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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 14: Execution

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 14: Execution

In the dark she lay still and her heart beating calmly. William’s words lingered on her mind, she knew that this would be her last day breathing. Instead of being afraid, Jennifer has accepted her fate for this was the only way for her to be reunited with Frank.

Minutes later the lights in her cell illuminated, the door opened and two soldiers entered. One soldier removed the chains on her legs while the other stood by the door signaling another soldier to come inside. “Don’t be scared, we are on your side. Erick sent us” the soldier said. Jennifer somehow felt relieved hearing those words as the other soldier brought in food.

“Are you here to break me out?” Jennifer asked. “Sorry, that is not part of the plan. We are here to make sure you are safely transferred to the maximum security facility. Please go ahead and eat, when you are done then we can go” the soldier clarified. Jennifer helped herself to the festive meal the soldiers brought, since she was detained she didn’t touch the prison food that they were serving her.

Twenty minutes later she was ready, Jennifer stood up and the soldiers stepped out of her cell and she followed them. Her heartbeat was racing, she didn’t know if these men could be trusted. They namedropped Erick and fed her food but still she thought that it could have been her last meal. Jennifer shook her head and noticed the patch on one of the soldier’s uniform. “Frank” she said as she pointed at the badge. The soldier smiled at her and nodded his head. “That is right, we are his troop mate” he said. Hearing that made her feel relaxed, her date with destiny was to be set to another date it seemed.

The four reached the main entrance of the facility, two men in dark suits blocked their way. “We shall be taking over” one said as he showed a piece of paper to the soldiers. Several more men entered and one handcuffed Jennifer’s hands. “What is happening” she asked and the soldier shook his head.

“You have to go with them, I am sorry” the soldier said as he bowed his head. Jennifer’s heart raced again, fear started sinking in and her date with destiny was about to push through. “Its okay guys, I already accepted my fate” the lady agent said. “You just hold on, he wont let anything bad happen to you” the soldier whispered.

Jennifer didn’t understand what the soldier said, the well dressed men escorted her outside while others blocked the entrance. The soldiers were not allowed to pass, they could not even see what was happening. A few seconds later the men dispersed and the soldiers saw five similar vehicles at the entrance. The men got in the cars but the soldiers didn’t know where Jennifer was.

One soldier quickly dialed his phone as they followed the five cars towards the camp entrance. “Hello major, we have a problem. They have Jennifer” he said. “As expected, follow them” Erick said. Once out of the gates the five vehicles took separate paths and the soldiers didn’t know which one to follow. “Hello sir, we have a bigger problem. Five vehicles, separate paths and we don’t know which one has Jennifer” the soldier said.

“Pick one and send me the paths of the other four” Erick told the soldier as he turned off his phone. Frank looked at Erick and knew there was a problem. “John, we need satellite coverage” Erick said on the radio. “I am on it, by the way why do you have to be far away from here? Why cant you be just here at the office?” John asked. Erick looked at Frank and the latter shook his head. “I have to be here, John get the sat coverage quickly!” Erick ordered.

“Even if you get the location of the five vehicles, how will we know which on has Jennifer?” Frank asked and Erick shrugged his shoulders. “We could at least send some men on the five locations” the major said. Frank sat on the couch and leaned back, he closed his eyes and thought of the woman she loved.

Inside one of the vehicles Jennifer was seated in between two armed men. One of the men in front was on the phone, she knew that she wasn’t being transferred. Jennifer leaned back and saw the sun roof. “Could we open that?” she asked. The man in front looked back and nodded his head. Jennifer sat back and looked at the sky for one last time, she then closed her eyes and thought of Frank.

Frank quickly stood up and looked at Erick. “I know where she is” he said and the major was surprised. “What do you mean?” Erick asked but Frank was already nowhere to be found.

At a nearby hotel suite Kevin was pacing the room the as William was calmly seated. “What is bothering you? A few minutes more and all our problems will be over” the elder man said. “Yeah I know but it feels wrong. Hey, I knew her and I even worked with her” Kevin said.

“Make up your mind! You told me she knew you were involved and you asked me to take care of her. Now you are telling me that you grew a conscience?” William told him. “I guess you are right, well what is going to happen anyway?” the agent asked. William stood up and walked towards the window, “We have front row seats to her public execution. Just like her boyfriend, the whole world will see Agent Appleby die” he said.

“What do you mean?” Kevin asked. “Well we are going to make it look like that the other gang is taking revenge on her. It’s as simple as that my friend so let me get the other cast members to our show” William explained as he took out his phone.

In front of the city hall Sarah Kelly was getting ready for a live news report when her phone rang. She saw that it was an unknown number calling, just like the one she received tipping her about the warehouse.

“Sarah Kelly?” the distorted voice on the other end said. “Yes, this is her” she replied. “You would like to do a live coverage in front of the Shelton hotel” the voice said. “Why would I like to do that?” she asked. “Trust me, you would like to be the only network to broadcast something memorable, it can help your career flourish further” the man said and the phone call ended.

Sarah was hesitant but she knew the same caller didn’t fail her the first time. “Pack everything we are headed to the Shelton hotel!” she said as her crew were surprised.

Thirty minutes later Sarah’s crew had their cameras set up, another news van from her network arrived and did the same. “Whats this all about Sarah?” the cameraman asked. “I don’t know but just set up the cameras and begin broadcast” she ordered. Sarah looked around and didn’t notice anything strange. She felt she has been tricked but deep inside she believed the mysterious caller.

Thirty minutes later Sarah noticed that the streets were empty, there was no cars passing by. “Now this is really strange” she said. “This only happens when someone important is going to arrive right? They block the roads for security, well your tipster is right again” the cameraman said. “Come on then lets start shooting” she ordered.

At the hotel suite window stood Kevin and William, down in front of the hotel stood Sarah Kelly speaking in front of the camera. A dark vehicle suddenly stopped at the middle of the street, it honked its horn three times so people on the streets looked at it.

The man selling hotdogs took off his apron, took out a long automatic rifle from his cart and headed to the street. The hotel doorman followed him and took out two pistols, the person manning the newspaper stand brought out his own rifle and several seconds later there were around thirty men fully armed in the middle of the street.

“Oh my God, there seems to be something happening. Around thirty or so armed men have suddenly filled the street and looking towards the lone vehicle in this area” she reported. “Wait, there seems to be someone stepping out of the car…oh my Lord its Jennifer Appleby…what the hell is happening here?” she continued.

Jennifer was pushed out of the car, she saw the armed men in front of her as the vehicle sped away. She knew she could not run away anymore, even though she has accepted her fate she suddenly felt very scared. Jennifer fell her on her knees, the men spread out and pointed their guns at her.

Jennifer looked up towards the sky and closed her eyes. She could hear other people already screaming, the loud voice of Sarah shouting, then she could hear her heart pounding. “Just a little more Frank…I am going to be with you” she whispered.

The first gunshot was heard, the people around screamed louder and all ran for cover as more shots were fired. It was just like a war zone, people could not even look, Sarah Kelly closed her eyes and started crying for help.

Jennifer had her eyes closed tightly, she knew what being shot felt like but what she was feeling was different. Her body felt warm, she didn’t understand why she was still breathing. She was trying to feel her body, she knew what the feeling of being shot was but she didn’t understand why she was feeling something different, something she knew very well and missed a lot.

The men ran out of bullets, there was silence as people all around were scared to take a peek. “Ah Sarah, I think you should see this” the cameraman said so Sarah slowly opened her eyes and looked at Jennifer.

At the center of the street there was Jennifer, but she was not alone. Kneeling in front of her was a hooded man, he was embracing her tightly. The man’s jacket was torn in pieces due to the bullets but there was something amazing, the two were still alive.

Jennifer opened her eyes slowly, she regained her senses and saw a man embracing her. She knew this feeling, the same feeling when Frank hugged her. She couldn’t see his face, she took a peek at the armed men and saw them standing in shock and seemingly frozen. Jennifer took off the man’s hood and she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing as her heart started to beat wildly. “I never broke my promise” Frank whispered so she hugged him back.

Frank wiped the tears from her eyes, “Did they hurt you?” he asked and like a child Jennifer shook her head but he saw the cuffs on her hands. Frank held on the chains and easily broke them, “Now just wait here, give me a few seconds okay?” he told her.

Frank stood up and faced the men, “Holy shit! Is that Frank?!” Sarah shouted. “Sarah we are live” the cameraman whispered but as he focused the camera, “Holy shit! Its really him!” he yelled.

The armed men were trembling, they didn’t comprehend what was happening. Up at the hotel suite William and Kevin could not believe it as they watched a single man beat up thirty.

People around were cheering him on as he beat up the men who tried to kill Jennifer. Hundreds of people suddenly came running towards the area, they wanted to see for themselves what they saw on their television.

Thirty armed men lay on the street, Frank stared at each one of them and saw they were in complete surrender. “You mess with my girlfriend, I mess your face” he said as he turned around and walked towards to the woman he loved.

Sarah ran towards them, her cameraman ran alongside of her. Hundreds of people gathered and gave space as Frank helped Jennifer stand. “Frank! Frank is that really you?” Sarah asked as she pushed her way through the crowd.

“I know you all are in disbelief but its really me. Focus the camera on me please” Frank said and they crowd let the cameraman through. “The warehouse incident, I was there. I protected the one I love most that is why she didn’t get hurt. I don’t want her getting hurt but I could not show myself for people wont understand why I am alive”

“I am alive, it was me who protected Jennifer at the warehouse. I am sorry for the others but I only have one body, I tried to protect the other six but I am ordinary, I am normal and my heart beats for this woman so I chose to save her first”

“Jennifer is not a terrorist, she is innocent. She was just doing her job. There are people trying to pin the blame on her. They are twisting the truth. If you still believe she is a criminal, then come get her…you have to get through me first!” Frank angrily said.

Frank raised one of his hand and bent his knees, Sarah started laughing for she saw that trick before. “Frank you never changed at all” Sarah told him. Frank looked at Jennifer, she walked towards him and hugged him. Frank smiled at her and everyone’s jaw dropped as the two started to float upwards.

Face to face the couple rose to the air as the people below were in amazement. A few seconds later they were at a level the same as William’s suite, the two men inside were frozen and speechless.

