said “Stop crying now, come sit and let’s eat dinner.” He guided her towards her chair and sat across her. Elaine could not still look at him so she just bowed her head.

“Elaine better start eating or the food will get cold” she heard him say. “Nathan, I am sorry for the things I said” she whispered. “I know, it’s just a misunderstanding. Don’t worry its fine with me, so please eat now” he answered. She slowly lifter her head and looked at him, he was smiling at her. She wiped her tears and just stared at the food. He stood up and sat beside her and started to put food on her plate.

He sliced a piece of meat and scooped it with a spoon; he raised it towards her mouth. “Say ah” he said. Elaine looked at him and started to smile and she opened her mouth and ate it. “Good girl, now eat” he told her and she chewed while staring at him.

“You must be wondering about the Inn, I was just delivering a package to the manager. I had no intentions of making you stay at a place like that. I know you have seen the note, and I meant what was written there. I just didn’t know how to tell you that I wanted you to stay here as long as you want because you might think I had different intentions” he revealed.

“I spoiled your surprise I am sorry” she said. Nathan laughed and sliced a piece of meat, “Yeah, but I do really want you to stay” he repeats. “Why?” Elaine suddenly asks and looks at him. Nathan takes a deep breath and looked at her and laughed. “I know you are probably expecting a joke from me right?” he asks her. “Well I’m getting used to it already so I don’t expect serious answers to serious questions from you” she exclaimed.

“I want you to stay because I do enjoy your company” he softly said. Elaine was delighted to hear that from him and she moved closer to him and smiled. She tapped him and opened her mouth; Nathan looked at her and laughed. “So now I have to feed you like a baby?” he asked her. Elaine cheerfully nodded and he gamely gave into her request.

SEVEN DAYS - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Choosing to Stay

Elaine woke and slowly slipped out of the blanket; she fixed the bed and decided to go downstairs. As she opened the door a stool was present, on top of the stool was a bathrobe and on the floor a pair of slippers. She quickly wore the slippers and robe then walked down the stairs. As she reached the living room Nathan was not there. The house was silent so she tried to look for him around the house. At the back of the house there was a glass door which was opened, she stepped out and saw Nathan sitting in a garden shade. She slowly and quietly approached him then said “Good morning”.

Nathan stood up and turned around, “Good morning, did you sleep well?” he replied. “Yes, thanks you for the robe and slippers” she said. “You’re welcome, please have a sit” Nathan told her. Elaine sits across him and Nathan pours orange juice on an empty glass. “Here, sorry I don’t have coffee. Is there something you would like to eat? I can cook for you” he offered. Elaine took the glass of juice and smiled. “Thank you but I don’t eat breakfast. Usually at this time I’m already at my workplace” she said.

“Oh by the way I tried calling all the hotels once I woke up and the earliest possible vacancy is tomorrow evening. So you can spend the night here again if you like” he told her. Elaine took a sip of the juice and sat back. “Tomorrow evening, then I guess if it’s okay I shall take your offer if you don’t mind” she softly said. Nathan smiled and asked her “Do you have plans for your vacation here?” Elaine paused and looked away. “I feel embarrassed to say this but I took the wrong bus” she revealed. Nathan looked at her surprised.

“You mean you were not intending to go here? So where were you heading exactly?” he asked her. “Somewhere warm, with a beach, I was planning just to stay overnight then leave but I think I’ll I will spend a few days here since I’ve never been here anyway” she told him. “You went the opposite way, its cold here and we don’t have a beach, all we have are trees and mountains.” Nathan added. Elaine sighed and took a look around, “Well I need to go buy clothes if I’m to stay here” she uttered.

“What for? Let me tell you Elaine, here in Baguio the people don’t care what you wear. Unlike for other places where they give you a total stare down, here it’s different, people mind their own business. So you can wear anything you like” he said. “All I brought were clothes for the beach, you know…” she was about to say when Nathan butted in. “I can imagine what’s in your bag. So tell me did he hurt you that bad?” he suddenly said.

Elaine was surprised hearing those words and she looked at him. “What are you saying?” she asked.

