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Chicken Sandwich: Final Chapter

Chapter 17: Two Years Earlier

Graduation was over and they were all about to take different paths. Paul never chose one of the girls but they managed to get along together. But today is different, he was about to tread the path towards the future and he wanted to be with the girl he truly loved.

Paul stood in front of the house of the girl he chose but stood still for a moment as he remembered what exactly happened three years ago when he was told to choose.

On Diane’s window that fateful day
“Is it me Paul?” Diane asked but Paul shook his head. “I just came to return your doll and your umbrella. This doll was with you on the first day we met, do you remember? Remember the dog destroyed this and I fixed it. ? I wanted to give this to you on your birthday when you turned six. I never had the chance to give it to you since I saw you had a new one and you were happy with it. I know it’s late but here I fixed it for you” he said and Diane started to get teary eyed. “This umbrella, you lent me this and with this I met Kara. I have to return it since its yours” he added and Diane looked curiously.

“I have not chosen and I will not do so for a long time. I hope you and the others can be friends. Do it for me please” he pleaded and Diane nodded her head.

The scene changes to the Sarah’s place where she was happy to see Paul.

“Why are you here?” she asked and Paul just smiled with her and he showed her the tree branch. “I know you kept it, I saw it in your room before” she told him. “This brings memories of that day we met and I want you to keep it for me” he told her. “What does your visit here mean?” she inquired and Paul just smiled. “I will not choose anyone for now. I have not decided yet and it’s very difficult to make rash judgments. We all are still young and we all shall commit more mistakes so I want everyone to stay as friends for now and forever” he said and Sarah smiled at him.

It was a school day and Kara approached Paul, “Can we talk in private?” she asked and Paul went with her leaving his two friends behind.
“What is it Kara?” he asked. “I heard you went to Diane’s place and Sarah’s place…you never went to me” she told him. “I just visited them there is no other meaning to it” he said. “So it’s between the two of them and I am out of the picture. Its okay, I understand. Part of the agreement was whoever you choose we just have to accept. I just want you to know that I am hurt, but I am happy for them” she said and Paul scratched his head. “Kara it’s not like that I tell you” he said but Kara smiled at him “I do understand and its okay with me Paul, don’t worry I still love you no matter what happens” she said and walked away.

Back to reality

A rain drop fell on Paul’s forehead and he took a deep breath and went to the door and knocked. The door opened and the girl was surprised to see him. “Paul what are you doing here? I thought you were on your way to New York already” she said. “Can you please come with me for a moment?” he asked and she came with him. They stepped outside and Paul looked up at the sky. “Just wait for it” he said and she looked up at the sky with him.

A few seconds later it started to rain and Paul looked at her and held her hands. “Just as the weatherman forecasted” he said but she looked at him curiously. “Three years ago I didn’t go to you Kara since there was nothing I had to return, the umbrella that we shared was not mine, it was Diane’s umbrella” he told her and Kara still did not understand. “I wanted to return something to you that day though but I was not sure if it was the right time. Do you remember when we first met it was raining?” he asked and Kara nodded.

“Kara the rain reminds me of the first day we met. I actually brought this container and nothing else with me, so today I want to give you back my heart. I know it took a long time so if you say no it’s okay” he told her and Kara started to cry. “So I guess I was too late” Paul softly said but Kara shook her head and pouted. “Stupid! What took you so long?” she shouted and embraced him tightly.

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Five Years After

Fred was driving his brand new SUV and Jeff was his co-pilot. “Are you sure you are reading the map right?” Fred asked and Jeff closed the map and threw it out of the window. “We don’t need the map, lets trust our instinct” Jeff said and Fred stopped the car. “Are you crazy!? Go get the map back, what if we get lost?” he asked. “Relax Fred and just drive, we are on the right track” Jeff assured him and they again started moving.

“It’s been two years since we seen them all and I can’t believe he actually married one of them” Fred said. “Yup after graduation we all went separate ways and Paul really did let them wait, lucky guy he is” Jeff commented and they started laughing. “So who do you think he married?” Fred asked and Jeff shook his head. “I don’t know, if I were in his shoes I would instantly choose Kara. His dream girl, or everyone’s dream girl I should say” Jeff answered. “Well if I were him I would go for Sarah, Paul is himself whenever he is with Sarah. With Kara, Paul is striving to be a different person. But we cannot discount Diane too, they have gone through a lot with Paul” Fred said.

“I remember that day when we ate the sandwiches and I tell you the sandwich of Diane tasted awful” Jeff commented and they again burst in laughter. “I really don’t understand why Paul kept on eating Diane’s chicken sandwich and he even boasted it to us several times” he added. “Well Jeff it’s not really about the sandwich. Maybe it’s their way of expressing their love with each other. You know Paul; he can’t express himself well so maybe with that sandwich he is saying that he truly likes Diane. And in return Diane keeps making him one to express her love for him too” Fred explained.

“Remember Kara’s sandwich tasted awful the first time she let us taste it in school when they broke up. But she kept on improving it and on that day it did taste really good” Jeff recalled and Fred agreed. “Diane never improved on her sandwich, whereas Kara strived hard to make a good one. Sarah was the surprise since we didn’t know she would be making one and it did taste really delicious. So I guess it’s a stalemate between Sarah and Kara” Jeff added. “I told you its not about the sandwich, it goes beyond that” Fred said.

After thirty minutes they arrived and Paul’s new home and they were just in time for their reunion. Seated in front of the house were the three ladies in Paul’s life and they all had wedding rings on their fingers. “Now don’t tell me he married all of you!” Jeff said and three ladies just giggled. Kara was still beautiful and her blond hair grew longer. Sarah was even more beautiful with her short brunette hair until her shoulders. Diane looked more matured and more stunning.
“Hello Jeff and Fred, its been two years, how are you two doing?” Diane asked and Fred grinned at her. “We are doing just fine but tell me is it you?” he asked her and Diane smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Where is Paul by the way?” Jeff asked. “At the backyard with his daughter” Sarah replied and the two men were surprised. “Ah once we see his daughter we shall know who the mother is!” Fred stated and the three ladies giggled and laughed at them.

Meanwhile at the backyard Paul was lying on the grass while a little girl was seated on his chest. “Dada, I am hungry” the little girl said. “You want to go inside now, maybe your uncle Jeff and uncle Fred have arrived?” he asked her and the little girl pinched his nose. “Dada do you love mommy?” she asked and Paul laughed. “Of course my little angel, dada love mommy very much” he told her. “How about me dada?” she asked and Paul embraced her tightly and said “I love you the most Yueena. Come on lets go inside now” he told her.

Everyone was gathered inside and they all greeted Paul as he came in. Yueena hid behind his legs and she took a peep to see who the guests were. “Yueena, don’t be shy now and greet everyone” Paul said but the little girl hid her face. Everyone laughed and Jeff stood up and offered her a candy. “Do you like a candy?” he asked the little girl as he started to unwrap it. Yueena looked at the candy and was embarrassed so she held her father’s pants tightly. “Well if you don’t want it then I will eat it” Jeff said as he put the candy in his mouth. Yueena pouted and kicked Jeff on the leg and everyone was surprised. “Youre a very bad man!” she shouted and more laughter erupted.

“I can see you inherited your fathers behavior” Jeff said as he returned to his seat. “Such a cute little girl…brunette hair too” Fred said as he looked at Sarah curiously. “Yueena go to mommy, me and your uncles will have some catching up to do” Paul said and the two men looked at the child as she ran towards the three ladies. Yueena jumped on the lap of his mother and the two men were surprised so they looked at their friend. Paul just smiled at them and said “Yup, I married her.”

“A tree branch framed on the wall, a ragged doll on the other wall, and what the heck is inside this container? Holy water?” Jeff asked and Yueena tugged on his pants and signaled him to come closer. Jeff kneeled down and the little girl whispered in his ear.
“That’s mommy and dada’s special something”

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Conflict

It was the last day of the vacation and tomorrow the second term in college would start. Paul and Sarah were enjoying themselves on a park and they looked like a couple together. Sarah was seated on the swing and Paul was pushing her, the swing was going higher and higher and they were really enjoying themselves. In the distance there stood Diane who was looking at them and feeling really envious.