Frank and Jennifer were floating along the clouds, there they were motionless as their lips once again found each other.

People around the city went out and looked towards the Shelton building area, above the clouds they saw the couple. The same couple who they witnessed to be separated…this time they were together again.

“Jen…I never broke my promise”

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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 13: Twisted Truth

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 13: Twisted Truth

Frank was calmly seated on the couch, across him were Senator David Richards and Arnold. “I know what you are feeling Frank but please calm down. I have sent the best lawyer to defend Jennifer” the senator told him.

“I am calm, what I don’t understand is how come things are going at a fast pace? Yesterday this gang member comes out and today there is already a hearing” Frank said. “I too am asking that question but I cannot do much since if I pull more strings then they might link me to Jennifer. I am not saving myself here, I just don’t want their twisted truth to escalate. Trust me the truth shall prevail” David said.

“And what if it doesn’t?” Frank asked and stared at the senator. “Have faith in the system Frank” David replied as they both turned their attention to the television. “If its just a hearing or preliminary investigation then why is it live on television?” Frank asked. “I really don’t know but I think we are going to have a hard time at the defense” David said as he started to shake his head.

At the city’s military base hundreds of soldiers were on full alert as the hearing was about to begin. Inside the gymnasium two tables were set up face to face. Seated in front were four men, one of them Victor Frisk, the country’s best litigator. Across the four men sat Jennifer and beside her was Howard Dresbon, the country’s best defense lawyer.

“Before we start I was wondering how you could afford the services of Howard here with the salary grade that you have” Victor said. Jennifer looked at her attorney who remained calm, “That was a trick question, don’t bother answering it” Howard whispered.

“Lets not waste anymore time here, we all know why we are here so lets go straight to the point. If you have nothing to hide Agent Appleby I am sure you will be willing to answer all our questions am I right?” Victor said. “As long as the questions are factual and with basis” Howard interrupted. “I was not talking to you!” Victor snapped. “You are baiting her to nullify my presence! I am here to give her legal advice and to prevent you from making her incriminate herself!” the top defense attorney replied.

“Its okay, I have nothing to hide” Jennifer said and Howard looked at her. “See! Its that simple Howard. So lets get the ball rolling here. The witness isn’t here right now for he fears for his life. We have read his sworn testimony and we are just going to ask you some questions Agent Appleby” Victor said.

“After the Wanston bombing, you were asked to take a leave am I correct?” the litigator asked. “I was forced to take a leave” Jennifer answered. “After thirty days you were back to work and that is the same time the gang related crimes started” Victor said and Howard stood up. “That line of questioning is uncalled for!” he said. “Is it? I just stated a fact here” the litigator reasoned so Howard sat down and shook his head.

“Agent Appleby is true that you forced your superior to put you back at field work?” Victor asked. “Yes” Jennifer replied. “You were asked to head a task force to investigate the gang related crimes am I right?” Victor asked and Jennifer replied positively. “And for a month your task force produced nothing” the litigator added.

“Agent Appleby you were the one who shot Rahim am I right?” Victor pushed. “Yes I did” she replied. “Yes, it says here that he pointed a gun and you just acted as a good agent” Victor added.

“You received a phone call saying that the gang members were at the warehouse. Once verified you called for back up and six other law enforcers arrived. You didn’t know what you were up against but instead you lead them inside the warehouse were a gun battle ensued. Six of them critically wounded while you came out unscathed, so you are a really good agent” Victor said. “Where are the questions? You are just stating facts and saying it with doubt” Howard interjected.

“You Agent Appleby headed the task force that produced nothing because you were railroading the investigation!” Victor said. “That is an unfounded allegation!” Howard shouted.

“That is why the gang members movements were flawless because you were giving them information of law enforcement movements!” Victor added. “Victor this is a hearing! You are supposed to act questions and not throw allegations at my client!” Howard snapped.

“You were reminded to wear a vest before the assault but you refused! We have that on video so you cant deny that. Standard protocol, protect yourself, but you didn’t! Why? Because you knew they would not fire upon you! In the end you made sure no gang member lived and you made yourself look like the hero!” Victor shouted. “Damn it! Victor you better stop this!” Howard shouted back.

“You eliminated Rahim so he could not spill the beans on you. The witness said that you were answering to him so with him out of the picture does that make you the boss? Lets say that is not true, the video we have showing you neglecting to wear a vest is enough. If you are innocent, if you had nothing to do with these gang members then you should have worn a vest. That is protocol, especially if you don’t know what is inside that warehouse. But you knew, they would not shoot the boss” Victor calmly said and grinned.

Jennifer had her head bowed, her fists were clenched as she slowly stood up. “Do you want to know the truth? Do you want to know why I didn’t wear a vest?” she softly said. “Oh please enlighten us agent Appleby” Victor replied.

“Yes I wanted to go back to field work, being pegged at a desk made me think of him more. Yes I was assigned to head the task force but I had nothing to do with the gang members. Yes I shot Rahim, protocol or not it felt damn good!”

“Yes! I didn’t wear a vest, I didn’t accept the offer of a vest! You want to know why? Its because I want to be with him! I want to be with Frank!!!” Jennifer shouted as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“You are a good actress, this hearing is over. Take her away!” Victor said. “No bail since she has been allegedly linked to a terrorist. No visitors too!” he added.

Frank was trembling in anger, the remote control in his hand was crushed. “Frank, calm down. I am sure Victor would be hit by many. That is not how to conduct a hearing” David said. “You told me to trust the law, they made her look bad” Frank whispered. “I know, but I tell you that was not the way a hearing is supposed to be conducted. Don’t worry better law men know that” the senator reasoned.

“Innocent until proven guilty, why is she being treated like a terrorist?” Frank asked. “Frank, please understand. This is a sensational case. Two cases that are tied together. I know the real culprits found a loophole, events happened so they pieced the puzzle together. In both cases Jennifer was present, you and I know she was just doing her job. The others will play with the facts, you can look at two ways. Jennifer being a good agent, or Jennifer being the mastermind. They have decided to take the latter side so we have to defend her, we have to abide by the law” David explained.

“And what if the law fails? What if the truth is replaced by lies? What will happen to her?” Frank asked. The senator could not respond so Frank headed to his room. The door was slammed and seconds later David and Arnold heard glass break. They rushed to Frank’s room, the window was shattered and he was nowhere to be found. “How are you going to stop someone like him?” David asked. “Pray to God” Arnold uttered.

Hours later at the military base, Jeremy, John and Yehleen were seated on one end of a room. Seconds later Jennifer was brought inside by two soldiers. The female agent was seated at the other end of the room as the two soldiers stood a few steps away. “Jesus Christ why is this happening?” Jeremy asked as he shook his head.

A military officer entered the room and looked at the three. “Hey you only have five minutes. I am really sorry but this is all I can do” the officer said. “Jen how are you doing?” Yehleen asked as she started to cry. “I am okay, don’t worry about me” Jennifer replied.

“I am sorry your parents were not allowed to visit you. We are taking a bid risk of being her but what the heck. Is there something you need?” John asked. “Even if I say there are things I need they will not allow them. I am fine, please look over my parents” Jennifer asked. There was nothing that could be really said so for five minutes the three just cheered Jennifer up.

An hour later Jennifer was inside her cell. There were no windows, she lay on a cushion set on the floor. The cell door opened and William entered. “Good evening Jennifer” he said. The agent sat up and angrily looked at the man who stood by the door. “What do you want?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, I just came to see how it felt like to be you. It could have been me inside here you know” William said and grinned at her. “You bastard! You and Kevin, who else is involved?” she said and the man laughed.

“Rahim, but you shot him dead. The rest? You would be surprised if I told you” William gloated. “You see Jennifer, you and your team has caused us so much problems. First the Wanston bombing that your boyfriend stopped, oh he died” William said and Jennifer stood up but could not reach him since her legs were chained.

“You bastard, when I get out of here I am going to kill you!” Jennifer shouted. “Get out of here? Oh no, actually you wanted to be with Frank? Tomorrow you will get your wish. Why am I so bravely telling you this? Who are you going to tell? Who is going to believe you now?” William said as he laughed louder.

“Don’t worry agent Appleby you die the same way as your boyfriend did. The whole world will be able to see it. Oh but don’t worry your body will be intact unlike your shredded Frank” William told her. Jennifer really extended her body, she was able to land one punch straight to his face. William fell back and was dazed but managed to stand up and laugh.

“Goodbye Agent Appleby, say hello to Frank for me” William said as he took his exit.

Outside the military bases stood a hooded man, Frank was seething in anger as he watched the vehicle of William exit the gates. “What are you planning to do?” a man asked.

“How did you find me?” Frank asked and Erick stood beside him. “David called me. I still cant believe Frank” Erick said. “What? Are you going to hug me now?” Frank asked and the Major laughed.

“How? Just tell me how” Erick pleaded. “It’s a long story but trust me I am normal, a bit” Frank told him. “Okay as long as your alive that’s fine with me. Frank I want you to think of what you are about to do now” Erick told him.

“The law isn’t on her side” the hooded man said. “Yeah I know but it isn’t over yet. We all know that she is innocent, they have twisted the truth but eventually they cant keep it hidden in lies” Erick said.

“So you are just going to break in and get her out? So that just makes her look more guilty. That is just like admission. She wont be free, anywhere she goes people would know her” Erick said. “Just like me, if I show up the people would ask what am I really? I cant wait for the law to correct a right, I can make things right” Frank replied.

“So you already have decided” Erick told him. “Maybe, do you think you can stop me?” Frank asked and Erick shook his head. “I alone cannot, but maybe if we try we might be able to” the major said and Frank looked at him. Several men emerged from the darkness, faces that he recognized quickly.

“You break in, you have to get passed us. If you wait then we are with you” one soldier said. Frank couldn’t help it, he missed his troop mates so he immediately hugged each one. “How long do I have to wait?” he asked.

“Actually not that long my friend. They are transferring Jennifer tomorrow, and I don’t trust that devious person. Something big is going to happen tomorrow and John is working on it right now. He intercepted a call from William but that guy is careful, the call was scrambled so John is decoding it” Erick explained.

