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Beyond Forever: Chapter 3

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 3: Twenty Two years later

“Hey Chelsea you should look more lively, you are going to give a speech on our graduation today”

“Twenty Two years and I still cannot get a goodnight sleep, Emily where do we go after we graduate?”

“You are still worrying about that? You are so beautiful and intelligent Chelsea, its either you will marry a rich man or you will have a blossoming career, but I don’t get it, you still don’t have a boyfriend”

“Well aside from my problem sleeping, I know he is out there, Emily I think I am going to Ney York after we graduate, I don’t know why but something tells me I must go there”

Chelsea was said to be a gift from the gods, she was an only child, a miracle since her father was said to be impotent. Twenty two years ago her parents celebrated but her family was hounded by a scandal saying that she is not her father’s daughter, this prompted her father to lose his mind and on the process he killed his wife. Chelsea was adopted by a wealthy family but she did not want their wealth, she wanted to live alone and she used her intelligence to go through college.

Not far away a grand commotion was going on at a similar graduation ceremony.

“Mister Adler you well know that you are banned from the graduation ceremonies! Isnt it enough that we let you graduate already. Please vacate the premises now!” shouts a towering man in front.

“If Theodore wont be allowed in the ceremonies then we wont attend too!” and all the graduates stand in unison.

“Well mister Brown, the people have spoken!!! Hey guys, easy on the Theodore part, its Teddy, don’t make me sound like a genius!” says Theodore Adler, a twenty two year old prankster.

“Well then mister Adler, I have no choice, you shall be called first on stage and once you get to your seat you shall be guarded well. “

And the graduation ceremonies begin and the first name to be called was indeed Teddy’s name. Teddy goes on stage to receive his diploma, everyone was waiting for something to happen since Teddy was a well known prankster. He accidentally burned the stage in his High School graduation and nearly burned down several classrooms in college. The crowd was shocked to see Teddy well behaved as he walked to get his diploma, he bowed to the crowd and grabbed the microphone.

“Sir I know, but please let me address my classmates for one last time” he says and the faculty and security could not do anything at all to stop him.

“First and foremost I would like to say I am sorry for everything that I have done through all this years. I felt immense pain when I learned I was banned to attend the graduation but I knew that it was my fault and I do accept that. But listening to mister Brown a while ago I came to my senses, thank you sir for letting me attend in the end, even though I shall be baby sitted by guards afterwards its okay with me. Thank you all for enjoying the Teddy Adler show through all this years, its time for me to get serious with my life and I truly am sorry” and he bows once again to the crowd who all give him a standing ovation. Even the faculty members were moved and all stood up and clapped.

“Oh yeah before I forget I asked my mom to wrap a gift, for all the faculty and administration, Mom could you please bring over the gift, don’t worry you can open it later” he says and he reaches over as his mother hands his a box properly gift wrapped.

“OPEN IT! OPEN IT! OPEN IT!” the crowd suddenly shouts and Teddy looks at the administrators looking for permission to open it. “Sir Brown would you do the honors?” Teddy say but mister Brown smiles and gives him a gesture to open it.

“Okay then since you all want to see the contents of this box, wait let me see what is this wire doing here, I will just set this thing down ….” Teddy stops talking he strips the wrapper of the box and he brings out a lighter and ignites the wire. He jumps down from the stage and runs in the center aisle and shouts “EVERYONE THIS IS FOR YOU!!! ENJOY THE FINAL SHOW!!!!”

Everyone panicked and the administrators ran for their life thinking that it was a bomb. Several bangs are heard and everyone looked up in the sky, it was fireworks. Everyone clapped and rejoiced as they watched a marvelous display of fireworks. Teddy on the other hand was on the run again, he was chased by the security guards.

“Well mister Brown, it’s your fault, you let him in and this is what we get” says one administrator.

“Well, through all my years of teaching he is the only student that I probably will miss, even though he is a wild child, everybody likes him” says mister Brown.

Twenty two years ago Teddy was abandoned by his teen parents; they left him in an orphanage. He was adopted by a couple who turned out to be both drunkards. Teddy was beaten by his father every time he was drunk; he grew up in the most horrible conditions. If it was not for his athletic abilities he would have not stepped foot on high school or even college.