“Are they together already?” Kara asked and Diane was surprised to see her. “How long have you been standing there?” Diane asked and Kara leaned on the fence and watched the two. “Long enough to make my heart ache” she said. “I asked Paul and he said they were just friend” Diane told her and Kara looked at her. “Just friends? Will you look at them again and tell me that they are just friends” Kara countered and Diane just shrugged her shoulders.

Kara went towards Paul and Sarah, Diane followed her thinking a fight might erupt. As soon as Paul saw Kara he run towards her then hugged her making Kara confused. Sarah got out of the swing and joined them to where Paul was still hugging Kara. “I missed you Kara!” Paul exclaimed and Kara looked at Sarah who was smiling at her. “Wait, are you two a couple?” Kara asked and Paul and Sarah shook their heads. “Me and Sarah we are just friends, happy friends the way it’s supposed to be” he told her. Kara was more confused than ever but still she was suspicious.

The following week Kara paid Paul a visit at his house and she was happy to see he was alone. They sat in front the house and she noticed a big change in him. Paul was more lively and entertaining than usual and he started to grow a beard. “Paul are you still mad at me?” she asked him. Paul smiled at her and shook his head. “I was never mad at you for what you did. Actually it was my fault and I accept that. It’s true that I had my attention divided but you know what even though it was that way you were the only one I loved” he explained. Kara felt embarrassed all of a sudden so she moved closer to him and leaned her head on her shoulder. “I still love you Paul” she said softly and Paul embraced her. “I do love you still Kara but I respect your decision, you said we remain friends so we are friends” he said.

Kara brought out a sandwich from her bag and handed it to Paul. “Oh a chicken sandwich, did you drop by Diane’s place?” he asked her. “No, I made that for you, I heard it was your favorite” she said and Paul was surprised. In a sudden twist of fate Jeff and Fred arrived as with Diane and Sarah. “Now this is really unexpected, I think we all should go inside” Paul said and everyone went inside of his house.

Paul sat down on the sofa and Kara sat beside him. Sarah sat on his other side and Diane sat across them. “Now this place is starting to feel like heaven with all these beautiful angels around” Jeff commented and everyone laughed. Even though everyone was all smiles there was tension in the air brewing. Paul was about to take a bite on his sandwich when Diane offered him another sandwich. And to make matters worse Sarah even brought out her own sandwich and gave it to Paul.

“Now you three really want me to get fat I can see” he commented and no one was laughing. “Hey Paul since you have three sandwiches you might want to share the two with us” Fred suggested and the three ladies looked at him with angry eyes. “But again those sandwiches were for you so don’t mind us” he added. Paul stood up and went to the kitchen; he came back holding a knife. He sliced each sandwich into two and gave each half to Fred and Jeff. “Is that fine with you ladies?” Paul asked and they all agreed.

“With your stares I think I have to eat them all now so please excuse me while I eat” Paul said and his two buddies ate as well. After finishing all the sandwiches Jeff and Fred were whispering to each other and the three ladies were looking at Paul. “Which one tasted better?” Kara asked and Paul shrugged his shoulders. “All of them tasted good so I have to say all of them” he answered. “Choose one” Diane said all eyes were on Paul.

“You want the truth? Okay yes one of them tasted better than the others but I won’t tell you whose it was. But definitely they all tasted good, are you all satisfied?” he asked and in unison the three said no. Paul laughed and shook his head but the three were still staring at him. Paul just sat back and grinned at them and he closed his eyes. “I won’t tell you” he said and the girls were irritated.
“I know what you girls are trying to do and I don’t like it. I want everyone to be friends; I want to enjoy each and everyone’s company. Can we just do that? Be friends and stop these conflicts, I will admit it may have been my fault too. I like you Diane, I like you too Sarah, and of course you Kara. Fred and Jeff I like you guys too, I enjoy everyone’s company and I don’t want to lose that. If I have to choose one and it would hurt the others then I would rather not choose at all. Do you understand?” Paul said and all the girls had their heads bowed.

“Pick me…love me…hey just kidding I was just quoting Meredith on what she said to Mcdreamy” Fred said and everyone started laughing. The tension in the air cleared and they all ended up having fun. Fred, Jeff and Paul indulged themselves in playing a video game and the three girls suddenly decided to go ahead.

While walking Kara stopped, Diane and Sarah looked at her. “I know we all like Paul and with his suggestion I am not really comfortable with it. I do really like the three of us ending up friends but I know we will competing for his heart in our own secret way and I am not comfortable with that. So I think it would be better if he would choose now, and hopefully we all do respect his decision” she told them. Sarah bowed her head and took a deep breath, “I am amenable to that” she said softly and they both looked at Diane. “Why are you adding me in the picture? Its just the two of you who are competing” she said.

“You are lying and we know that, be honest to yourself for a change” Kara said and Diane fell silent. “So how are you planning on doing this?” Diane asked and Kara brought out her mobile phone. “We all send him the same text message saying he has to choose one, we all go to our separate houses and whoever he chooses he goes to her. Is that fine with you two?” Kara asked and the two nodded. The three of them composed the same text message and they all sent it to Paul’s number at the same time. “So all we have to do is wait” Sarah said and they all went separate ways.

Meanwhile at Paul’s house his mobile phone beeped three times. “Hey Paul, you have text messages, give me the controller and you go read them” Jeff said. “Sorry I am busy playing, why don’t you read them for me” Paul told him and Jeff started reading. After a few seconds Jeff turned the television off and handed Paul his mobile phone. “I really think you should read them” he said and Paul looked at him and took his phone.

“Paul, the three of us decided that you really must choose one. The more you make us wait the more difficult it will be for us to be friends with each other. Whoever you chose we promise to respect your decision and your wish for us to be all friends will be a possibility. So you have to decide now, all you have to do is go to the house of the one you truly love. We shall be waiting”

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Sarah

A week went by and Sarah came to check on Paul but still he would not open the door. She went to Diane and asked if she has seen him and she became was happy to hear the good news. “Yeah I saw him this morning, he left so early. I did not bother to call out his name since I was sleepy” Diane said Sarah sighed. “Okay then I will be going now, send him my regards if you see him okay?” Sarah said and Diane closed her window.

Sarah had a hunch to where Paul might have gone to so she ran towards the bus stop and took the first bus. It was just a wild guess but she was confident enough to trust her instinct. She walked to the center of the forest to where they held their first date and upon reaching the lake there he was sitting underneath staring at the calm water. Sarah sat beside him and Paul simply glanced at her for a moment then bowed his head.

“Sarah it hurts so much” he uttered and Sarah put her hand around his shoulders. After five minutes he stopped crying and Sarah let him lay his head on her lap. “I knew somehow that you would come here” she told him as she wiped the remaining tears in his eyes. “This was the only place where it didn’t remind me of her, a place where I am happy” he said softly as he closed his eyes.

“Paul I know you are hurting but don’t punish yourself too much. I am sure you will learn to love again and I know there will be lots of girls who would fall in love you. You are an amazing guy; you are kind, thoughtful, and intelligent. So cheer up, it hurts me seeing you like this, I actually miss your laughter and smiles” Sarah said softly. “Thank you Sarah is it okay if I sleep for a while?” he said and Sarah gently brushed her hands on his hair.

The two of them fell asleep for an hour but Sarah suddenly woke up and noticed the dark clouds on the sky. She looked at Paul who was peacefully asleep and she moved her face closer to his. She wanted to kiss him and she drew her lips closer to his, a drop of rain landed on Paul’s forehead and he slowly opened his eyes. They stared at each other for a while as another drop of rain landed. “I think we should go now” Paul whispered so they both stood up and tidied themselves. Sarah started to walk towards the pathway but Paul suddenly held her hand. She turned around and Paul immediately hugged her with both arms. “Thank you” he whispered in her ears and she felt so happy and she slowly put her arms around him.