“This William guy, his surname is familiar. Gregory, a certain female bearing that surname killed my mother and almost killed me”

“William better pray he is not related to her…or else”

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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 12: Hero and Villain

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 12: Hero and Villain

“Around past ten last night, we received a tip saying that the gang members were seen within these areas. When we arrived here, Special Agent Jennifer Appleby was already scouting the area after receiving that same information. Once confirmed of the presence of gang members, six more law enforcers arrive and they courageously stormed the warehouse”

“A gun battle ensued for more than ten minutes. And when the smoke cleared there was only one woman left standing, Agent Appleby came out shaken but unscathed. Twenty gang members were killed, but on our side two agents and four policemen were seriously injured”

“Law enforcers consider this as a big break through after a month of crime sprees conducted by these gang members. For those who do not know, Jennifer Appleby is said to be romantically linked to Frank Miller. Is she donning the cape that Frank left behind? This is Sarah Kelly reporting live…”

Everyone inside the FBI office was watching but their attention shifted once the elevator doors opened. There stood Jennifer, and everyone started clapping as she walked towards the office area.

John wheeled towards her holding a newspaper, and on the front page was her picture with a big bold tag “HERO”. Jennifer just shook her head and smiled then looked at everyone. “It just happened that you were all busy, if you were available then you would have done the same” she said but the more her fellow agents clapped.

The other elevator door opened and Erick stormed the office with an angry face. “What the hell do you think you were doing?!!” he shouted. Jennifer turned to face him but the military officer immediately hugged her. “You are just like him, very stubborn” he whispered. “I am okay Erick” Jennifer said but the Major hugged her tighter.

“Hey Erick what are you doing here?” John asked. “Well I am on vacation, I saw the news and I came over quickly. So I am cutting my vacation short and I asked to be re-assigned to your task force” Erick replied. “As you can see Erick I think we don’t need you, Jennifer is enough” Yehleen joked and everyone laughed.

“Agent Appleby! What are you doing here?” Jeremy suddenly asked and everyone inside the office fell silent. “Reporting for work sir” Jennifer replied. “Work? Take a day off Jennifer. You deserve it. By the way, it was reckless but good job” her supervisor said. “Day off!! Come on lets get out of here, I am treating you all to brunch” Erick told them.

John and Yehleen looked at Jeremy, the supervisor looked at Erick momentarily and nodded his head. “Okay you three take a day off, the others can handle it from here” Jeremy said and after a long time Operation Salvation members were once again reunited.

At a nearby restaurant the four ate, people inside the restaurant dropped by their table to pay tribute to the city’s new hero. “So how does it feel to be a hero Jen?” Yehleen asked and Jennifer pouted. “I am not a hero, I just did my job” the agent replied. “Hey, stop that talk, lets enjoy the food. I really missed you all” Erick said. “Hey isn’t that Kevin?” Yehleen whispered as they all turned to look at the agent who was seated several tables away. “Who is he with?” John asked. “I recognize that man, I just don’t remember his name. I think he is a retired agent or something” Erick told them.

Kevin barely touched his food as he watched the man beside him eat. “You underestimated Jennifer. So what are you going to do now?” Kevin asked. William chewed his food and looked at the agent, “She is good, we need people like her” he said. “She cant be bought, and you promised me to take care of her” the agent insisted.

William looked over at Jennifer’s table and tapped his fork. “So tell me why should I waste my time getting rid of her when I can easily get rid of you?” he asked and Kevin was surprised. “I know all the remaining six members, I am not dumb. I know you can easily do that but once something bad happens to me I left someone something that will tell everything” Kevin softly said and William angrily looked at him.

“You know I was just kidding right?” the older man said. “Well I am not” the agent replied. “Fair enough, oh look he is here” William said as Darrel walked towards them. “Who is he?” Kevin asked. “A gang member” William replied but the agent could not believe it. Darrel was wearing an expensive suit, he looked and moved elegantly.

“What is he doing here?” Kevin asked. “Darrel here is our ticket out, so be nice to him” William said. “Hey boss, you better make sure all your promises” Darrel told William. “Why isn’t the house at Hawaii not to you family’s liking?” the older man asked. “Well they just arrived there and I have not heard from them, how long will it take for me to be transferred there as you say?” Darrel asked. “What are you talking about?” Kevin interrupted.

“Hush Kevin, everything comes with a price. I assure you Darrel you will be with your family in no time if things work out smoothly if you know what I mean” William said. “You don’t have to worry boss I am a good actor, just make good all your promises” the gang member told him.

Kevin looked at William, “What is this all about?” he asked. “Relax Kevin, it just means I am coming out of retirement and you my friend shall be the real hero at the end of the day” William assured him.

Back at the FBI office the four returned, “I told you to take a day off” Jeremy said as he saw Jennifer. “Well you can give me a longer vacation once I close this case sir” she replied. “Hey Jeremy do you mind if I tag along in this investigation?” Erick asked. “Not at all my friend, we are stacked with cases so we need all the help we can get and you are no stranger to us” the supervisor said.

Three hours later, the conference room was filled with laughter as Erick and John relived their old antics. There was a knock at the conference room door, two men entered and approached Jennifer. “Agent Appleby, please set your firearm on the table and come with us peacefully” a tall man in a dark suit said. The four were surprised and looked at each other. “What is this?” Jennifer asked.

“Please don’t make us force you to come with us” the other man asked. Jennifer stood up and stared at the two as another man entered the room. “Please do as they say, we don’t want to cause a commotion here” he told her.

Jennifer stood back and Erick stood in front of her. “Gentlemen relax, what is this all about?” he asked. “Major this does not concern you so step aside” the tall man said. “I aint moving an inch until you tell me what is going on!” Erick snapped.

“You leave us no choice” the tall man said as he drew out his gun and pointed it at Jennifer. His partner did the same, Erick and Jennifer were quicker to have their guns out. “Jennifer Appleby you are under arrest!” the tall man shouted.

Jeremy heard the commotion, he quickly ran to the conference room and saw what was happening. The two men had Jennifer in cuffs and were leading her out of the room. “What the hell is happening?” he asked. “I am sorry Jeremy, we tried to be peaceful but she drew her gun” Mark Edwards, the director of Homeland Security told him. “Mark you don’t have to do this. You should have coordinated with me” Jeremy argued.

Other agents gathered near the conference room, Mark and his men could not get through. “Jeremy tell your men to stand down” Mark said. “I am sorry, they are off the clock so its basically their private time. I have no authority over them right now” Jeremy said as he took out his gun and held it by his side. “You don’t want to do this I am telling you” Mark threatened but the other FBI agents all took out their guns and pointed them at the three.

“You cant just come here and take one of us for no reason so start explaining” Jeremy said as he too pointed his gun at Mark. “Fair enough” Mark said as he raised both of his hands and signaled his two men to do the same. “Why don’t you turn on the television to see for yourself” Mark told everyone.

At the same moment in front of the City Hall a press conference was going on. “Good day, my name is William Gregory, some of you may still remember me, for those who don’t then I am a retired Federal Agent. I have been enjoying my retirement but the recent happenings I could not bear”

“As a concerned citizen of this country I unretired myself and with the help of this agent here we conducted our own investigation” William said as he pointed to Kevin. “Everyone knows what happened last night by the warehouse, but do you really know the real story? All over the news a picture of an agent said to be a hero, but ladies and gentlemen I have a gang member here to tell the whole story” William said as Kevin escorted Darrel to the podium.

“My name is Darrel, I am part of that gang that was brutally murdered last night” the gang member said and the media people started reacting. “Please hear him out” William said. “I didn’t want to surrender but I feared for my life. She is coming after all of us” Darrel said.

“Who are you referring to?” one reporter asked. “She didn’t tell us her name, but she is the one on the newspaper. She was in charge of us and she gave us orders to do those crimes. Now you know why she came out unhurt because last night we were surprised to see here there. We were confused why she brought in cops and started shooting at us. She was our boss and you don’t expect us to shoot the one who feeds us. So I escaped” Darrel said and everyone was surprised to hear his revelation.

“Are you saying that Jennifer Appleby was the mastermind?” a lady reported asked. “I am not sure but I always hear her talking to a Rahim” Darrel said and William interrupted and took over. “That will be all for now as there will be an investigation. At this moment Agent Appleby is being arrested as we speak” William said.

Back at the FBI office everyone was speechless, they could not believe what they just heard. “That is not true!” Jennifer shouted but the two men held her arms and started to drag her away. “So Jeremy are you satisfied?” Mark gloated as the supervisor shook his head.

Other agents looked at Jennifer and all had doubts written all over their faces. “Hey don’t look at me like that. Its not true, Jeremy you know its not true right? Erick? John? Yehleen?” Jennifer asked. “I am sorry Jennifer, I do believe you but still you have to go with them. There will be an investigation so let the truth prevail” Jeremy said.

“He is right Jen, its protocol. Don’t worry we will get you all the help to clear you name” Erick said. “If you hurt her or torture her I am telling you I am going to bring hell on your asses” the Major threatened Mark. “Stand down Major if you don’t want to get arrested as well” Mark said as he grinned at them.

Jennifer was lead out of the office peacefully, Erick looked at Yehleen and instructed her to follow them. “I am going with” John said. “No, I need you to dig up all the dirt on that William Gregory and that agent he was with at the restaurant. Something isn’t just right here” Erick said and Jeremy nodded. “And what will you do?” John asked.

“He isn’t going to react well once he hears about this” Erick whispered and Jeremy and John looked at him. “Who are you talking about?” John asked. “Oh nothing I was just mumbling, get to work” Erick said. “Major step in my office” Jeremy said.

Inside the office Jeremy sat down and looked at the military officer. “You know what I hate being out of the loop so is there something you want to tell me?” Jeremy asked. “What are you talking about?” Erick asked. “You see I don’t understand why a senator is so concerned about three of my agents, especially Jennifer. I have been trying to have a clearer picture and the only connection I see is that they are part of Operation Salvation. So being the fourth live member can you tell me what is happening?” Jeremy said.