“Hey Teddy where are you going?”

“Mom I am leaving, I am going to New York” says Teddy.

“What the hell are you going to do in New York?” asks his mom.

“Mom, she is there, she is waiting for me, I just know it” he says.

“There you go again, that girl of your dreams, and what would you do if she does not exist?” his mother asks him.

“She does exist mom, I just know it, if she doesn’t then I don’t know, but I know she is there waiting for me” he says.

“For the first time I have never seen you talk this seriously, but I am sorry son I cannot give you any money” she says.

“Don’t worry about me mother I have saved enough from my part time job, here have half of it, just take care of yourself, and when you visit dad’s grave tell him that I forgive him, I will send you more money when I get a decent job mom so cheer up” and he hugs her tightly then he leaves.

“Find me...look hard, and don’t stop, I'll be waiting 'till then, Don’t sleep, and don’t eat 'till I'm back, back in your arms again, I don’t want to have to spend all my…”

“Teddy what song is that you are singing, and when did you start singin? Hurry up get in the car we have a long drive” say Mike, Teddy’s best friend since high school.

“I don’t know, I just heard it before and I liked it, oh well lets go Tonto! New York here we come, and whoever you are I am coming wait for me!!!!” Teddy shouts as they leave finally.

Not too distant away.

“…..forever without you. Just knowing that you’re out there somewhere too. So darling...please I'm begging you on bended knee...Find me...” Chelsea sings aloud.

“Chelsea you surprise me every day, now you are singing” says Emily.

“Find Me by David Gates well I just like the song, come on Emily the bus is leaving” says Chelsea as the two of them head towards New York together.

“I don’t know why I am tagging along but I feel that something marvelous will happen” says Emily.

“Yeah, something will happen, I feel it too, I just do hope he finds me” whispers Chelsea.

“What? Who is going to find you? This is really going to be interesting” Emily says as she fixes her seat.

“You will see….does he exist….if you do please find me” Chelsea whispers to herself as she takes a last look at her home town.

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Beyond Forever: Chapter 2

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 2: Power Play

The grounds in the Neutral ground begins to tremble and it awakens the two lovers who fell asleep.

“What was that?!! Jenny wake up!!!” Paul shouts out loud.

“What time is it? Oh my!!! We slept for too long!!!” says Jenny as she begins to panic as a dark cloud emerges from the East and bright shining light emerges from the west.

“Paul come on lets hide! We have no time to return to our kingdoms, they are coming!!!” says Jenny as she grabs her clothes and runs as far as she can. Paul follows her and grabs her by the hand as they head towards an enormous tree.

“We should be safe here, why would they meet at a time like this?” asks Paul.

“We overslept, we should have gone back, we are in trouble Paul!” says Jenny as they both hide and take cover.

“Shhhh keep quiet they are already here” whispers Paul as he holds on to Jenny tightly.

As the dark smoke fades four figure appears and in front of the group is an old man wearing a fiery red outfit. He is accompanied by three dark warriors all looking fierce and ready to do battle. The light from the west shines brighter and brighter then it suddenly fades and another four figures emerge. Another old man is leading the forces of light and he walks towards the dark army.

“Levias you do know why we are here don’t you?” says the old man from the Kingdom of Light.

“Isnt it quite obvious Kato, you still think of me as a fool do you?” says Levias the god of Darkness.

“So I see that you are not here to settle this in a peaceful manner, so be it” says Kato as he signals his light inhabitants to move back.

Levias does the same and he charges at once towards Kato and he raises his hands and it emits a tremendous flame. Kato holds his ground and points a finger towards Levias, a thundering sound in the sky suddenly erupts and several lightning bolts starts heading towards Levias. The god of Darkness evades all of the bolts and Kato rushes in towards him. A bright gold light blinds everyone in the area as the two of them collide. The forces of Light head back towards their kingdom as the army of Darkness does the same.

“Are they gone? Have they retreated yet?” asks Kato.

“Yes, shall we start the show for them then?” asks Levias and Kato nods his head. Both of them chants spells at the same time and after a few seconds they both start laughing.

“So what are you letting your inhabitants see this time Levias? That you are beating the crap out of me again?” asks Kato.