Nathan sat back, took a sip of his juice and then lit a cigarette. “Do you mind if I smoke?” and Elaine shook her head. “Well you see it’s kind of unusual for a person to take the wrong bus and then just decide to stay where that bus brought them to. Although I don’t know you well yet, I feel you are not that irresponsible, your mind must have been thinking of something. So what did you and he fight about?” he added.

Elaine remained silent; she was really surprised how he was able to figure out her reason for taking a vacation. “Okay I guess it’s something private. Since you have no plans for your vacation then let me tour you around the city free of charge” he offered. Elaine looked at him and said “Before you tour me around I need to buy clothes”.

“Tell you what, I have swimming trunks. You can wear your bikini and I will wear my swimming trunks then lets tour the city so you don’t have to buy clothes. Isn’t that exciting, people might say we are crazy wearing those in a cold weather. But you in a bikini….that might be a problem you know” he said and began grinning. Elaine looked at him starts laughing as Nathan pretended to be imagining her in a bikini.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Elaine suddenly asked. Nathan looked at her and said “Yes, and she is going to kill me when she finds out a beautiful lady slept in my place.” Elaine laughed a bit and played with glass. “So this is going to be a problem for you after all” she told him. Nathan started laughing at her and she looked at him curiously. “I don’t have a girlfriend, I was just kidding. If I did then I would not have let you sleep here or even treat you out for dinner.” Elaine just smiled at him then finished her juice.

They went to the mall in order for Elaine to buy some clothes. As Elaine was about to enter one shop Nathan just stood by the door. “Hey come inside with me help me choose” she told him. Nathan hesitantly followed her inside and whispered “I don’t think this is a good idea”. Elaine looked at him and said “I thought you were gay, you told me last night” and started to laugh. Nathan raised his eyebrows and acted gay, “Oh so now you notice my beauty huh. Fine let me help you choose your clothes” he stated and Elaine laughed harder.

Nathan sat down on a chair as Elaine tried several clothes on. Every time she tried something she would come out to show Nathan. It took them an hour to choose and the attendants had fun as Nathan pretended to be gay the whole time. As they stepped out of the shop Elaine was still laughing and she said “I never have enjoyed shopping like this with my boyfriend, you are really funny.” Nathan continued the act and said “Oh, is your boyfriend cute? When will you introduce him to me? Hmmm he might fall in love with me you know” and people were staring at him.

“Nathan you can stop now, people are staring at you” she whispered. Nathan raised his eyebrows and put his hands on his hips, he walked forward swaying his buttocks. Elaine stood still as she laughed harder and her stomach was aching already. Nathan turned around and shouted “Hey girl, get your act together now, we will be late for our facial you know” he said. Everyone around was amused at his gay antics, Elaine was already teary eyed from laughing but managed to follow him.

They sat down at a nearby fast food joint to take brunch. After eating they went for a drive along Camp John Hay. Elaine stuck her head out of the window like a child and enjoyed the cool breeze. “Hey Nate this place is amazing, so many trees. Can you park it somewhere and let’s take a walk” she said. Nathan parked the car in a shaded area, the both got out of the car. “If I remember correctly there are trails here which you could follow, it’s like a nature hike” Nathan revealed. Elaine looked at him with excitement. “Where is it? I have never gone on a hike before” she says.

Nathan did not know about the trails so they asked for directions from people there. They went to the nearest trail and started to trek it. Elaine was enjoying the walk; she has never seen nature at its finest. She was used to seeing concrete roads and tall buildings. This was the first time she was in touch with nature so she walked slowly. After several minutes of walking, Nathan suddenly stops. “Wait here, just wait here” he says. Elaine sat down on the ground watching two butterflies flying around in circles.

As the butterflies came near her she stretched out her hand and one butterfly landed on it. The butterfly walked along her finger and she smiled. As the butterfly flew away she noticed Nathan standing not far looking at her. She noticed that his pants was muddy, “What happened to you?!” she asked him. Nathan scratched his head and walked towards her, she noticed he was hiding something in his other hand.