“You know what you are wrong, there are five of us” Erick told him. “Frank is dead, or is there another secret member?” Jeremy asked. “Nope there is only the five of us” the major clarified as he walked towards the door. “What are you trying to say?” the agent asked but Erick walked out of the door. “Major I am talking to you, where the hell are you going?”

Erick turned around and looked at him, “I really don’t know myself why or how, but I am sure if he learns about this its going to get ugly” the major told him.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 11: Still Standing

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 11: Still Standing

“It has been confirmed, the mastermind in the Wanston building bombing only known as Rahim has been shot dead. Sources say that Agent Jennifer Appleby, former member of Operation Salvation and who is known to have been romantically linked to Frank was the one who fired the shot”

“Reports are still coming in on what really happened inside the FBI building. Some say it was protocol but there are other who say it was for revenge. The field supervisor shall be conducting a press conference any moment and we shall bring it to you live. This is Sarah Kelly reporting from the Federal Bureau of Investigation building”

Jeremy turns off the television in his office and faces Jennifer who was calmly seated. “So tell me, was it protocol or revenge?” he asked her. “You were there when it happened so you tell me” the female agent replied. “That was the fastest gun draw I ever saw, pinpoint accuracy to add to it. Were you planning on shooting him the moment you saw him?” Jeremy asked. Jennifer stared at her boss and sighed, “I didn’t plan to but I really wanted to” she said.

Jeremy brought out a badge and pistol from his desk and moved them towards Jennifer. “We all saw what happened, the surveillance videos can back up your story. Let me handle the press conference. So now go and make yourself busy and crack that case already before they conduct another attack” he said and the female agent took her gun and badge but stared at her boss. “You know what it felt damn good” she said and then went out of the office.

Jennifer was headed towards the conference room but she saw Kevin enjoying a laugh with the secretary. She walked towards him and stared at the secretary so the young woman excused herself. “Arent you being rude?” Kevin asked. “Cut the crap, you handed him the keys when you brought him food” Jennifer said and the agent was surprised. “What the hell are you talking about?” he asked.

Jennifer stood in front of Kevin and made sure he heard what she was saying. “You bent down making sure he saw your gun. You even shouted gun before he was able to get hold of it” she whispered and Kevin pushed her back. “What the hell is wrong with you?!!!” he shouted as other agents came to separate the two. “I don’t know why but I am going to prove it!” Jennifer shouted as she was being pulled away from Kevin.

“Jen what was that all about?” John asked as Jennifer sat down inside the conference room. She looked around and saw that they were the only three inside the room. “John I want you to look into Kevin, his phone calls, credit card usage, oh just get everything” Jennifer told him. “Why are you doing this?” Yehleen asked.

“I know he gave the keys to Rahim and he purposely bent down so his gun was exposed. A perfect set up don’t you think?” Jennifer explained. “That is a serious accusation Jen. Kevin is a good agent and his record is clean” the doctor told her. “Too clean?” Jennifer asked and Yehleen pouted and nodded her head.

Ed was about to enter the room when he saw Kevin leaning by the door. “Arent you going in?” Ed asked. “You go ahead, I am going to let off some steam” the other agent replied. “I am sure that was just a misunderstanding” Ed told him and they nodded at each other. Kevin got out of the building and went inside his car. He quickly took out his phone and dialed.

“Hey William I am taking some heat here” Kevin said. “What do you mean?” the man on the other end asked. “She knows, agent Appleby knows and I overheard them talking about me” the agent said. William typed on his keyboard and seconds later the profile of Jennifer appeared on screen.

“So this is the one who shot Rahim, don’t you think she should be thankful for the opportunity we gave her? I heard the news and they say she is romantically linked to that Frank guy” William said. “The one who got Rahim was part of Operation Salvation too, there are two more of them and I really think they are dangerous” Kevin said and the man on the other end of the line laughed.

“I can sense the fear from your voice. So what do you want me to do?” William asked. “Get her off my back, get them off my back” Kevin replied. “Okay, since the death of Rahim didn’t stop them. I thought his death would close the case but I can see they are again being nosy so okay, let me get some things in motion. I will call you back in a while. For the mean time just act normal” William said as the phone call was cut short.

William pressed a button at his desk and a few seconds later Tina entered his office. “We are moving. Have some men clean everything here and make sure no traces of us is left. Call for one gang and tell them I want to talk to them and make sure they don’t tell the other gang” he instructed.

A few hours later William was standing at an empty room. This used to be his office but now there was nothing left inside. “Sir, they are here” Tina said. “Are the dummy accounts ready?” he asked. “Yes sir, but wouldn’t they notice that they are fake accounts?” she asked. “they are too dumb to notice and I don’t think any of them do have a Swiss account so its enough to fool them. As long as they see their names and how much is inside the account would motivate them” William explained as the two left the room.

Inside the warehouse, the gang members were surprised to see crates all around. The place used to be empty but this time it really looked like a warehouse. “Good Evening gentlemen. Please come closer” William told them.

“Don’t mind the crates please, they are valuable items. How would you like to earn an instant million today?” he asked. “Each?” one member asked. “Yes, one million dollars each deposited to your very own Swiss accounts” William told them and the gang members were shocked.

“I take your reaction as a yes so I have set up your accounts already. Tina please show them their accounts” William instructed as the secretary set up her laptop in front of everybody. Some gang members gathered and took a look, they burst in laughter after seeing their names and the amounts they had. “Oh shit is this real?” one member asked. “As real as it can get” Tina said.

“What do we have to do boss?” a gang member asked. “Well, I told you these crates are valuable items. It took us a hard time obtaining them and in business you will always have rivals. This rival of mine want these items so I would be needing you to guard them” he told them.

“That would be easy boss” a gang member commented. “I don’t think so, you see this rival of mine has goons posing as cops. I heard reports that they would be coming over later this evening to take these items from me” William said. A van entered the warehouse and two men stepped out and opened the van doors. High caliber rifles were seen along with body armors.

“But I wont let you guard this place without firepower” William said as he brought out one gun and shot his bodyguard on the chest. The man fell to the ground but seconds later slowly stood up grimacing in pain. “Yes its painful but look he is alive” he said and the gang members were excited. “We get to wear that right?” one asked and William nodded.

The gang members suited up and each was given rifles and ammo. “Hey boss there are only twenty of us, what if they come in hundreds?” one gang member asked. “That is why you will be guarding from the second floor, their only way inside is through the main floor so you will have a vantage point” William explained and the gang members were liking it. “Hey boss what if they don’t show up?” one asked. “Oh don’t worry they will” William replied.

The gang members were fooling around the warehouse, William and Tina silently exited through the back door. “You know that those are not real body armors right?” Tina asked and William grinned. “They wouldn’t know that unless they start shooting themselves then what would be a problem. I am sure they saw how painful it is to be shot and I don’t think they would be dumb enough to try” William explained.

“So shall I call the FBI to give the tip?” Tina asked and William looked at her. “No, I want to do it. Make sure that reporter will be here to see the bloodbath. Its time to make the cops busy” he told her.

Back at the FBI building, it was another unproductive day for the agents. They were about to call it a night when John noticed a spike at the police channel. “I think the gangs are at it again. Several 911 calls were just made now” he said as he showed them his laptop.

As the other were busy Kevin received a text message, “Take the forest” it said. A secretary entered the room and everyone looked at her, “We have no agents left but our presence is needed at a nearby forest, they say its gang related” she told them. Kevin quickly stood up and looked at Ed, “Lets take this” he said.

Jennifer didn’t bother to react, Ed looked at her but she only nodded. As the two agents left the room the secretary came back. “Agent Appleby I think you would like to take this call” the secretary said as Jennifer followed her to the lobby.

“Agent Appleby” Jennifer answered. “The warehouse at the outskirt of the city. They are there” the man on the other said. “Hello? Who is this?” she asked. “They are there, you should head there immediately” the man said and the phone call ended. “Jen what is it?” Yehleen asked. “I don’t know, but he said they are at the warehouse” the agent replied.

“Who they?” the doctor asked. “I think it was a tip, I have to go and check” Jennifer said as she immediately rushed to the elevator. “You want us to come with you?” John asked. “No, I need you here just in case this tip is true. I will keep in touch” Jennifer said as the elevator door closed.

Thirty minutes later Jennifer parked her vehicle one block away from the warehouse, she was surprised to see a news van arrive. Sarah Kelly got out of the van and Jennifer immediately confronted her. “What are you doing here?” the agent asked. “So its true then? This is where the gang members are” Sarah said. “Who told you?” Jennifer asked.

“Well I got a tip a while ago, your presence here confirms it” the reporter said. “There is nothing to confirm yet” Jennifer told her. The camera man was about to turn on the lights but the agent stopped him. “What are you trying to do? Get us killed? Wait, that has zoom right? Focus on the warehouse and see if there are gang members” she said and the cameraman did as instructed. “Oh shit this is the place” the man whispered as Jennifer grabbed the camera to take a look for herself.

The agent told them to get down as she took her phone and started to call. “John, its confirmed, this is the place. I will be needing back up immediately. The two men I saw in front were carrying high caliber rifles” Jennifer said. “Oh about that, I think everyone is busy right now” John replied. “Damn it John, send anyone who can shoot here immediately” Jennifer told him. “Okay okay hang on I am on it” the computer whiz replied.

Twenty minutes later two patrol cars and one unmarked vehicle arrived. Four policemen and two agents that were fully suited up approached Jennifer and Sarah. “We have no time to waste, I have confirmed the gang presence. We have to go in immediately” Jennifer said. “There are only seven of you” Sarah interrupted. “Shouldn’t we wait for the SWAT team to arrive?” one cop asked. “And let them get away? This is our chance so I say we take it. If you don’t want to then stay behind” Jennifer said as she started to move towards the warehouse.

“Agent Appleby you aren’t wearing a vest” one agent whispered and Jennifer looked at him. “I left mine at the office” she replied. “I have an extra on the car” the agent told her but Jennifer ignored him and ran towards the warehouse. “One crazy bitch that is” Sarah commented as she signaled her cameraman to start filming.

There were no gang members in front of the warehouse, Jennifer and the other two agents took lead while the four cops trailed them. The side door to the warehouse was open, they silently walked inside only to be greeted by one gang member who was calmly seated on a chair. “FBI! Drop the weapon and don’t move!” Jennifer shouted as her companions took guard.