Rain started to pour but they were still hugging each other, Sarah did not want to let go and she leaned her head against his chest. “It’s been a long time since I played in the rain” Paul said and Sarah looked at him. He smiled at her and she pushed him towards the lake. Paul lost his balance but managed to grab her arms so they both fell into the water. Under the strong rain they played like children, not thinking of anything else and just enjoying the moment.

The following day Paul visited Sarah to check up on her. Sarah was sick and could barely stand as she opened the door. Paul felt guilty because of his idea to play under the rain so he carried Sarah towards the couch. “Have you eaten?” he asked her and Sarah shook her head. “Okay then stay here and I will cook for you. Since it’s my fault I will take care of you until you get well” he told her. Paul got a blanket from her room and placed it on Sarah as she lay on the couch. He prepared breakfast and fed her then watched her the whole day. He cooked her supper and they ate together, after which he tucked her in her bed. “I have to go now but I will return tomorrow morning to cook you breakfast. Do you have a key I can borrow so I don’t have to wake you up?” he asked and Sarah pointed towards her desk.

“Keep your mobile phone on your side so you can call me anytime if you need me okay? I will come rushing here in a speed that you can’t believe I promise” he said and she nodded. Paul kissed her on the forehead which made her smile, “Now you rest and I will be back tomorrow” he told her.

For three straight days Paul took care of Sarah, and slowly but surely she was getting better. On the fourth day Sarah woke up as someone was caressing her hair. She slowly opened her eyes and she was surprised to see her father. “Dad?” she said. “Hush now and go back to sleep” he told her. “Why are you here? Where is mom?” she asked and her father tucked her in the blanket. “You’re friend Paul called me up and told me you were sick so I came as soon as I could. Your mom will be here on the week end” he said and Sarah smiled.

“So who is this Paul, is he your boyfriend?” her father asked. Sarah giggled and smiled again, “No dad, he is just a friend. He is taking care of me, he cooks me breakfast, lunch and dinner. He said he will take care of me until I get better but he does go home at nights” she revealed. “And because of that you are pretending to be still sick?” her father teased her and Sarah blushed. “I am sick, actually I am getting better now” she said. Her father smiled at her and pinched her cheek. “Don’t worry I won’t tell your mother, so you can be honest with me” her father stated. Sarah just smiled at him and shrugged her shoulders and they both laughed.

“By the way Sarah did you notice that there is someone camping in our backyard?” he asked her and she quickly stood up and went to the window. There was a tent on their backyard and at that exact moment someone got out of the tent and to her surprise it was Paul. “Dad, that’s him! That’s Paul my friend” she said. “Why is he camping at our backyard?” he asked her. Sarah remembered what Paul told her, “He told me that whenever I need him I would just call him and he would come rushing here in a speed that I would not even believe, so that’s what he meant” she uttered. They heard the door downstairs open and her father looked at her. “You lent him the key?” he asked and she nodded. “I am sorry dad” she said but her father laughed. “I know why, he told you that so you would not wake up and open the door right?” he told her and she nodded. “Come on then I want to meet your friend” he said but Sarah closed the door and said “Dad let him cook first, and then we can surprise him” and her father laughed.

Once they could smell the cooked food they decided to go down and surprise Paul. Sarah sat down in front of the table and Paul noticed her. “Good morning Sarah, how are you today?” he greeted her. “Paul I would like you to meet my dad” she said and her father came to the dining area to meet him. Paul was surprised and did not know what to do but he saw the outstretched hand of Sarah’s father so he shook his hand. “Good morning sir” Paul said trembling as Sarah’s father patted his back. “Let me taste your cooking Paul, my daughter here says it tastes good” he said and Paul quickly brought out another plate and served him.

The three of them ate breakfast together and Paul was still shaking. “Thank you for taking care of my daughter Paul” Mister Vaugn said. Paul just smiled and nodded his head while Sarah was laughing at him. “He is a shy person daddy, but he gets talkative once you get to know him” she told her father. “Well everything here seems to be in order, and you are in good hands I can see. I will be leaving this afternoon then and we shall come back on the week end” Mr Vaugn stated. “And Paul you don’t have to camp outside, you can sleep inside the house okay?” he added and Paul was surprised.

Paul went home after breakfast to give some time for Sarah to be with her father. He came back in the afternoon just in time as Sarah’s father was about to leave. Paul went at the backyard and he did not find his tent there. He came back in the house and asked Sarah about it. Sarah said she did not know where her father placed it so Paul prepared dinner instead. After dinner they watched television together in the living room when it started to rain outside.

The rain grew stronger and after a few minutes the lights went out. Sarah screamed and grabbed on to Paul who was laughing at her. “I am afraid of the dark!” she said and Paul kept laughing. “Tell me where I can find the candles” Paul told her and she said it was inside the drawer beside the lamp shade. Paul stood up and found his way to the drawer and took out some candles. He lit several candles and the room became brighter. “Come on you should go to your room now” he told her and Sarah grabbed on to his hand and they walked upstairs. Along the way Paul blew out the candle and Sarah screamed and hugged him. “I am just kidding you” he said and Sarah would not let go of him. “Don’t scare me like that I am really scared of the dark” she said.

Once inside the room Paul tucked her in bed, “Okay if you need me I will be downstairs okay?” he said but Sarah got up and held his hand. “Paul…could you sleep beside me…until the lights come back?” she asked and Paul thought for a moment. “Just until the lights come back on okay?” he said and Sarah agreed. They were beside each other in bed and Paul suddenly froze. “Sarah I sense a presence in your room” he whispered and again Sarah screamed and hugged him tighter. Paul was laughing once again and he could clearly see how scared she was. “I told you not to scare me like that” she said. “Sorry, I just like it when you hug me” he told her. They both laughed and after a few minutes the lights came back on.

Paul was about to get up but Sarah hugged him again. He looked at her and asked “Are you still scared even with the lights on?” and she smiled at him. “I’m not really scared of the dark, it was just an excuse for me to do this” she revealed. Paul smiled at her and sat on the bed, Sarah would not let go of his hand, “Stay…just for tonight” she said softly and Paul bowed his head. “Oh I’m sorry Paul, I didn’t mean to…” she was about to say but Paul slowly took off his shoes and got inside the blanket with her. He faced her and put his arm around her. Sarah moved closer to him until their noses touched.

Their eyes met and they quickly looked away, “You still can’t see in the eye” he whispered. “Same as you” she replied. “Now is a good time to try, don’t you think?” Paul told her and Sarah slowly looked at him. They again stared each other in the eyes and they were trembling. Sarah was about to look away but Paul held her head still. “Why can’t you look me in the eyes?” he asked and Sarah started to blush. “Maybe it’s because you make my heart beat faster…how about you?” she asked him. Paul took a deep breath, “Every time I look into your eyes I want to do this” he said and he kissed her on the lips.

Paul moved his head back and looked at Sarah, “Paul, keep looking at my eyes” she whispered and he smiled at her. Their lips again found each other and on this fateful night their friendship grew to another level.

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Yana

Thirteen years ago on a bright sunny day Diana was seated in from of their porch as she watched several trucks pass by. To her curiosity she followed them and she saw a family was moving on the house beside theirs. A little kid same as her age stepped out of the car and he immediately smiled at her.

“Are you going to be my neighbor?” the boy asked her and Diana moved a few steps back holding her stuff toy. “My mom told me not to talk to strangers” she said and the boy scratched his head. “I am Paul and we are going to be neighbors, do you have toys?” Paul asked and Diana showed him her stuff toy. “This is your only toy? What is your name?” Paul asked again and Diana looked at him closely. “This is my favorite toy since my mom gave it to me, my name is Diana” she said.

“Yana!” Paul shouted and then smiled at her. “Not Yana! My name is Diana!” she yelled. “Like the princess, you are pretty would you like to be my girlfriend?” Paul said and Diana frowned at him and ran away.