“What’s that you’re holding in your right hand?” she curiously asked. Nathan revealed what he was hiding, it was a white lily and he handed it to her. “Well you see and I thought you might like it so I went to get it but I slipped into a pile of mud” he said smiling and scratching his head. Elaine took the flower and started to blush; she looked at the flower and said “You got mud in your pants just to give me this. It’s so beautiful, thank you” she softly uttered.

“Just like you” he whispered and turned around. “What did you say?” Elaine asked him. Nathan shrugged his shoulders and said “We have to get going, come on follow me.” Elaine heard the first words he said so she smiled and gamely stood up. She walked beside Nathan and teased him, “Why would a guy go through all the trouble of getting a single flower? Hmmm I wonder.”

Nathan looked at her seriously, he raised his eyebrow and he said “I got that for me you know, but once I got it I white isn’t my favorite color so I decided to give it to you” he said with a gay accent then skipped and hopped forward while swaying his hands. Elaine laughed and held the flower tightly in her hands smiling as she ran after him.

After an hour they reached the exit, Elaine was tired and was gasping for air. “How far to the car?” she asked him. Nathan knelt down and looked at her, Elaine was surprised and curious. “Come on, piggy back, I will carry you back to the car” he said. Elaine managed to laugh and gamely rode on Nathan’s back. Nathan started to walk forward but Elaine shouted “Wait!” so he let her down. Elaine ran back and picked up the white lily and ran back towards Nathan. Nathan started to walk but Elaine just stood still, he turned around and stared at her and she smiled. Nathan grumpily walked back and madly stared her at the eyes. Elaine was frightened as Nathan grabbed the flower from her hands. He then fixed her hair on the right side and placed the flower on her ear. “There that’s where it should be” he said and he turned around and knelt down.

Elaine was quite moved with his gesture and she rode again on his back. As Nathan walked forward she wrapped her hands around him and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Why are you being so nice to me?” she whispered in his ear. “Midway we are trading places, you will carry me back to the car” he said. Elaine smiled and knew he was just joking her. “You’re kidding me again right?” she again whispered. Nathan took a deep breath and said “Now you’re getting used to me.”

Once they reached the car they drive towards a nearby restaurant to eat dinner. They were both exhausted; Nathan sat back and closed his eyes as they were waiting for their food to arrive. Elaine glanced at the mirror nearby and she sees the flower still in her ear. She smiles and looks at Nathan who was yawning, “I really enjoyed today” she said. Nathan looked at her and imitated her “I really enjoyed today, mud on my pants and shoes, and being a horse on the way back, I really enjoyed today.”

Elaine started laughing but paused after. “Hey Nathan do you think If I decide to spend my whole vacation here it would be as happy as today every day?” she asked. “I can’t promise you that, but I will think of something perhaps” he replied. Elaine looked at the mirror once again and smiled. “Okay then I’m staying”