The gang member laughed and stood up, “My boss told me you were coming” he said and Jennifer was surprised. From the second floor the other gang members showed up pointing their rifles at the visitors. “What do you call this? Ambush? Yeah gangster style” the gang member on the floor said as he pointed his rifle at Jennifer. “Your safety is on dumbass” Jennifer said as the gang member checked the lady agent shot him on the forehead. Seeing their fellow gang member on the floor the others started to fire and all hell broke loose.

All television channels showed the live broadcast of Sarah Kelly as the gun battle inside the warehouse continued. “Five minutes have passed and still the firefight is ongoing. Three FBI agents and four cops headed by Agent Jennifer Appleby have engaged the gang members. We cannot go any closer but from the sounds that we are hearing from the inside it doesn’t sound good at all” Sarah said.

William was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the television from a hotel suite. “Sir what will happen to those gang members who survive that gun battle?” Tina asked. “I don’t think they will survive since the SWAT are on their way to the scene. As well as the other cops, I don’t think they will let one gang member live after seeing their comrades killed” he told her.

“The pareamedics and SWAT team have arrived…wait the gun battle seemed to have ended” Sarah Kelly said as the camera zoomed in at the warehouse entrance. “The door is opened and I think there is someone coming out. The SWAT team have postioned themselves…we have to take cover now” the reporter added.

The SWAT team has surrounded the warehouse, they fire smoke bombs from all angles to draw the people inside to come out.

“Smoke is coming out from the warehouse door and we can see someone coming out. Its Agent Appleby!!! She is alive!!!”

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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 10: Outsmarted

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 10: Outsmarted

At the outskirt of the local airport, a car was parked with its trunk barely open. A rifle barrel with silencer was peeking out, inside the car a man was on the phone at the driver’s seat. “Yes we are in position” he said. The back seat was gone and present was another man laying on his chest and focusing the rifle. “Ask him where he wants the first bullet?” the man boasted.

William grinned and tapped his table, “Just tell him not to miss” he said. “Okay boss, I have to call you back. The plane is here” the driver said. From the horizon the strong engine of the military plane could be heard as it gears up for a landing. At the tarmac several cars were already starting to move towards the landing area.

A minute later the plane landed, the driver dialed his phone as his companion got ready. “Sir they have landed” he said. “Keep this line open, I cant tap into the airport’s surveillance cameras so give me a live report” William said. “Hey you two better shut up now!” the sniper yelled.

Armed soldiers started to get out of the plane as more soldiers and suited agents kept watch. A few seconds later a man in cuffs was escorted out of the plane and the sniper took a deep breath. “Here we go” he whispered. On his scope he could see the arms of Rahim, his trigger hand was ready and awaiting for the target’s head to show. A glimpse of the face and suddenly a loud explosion was heard nearby.

Soldiers rushed Rahim to a car which quickly sped away along with four other marked vehicles. “What the hell happened?” William asked. The driver started the car as the his companion shut the trunk. “We don’t know sir, there was an explosion at the airport. They are rushing Rahim out so we are going to give chase” the driver said.

William stood up and kicked his desk, “What explosion?!!!” he yelled. “How the hell should we know, maybe there are others after Rahim” the driver said. William took a deep breath and turned on his computer. “Don’t let him get off the vehicle alive. Do what you have to do, I will send more guys to assist. Keep this line open” he instructed.

William’s men kept their distance from the convoy, and ten minutes later they were surprised to see the marked vehicles enter a drive thru restaurant. “Sir, they entered a drive thru” the driver said. “Don’t follow them, I know this tactic. Once they exit don’t follow the convoy, wait for the unmarked vehicle and follow it” William said.

A minute later the marked vehicles exited the drive thru, William’s men waited and just as their boss said an unmarked vehicle emerged. “Boss you were right, we are going to follow them now” the driver said. William was grinning and nodding, “I am sending them your direction, guys don’t make it so messy” he instructed as he turned off his phone.

Two minutes later Tina barges in the office and immediately turned on the television. “I am sorry but you should see this” she said. William looked at the television and he was surprised to see Rahim at a press conference. Beside him was Erick and on the other side was Jennifer, as the former was speaking to the media. William could not comprehend what was happening, it took him a few more seconds before he understood that they were outsmarted.

Erick was standing proud as he presented Rahim to the media, “This is a momentous day, we have the mastermind in the Wanston bombing” he said as loud applauses were heard all around. “Sir, are we violating any laws by bringing him here?” one reporter asked.

“No we are not, his country gave the go signal for us to capture him and extradite him” Erick answered. “Sir, about the airport bombing earlier, were Rahim’s men trying to get hold of him?” another reporter asked and Erick laughed.

“I am sorry but that was all staged. We knew that there would be some coming after Rahim, in order for him not to talk. So I secretly made a plan, I got in touch with my fellow Operation Salvation members” Erick paused and looked at Jennifer. “I took the risk of flying Rahim here by commercial plane. We were met by FBI agents at the airport and they did a good job of securing us” Erick explained.

“As expected my plan paid off. There were men after the convoy and a few seconds ago I heard they were in a fierce gun battle with the authorities who cornered them. I still have no idea who this men are” Erick added and William quickly dialed his phone but there was no one answering on the other end. He tried to call his other men but they were not answering too.

William was enraged; he threw his phone at the television and kicked his chair. “Sir please calm down” Tina said. “Get out! Get out of here!!!” William shouted and the scared secretary rushed out of the office.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation building was heavily guarded. All roads to the building was blocked as this was the first time they were guarding a known terrorist. Inside the building, Rahim was comfortably seated at the investigation room. He smiled at the mirror for he knew there were agents looking at him from the other side. Erick, Yehleen, John and Jennifer were gathered and staring at the terrorist.

“Why aren’t we given lead on this?” Jennifer asked. “We four are not allowed to be even near him” John added. “I think Yehleen can explain why” Erick told them. “Guys, I know you all want a piece of him, that is why they are not allowing us to be even close to him. We four who were closest to Frank that is” the doctor explained. Jennifer banged her hands on the glass and screamed. “That is so unfair!!!”

Rahim smiled and raised his cuffed hands. “BOOM!!!” he shouted and then laughed. Jennifer rushed to the door but Erick managed to grab her. “Let me go!” she yelled. “Jennifer, don’t let him get into you. We already have him so let the law take care of him” Erick told her. “The law is not enough to heal a hurting heart!!! Just give me ten minutes with him please!!!” she screamed but Erick hugged her tighter.

“Jennifer, there is a saying but I am not familiar with it. It says something like this, no matter how harsh the law is, it is still the law” Erick whispered. “Just think like Frank Jen, what would he do if he was in your place? What could he have done if it was you who died?” Yehleen said. “Frank would tear that asshole in pieces! He would shred every bone in his body and I would like to do the same!!!” Jennifer shouted as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“You asked the wrong question” John suddenly quipped and everyone looked at him. “I too would shred every bone in his body if it was you he killed Yehl. I am on your side Jen but we swore to uphold the law. That is why we have our badges to remind us of that. That room has electronic locks, I can disable them for you. If you are willing to spend the rest of your life in jail then just tell me. Would Frank like you to end up that way?” John told her.

Jennifer looked at John and bowed her head. “The man who was responsible for killing Frank is in the other room and I cant even do anything about it” she whispered and Erick closed his eyes and there was something inside of him raring to come out. “Frank is alive” he whispered and the three looked at him.

The military officer suddenly choked and took a deep breath. He released Jennifer and pointed to his heart. He knew he had to keep his promise and he found a way out. The four of them comforted each other and they all looked at Rahim who was still smiling. “I just wish the law would be harsher on him” Jennifer said. “Yeah, I hope they chop of his head” Yehleen said and everyone smiled for the doctor was never known to show signs of violence, this was a first.

It was back to work for all of the other agents, the military men were responsible for guarding Rahim for the mean time as he was about to be transferred to a more secure area later.

Inside the conference room Kevin and Ed were waiting for the three to take their seats. A phone rang and Kevin took out his phone and looked at it. “Excuse me guys, I really have to take this” he said as he quickly went out of the room. The agent ran towards the stairway and looked around before answering his phone.

“Hello, I told you not to call me on this phone” Kevin said. “Is he still there?” the man on the other line asked. “What do you think? I thought you were going to handle things?” Kevin replied. “You didn’t tell me your office had other plans” the man replied.

“Hey I didn’t know about it. It was between Operation Salvation members only!” Kevin snapped. “Still you should have known that, I am not paying you to just take orders so earn your keep!” the man on the other line shouted. “Okay William, what do you want me to do?” Kevin asked.

“I want you to clean the mess up” William said. “Are you crazy?! I cant do that!” the agent told him. “Oh you are not going to pull the trigger. All you have to do is set things in motion and let others pull the trigger. Do you understand?” William told him and Kevin took a deep breath. “Yeah, I have a plan but its going to cost you” he said. “Just get it done and we talk later” William said as he turned off the phone.

It was lunch time at the office, a secretary was about to bring Rahim food but Kevin intercepted her. “Let me, he is a dangerous man so I don’t want to risk a pretty lady like you” he told her. The young secretary smiled at the agent and handed him the food tray.

Kevin stood in front of the door as the two military men radioed for the door to be opened. Kevin was escorted inside and he placed the tray in front of the terrorist. Rahim raised his hands and looked at Kevin. “How am I supposed to eat?” he asked. The agent stared the terrorist in the eye as he raised the napkin slowly. “I don’t care how you are supposed to eat! Be thankful that we are even feeding you! I would rather see you starve to death!!!” Kevin berated him but his eyes slowly looked at the napkin to which Rahim followed.

The terrorist saw the key to the handcuffs, he stared the agent in the eyes and knew he was on his side. Kevin took the plastic cup of water and threw it on Rahim’s face, the military men held him back and the agent walked out of the door.

Two hours later the whole building was filled with armed soldiers, Rahim was about to be transferred to a maximum security facility. “Come on lets go line up along the corridors to bid him farewell” John gamely said. Yehleen and Jennifer followed and they all stood by the hallway.