A few days later Diana was at her window staring outside as she saw Paul crying. “Why are you crying?” Diana asked and Paul came closer to the window and he looked up wiping his tears. “I am hungry” he told her and Diana laughed at him. “You are such a cry baby, where are your parent?” she asked and Paul tried to climb the window. “What are you doing?!” Diana yelled and Paul was already hanging and taking a peek inside the room. “Your room is nice, mom and dad went to work, and do you have food here?” he said and pulled him inside and they both fell to the floor.

“Your parents did not leave you food?” Diana asked and Paul jumped on her bed and he sat on it. “I don’t know, maybe they did. Do you have food?” he said and Diana walked towards the door and told him to wait for her. Five minutes later she came back with a sandwich and gave it to him. Paul opened the bread and looked what was inside, “Chicken and mayo, but it feels cold” he said and Diana grabbed the sandwich from him. “I don’t know how to use the microwave so if you don’t want it then I will throw it away” she said. “No please, let me eat it, I am hungry” Paul pleaded and Diana felt sorry for him so she gave him the sandwich.

A few days later Diana saw Paul hammering on a piece of wood and she started to get curious. “Paul what are you doing?” she asked and Paul just looked at her and smiled. “I can’t tell you it’s a secret. Go away for now okay?” he said and Diana ran back inside her house. Three hours later as Diana was playing inside her room Paul suddenly showed up at her window. “Yana! Look I can easily climb up now” he said and Diana went to the window and looked. “You made a ladder?” she said and Paul climbed inside and jumped on her bed. “Yup, so I can easily climb your window, you don’t have to pull me up” he said and Diana was amazed at him. “Yana, I’m hungry” Paul said as he looked at her innocently. Diana again made a sandwich for him but this time it was warm.

One month passed and Diana was received a puppy as her early birthday gift from her father. She ran towards Paul’s house to tell him the news and she dragged him to her room to see her new puppy. Once they got inside her room Diana saw the puppy gnawing on her stuff toy and she screamed. Paul immediately grabbed hold of the puppy and was able to pry the toy out of the dog’s mouth. “Look Diana I saved your teddy bear” he said but she threw the stuff toy on the ground since it was already torn in many places. Diana ran to her mom and Paul was left inside the room with the puppy. “You are a bad puppy, you made Yana cry. Don’t worry I will fix this just watch you bad puppy” he said to the dog and he got out of the window.

Diana’s birthday arrived and Paul ran towards Diana’s window early in the morning. He knocked at the window and a few seconds later Diana opened it. “Happy Birthday Yana!” Paul greeted her and she smiled at him. “Oh Paul look what mommy gave me, a new stuff toy!” she said as she hugged her new teddy bear. Paul just smiled but deep inside he was hurt and he did not bother to show her the old stuff toy that he fixed. “Come back later for the party okay?” she told him and he just nodded and went down the ladder. Paul walked home clutching the old stuff toy in his arms, “I thought she would be happy seeing you again but she has a new one. Don’t worry I will keep you so cheer up okay?” he whispered.

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Break-up

First semester has ended and everyone welcomed the school break. Kara came over to Paul’s place and they ended up smooching on the couch. Things were about to get hotter when suddenly someone knocked on the door. Paul stood up and see who was at the door and Kara came along to see. As the door opened Diane was happily smiling at him holding a wrapped sandwich. “Oops was I interrupting? I can come back later” Diane said and she immediately left.

“That was fast” Paul said and Kara pulled him towards the couch and she started to become naughty. “Home alone just the two of us, I wonder what first we can cross out on the list” she teased and Paul smiled at her. “Someone is getting excited” Kara said and Paul felt embarrassed and he hid his face with a pillow. Another knock came on the door and this time it was Sarah. Paul forced a smile as he greeted her and Kara was already irritated. “I think I came at a bad time. I will just go over to Diane’s place” Sarah said and Paul closed the door.

As he headed back towards the couch Kara was already pouting and thinking deep. Paul sat down beside her and held her hand. “I am sorry Kara; I didn’t expect them to be coming over. It’s unusual actually seeing them knocking on my door” he told her but Kara remained silent. After a minute she sighed and bowed her head.

“Paul you know that I love you very much don’t you?” she asked and Paul said yes. “The problem is that I am selfish and I want you for myself but it seems that can never happen. I know you are not fooling around with anyone but I have tried to get your full attention ever since. The problem is that I think it can never happen. I have given you my full attention and I wanted the same from you, even though you say they are just friends but I feel jealous and I don’t know why. So I think it’s better if we break up” she said.

Paul was stunned and speechless and all he could do was look at Kara. “This is a joke right?” he asked but Kara let go of his hand and she stood up. “It pains me to do this but it will be more painful if we continue this relationship knowing that your attention is divided. We can still be friends and maybe when you are ready then we might end up with each other again. For now it’s over between us” she said as tears flowed down her cheeks. Paul was devastated and he bowed his head and tears were falling from his eyes. “Kara please don’t do this” he begged but he heard the door open and then close.

In Diane’s room Sarah was looking out of the window and she saw Paul running. “Where do you think Paul is going?” Sarah asked and Diane came to see. “Probably went to buy something in the grocery, did you see Kara with him?” Diane asked. “No, he was just running alone; maybe you’re right he just needs something. Maybe he is cooking for Kara” Sarah said. A minute later they saw Paul walking slowly with his head bowed and Diane called out his name. Paul stopped and looked at them momentarily and the two girls were shocked to see his face covered in tears.

Paul continued walking and Sarah jumped out of the window. Diane held her hand and stopped her from following, “I think that is not a good idea Sarah” Diane said. “But he is crying, we have to comfort him somehow” Sarah replied but Diane would not let go of her hand. “Sarah this is the first time I have seen him cry after a long time. The last time I saw his cry is when we were little when his mother left them, I think it’s best if we leave him alone for now” Diane said.

“What do you think happened?” Sarah asked and Diane sighed, “Well what else would make a guy cry like that? They broke up, it’s his first so it’s going to be really painful” Diane said and Sarah felt sorry for him.

The following morning Sarah came over to check on Paul but as she was about to walk towards his house Diane stopped her. “Sarah I don’t think it’s a good idea, you will be just wasting your time” Diane said. “Have you tried talking to him?” Sarah asked and Diane nodded. “I tried knocking on the door but he won’t answer. I tried calling him up but he won’t pick up the phone. I sent him text messages but he does not reply” Diane told her and Sarah sighed. “I will go and try maybe he will open the door this time” Sarah said and she went to Paul’s house. A few minutes later she came back to Diane, “He wont open, can I hang out with you here and wait until he comes out?” she asked and Diane just nodded her head.

They waited the whole day and Paul never came out so Sarah had to go home. Sarah came everyday for five days but they never saw Paul. On the sixth day Diane was surprised to see Sarah with Kara on her doorstep. “Why did you come here? Didn’t you cause him enough pain already?” Diane told her. “Diane please calm down, I was the one who invited Kara, maybe Paul would listen to him” Sarah said. Diane stared at Kara with angry eyes, “If something happens to Paul I wont forgive you” she said and Kara just bowed her head. The three girls head towards Paul’s house and they were surprised to see the door open.

Diane rushed inside and called for Paul but he was not responding. “Why is the door open?” Kara asked and Sarah shrugged her shoulders. Diane looked all around but Paul was not to be found. “Have you checked his room?” Sarah asked and Diane paused and looked at her. “Paul never allowed me into his room, so I didn’t check it” Diane told her. They went to Paul’s room and he was not there. The three slowly walked inside the room and they looked surprised to see how simply the room was.

Paul’s room had white walls, there was a single bed in the middle and beside it was a small desk. The room was clean and his clothes inside his cabinet were in order. There was a study table across the bed where there were three objects on top, a pink umbrella, a tree branch and one old stuff toy with the name ‘Diana’ stitched on its chest. Beside the study table was a small funny looking ladder made of tree old wood and Diane stared at it.