“And how about you my brother do you actually let me win with the images you let them see?” counters the god of Darkness.

“Ahahahahaha of course not, we should maintain our image you know, its been a long time my little brother, come lets go by the pond and sit” says the god of Light and they go towards the pond.

“Did you hear that Jenny? They are brothers? And they don’t fight at all, but the last time I saw them slugging it out, a really mighty battle but Lord Levias won” whispers Paul.

“You saw wrong, Lord Kato won that fight, I was watching too, but did you hear what they said? They are just letting us think they are fighting, so its all for a show, in reality they spend time together?” says Jenny.

“Shhh lets just listen to them, at least now we know they just place spells on us to make us think they are fighting, really interesting I should say” again Paul whispers as they listen intently.

“Kato before you speak you should know that our …” Levias was to finish but Kato interrupts him and holds his hands.

“Yes I know, lower your voice will you, its funny how they turned out to be, I didn’t expect their love to shift over here” says Kato in a soft voice.

“Hahahaha Oh me too, I really liked them when they were still living, did you know it was Trevor who cut the brakes of the other truck that sandwiched them. The funny thing is that Paul and Trevor are starting to be friends” says Levias.

“So is not that enough amusement for you Levias? Or do you want to see another romance in the making?”

“I know you want it too Kato, so what do you say shall we find new lovebirds and watch their love prosper one more time?”

“Oh Levias I have a wonderful idea!” ADAM and EVE COME OUT INTO THE OPEN!!!” roars the thunderous voice of Kato as he faces towards the huge tree.

“Paul he is calling for us to come out, what should we do?” says Jenny as she clings to Paul trembling.

Paul stands up and shows himself and reaches his hands towards Jenny and says “Come on Jenny we have been found out, theres no point hiding now” and Jenny holds his hands and walks towards Paul still trembling.

“Mighty gods hear my plea, spare her of punishment, it was I who forced her to stay with me here!” shouts Paul .

“Paul!!! What are you saying?!” Don’t be selfish again, together we shall take the punishment!” says Jenny.

“My my Adam and Eve in the Neutral Garden, SILENCE THE BOTH OF YOU!!!” roars Levias and the two tremble in fear. “You both know what you did, and so as for your punishment you shall not be allowed to step into these grounds again!”

“But we do have a proposal for you two, lets say a bargain” Kato says and the two fear-stricken beings listen on. “In exchange for your punishment, how would you like to go back into the world of the living? Yes, to once live again, the both of you”

Paul and Jenny look at each other and their faces suddenly erupts with smiles and laughter. “Yes! Yes we do accept!” shouts Jenny as she gleefully steps forward pulling Paul along.

“But here is the catch, I am sure my brother Kato wont disagree with me, you two shall be reborn as babies and to different families” and the lord of Darkness goes into a big grin.

The smiles in the faces of Paul and Jenny suddenly went stale, both fall on their knees and once again they face each other.

“Cant you just punish me in another way, please I beg of you two Jenny is the love of my life!” shouts Paul as he hold Jenny close to him.

“Well sad to say Paul, you only have two choices, be separated forever here in the afterlife or be reborn into different families, well if you both are meant to be then you just might find each other again” says the lord of Darkness.

Tears begin to fall on both of their faces, Paul hugs Jenny tightly and says “Jenny its best if we be reborn again”

“But Paul! We might not be able to meet again, I can’t stand that! If we are reborn again then we will lose all our memories, we shall start from scratch. I would not know you existed nor would you know I existed. “ and Jenny begins to cry.

“Listen to me Jenny, I know the chance of finding each other is nearly impossible but compared to not seeing you again I would take that chance. Jenny please look at me” and Jenny raises her head and faces Paul. He wipes the tears off her face and says “I love you, I will always will, I promise you here and now that I will find you. I will definitely find you” and he finally hugs her tightly as ever.

“Well Kato we have our answer, please do the honors “says Levias as he steps aside to give way to his brother.

Kato raises both of his hands and a blinding light encompasses the two beings. As the light fades they are gone.

“Another marvelous light display my brother, but do you always have to use that much amount of light?” says Levias.

“Well I would rather see them that way compared to your usual black smoke you know. Maybe next time I would use white smoke instead for effects. “says Kato and the both of them start laughing.