The two unarmed soldiers brought out Rahim of the holding room and the three started to walk. Kevin was nearest, he bent down to tie his shoes. Everyone was looking at Rahim at that instant but the terrorist had his sights somewhere else. Kevin bent down far enough in order for his firearm to be exposed, Rahim saw it and he immediately rushed and to get hold of the weapon.

Kevin immediately shouted, “Gun!!!” and at the same time Rahim took hold of the pistol. He was about to point it but a gun shot was heard.

Rahim fell to the ground, blood started gushing out of the bullet hole in his forehead. All eyes were on him momentarily but it immediately shifted to the person who fired the shot.

Erick ran towards the hallway, he saw Jennifer holding her pistol with both hands. Armed soldiers grabbed the gun from Jennifer and they took her away. “What did you do?!!” Erick asked as he looked at the dead body of the terrorist.

“He had a gun” Jennifer said as she too could not believe what she had done. Kevin stood up and looked at Rahim, he then looked at Jennifer and shook his head.

When the commotion had died down, Jennifer was inside the questioning room being interrogated by military officers. Erick was pacing down the hallway shaking his head as Kevin walked towards the stairway and he brought out his phone.

“Its done”

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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 9: Signs of Life

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 9: Signs of Life

Erick woke up and looked around, he noticed the tent was still and all he could hear were the mild snores. The sandstorm was over so he stepped outside to be greeted by the blinding sun. Erick stretched his arms and took a deep breath, before he could exhale he froze and his jaw dropped.

Erick wiped his eyes as he could not believe what he was seeing. There in front of their tent was Rahim, tied up to a chair and fast asleep. He quickly got back inside the tent, took his firearm and silently woke the others. “Everyone get your gear on, I think we have a situation outside” he whispered.

A minute later everyone was suited up, they got on all corners of the tent and on Erick’s signal they moved out slowly. “Fan out everyone, move carefully” he ordered and his troop had their guns pointed as they fanned out to check the perimeter.

“This is Desert Frank 1 requesting for satellite imaging on our location” Erick said on the radio as his men kept guard. “Sir, the coast is clear” one soldier said. “We better make sure, do we have it yet?” Erick said and the soldier handling the laptop showed him the satellite image of their location. “No signs of bad guys around Major” the soldier replied.

“Everyone hold your position, two of you check out his body if its booby trapped” Erick commanded and two soldiers carefully checked the body of Rahim. One soldier gave the thumbs up and Erick approached their target. “What the hell is going on here? Did they just give him up?” he asked and the soldiers laughed.

“Sir I think we have something, it’s a hard drive” one soldier said and Erick stepped back and looked worried. “Are you sure that is a hard drive? Maybe that is a bomb” he said and the soldier laughed. “Yes I am sure sir, I have one just like this. It’s a portable hard drive” the soldier replied. “I was just kidding you! Okay go check what is on it” Erick instructed.

Erick walked towards Rahim and noticed an envelope attached to his chest. “To Valiant” he read so he quickly took the envelope and looked around. Erick could not believe his eyes, there were only four people who him that and the three he is sure are hundreds of miles away.

“Everyone at ease! Head back!” he instructed. “Sir, are you sure?” one soldier asked and the Major smiled and nodded his head. “Check out if he is the real Rahim, and will someone prepare breakfast!” Erick told them as he quickly walked towards the back of one tank and opened the envelope.

“To Valiant, Happy Birthday my friend. I know you are surprised but I will explain everything soon. So, this one is on me buddy. I am sure you will know what to do” the card inside said and Erick was in tears. Even though there was no name included he well knew who sent the card. Seconds later he started laughing and he let out a shout of relief.

“Sir! Are you alright?” one soldier asked as Erick quickly hid the card. “Hell yeah! Gather everyone inside the tent immediately” he said and he still kept laughing.

Inside the tent, Erick was still in a good mood as the last two soldiers got in. “Where is he?” he asked. “tied and secured inside one of the tanks sir” one soldier said and the major nodded. “Men! We have to get our story straight, so this is what happened” Erick told them as he narrated to them what they supposedly had done.

After talking everyone was still shocked, “But sir we didn’t do anything” one commented. “I said we did it, get your head straight boy!” Erick countered. “Okay sir but who could have done this? His own men?” one asked and the major grinned. “One of ours” he told them and his soldiers paused.

“Oh my God, you all have to see this” one said as he showed the rest the images on the laptop. It was the satellite image of Rahim’s palace and everyone noticed the hole on the roof. “How can one of us do that alone and bring him here?” one soldier asked and the more Erick grinned. Everyone started to look at each other as the soldiers were still baffled. “Sir are we the only ones after Rahim, or is there another troop? If there is all I can say is they are damn good, look I don’t think even Rahim’s guards have noticed him gone” one soldier told him.

“Trust me, he is one of us” Erick said. “Come on sir, if you know something tell us. How are we supposed to stick to our story when there is something else bothering our minds?” one soldier said. “If I told you, you all would not believe me” Erick said. “Try us!” one quipped and Erick looked at him.

Erick brought out his birthday card and showed his men, “Oh we forgot! Happy Birthday sir!” one shouted. “Stupid! Look closer” another soldier commented as everyone moved closer and looked at the card. “Frank! That is Frank’s hand writing!” one said and the whole tent erupted in cheers and disbelief.

“Is he alive?” one asked. “Dumb ass of course he is, but sir how?” another asked. “Trust me I really don’t know how but I sure am happy as hell knowing he is alive” Erick told them and the more laughter and glee filled everyone. “I knew it! I always knew there was something different with Frank” one said. “Wait!” one shouted and everyone looked at him.

“So does this mean that he is…” he said but Erick stopped him. “Whatever he is he will explain everything to us I know. For now we have to keep this to ourselves. So as I have explained earlier we hit the palace with great skill and precision” the major told them. “Hell yeah! No fires shot even” one commented and they all started laughing.

“We have enough time to get out stories straight. Call the base and request for extraction, and tell them we have Rahim” Erick commanded.

Hundreds of miles away from the desert, William was busy conversing with his five allies. The six of them obviously enjoying as they watched their stocks rise in value. “I told you gentlemen this was effortless” William boasted. “Don’t worry William we left you some” one said and again everyone laughed.

Tina entered the room and William got angry. “Don’t you know how to knock? I told you to never enter when we are having a conference!” he told her. “I am sorry sir but I am sure you will want to hear this” she said. “What is it?” William asked.

“They have Rahim” Tina said and the man’s jaw dropped. “Did I hear her right? Who has Rahim?” one man on the screen asked. “The troops have him” Tina clarified and William could not believe it. Tina set her laptop in front of William as she showed him the troops request for extraction. “How did this happen?” he asked. “William! Is this true?” one man asked.

“It seems so. Tina show me the satellite coverage of Rahim’s palace” William said and a few seconds later he saw what the troops saw. “I don’t believe this” he said as he started to dial his phone. “Hello! Will you go check on Rahim” William said on the phone. “Sir he is still asleep in his room” the man on the line said. “I said go check on him now!” William snapped and signaled Tina to leave the room.

A minute later William could hear panic on the other end so he hang up the phone and slammed his desk. “You told us you had everything under control!” one man said. “I did! I never saw this coming. How should I know that the troop was going to invade during the sandstorm. As of last communications they said they were standing down for the moment to let the storm pass” William told them.

“So are we in trouble?” one man asked. “Obviously! He has not even told Rahim of our leverage on him. Now we cant talk to Rahim and tell him we have his family. What are we going to do William?” another man replied.

“We have to kill him” William said and the others were surprised. “How are you going to do that when we cant get to him now” an elder man asked. “Leave it to me, they are bringing Rahim here so once he sets foot on this country he is good as dead” William said. “What if he talks before he gets here?” one asked.

“I don’t think they would have time to speak to him. They are occupied at the moment and their priority is to get him here to be tried” William explained. “Are you sure you will be able to get him?” a man asked and William stared at him. “Consider him dead” he said as he shut down the monitors.

Tina entered the room and looked at her boss, “Tina, I want you to follow every movement and communication of that troop. Send some men to greet Rahim upon his arrival and make sure he does not get to set foot on this country. If he does make sure its not only his foot that sets ground” William ordered and Tina nodded her head.

At the FBI office, Team Frank was having a late night conference as they were getting nowhere with their case. John suddenly pumps his fist on the air as everyone looked at him. “What is it John?” Yehleen asked and he showed them his laptop screen. “They have him!!!” he yelled.

Jennifer stood up and grabbed the laptop to confirm what John told them. Yehleen was in tears as she hugged her fiancĂ©e who was still pumped up with the news. Jennifer closed her eyes and bowed her head as tears started falling from her eyes. “Congratulations, its late so we better continue tomorrow” Ed said as he and Kevin left the conference room.

Yehleen and John moved closer to Jennifer and comforted her, “They have him Jen” Yehleen whispered. “Thank you Erick” Jennifer whispered as she wiped her tears. “Wait! Isnt it Erick’s birthday today?” Yehleen asked. “Oh yeah! Don’t worry they are coming back. When he gets lets throw him a big party” John said but Jennifer again bowed her head.

“Whats wrong Jen?” Yehleen asked. “He has done something, he found the mastermind. He is useful, but we are not” she said. “Don’t say that Jen, I am sure we are going to crack this case. It just happened that Erick caught him first which is good right?” John said.

“No! I wanted to be the one to catch Rahim, I kept wishing that he was just here in our country so I could look for him” Jennifer explained and Yehleen hugged her. “I know exactly what you are feeling, even I and John want the same but he was so far away and only Erick and his men could be able to do that. I know you wanted this badly but so did we” Yehleen told her.

“Yeah, still I wanted to be the one” Jennifer said as she looked at the two and smiled. “Its getting late, we should go home and continue this tomorrow” John said so the three went home.

Back at home Jennifer could not sleep, she got up and stared at her digital clock. It was only one in the morning so she laid back down and sighed. Seconds later her phone rang so she quickly got up and answered it.

“Hello Jen” the voice on the other end said. “Erick is that you?” she asked and the man laughed. “Sorry for waking you up” Erick told her. “No, no I was awake. Congratulations and happy birthday” Jennifer said. Erick laughed and Jennifer stood up and walked to the terrace.