SEVEN DAYS - Chapter 1

Elaine is a junior executive at a pre-need firm; she is only 23 years old. She is intelligent and hardworking, to add to that she has a beautiful face and a magnificent body. A simple smile from her could make anyone at ease but today anger was written all over her face.
“Elaine! Wait, I can explain everything!” says Ronald. Elaine folds her clothes and places them inside her travelling bag. “What excuse are you going to use this time? Overtime in the office? Oh I forgot you’re still studying. They dragged to you a party? Or you simply forgot again?” she madly utters as she zips her bag and drags it along the floor.
“Listen to me please, it slipped my mind. Come on Elaine cut me some slack will you” he pleads but they fall into deaf ears. “My birthday last year, Valentine’s day, Christmas day and now this, am I even important to you? Am I not your girlfriend?” she says as she walks out the room. Ronald tries to block her way but she dodges him, he runs towards the door and leans on it. “I am not letting you go. I said I am sorry, what else do you want me to do?” he pleads.
“What do you think is the special event yesterday that you again missed? Tell me and I might forgive you, if you can’t then leave me alone” she says and stares him in the eyes. Ronald looks at her and bows his head and moves away from the door. Elaine opens the door and drags her bag outside as the driver of the cab meets her and takes her bag and places it inside the trunk.
Elaine was about to enter the cab but Ronald held her hand. “Please Elaine don’t go, tell me what to do please” he pleads. “Let go of me I need some time alone!” she yells and enters the cab and closes the door. “I’m sorry! Where are you going? At least tell me where you are going please” he begs of her.
“I’m taking a break, don’t bother calling me. Oh yeah I forgot you never call me actually so keep it up. I don’t want to hear from you while I am away. Lock the door to my apartment when you leave” she told him.
The cab begins to move and Ronald was left standing on the street looking on. The cab suddenly stopped and Ronald rushed towards the cab. He delightfully looked at Elaine at the open window but he saw her in tears.
“It was our first year anniversary” Elaine said and Ronald closed his eyes in embarrassment. The cab sped off leaving Ronald alone in the middle of the street as he falls to his knees.
Chapter 1: Table for two strangers
“Hello Tina, it’s me Elaine, could you do me a favor and file my vacation leave for me. Sorry but I’m already on a bus” Elaine says on her phone. “No problem, why all of a sudden?” her officemate asked. “I don’t want to talk about it” she replied. “I see, it’s him again. Anyway where are you heading to?” Tina asked. “Someplace warm and relaxing” she replied. “Wait, how many days will it be?” Tina asked her. “Oh just a week perhaps, I just want to clear my mind that’s all. Anyway I will call you when I get there. Thanks again Tina I owe you one” Elaine ends and shuts off her phone.
Elaine sits back and stares at the scenery as the bus passes through the farmlands, she looks at her watch and its one in the afternoon. She blocks away all thoughts about Ronald and imagines herself parading her new bikini on the beach. She already can feel the warm sun touching her skin and the sound of the gentle waves serenading her as she sunbathes. She closes her eyes and falls asleep.
“Miss wake up. We are already here” Elaine hears a voice telling her. As she opened her eyes she saw the bus driver looking at her. She looks at her watch and it is already 7 in the evening. She felt cold but managed to stand up and followed the driver down the bus. “Here is you bag madam” the driver hands the bag to her. She does not recognize the bus station so she asks “Where is this place?” and the driver looks at her confused. “This is Baguio City madam, the summer capital of the Philippines” he answered.
Elaine was so shocked to hear that, she got on the wrong bus. Baguio city was situated at the northern part of the Philippines. It was cold here; people do come and spend their summer vacation to get away from the heat of the sun. She felt cold and confused and was terribly hungry, so she went to the street vendor to buy a snack.
“I’m sorry madam but I don’t have change for your 1000 peso bill” the old woman told Elaine as she was about to pay for the snacks she bought. Elaine was feeling worse already, it seemed that all bad luck was going her way. “Oh, Sir Nathan! I have your favorite goodies, they just arrived!” shouted the old vendor. A man approached and stood beside Elaine. “Hello Martha, give me two packs, last week I didn’t taste not even one so make it a double today” and he gives his payment.
Nathan was a 30 year old bachelor, he was well built and often wore a smile on his face. He was just a simple person who did not mind what he was wearing, he often wears clothes that do not stand out or catch attention.