“Well I guess I will see you in let’s say twenty three years?” asks Levias.

“Oh by the way Levias I was wondering how does our fight usually end, I know you make me lose but how do I lose?”

“Ahahahaha well Its always me outsmarting you in the end my brother, a neck to neck battle but of course I have to keep my reputation intact.”

“I see, so farewell Levias my brother, it was nice seeing you again”

“Wait! How do I end up in our fights? What do you show you light beings Kato?”

“Well, I always burn your clothes and you end up running naked back to you kingdom Levias, ahahahahaha”

“No wonder those beings of yours have no respect for me whatsoever, so that’s how you want to play then next time we meet my army will laugh their hearts out too Kato”

“Well lets see who laughs the loudest, I do have plans for our next imaginary battle you know, see you in twenty three years Levias”

And the two gods walk back to their kingdom victorious in each way.

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Beyond Forever: Chapter 1

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 1: Love in the Afterlife

One gloomy day in the Kingdom of Darkness a fight was going on in the arena. Two warriors were battling it out and everyone was going crazy as they traded heavy blows.

“I should say Paul you do pack a heavy punch, and all along I thought you were just a poster boy!” said Trevor, a mean looking stone-faced warrior.

“Well I cannot say the same to you Trevor, I thought your punches were more powerful but I guess power fades with old age” says Paul as he swerves his body to avoid a vicious retaliatory punch from Trevor.

“You little bastard! I will make you pay for what you said! Stop moving and face me like a man!!” shouts Trevor as he runs after Paul.

“Damnit! What time is it? I am late! I guess Trevor I have to finish this early” says Paul as he turns around and rushes towards Trevor with all his might.

“That’s right Paul come to daddy!!” shouts Trevor as he awaits Paul as he nears. Paul suddenly slides and avoids Trevor’s mean double handed swing. As he slides past the huge warrior, he skids his body and rushed back up and waits as Trevor turns around. Trevor quickly turns around and is met by Paul’s uppercut, a direct hit to the chin send the other warrior backwards. Paul unleashes another uppercut which dazes his rival, a straight to face sends the behemoth on his knees. The crowd goes wild but they suddenly stop as Paul turns around and walks away. The arena becomes silent and Trevor starts laughing.

“What’s the matter Paul? Is that all you have? You can’t even finish me off!!!” shouts Trevor.

Paul keeps walking and waves his hands and the crowd suddenly goes into an uproar and they throw objects towards Paul.

“Oh, late for a date with that inhabitant from the other side eh! You should be glad only you can hear me, what if the crowd hears that you are constantly going to the Neutral place to meet that bitch!?”

Paul suddenly stops and takes a deep breath, he shakes his head then he keeps walking.

“Yes you coward, keep walking, go ahead meet with that whore of yours, that ugly piece of thrash from the other side!!!” shouts Trevor with his mighty voice and he starts laughing.

Paul again stops and clenches his fists, but Trevor only laughs harder and harder. Paul turns around and dashes towards the fallen warrior, everyone starts going crazy again but Paul suddenly stops in front of Trevor.

“What did you call my Jenny?!!!” shouts Paul and Trevor games raises his read and looks at Paul and say “Thrash!!!”

Paul grabs the hair of the fallen warrior and delivers several knee shots to his head. Trevor passes out but still Paul continues to pound his rival’s head with knee shouts. Paul falls on his knees and stares at Trevor, he suddenly touches his body and a dark cloud arises and covers the body of Trevor. As the cloud disappears Paul stands up and walks towards the exit. The crowd falls silent thinking that Paul has dealt Trevor a killing spell but are shocked to see Trevor stand up.

“Hey Paul! Why did you heal me?!!” shouts the rejuvenated warrior.

“Well, if you are gone then I would not have a strong opponent anymore, life would be boring!” and he exits the arena. Trevor begins to laugh again but the crowd is surely displeased with their former battle champion, objects begin to rain on him so he runs after Paul towards the exit.

“Hey Paul wait up!!!” shouts Trevor as he runs after Paul who himself is rushing towards the Neutral grounds.

“You better catch up with me old man, I am late” Paul shouts back as he runs with all his might towards their sacred meeting place.