“I called because I need you help” Erick said. “My help?” Jennifer asked. “Yes, let me explain” the major said as he began to explain. As Erick was speaking Jennifer noticed something on the terrace floor. She knelt down and saw sand.

Jennifer looked around and didn’t understand why there was sand on the floor. After Erick spoke she had to let Erick repeat everything since her mind was wandering. “Okay, I will get the group” Jennifer said. “Jen, this is a secured line so keep a low profile” Erick told her. “Yes I know, leave it to me” she told him.

“Oh okay so I will be seeing you in a few hours then” Erick told her. “Wait, there was sand in that place right?” she asked and Erick laughed. “Of course, it’s the Middle East Jen” the major said and Jennifer smiled. “Tell me how you did it” she said.

“Oh I can tell you all about it later” Erick said. “Did you get some help?” she asked. “Jen what are you talking about?” Erick asked and Jennifer laughed. “Oh nothing Erick, okay then I will see you later” she said as she turned off her phone.

Jennifer knelt down to observe the sand on the floor, she didn’t know how it got there so there was only one thing on her mind. She stood up and looked down and saw Papo looking up at her. “What are you looking at Papo?” Jen asked as she looked up but saw nothing. The dog started to bark so Jennifer looked at him, “Okay, head to the door and meet me there” she told Papo as she headed downstairs to let the dog inside.

The house roof was filled with sand as there lay Frank who was fast asleep.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 8: All Bases Covered

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 8: All Bases Covered

Four days have passed and the new attacks of the gangs are again all over the news. Jennifer turned off the television and John reacted. “Hey turn it back on” he said. “We have seen enough, come on lets go to the conference room” she said.

Inside the conference room as the three were seated, two more agents entered the room. Ed Priestly and Kevin Sholes, were two young agents with the latter having the hots for Jennifer. “I got you some coffee” Kevin said as he hand the cup to Jennifer. “Oh thank you Frank” the lady agent replied. “Its Kevin” the man said and Jennifer looked at him and smiled.

Yehleen passed the folders around as John flashed images on the giant screen. “So what do we know so far?” Jennifer asked. “Nothing” Yehleen said and there was an air of frustration in the room. “Even the cops are not going anywhere, they don’t have any leads or clues to who this gang members are” Ed told them.

“And last night they attacked again, not even one arrest or even a chase” Kevin said. “Wait, how about the dead bodies in the first attack? Have they been identified?” Jennifer asked. “Local drug dealers and pimps” John revealed as he flashed the identities of the dead gang members. “No one has claimed their bodies yet, the police questioned their family members but they all deny that the men were involved in a gang” he added.

“Two gangs just showing up out of nowhere and terrorizing the city all of a sudden” Jennifer murmured. “Not just this city, they are nationwide” Ed clarified. “Okay lets focus locally first. Have the cops questioned the known gangs? Do they know about the two new gangs?” Jennifer asked.

“The actually did that but it led them to nowhere since even they are baffled. The known gangs don’t know who they are” Yehleen said. “That’s impossible, aren’t they even trying to defend their turf? Isnt that how they are supposed to be?” Jennifer asked. “Indeed but I saw the footages of the questioning and I saw that most of the gang members had fear in their eyes. Even the members of the two top gangs in this city” Yehleen added.

“So they know who they are if that is the case” Jennifer said and the doctor shook her head. “Not really, if they knew who they were then the top two gangs would have squealed already. You are right, they have to defend their turf and so if they know who the two new gangs are then without hesitation they would spill on the beans or name them” Yehleen clarified.

“So what are they? A sleeper cell of sorts? Never been heard of at all then one day they start to show themselves. Well the funny side is that the two new gangs are trying to kill each other which is good right?” Kevin said and everyone looked at him irritated.

“They know the right places to hit at the right time. The sad thing is when the cops arrive they are already gone” Jennifer said and all eyes were on her. “What are you trying to say?” Ed asked. “I don’t want to think of it but we should look at all angles here” she stated. “Oh come on, you among all people? Come on you were a member of Operation Salvation, you shouldn’t be talking that way” Ed told her.

“I am not trying to accuse them, I just said we should also look at that angle” Jennifer clarified. “I think she is right, if you look at it the two gangs seem to know the right moves at the right time. At all times there are no cops present or if there are the always are too late to stop the crimes or even witness it” Yehleen said.

“So we two should go check on the cops then” Kevin said and smiled at Jennifer. “Oh sorry Frank, I am going with Yehleen. You and Ed go to the cops and check on the 911 calls and shifting schedules” Jennifer instructed. “Hey stop calling me Frank” Kevin said. “Yeah sorry. You two go now and report back here after lunch” she told them.

After the two men left the room Yehleen looked at Jennifer. “Why are you calling him Frank? Do you like him?” she asked and Jennifer laughed. “I was trying to piss him off and it worked. Anyway lets go” she said. “Why me? I am not suited for field work” Yehleen complained. “Yehl I need you, we are going to go question gang members ourselves. I am sure they must know something, two gangs would not just pop out of nowhere and decided to be street kings. That is why I need you with me to see if there is truth in what they would say” Jennifer explained.

“I think you should get another agent” John said. “John please relax, I wont let anything bad happen to Yehleen. “Fine, then let her wear a vest, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and if you can manage it please wear a metal armor” John told them and the two ladies laughed.

At the warehouse located at the outskirt of the city, William was pacing around his office as he listened to the five men on screen rant. “Are you crazy? Why did you give them fifty thousand dollars each this time?” one man asked. “Gentlemen why are you all so worried about that?” William asked as he lit a cigarette. “You are paying them off to much, then after all of these you will pay them a million each again” another man told him.

“Gentlemen they are doing our dirty work, in order to gain their loyalty and silence we should make sure they are happy” William explained. “As for the million, well we only pay those who are alive” he added as he faced them and grinned. “What are you trying to say?” one asked.

“Well after all damage has been done we cannot afford to have loose ends even if they pledge their loyalty. So in the end I shall have them all killed, it has to be done so there would be no chances of leaks and links to us” he clarified and the five men were satisfied.

“Now for the good news, please click on the link I sent you a while ago” William told them. “As you can see our efforts has caused a mild tremor, look at the stock prices of our selected targets. They have dropped, but that is days ago. Click on the second link now to see the current values” he told them.

“I’d be damned! You should start buying!” one man told him and William laughed. “Gentlemen, we should start buying” he clarified. “Don’t worry the gangs will be having two weeks off, enough time presume for the stocks to rise. If ever we are not satisfied with the gains we can hold them off a bit longer” William told them and the six of them shared a good laugh.

“Oh by the way William, Rahim wants back in” one man said. William sat down and took a deep breath. “Its up to you all to decided. For me I think Rahim is a vital asset to us. We cannot shop for a replacement” he said and the five men were in agreement.

“But even if we decide to let him back in, they already know that he is the mastermind” one man said. “Indeed and we cannot do anything to refute that. The only thing we can do is hide Rahim, well I think you will agree with me that is a just punishment for him” William said. “You are correct, he has to pay for trying to opt out. He has to suffer, so will we be able to keep him hidden?” another man asked.

“Of course, that would be easy” William said. “Wait, you told us that there is a troop headed his way. How are you going to deal with that? We all know that Rahim is not fond of heavy security” an elder voice said. “Well fortunately there is a sandstorm that is currently ravaging their location so even the troops cannot advance towards him” William said.

“Rest assured I am sending some of our own men to give this troop something they will never forget. Relax gentlemen I have foreseen this and our men will arrive there just in time to defend Rahim’s palace” he assured them.

“So gentlemen please excuse me for I have other matters to attend to. Leave some stocks for me please” he said and again they all laughed.

William shuts off the monitors and Tina enters the room. “Sir I think we found him” she said and the man was delighted. Tina turned on one LCD panel and took over the computer. Showed on the screen a video of Frank’s funeral. Seconds later she paused the video and William could not believe it, “So he is alive!” he exclaimed.

“Yes sir, and we were able to get the plate number of the vehicle he got in to. It is registered to Senator David Richards” she said and the man sat down and grinned. “Sir please focus your attention on the two men with him” Tina said but William shook his head. “I just want Nathan, track down that vehicle and find him. Do whatever it takes but make sure bring him to me alive” he instructed.

Tina left the office and William just stared at the paused video. He took out his phone and started to dial. “Hello Elaine, its me William” he said. “I told you not to be calling this phone. Hang up and let me be the one to call you, its not safe” she said.

William hang up and seconds later his phone rang, “What is it?” she asked. “I found him” he replied. “You found Nathan Miller?” she asked. “Yes, I found him and soon we will have him” William told her. “Finally, you are making yourself useful” his sister said.

“Elaine, how is dad doing?” William asked. “Nothing has changed, he is still in a coma. If what you say is true then dad will be fine that is if Nathan still has the serum” Elaine told him. “If he doenst?” he asked. “Then he has to make one, I am sure his wife gave him the papers. I don’t believe that she kept it all on her head. Even I cannot do that, so call me when you have him dear brother” Elaine said as she hung up the phone.

Hundreds of miles away Erick and his troop were having fun inside a huge tent. “Hey Major are you sure this tent will be able to withstand this sandstorm?” one soldier asked. “Hell yeah, if the tanks start flying then we start worrying” Erick said and everyone laughed.

Their huge tent was swaying, the only thing that kept it from being blown away were the ropes that were tied to it, and at the end they were tied to tanks at both sides. “Now you all gather around so we can plan our siege. Based on satellite images Rahim has a low level security. We don’t want bloodshed, we are here to take him back alive so he can pay for his sins” Erick said.

Eric looked at the badge on the arm of the soldier beside him, “We have no room for error, we are not doing this for us, we are doing this for Frank” the major said and the soldiers were silent.

Back at the warehouse William was staring at two satellite images, one was the palace of Rahim and the other was the location of Erick and his men. “How long will the sandstorm last?” he asked. “Probably two days sir” the man on the other end of the phone replied.

“Will you be sure you will get to Rahim’s palace in time?” William asked. “We shall start moving tomorrow sir, with or without sandstorm” the man answered. “Good, if you get there in time get Rahim out and burn everything. If the troops catch up, engage them and make sure their ashes blend well with the sand” William instructed as he hang up the phone. He dialed another number and he sat back.