“No sir, I cannot accept that money, we still owe you. Let’s just deduct that amount to our debt” that old lady stated. “No Martha, take it, forget about the debt for now, I know you need the money, come on take it” Nathan insisted. The old lady was embarrassed but she took the money and prepared his change.
“Excuse me, do you have enough change now?” asked Elaine. “Sorry madam, I still lack half of the amount” replied Martha as she hands over the change to Nathan. “How much is it?” he suddenly asked. Elaine looked at Nathan as well as Martha. “Eighty pesos sir” replied the woman. Nathan brought out four twenty peso bills and handed it to Martha. “Here, consider it my treat” he said then smiled at Elaine and starts to walk away.
Elaine was surprised and Martha smiled at her. “Isn’t he great madam, that’s Sir Nathan a kind man” Martha stated. “I overheard you having a debt with him, does he own this station?” Elaine asked. “No, he just comes here three times a week to pick up packages. I met him a year ago, that time my daughter got sick and I did not have money to pay the bills. He noticed that I had a problem so I told him about it. He went to the hospital and he paid for everything” Martha recalled as tears started to gather in her eyes. “How much do you owe him?” Elaine inquired further.
“I don’t really know” Martha said. “You don’t know how much you owe him? Didn’t you check the hospital bill?” Elaine stated. “I did but all they said that it was settled already and I don’t have to worry about a thing. I tried to ask him but he would not say, every time I ask he just smiles at me and tells me to just pay when I can. So I saved around ten thousand pesos 3 months ago, I know that’s not the whole amount but at least I can partially pay off the debt. He took the money but came back the next day, he opened a bank account for me with that money” Martha revealed as tears were flowing down her cheeks.
“I see, a kind man indeed. Anyway do you know a good hotel where I can stay in?” Elaine asked Martha. “So sorry madam I don’t know any, you can ask Sir Nathan, he probably knows some” Martha answered.
“Maybe I will just ask the front desk for directions” Elaine said. “No need to be shy now, wait I will ask him for you” Martha said as she stood up and walked towards Nathan who was chatting with a driver. A few moments later they both were walking towards Elaine. “You see this young lady needs a hotel, could you at least bring her to one” Martha told Nathan. Nathan smiled at Elaine and said “Sure, can you just wait a few minutes, my package has not arrived. Just a few minutes if you can” he said and Elaine smiled and said yes.
“By the way my name is Elaine, please don’t call me madam anymore” she told the old lady. “I am Martha, nice to meet you, so are you here for a vacation?” she asked. Elaine thought hard about it, she had planned to just spend the night and go to where she intended to. “Yes I think I will be staying here a bit” she said. “Great! Maybe Sir Nathan can show you around while you are here” Martha added.
“Oh no, it’s already too embarrassing and his wife might get mad if she knew he was touring me around” Elaine stated. Martha started to laugh, “Madam, he is single and available, and I should say you two would look great as a couple” and Elaine began to blush. “Oh that is if you are single”
Elaine looked at Nathan who was carrying his package and walking towards them. “A kind heart….looks good too” Elaine softly comments. “He is a rare find don’t you think” Martha whispers and they both start giggling.
“You two seem to be happy, that’s nice. Well sorry to make you wait, here let me take your bag” and Nathan reached for Elaine’s bag. “No its okay I can manage” she said but Nathan grabs it, “No let me I insist, and you look tired and hungry already so we should be going. Thanks for the goodies Martha! Please follow me this way my car is parked over there” he said. Elaine smiled at Martha and the old woman winked at her and they both giggle again. Nathan looked back and the two ladies acted innocent.
Nathan and Elaine had gone through all the hotels and Inn’s around the small city but all had no vacancy. They both sit in the car thinking then suddenly Nathan looks at Elaine and says “Shhh can you hear that?” Elaine looks around and tries to listen closely, she looks at Nathan and asks “What is it?” and with a serious face Nathan said “That sound…your stomach is grumbling…you are hungry already” and he starts laughing. Elaine pouted and faced front and her stomach started to make sounds again. She blushed and started laughing with Nathan. “Let’s go eat, I have not eaten dinner too” he says and starts his car.
The two of them enter a fancy restaurant, and once they got a table Elaine started to get shy again. “Hey what’s the matter? Come on pick what food you want to eat” Nathan said. “It’s just too embarrassing already, I mean first the snack then helping me find a hotel, now treating me to dinner” she said. Nathan looked at her surprised and said “Treat you to dinner? I didn’t say that. I don’t treat people I don’t know to dinner on the first meeting.” Elaine became more embarrassed and tried to hide her face on the menu. Nathan started laughing again and Elaine looked at him. He stopped laughing then reached out his hand towards her. “Hi I am Nathan, and you are?”