“Why would Paul be keeping a tree branch here in his room?” Kara asked and Sarah picked up the tree branch and said “This was the branch where he hang on to on the first day we met” and Kara looked at the umbrella. “This umbrella was the one he used when we first met” Kara said and they both saw Diane in tears as she picked up the stuff toy and held it close to her. “Diana…so it was you, Yana, his first love” Sarah told Diane and Kara was surprised. Diane held the stuff toy tighter and she closed her eyes.

Diane placed the stuff toy back on the desk and she sat on the bed, the two other girls sat down beside her and comforted her as she started crying again. “He fixed this for me” she said and the more she sobbed.

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Jealousy

The following weekend the group decided to have a house party and Sarah offered to be the host. Paul and Kara arrived early and Sarah let them inside the house. “Hey Sarah where are your parents?” Paul asked and Sarah pretended not to hear him. “Sarah, do you live alone?” Kara asked and Sarah sighed and sat down across them. “My parents are not always here, they do come home three times a month to check on me though” she revealed. Kara felt sad for her and she stood up and sat beside Sarah. “So you are just like Paul, living alone is tough isn’t it?” Kara asked and Sarah nodded. “Well I am used to it but there are times when it gets pretty lonely especially on weekends that’s why I am happy to have friends like you” Sarah said.

“So you cook your own food then?” Paul suddenly asked and Sarah shook her head, “I just buy those microwaveable stuff. “But I saw in your kitchen I think you were preparing sandwiches” Paul said. “No, I was just trying to make some but I changed my mind. Anyway I have to fix some things first so let me leave you guys for the moment” she said and she proceeded to the kitchen. Kara sat beside Paul and she leaned on his shoulder “I feel sad for her Paul” Kara said and he put his arm around her shoulder. “Yeah, I know exactly how she feels” he said. Sarah was watching them from afar but she quickly turned around for she could stand the pain that she was feeling.

Thirty minutes later Diane, Jeff and Fred arrive and the house started to get noisy. “We brought Pizza, beer, Pizza, beer, and there is another box of Pizza and more beer!” Fred said and everyone started laughing. “I brought the stuff!” Jeff announced and everyone looked at him. “What stuff are you talking about?” Paul asked and Jeff grinned at him and hid his bag behind his back. Fred wrestled him to the ground and Paul looked at Kara. “Okay go ahead” she said and Paul leapt on top of the two and the three of them wrestled on the floor.

“Look at them they are like kids” Kara said and Diane started to laugh. “They have always been like that, they are much worse than my five year old brother” she said. “Well its fun watching them, usually this house is so silent so the noise is much welcome” Sarah stated as they watched the three.

Paul was able to pin Jeff down and Fred took hold of the bag. “Quickly open it!” Paul yelled and Fred started to open the bag. “Oh, there’s an anime DVD, and another anime DVD, a PSP, and Miss September!” Fred said and Paul let go of Jeff and went beside Fred. The three gathered around and browsed the magazine, “Paul what are you three looking at?” Kara asked and like an obedient child he stood up “You should be ashamed of yourself bringing a magazine like that here!” he shouted at Jeff. “Hey let’s take a look at the centerfold” Fred said and Paul quickly joined them again. “Paul!” Kara shouted and he took the magazine and hid it inside the bag. “Kara said I can’t view that so you have to sympathize with me since we are friends” Paul said and the three girls started laughing.

“I bet Paul has a stash of those magazines in his room” Kara said and Diane shrugged her shoulders. “Diane tell us is inside Paul’s room” Sarah said and she and Kara looked at her. “I don’t know actually, the last time I went inside his room was when we were little. I think we were six years old back then. He never lets me inside his room but I do go inside of their house. Instead he is the one who comes to my room” Diane revealed.

“Kara what are you three talking about?” Paul asked and Kara just smiled at him. “Don’t come close here since we are talking about you and all of your secrets” Kara teased him and Paul pouted and looked at Diane and Sarah. The three girls start laughing again as he started acting like a kid. “Hey Sarah do you mind if we watch this movie?” Fred asked and Sarah shook her head. The three guys started to watch the movie and started eating while the three girls talked about Paul.

“So what does Paul do in your room?” Kara asked and Diane felt uneasy. “Well he comes to get his wounds healed most of the time whenever he gets into fights. He comes over to play with my brother or most of the time he just comes to sleep on my bed” she said and Kara raised an eyebrow. “Oh no don’t get me wrong, he just sleeps trust me” Diane added and Kara laughed. “Don’t worry I know, I have slept with him three times and he is so innocent. He does not take advantage of me at all, not that I want to but you somehow expect it coming since he is a guy after all but he doesn’t” Kara said and they start giggling. “I wonder if he is gay” Diane commented and the three look at Paul and then they start laughing.

“I have an idea, if you want to know him better let’s play truth or consequence. Paul does not lie so you can ask him whatever you want to know him better” Diane suggested. The girls agreed and they gathered the guys around the living room and they started playing while eating and drinking.

For the first few spins of the bottle it was always Fred and Jeff, they opted to go for the consequences and Paul did really give them hilarious tasks and everyone was enjoying. After thirty minutes and the bottle pointed at Paul and the girls were excited. “Consequence” he said and the girls were disappointed but Jeff had a big grin on his face. “Paul, this is what you call payback. Only Fred and I know about Paul’s little secret so Paul we would like you to showcase that talent in front of everyone” he said and Paul started laughing. “No way! Pick something else I won’t do it” Paul replied. “What secret?” Kara asked and Paul shook his head, “It’s nothing, he was just kidding, Jeff pick something else” Paul told him. “I want to know too” Sarah said and Jeff and Fred were grinning.

“Don’t worry Paul I will be your Rokki but just for the talking part and rest just blow their minds away” Jeff said and Paul smiled and took a deep breath. “Now girls please seat back and enjoy the joy, I’m sure you will love it” Fred said and the girls were excited. Paul and Jeff planned for a moment and after a minute they faced everyone.
Jeff: “yo man”
Paul: “yo”
Jeff: “open up man”
Paul: “what do you want man?”
Jeff: “my girl just caught me”
Paul: “you let her catch you?”
Jeff: “I don't know how I let this happen”
Paul: “with who?”
Jeff: “the girl next door, you know?”
Paul: “man...”
Jeff: “I don't know what to do”
Paul: “say it wasn't you”
Jeff: “alright...but you sing it”

Paul started to sing

honey came in and she caught me red-handed
creeping with the girl next door
picture this we were both butt-naked
banging on the bathroom floor

how could I forget that I had given her an extra key
all this time she was standing there she never took her eyes off me…

Paul continued singing and dancing with Jeff and the girls were clapping and laughing at the same time. As Paul finished his own rendition of Shaggy’s song the girls were still laughing and they could not believe how funny Paul was.

“That was really funny and you didn’t tell me you liked singing” Kara said and Diane agreed with her. Paul felt embarrassed with what he just did but Fred and Jeff were still laughing at him. “It’s something I just do when I am bored and that’s the only song I know” Paul told them as he spun the bottle and it pointed at Jeff. Paul was grinning from ear to ear and Jeff suddenly begged for mercy. Paul made Jeff suffer with the next consequence and almost everyone had a fun time laughing at Jeff as he was made to act like a girl until the house party was over. Jeff retaliated when the bottle pointed at Fred and likewise they got back at Paul. In the end the three of them were acting like girls and the real girls were already in tears from laughing.

“Oh Kara I like your skirt where did you but that, I want to wear one like that” Paul said and Jeff played with his hair and bit his lip and acted sexy. “Did you see the new boy on campus, oooh he is hot, I want him as my boyfriend” Jeff said and Paul and Fred looked at him. “Jeff you are really into that role are you? Is there something you want to tell us?” Fred asked and Jeff continued acting gay and spun the bottle and it pointed at Paul.