Paul stops as he reaches the boundary; he turns around and waits for Trevor. As Trevor catches up he falls again on his knees.

“You know what, I used to run a marathon, I am probably old, I guess you were right” says Trevor as he catches his breath.

“Hey Trevor, how do I look?” Paul asks as he fixes his hair and wipes of the blood of his face.

“Hey man, I’m sorry for the things I said about your Jenny, I did not mean any of them. Well if she loves you then no matter what you look like she will like you still” says Trevor.

“Thanks Trevor, you know what suddenly I am starting to like you, well wish me luck” says Paul as he walks towards the Neutral ground.

As Paul walks deeper within the Neutral grounds his body starts to weaken, the blows he took early now are felt by his whole body. He trembles but still heads forward in search of his one and only love. He suddenly stops and is totally mesmerized by what he sees; Jenny was sitting by the pond playing with the water. She looked like an angel, so innocent and beautiful, Paul walks forwards and Jenny notices him.

“Paul!!! What took you so long?!!!” says Jenny as she rushes towards Paul and quickly embraces him.

“Jenny I am covered with blood, your dress will be stained” says Paul as he gently hugs back too.

“I don’t care, I missed you Paul, come let’s sit by the pond and let me wash your wounds” said Jenny as he pulls Paul’s hands towards the pond.

Jenny tears a piece of her dress and soaks it in water then she wipes the blood in the face of her lover. “You dark warriors are animals, you can use magic but you choose to fight with bare hands” she voices out her sentiments.

“Well that’s true, but you know people get amused more watching brutal fights, don’t worry my love I will never lose, unlike them I want to live forever, to be with you forever. So do not fear whenever I fight, it’s just for fun you know” say Paul as he gently rubs his hands against Jenny’s hair.

“I know that you are strong Paul, but I don’t like seeing you hurt, it pains me deeply, can you stop fighting for me, let the others fight, I too want to be with you forever” Jenny whispers softly as she sheds a tear.

Paul hugs her tight and kisses her on the lips; they embrace each other as their lips are intertwined. Jenny suddenly pulls Paul hard and they both fall into the pond. The two soaked wet just stare at each other and laugh. They playfully wet each other like kids and continue to hug each other in the water. After a few minutes of fun they walk towards a tall tree and suddenly Paul starts taking off his clothes.

“Paul what are you doing?” asks Jenny.

“We cant use magic here my love, we cant afford to get sick, you know that, so we have to dry our clothes” says Paul as he continues stripping.

Jenny silently turns around and starts to undress slowly. As her last piece of clothing falls to the ground she still doesn’t face Paul. Paul sits down under the tree after spreading his clothes on the sunlit grass.

“Hey Jenny would you like me to spread your clothes for you?” asks Paul.

“No thanks I can do it” Jenny answers back and after she spreads her clothes on the ground she still does not face Paul.

“Jenny is there anything wrong? Why don’t you come here and sit beside me?” asks Paul.

Jenny slowly faces Paul and she bows down her head. Paul takes a good look at her body and again he sees the awful scar in her left shoulder extending to her right abdomen.

“Oh, im sorry, I forgot about that, it seems you still cant get over what happened that day can you?” says Paul as Jenny sits beside him.

“Every time I see this scar I remember everything so clearly, I should have been the only one that died that day” Jenny whispers softly.

“Stop that! Here you go again blaming yourself, how many times have we talked about, this its not your fault, it was an accident!” Paul shouts in anger.

“I know it was an accident, but it should have been only me, you should have just let me go? You knew there was no chance of saving me but still you leapt for me, now look we both died and got separated!” Jenny shouts back.

“How the hell should should I know the afterlife existed? Well maybe we might not have been separated if I didn’t do all those bad stuff when I was alive, if I was a good guy maybe we would be together in the light” says Paul.

“How I wish, there are so many things we cannot do here together” answers Jenny.

“Yeah I know, its all because I am a bad guy, this is what bad guys deserve” Paul softly says.

Jenny suddenly leans on Paul’s shoulders and says “You were never bad to me, you were a good guy, a real gentleman, you treated me well and I loved you for that. But you tried to save my life In the end, didn’t they even consider that, that is a great act of goodness, you should be with me in the light”.