Hundreds of miles away in a desert palace Rahim answers his phone. “William! I have been trying to get in touch with you. What the hell did you do?” Rahim asked. “Rahim, relax, I have everything under control. I wont let anything bad happen to you. Sit back and enjoy for a while. My men will be with you shortly” William reassured him. “Relax? Are you crazy? One troop is headed over here and you tell me to relax? You know I don’t have that much firepower!” Rahim said.

“Rahim, you know me well and you know what my men are capable of” William said and the middle eastern man sat back and smiled. “Of course William, I am sorry. Thank you for having me back by the way” Rahim said. “You don’t have to thank me, we always look out for each other. See you in a few days my friend” William said as he turned off his phone.

Rahim stood up and walked towards the window, he could not see anything outside because of the sandstorm. “Well at least even nature is on my side” he said to himself and started to laugh.

Outside his palace gates the winds were vicious. The palace could barely be seen due to the sandstorm. A few seconds later the storm momentarily calmed down and there stood a man facing the palace with head up high.

A strong wind started to blow along with it blinding sand particles, the man who was in front of the palace gate suddenly vanished.

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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 7: Team Frank

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 7: Team Frank

“Police over the city have been busy since late last night in what seems to be a chain of gang related violence. Two new gangs that have never been heard of suddenly surfaced and immediately made their presence felt”

“All over the city reports of robberies, mugging and vandalism have been reported at almost simultaneous times. Authorities say that it seemed that the two gangs were having a contest of sorts and at the end of the night they ended it with a gun battle where six men, three from each side were killed”

“It seemed that the two gangs were trying to impress each other so they even took videos of their exploits. This network was able to obtain exclusively those videos and we are going to show them to you” Sarah Kelly said as the videos were shown on the television.

Jennifer, Yehleen and John had their eyes glued on the television at the employees’ lounge. All three were shaking their heads as several videos were shown on the screen.

“This final video may be a simple case of vandalism but I am sure this will cause a major uproar. See for yourself what this vicious and mindless gang members did” Sarah Kelly added and the video of gang members defacing the statue of Frank was shown.

Jennifer quickly stood up and had her fists clenched. John hammered on his wheelchair and Yehleen tried to console them both. “I want to go after them!” Jennifer shouted and Yehleen tried to calm her down. “That is not our area, the police are the ones who handles those” the doctor clarified. “It has to be a really sensation crime or something nationwide” John added and Jennifer pouted and changed the channel.

Videos similar to what they have just watched were shown but they noticed that it was on a different city. “What the hell is going on?” Jennifer asked as she turned to another channel. It was a report on another city but the same gang related violence were shown, Jennifer dropped the remote control and quickly ran to her supervisor’s office. Jeremy just got off the phone and signaled Jennifer to come in. “Yes what is it?” he asked.

“I want to go and investigate the current gang violence reports” Jennifer told him. Jeremy shook his head and moved a pile of folders forward. “The cops are on it so here make yourself busy” her supervisor told her. Jennifer looked at the pile of folders and brought out her service pistol and badge. She placed the two on top of Jeremy’s desk and stared at him.

“If you plan to pin me down on deskwork for the rest of my career then I quit. I will give you the whole day to think about it. I am going to finish these paperwork, if you change your mind you return these to me. If I don’t hear anything from you then keep it, i don’t want to remain caged” Jennifer said as she grabbed the folders and stormed out of the office.

Jeremy shook his head and took out his phone and dialed, “Sir, we have a problem” he said.

Frank was busy doing push-ups, there was a knock on the door so he stopped and looked at Arnold. “Is my dad back?” he asked and the other man shrugged his shoulder and walked towards the door. Frank nodded his head and quickly hid at the back of the couch.

“David, what brings you here?” Arnold asked as Frank stood up and looked towards the door. “Great you are here, we need to talk” the senator said and quickly entered the room. “Frank, I have to run some errands. I will be back later” Arnold said as he exited the suite.

Frank sat down and David sat across him, “Its about Jennifer” David said and Frank shook his head. “She wants to be on the field” he said and the senator nodded. “She threatened Jeremy that she would resign if she would not be given field work. I am sorry Frank, she is a really good agent and pinning her on a desk job would be a waste” David told him.

“I know, its just that she would be safer at the office. If she goes on field work then I must be there always to watch over her” Frank said. “That would be a big risk since you could be spotted” David told him. Frank stood up and walked towards the window, he bowed his head and took a deep breath.

“If I keep watch and something happens to her I would be forced to show myself. My secret would be out and there would be much expectations from me” he uttered and the senator walked towards him. “How do they do it?” Frank added and David looked at him. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“The superheroes, how do they put others above themselves? How do they find love? I am sure they love someone, I am sure they would like to keep that someone of theirs always protected. How come they can still find time for others?” Frank elaborated and David sighed.

“I know it is hard hiding in the shadows, I do understand what you are feeling” David told him. “I want to protect Jennifer only, I am sure they would call me selfish. Cant I choose to just protect the ones I love? My friends, my family and Jennifer. Would the people understand that?” Frank asked.

“Cant I just have a normal life?” he added and the senator patted him on the back. “You are not a fictional character Frank. You have all the right to be selfish. You do have abilities but you are still ordinary. I am sure if you explain to the whole world your side they would understand” the senator told him.

“Yeah maybe, but for now all I can do is keep an eye on her and I must make sure I am always hidden” Frank whispered. “Well I have to go since I have an important meeting. By the way here is the passport and ticket that you requested” David said as he handed the documents to Frank. “Thank you very much” Frank said. “Tell me what are you going to do in the middle east?” David asked and Frank grinned.

“So what shall I tell Jeremy?” David asked and Frank looked up at the sky. “Let her do field work, I will always be there to watch over her” he said with determination.

After lunch Jeremy entered the employees’ lounge and found Jennifer, Yehleen and John there. “Good, just the people I was looking for. You three follow me to the conference room” he said and the three looked at each other and immediately followed their superior.

Once seated inside the conference room Jeremy placed Jennifer’s badge and firearm in front of her. “I know you all heard and saw on the news what happened last night all over the country. It seems that what happened was coordinated but what is bothering is why they ended up shooting themselves” Jeremy said.

“So in line with the happenings I am forming a task force to investigate into this matter. Jennifer you shall take lead and I want you to start local. Yehleen you have to analyze the events and try and predict their behavior or next moves. John you will give support to the two, by the way you can take other agents with you” the supervisor told them.

“It seems that the two gangs had a contest, trying to put one over the other. In my opinion this is normal gang behavior, trying to show who is supreme. Then at the end of the contest one cannot accept that the other gang is better so they end up in a gun battle. The problem is that how come it happened all over the country, if it was just here then the case would be simple” Yehleen explained.

“Sir, you mean to say we the FBI will be taking over all investigations?” Jennifer asked. “No, the police investigators shall still take lead but they will be reporting to you all their findings. John issue out that order immediately, but keep it low profile. If we the FBI are seen on the field then people would get suspicious and worried” Jeremy explained.

“Yeah because we only show up when there is really something bad happening” John quipped and the supervisor looked at him. “I leave the rest to you three” Jeremy said as he stood up and left the room. “You two wait here” Jennifer said and she quickly stood up. “Where are you going?” John asked but the young lady already left the room.

Jennifer entered her supervisor’s office and shut the door behind her. “Why the sudden change of heart?” she asked and Jeremy looked at her. “What do you mean?” he asked. “I have known you for a long time Jeremy and I know you don’t bend down to mere threats, like the one I made this morning. So what gives?” she asked.

“Something big happened and you are one of the best agents we have” Jeremy said. “Oh spare me the bullshit Jeremy, if you think of me that way then you would not have made me do deskwork since I came back” Jennifer argued. “What are you trying to get at?” the supervisor asked.

“Once I left your office I saw you made a call, who is pulling your strings Jeremy?” she asked. “I don’t like your tone and your insinuation” Jeremy told her. “Tell me! Did someone ask me to be benched?” she asked. Jeremy looked away and took a deep breath, “Lets just say someone up there is looking after you” he told her. “Who? Tell me who it is?” she asked.

“You got what you wanted, you are back on field work so stop wasting time and get to work!” Jeremy fired back and Jennifer stared at him. “Just tell me who it is please” she pleaded. “Get to work before I change my mind” her supervisor told her so Jennifer shook her head and walked out of the office.

Back at the conference room Jennifer sat down and looked at Yehleen and John. “Tell me, among all places why were you two assigned here?” she asked and the two were surprised. “What are you talking about?” Yehleen asked. “Did you ask to be assigned here? Before Operation Salvation you two were at a different state after our last mission. You had the chance to choose where to be assigned so why did you choose here?” Jennifer asked.

Yehleen and John looked at each other, “They just told us that we were assigned here” Yehleen said. “The three of us?” Jennifer asked and John nodded. “Didn’t you find that odd? Weren’t we supposed to be returned to where we were before?” Jennifer said and the couple started to understand what she was getting at.

“Erick wasn’t assigned here” John said to break the ice. “Of course he isn’t an agent, but look he was assigned at the base in this city” Yehleen said and Jennifer nodded. “So whats your point?” John asked. “That someone wanted us all to remain here” Jennifer said and the three of them paused and looked at each other.

“Frank was from here” Jennifer told them and the two shook their heads. “Oh come on Jennifer, don’t say that it was Frank who requested us to remain here” Yehleen said. “Yeah he sent a fax message from heaven” John uttered and Jennifer stared at him.

“Hey look, maybe they just wanted us to be together. To look out for each other, because we were the ones closest to Frank. So come on let focus on the work at hand shall we?” Yehleen lectured. John focused on his laptop but Jennifer leaned back and smiled.

“He wanted us in one place so he could watch over us” she whispered. “What did you say?” John asked and Jennifer shook her head and smiled even more.

Back at the hotel suite Frank sat back and smiled, on his laptop screen was the surveillance footage of the conference room where the three were. “Exactly my love” he whispered and stood up and grabbed his passport and plane ticket.

“Where are you going to Frank?” Arnold asked.

“Going to check on Erick”