“Im tired so I choose the truth” Paul said and the girls kept still and were raring to ask questions. “According to the rules of the house you are supposed to answer all the questions that we want to ask” Kara said and Paul was surprised. “Isn’t it one question only?” Paul asked and Kara shook her head. “This is the rule of Sarah, am I right Sarah?” Kara said and Sarah nodded. Paul sat down on the floor and took a deep breath, “Okay then I guess telling the truth won’t hurt” he said.

“First question, who was your first love?” Kara said and Paul bowed his head and everyone’s eyes were on him. “Okay, but before I answer I would request no follow up questions, would that be alright?” Paul said and Kara looked at the other girls and all agreed. “Fine, who was my first love? Her name is Yana” and Kara felt quite relieved knowing it was not the other two girls beside her. Sarah just nodded but Diane blushed and bowed her head. The questioning continued on and Paul was able to answer everything honestly.

A few moments later Kara asked “Do you like Sarah?” and Paul was so surprised and he looked at Kara suspiciously. “Yes, and I do like Diane too, I like Fred and Jeff but not in a gay-like manner” he replied and everyone laughed. “What I meant is like as in like not as friends” Kara added and Paul sat back and looked at Sarah. “I know where you are getting at so I would say yes. There are some traits of Sarah that I like, there are some traits of Diane that I like, but I love you Kara” he answered and Kara smiled at him.

“I have no more questions for you” Kara told him but Diane quickly interrupted. “I have a question, who did you have your first date with?” she asked and Paul looked at Diane in an angry manner. Sarah started to blush and Kara looked at him. “My first date was with Sarah” he answered and Sarah bowed her head as the two girls looked at her. Kara was obviously irked but she just smiled but Diane was grinning at Paul. “Then tell us who was your first kiss” Sarah said softly and Paul shook his head.

“I am not going to lie so I had my first kiss with Diane” Paul answered and looked at Kara who was surprised. There was tension brewing and the room was filled with silence. “Okay, tell me Paul if ever we break up who among Diane and Sarah would you most likely end up with?” Kara said and Paul again shook his head. “I am not thinking that far, why are you asking me that question?” Paul asked Kara but she insisted that he answer it.

“I don’t want us to break up. I don’t even want to think of that possibility” Paul said but Kara was not satisfied. “Will it be Diane or Sarah, it’s so simple you just have to choose” Kara said and Paul stood up and went outside. “What just happened?” Fred asked and Jeff acted dumb and joked “He would not answer since we were not in the selection but if we were added then I think Paul would choose me” he said and everyone laughed.

Kara went outside and saw Paul seated at the porch, she sat beside him and held his hand. “I am sorry” she said and Paul looked at her and smiled. “It’s okay, I just can’t think of anyone else beyond you” he said and Kara leaned on his shoulder. “I was just jealous because I thought I was your first kiss and it was with me you had your first date” she revealed and Paul put his arm around her. “Don’t be jealous Kara, I promise you from now on you will have all the rest of my firsts” he told her and Kara looked at him and said “I think you are being naughty again.” Paul realized what he just said and he scratched his head, “Oh I did not mean it that way…I meant it in a good way” he said. “So you think having sex with me is not a good thing?” Kara teased him and Paul shyly bowed his head and smiled. “I think it is, I don’t know really…are we going to add that to the list of firsts?” he asked and Kara pinched him in the arm and laughed.

“You are thinking about it are you?” Kara asked him and Paul shook his head. “Not really, sometimes, but there is no need to rush things. I am enjoying just the way we are” he said. “What if I tell you I am thinking about it always” Kara said and looked at him. Paul smiled and said “Well change my answer to often then to be honestly fair” and Kara tickled him. “Maybe on your next sleep over at my place you might get lucky” Kara whispered in his ears and Paul moved away from her and pumped his fist on the air. Kara laughed at him and put her arms around his head, “So don’t make me jealous anymore or else” she whispered and then they kissed.

Sarah was at the window watching them, thinking that it could have been her Paul was kissing.

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Why I Like Him

A month passed and Paul and Kara were inseparable. Paul introduced Kara to all of his friends and they were able to get along with her. The three girls became friends and they often hang out with each other when Paul is not around.

One Saturday morning everyone decided to go out but they found themselves stuck at the ice cream parlor. “If you guys want to watch that cartoon movie then go ahead, we will go somewhere else” Diane said. “Excuse me it’s an anime not a cartoon” Jeff pointed out. “Okay relax everyone, we can settle this amicably, why don’t you ladies come with us to watch the anime and we came go with you wherever you want later” Paul suggested. “Who watches those anyway? Aren’t those for kids?” Diane said. “Hey hey watch your mouth, even adults do watch anime!” Fred told her. Paul sighed and looked at Kara who was smiling at him.

“Thank God you are here, with just one smile you can remove the stress that I’m feeling. Can you help me resolve this issue?” Paul asked Kara and she nodded. “Excuse me for a moment, what if the guys just go and watch the anime and we ladies shall hang out with each other. We could meet again after the movie” Kara said and Jeff and Fred smiled at her. “I want to watch the anime too” Sarah said and Diane sighed. “Okay then it will be just me and Diane. Lets meet at the mall after two hours is that okay?” Kara said and everyone nodded.

Diane and Kara were left behind and there was a feeling of uneasiness between them. “So where do you want to go?” Diane asked but signaled the waiter to come over. “Let’s stay here and talk, we need to iron out some issues” Kara said and the waiter arrived to take their order. After they have chosen their snacks Kara took a deep breath and looked at Diane. “I have wanted to talk to you for a long time now. I want to ask you why you hate me that much?” she said and Diane was so surprised.

“Why do you say I hate you?” Diane asked her. “I know you are Paul’s best friend and I expected to be closer to you compared to the others but you are the only one distant from me. You can’t look me in the eye, you avoid me, and you don’t acknowledge my presence most of the time” Kara explained. “Maybe I just don’t trust you yet” Diane replied and Kara shook her head. “You don’t trust me? Do you think I am just playing with Paul?” Kara asked and Diane nodded.

“Paul is my best friend so you can’t blame me if I am over protective of him. I want him to be happy but somehow something tells me that you are just playing with his heart” Diane revealed and Kara started to get angry. “Kara please don’t get mad, but look at it this way, you are Kara Miller and he is Paul. You are the most beautiful girl in school and quite famous, I can’t quite fit Paul into that puzzle” Diane explained and the angrier Kara became. “You call yourself his best friend? By the way you sound you are belittling him! Shame on you Diane! I love Paul and he is such a wonderful guy and you among all people should know that!” Kara yelled and everyone looked at them.

“People say I am beautiful but I don’t feel that way, I am just an ordinary girl too. Why do you have to criticize our relationship based on popularity and looks? Are you that blind and discriminate? One day as I was walking home I saw a couple of guys beating up this little guy and all of a sudden he arrived and beat the crap out of the bullies. It was just like a movie where the hero arrives on time. He helped the guy to the hospital and I followed him because I was worried since he was bloody all over. A few minutes later he walked out of the hospital still bloody and he just walked calmly with his head bowed since everyone was staring at him. People were whispering and talking harsh words and I wanted to scream at them and tell them that he just rescued a guy but I had no confidence to do so.

Ever since that day I could not get him out of my mind, the hero image of him stuck in my memories. Then at school I saw him in the canteen, he was just a normal guy who was laughing with his friends. Then again someone needed help, a guy was choking and I looked at him and saw there was no hesitation in his eyes. He leapt over the table, and it gave me goose bumps seeing an amazing move, he ran towards the choking guy and a minute later they were shaking hands.

After saving a person and getting the cheers from everyone he was still shy and they left the canteen. I followed him outside and I really wanted to know him. To my surprise he walked towards me and all I can do was look at him, my heart beat so fast and all I can do was stand there. Six more steps and he stopped and he turned around and walked away, I was frustrated that time but I just smiled at him because I was ashamed to go to him.

One rainy day I saw him standing beside the building, I ran inside and looked for an umbrella. I called up my friend to bring me an umbrella so I could share it with him. I was pacing because I was worried thinking that he might be gone so I decided to invite him to walk with me under the rain. It’s a bit silly but I really was that desperate to get to know him. Once I walked towards him I saw he had an umbrella and I knew this was my chance.