Elaine looked confused and remembers they have not been formally introduced by Martha. She takes out her hand and says “I am Elaine” and they shook hands. “Okay now that I know you I can treat you to dinner, so order whatever you want” Nathan said smiling. Elaine laughed for a moment but started to look at the menu again and started choosing.
After dinner they went back to the car and Nathan stopped to think. “Hey, I know we just met but its late already so would you like to spend the night at my place?” he tells her. Elaine looked at him feeling nervous then looks away. “Please don’t get the wrong idea here, I mean you no harm, I’m just offering you a place to stay. Then tomorrow we can go find you a room at a hotel” he adds upon seeing her reaction. Elaine bowed her head and softly said “Okay, I guess” and Nathan starts the car and drives to his place.
Nathan stops the car in front of a small gloomy looking house. Elaine looked at the house and then looked at Nathan. “Okay here we are home sweet home” he says and opens his door. Elaine looks at the house once more and her jaw drops then she hears Nathan laughing once again. He shuts his door and starts the engine once again and keeps laughing. “You should have seen the look on your face, of course that’s not my house, no one lives there you know” he said and Elaine said “You really scared me there; I really thought that was your place because you were so serious.”
Nathan keeps laughing and tells her “hey I’m just fooling around with you; I noticed you were so tense. Would it help if I tell you I am gay?” Elaine was startled and looks at him once again. “You are gay?” she asks. “Well if it helps you to be at ease with me then I am gay” he said laughing. Elaine pouted and was about to smile when Nathan added “or would it help you more if I said I was not attracted to you?” and he looked at her.
Elaine understood what he was trying to do; he was just trying to make her feel comfortable with him. “Being gay would be fine” she answered and laughed. Nathan stopped laughing and said “Oh so you don’t believe me when I say I am not attracted to you?” Elaine looked at him and raised her eyebrow, “well they say I’m pretty, I think I’m pretty, and you are a man so I think in some way you are attracted to me.” Nathan puts on a serious face and says “well I am not” and Elaine felt angry hearing that since she was used to seeing men fall for her instantly. “I see its okay” she says. “Because I am gay remember, so gay people don’t find beautiful ladies like you attractive” and they both start laughing.
Elaine paused and thinks about what he said, he just called her beautiful. She felt happy and so she said “You just called me beautiful” and Nathan looked at her. “Did I?” Nathan asked. Elaine smiled and giggled and said “So you do find me attractive then” and Nathan looks at her. He looks at the road and smiled. “Here we are” Nathan says and parks the car in front of a huge house. Elaine looked at the house and was mesmerized, it was such a beautiful house but she looked at Nathan at once. Nathan went out of the car and opened the trunk to get her bag and his package. Elaine didn’t go out of the car even though Nathan had opened the door for her.
“Come on out, this is my place” he says. “You are kidding me again right?” she tells him. Nathan looks at her then starts to walk towards the house but looks back at her. “If you want to sleep there it would be fine, I will just bring you a blanket and pillow. And do you know that there are lots of ghosts out here”. Elaine rushed out of the car and ran towards Nathan and held on to his arm. Nathan laughed loud and told her to go back and close the door. Elaine didn’t move an inch so Nathan said “Okay hang on, wait by the door I will lock the car door” and he starts to walk back towards the car. Elaine tagged along holding to his arm and Nathan laughed and laughed until they got to the house door.
Nathan opens the door and Elaine enters the house. He brings in the bag and package then closes the door and locks it. Elaine was standing still and looking around, and then she looked at Nathan, “You live alone?” she asked. He laid down the package on a small table then carried the bag towards the stairs, “Follow me I will show to your room” he said. She followed him as he went up the stairs, he opened a door and said “Here you go, it has its own toilet and bath, a terrace. If you need anything else just yell” he said. Elaine entered the room and walks slowly towards the bed; she looks around a bit then sits on the bed. “Okay then I will leave you now, have a good sleep. “ Nathan said and pushed the door lock then closed the door.
She lay on the bed and briefly closed her eyes. Her plan was to just stay for the night and in the morning she would catch a bus towards her sunny destination but now she was thinking of staying. She rises and walks towards the terrace door; she steps out and looks up at the starry sky then she smiles.