“Jenny…I didn’t try to save you that day” Paul suddenly says.

Jenny looks at Paul stunned and tears suddenly starts falling on the cheeks of Paul. “Jenny, I knew there was no chance in hell I could have saved you, I knew that. Still I jumped forward to reach you, I was afraid to be alone without you. I was selfish but I did not know what my life would have been without you. You are my first love, the woman that tamed me. The moment I met you everything changed, my life suddenly had meaning, for the first time in my life I started to dream things but those dreams you were with me. So that moment I saw it was about to happen it all came back to me in a sudden rush, without you all my dreams would crumble and I did not know what to do if you left me, that is why I jumped towards you, wishing for a miracle to happen. But here we are, still together but in a different way, I am sorry Jenny I was selfish”

“Oh Paul” says Jenny as she hugs him tightly. “I love you so much, lets not talk about it anymore. What is important we are together forever no matter how difficult the situation may be but we are together” she whispers to his ears and she seals it with a kiss on his lips.

Beyond Forever: Prologue

Well let me start by sharing with you a dark fairy tale from my mind.

Beyond Forever
by Paul Diaz

Prologue: Light and Dark
In an alternate reality there ruled two major forces in the afterlife, the army of darkness and the force of light. Their majestic kingdoms were only separated by a small piece of land which they called the Neutral ground. The force of light is headed by their powerful god named Kato and his rival god was Levias, the god of darkness. These two have ruled the afterlife for 400 years and within this time there was peace. Unlike their predecessors, the afterlife was in constant chaos, wars broke out often and even extended to the mortal world. Kato and Levias instilled peace and whenever there was conflict, only the two of them were allowed to battle in the Neutral ground.
The Neutral ground was a small piece of land; it separated the two kingdoms apart. Within these grounds the two gods cast a spell so that only the two of them could use their powers in this area, the rest of their followers once they have set foot on this grounds shall become mere mortals and powerless. Inhabitants of the two kingdoms rarely visit the Neutral grounds, for once they do mortal battle here and they die their souls shall be lost forever. Even the slightest injury would cause their deaths once they go back to their own kingdoms. But the Neutral ground was like paradise, it was the very best of what nature has to offer.
The mortal world was just like ours, but once a human being dies, his soul still takes the same human form but several transformations are added depending on which kingdom he or she goes to. All those whose lives were filled with sin go to the dark side and the rest they become inhabitants of the Kingdom of Light. Once an inhabitant is chosen to join the ranks of the army of darkness then their eyes change to dark black with a red outer ring, and their hair turns to fiery red. Those of the light have eyes of silvery white and their hair turn to gold; add to that a distinct glow on their skin.
One good thing about dying in this reality is that you retain all your memories, even up to the time you died. Many lovers have been separated, many have ventured towards the Neutral ground wishing that their loved ones would likewise be there looking for them at the same time. Some just give up and start a new life and find love all over again, and some become miserable inhabitants for the rest of their stay in the afterlife.
Millions of inhabitants of the afterlife have failed in finding their loved ones, one couple did, and this is their story.

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In Search of Nowhere

They say only the ones who have felt pain know what pain feels like. Those who have felt heartache are the only ones who can tell about it, that is if they survive and recover. Being in denial for such a long time made me idle, i became useless, hopeless, but i was still breathing. I can still feel the dagger that stabbed my heart although the wounds may have had healed but the memories linger on.

Acceptance is the key to recover, thats what Doc Phil says, but what do i have to accept? Accept the fact that I am alone all over again? Accept the fact that its all over? Accept the fact that I have to move on and forget everything that has happened? Or should i just pretend to be alright? Remove my memories and I will fully recover, remove those cherished moments thats keeps hunting me and maybe i will accept that its over.

I have accepted the reality in a harsh manner. Now i have much anger inside me that I want to bring out. Ever since I was little they told me that I had a great mind, I also believed that but lately I have been doubting that. No matter how great they say my mind is, I could not stand the mental anguish of the pain that I have gone through.....still going through.

All i can do is imagine of happy days, of happy moments....and the rest of the stories you shall find here are all the creations of a mind that has gone through tremendous amounts of pain.