I wrapped my arms around his arm and we walked together. I thought I was just imagining things when I saw him smiling but once we got to my house he mumbled and acted funny. That day I knew he liked me too but I did not see him anymore after that day and that’s when I met Kevin. Even though I knew he was a player I thought he would change so I dated him. I saw him kiss another girl and so I confronted him about it and told him that we are over. People thought with what I said we are a couple but what I meant to say was I didn’t want to date him or see him anymore.

He was about to slap me and I closed my eyes and thought of Paul to come rescue me. I heard the slap but I didn’t feel anything so slowly opened my eyes and he did come for me. He took the slap for me and he drove Kevin away. I really happy that time but likewise scared because he was so angry but he turned to me and smiled as if nothing happened.

How many guys can do that? Sometimes I feel he is my Superman, everything he does is different but it makes me happy. Our first failed date turned out better than expected for it reunited my parents. Our first sleep over together and he showed me that he was not after my body. I should be jealous but even though we are together he still thinks about his friends and their welfare. What is there not to love about him? Up to this day my hearts beats so fast whenever I see him. Do you understand why I love him so much Diane?”

Diane bowed her head and nodded. “I am sorry Kara” Diane said and Kara held her hand. “Why don’t we start from scratch, okay?” Kara suggested and Diane smiled at her.

Diane and Kara headed to the mall and waited for the others to arrive. Kara saw the group arriving but she noticed Paul and Sarah close to each other while laughing. “Diane am I going to have a problem with Sarah?” she asked. “Sarah is just his friend so you don’t have to worry about her I assure you” Diane said but deep inside she knew that Sarah liked Paul too.
“That’s good to hear”

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: First Girlfriend

Paul had just made another fantastic meal and he and Kara were in the garden after lunch. The sky was dim and the rain clouds were starting to gather. “It was raining that day when we first met” Kara said as she was looking up at the sky. Paul looked up too and closed his eyes, “That day my heart went crazy, Kara Miller shared an umbrella with me. For the first time I heard your voice, I can still feel how you held on to my arm. That day I wanted time to stop, and if it was a dream I did not want to wake up. Now, I can’t still believe I am beside you, Kara Miller beside a pathetic guy like me on her garden. I think from that day I never woke up” he said and suddenly he felt something soft touch his lips.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw Kara staring at him. “Do you still think you are dreaming?” she whispered as she bit his lower lip. “If this was a fairy tale I would be sleeping beauty” he responded and Kara giggled. Their lips locked and electricity flowed through his body, he was not dreaming, but he could not control his body. A few seconds later rain started to pour and Kara ran towards the house. Paul stood up and looked up at the sky, “Just when I was enjoying you had to ruin it!” he yelled as the rain grew stronger. “You could have waited for five minutes more you know!” he again shouted but a bright flash of light and loud thunder made him ran towards the shade. “Is that all you’ve got? We can continue inside you know and you can’t interrupt us there!” he said and Kara was laughing at him.

Evening came and the rain got even stronger, Paul stayed for dinner and he waited for the rain to subside so he could go home. “Paul, why don’t you just spend the night here?” Mrs. Miller suggested and Paul looked at Kara who was nodding her head. “Is that going to be okay?” he asked, “Of course, wait here I will prepare the guest room” she said and Kara hugged him. “Why are you hugging me all of a sudden?” Paul asked Kara and she just smiled at him. Paul tried to Kara but she moved away, “save it for later” she whispered and he started to get nervous.

A few minutes later Paul kissed Kara goodnight and he went inside the guest room. It was cold and it was still raining outside. Paul got in bed, he hugged one pillow and he instantly fell asleep. Paul thought he was dreaming as he could hear Kara’s voice clearly. “Would you be rather hugging me instead of that pillow?” he heard her whisper. Paul slowly opened his eyes and there was Kara staring at him. “Kara what are you doing here?!” he asked and Kara signaled him to keep quiet. “My mom and Dad are in the next room” she whispered. “Go back to your room or else your dad is going to kill me” he said softly. “I can’t, If I go now then you will see me naked” she said and Paul looked at her and saw her tucked inside the blanket. He immediately went out of the blanket and stood up. “Kara your dad is going to kill me if he finds out” he reiterated.

“Your boxers are cute, and I never imagined you having a muscular body” she said and she got out of the blanket to reveal that she was not naked after all. “I was just kidding you, see I have my PJ’s on, so come back inside its cold” she said and Paul sat down on the floor instead. “You should really go back to your room Kara” he told her but Kara went inside the blanket. “It’s cold, come here and you don’t have to worry we are not going to do anything…unless you are planning to do something to me” she teased him and Paul quickly shook his head. “I am not planning anything” he said. “So what are you afraid of? Come here then” she told him and Paul hesitated a little but he slowly got on bed and slid inside the blanket.

Paul and Kara were face to face and she moved closer to him and he started shaking. “Why are you so nervous?” she asked him and Paul remained silent. Kara moved closer to him and she wrapped her hands around her head. “Kara this is not a good idea, can you move back a little” he whispered but Kara did the opposite. Their lips were touching and Kara was staring into his eyes. “Kara I really think you should move back a little” he repeated, “Why?” she asked and Paul took a deep breath. “Kara…your chest in pressing into my chest and I am a guy so…you really should move back” he said. Kara bit his lip and suddenly she was surprised and moved back a little. Kara started laughing and Paul was so embarrassed.

“I am sorry…it just happened I guess” Paul said but Kara was still giggling. She moved closer to him again and pressed her body against his. “It’s okay, actually I’m flattered” she said and Paul smiled. “Flattered?” he asked and Kara nodded. “Yes, it just shows that you are attracted to me so I am flattered” she explained and then she started kissing him. A few seconds later they heard a woman moaning so they froze and looked at each other. The moaning got louder and they started laughing. “Now that is awkward. I think we should cover our ears now” he suggested but Kara was still laughing.

As the noise from the other room stopped Kara embraced Paul. “It looks like my parents are not getting separated?” she whispered. “Yeah because they just joined” Paul joked and Kara giggled. “Paul there is something about you that is so mysterious, I can’t explain it but I just somehow I feel it deep inside of me” she said. “A lot of guys have courted me” she added and Paul pouted. “Now you are making me jealous and feel so tiny” he answered. “No listen to me, a lot of guys have courted me and I never gave them a chance, I thought Kevin was going to be my first boyfriend but I was wrong” she said. “Kevin was not your boyfriend?” Paul asked and Kara nodded. “So you mean to say you never had a boyfriend in your life?” he asked and Kara smiled at him, “I do have one now…and I am about to kiss him” she answered and Kara kissed Paul on the lips.

Paul smiled widely and pinched himself, “Excuse me I have to stand up” he said but Kara embraced him tightly. “Why?” she asked and Paul grinned. “This is the part where I should be jumping and pumping my fist on the air” he said and Kara smiled at him. She turned her body and leaned on his chest and pulled his arm around her waist. “I can’t believe it I have a girlfriend” Paul whispered and he embraced her tightly. “Paul…you’re hand is on my breast” she whispered and Paul immediately moved his hand away and she started laughing. “I was just kidding you” she said. “No wonder it wasn’t soft and mushy” he told her and they ended up laughing again.

Monday arrived and Paul and Kara were holding hands as they were walking around campus. Paul had his head bowed down and Kara got mad at him. “Why are you bowing you head? Are you ashamed of me?” she asked him. “I am not ashamed of you but everyone is looking and by the looks of it they must be wondering why you chose me” he said. Kara turned to Paul and placed her arms around his head, “Do not mind what they are saying, they don’t know you. You are a wonderful person, amazing is an understatement and…I love you Paul. I hope that’s enough reason for you because I mean it” she explained and Paul lifted his head and smiled. “I love you too Kara.”

Nearby Diane was watching the two couple as they were embracing. “It could have been you standing there with him Diane” and she turned to see Sarah beside her. “Well I am just happy for him right now” Diane said. “But if pains you seeing them like that does it?” Sarah told her and Diane fell silent. “I would be lying to you if I said no” Diane whispered and Sarah looked at her. Sarah turned around and started walking away, “Diane, to tell you honestly it hurts me too”

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: First Kiss

Paul’s most awaited day has arrived and his body was shaking all over. He was too scared to knock on the door but to his surprise it suddenly opened. Kara greeted him with a smile and the more nervous he became. “Come inside Paul, my parents would like to meet you” she said. At that exact moment he felt his feet cemented on the ground as he could not advance a step. “Come on Paul don’t be shy” she said and she pulled his arm and smiled at him.

Once inside he was surprised to see Kara’s parent seated on the living room. They sat across Kara’s parents and Paul instantly bowed his head. “Mom, Dad, this is the guy I have been telling you, this is Paul” Kara said. Paul smiled and then bowed his head again to which it elicited laughter from Kara’s parents. “He sure is a shy one” Mister Miller commented. “Paul you don’t have to be shy in front of us, Kara has been telling us great things about you, and actually she cannot stop talking about you” Mrs. Miller said. “Mom! You are embarrassing me. Paul my mom is lying” Kara said and Paul was able to laugh a bit. “Okay then let me leave you three here and I shall cook lunch” Mrs. Miller said and she stood up. “Madam I know how to cook, would you like me to help you?” Paul offered and everyone looked surprised.

“Paul you can cook?” Kara asked in amazement and Paul nodded. “That’s a first, well then why not let Paul cook for us then” Mr. Miller suggested and his wife smiled. “Okay let me show you the kitchen then” Mrs. Miller said and Kara objected. “Mom we are supposed to go on a date with Paul!” she said and Paul quickly pacified her. “It’s okay Kara, we can go out after” he told her and Kara sat down on the couch and pouted. Paul and Mrs. Miller proceeded to the kitchen and a few minutes later Kara’s mom came back to the living room. “Where’s Paul?” Kara asked and Mrs. Miller said “Well he said he works better alone and he sure does know his way in the kitchen so I left him there.”

An hour later everyone gather around the dining table and Paul watched Kara’s parents as they were about to taste his own rendition of beef stew. Kara was disappointed and still was pouting and she was not in the mood for eating. “I’m sorry if you find the beef hard, I wanted to soften it up more but time didn’t allow me too” Paul said and Mr. Miller took his first taste. Paul watched closely as Mr. Miller chewed his food, his attention turned to Mrs. Miller who had her first taste too. Paul was worried as Mr. Miller closed his eyes but suddenly he took in another spoonful. “Jesus Christ this boy can cook!” he exclaimed. Kara was surprised as she looked at her father who took in another mouthful, “Now now eat slowly. Paul this is really delicious” Mrs. Miller said and Paul was so relieved to hear that.

Paul scooped a spoonful and offered it to Kara, “Here Kara have a taste” he said and Kara looked surprised as she turned to her mother and father. “Come on Kara it’s starting to drip” Paul said and she opened her mouth and ate it. Kara smiled and looked at Paul who wiped the sauce from her lip. “Oh look at that they are so sweet” Mrs. Miller said. “Reminds me of how we were before” Mr. Miller said and they both held each other’s hand. At the sight of her parents holding hands, tears suddenly started falling from Kara’s eyes. “Kara is there something wrong?” Paul asked but she smiled and shook her head. “Spicy” she whispered and everyone started laughing.

After lunch the young couple was seated on the sofa, “Kara are you ready to go?” he asked her. “Go where Paul?” she asked. “On our date remember?” he said and she shook her head. “This is our date Paul” she said and he was confused. “A while ago I was mad because I was expecting something just between the two of us but somehow I am happy” she said. “Happy? But you were crying a while ago over lunch, and the food wasn’t that spicy” he said.

Kara felt embarrassed and looked away, “A while ago over lunch I saw a scene that I have not seen for a long time. You see my mom and dad were planning on separating but a while ago seeing them holding hands and smiling at each made me feel so happy” she revealed. “I don’t remember drugging them, we ate what they ate but we were not holding hands” Paul said and suddenly Kara held his hand. Paul was surprised and looked at her “Maybe it was the food after all” he joked and they both laughed. As their laughs faded, they both found their eyes locked on to each other, their faces growing closer and their lips almost touching. “I don’t remember seeing your parents kissing” Paul said and they again burst in laughter. Kara then kissed Paul on his cheek and again he smiled with delight. “Now I really am getting used to that” he said.

Paul went home happy and Diane noticed it. “You seem to be happy today?” she said and Paul turned around and saw Diane leaning on her window. “I just had my first date with Kara and I must say it was successful” he said. “Come inside and tell me about it” she said but Paul stood still. “I know, chicken sandwich right?” she said and Paul came rushing towards her window. Paul quickly jumped on her bed and Diane already had a sandwich on her hand. “I knew you were coming so made it a while ago” she said as she handed the sandwich to him.

Paul told Diane everything while eating the sandwich; little did he know that little by little it was breaking her heart. “So you already made a good impression on her parents” she told him and he nodded as he was chewing. “Now my problem is I have to get ready for our first kiss” Paul said and Diane clenched her fists and looked at him. “A while ago we almost did and I must admit I was so nervous. I did not know what to do and I was afraid that I might mess it up so even though I wanted to I just cracked a joke and she ended up kissing me again on my cheek” he revealed.

“So I was thinking if you could lend me some movies that have kissing scenes in them so I can learn how to do it correctly” he told her. Diane turned around and kept still, “Watching movies won’t do you any good, you have to try the real kiss” she softly uttered. Paul started to laugh and moved closer to her, “And you think some girl would agree to let me practice a kiss with them” he said. “There is one girl I know” Diane said and Paul looked at her. “Me” she said and Paul was surprised and almost choked on the sandwich.

“You would do that for me?” Paul asked her and Diane looked away blushing. “Yes, if it would help you then I would do that” she said and Paul started laughing but Diane looked at her seriously. Paul felt silent and thought about it. “Diane I think I can’t, you are my best friend and I think it would feel awkward” Paul said. “It’s just a kiss…I’m just helping you out. So if you don’t want to then that’s fine with me” she replied and silence once again filled the room. Diane looked away and felt embarrassed for her offer and Paul was really confused at that moment.

“Okay, so tell me what to do” Paul suddenly said and Diane looked at him. “I think its better if we stand” she suggested so Paul quickly got out of bed and stood in front of her. Diane stood up and faced him, she took a deep breath and she noticed he was shaking all over. “Paul you have to relax a little” she told him and Paul took a deep breath, “So we just kiss standing and where should I put my hands?” he asked. “Well you will know where to put them when it happens” she said and Paul momentarily looked at her chest. Diane noticed his eyes on her breast so she pinched his arm. “You are looking at my breasts, we are practicing for a kiss and nothing else!” she yelled.

Paul scratched his head and felt embarrassed, “I wasn’t intending to touch your breasts, well I actually thought my hand should be there” he joked. Diane pulled his hands and placed them on her waist. “For now keep them there, when you and Kara do it I don’t care where you put your hands” she said. “I really didn’t intend to…” he was about to say but Diane placed her hands around his head. “Diane, how come my heart is beating so fast?” Paul asked and she just pouted.

“Do I just keep my hands there or should I be squeezing a little…or moving it upwards…sideways?” he asked and Diane pulled his head closer and said “Oh Paul just shut up and kiss me” and their eyes gazed into each other. Paul closed his eyes and Diane laughed at him. “You don’t have to close your eyes yet our lips have not touched each other” she told him he just smiled. Their heads moved closer to each other and their lips almost touching one another, “Diane why are you closing you eyes our lips have not touched yet?” Paul asked and Diane suddenly blushed.

“I didn’t know kissing would be this difficult, in the movies it seems so easy” Paul commented and Diane took a deep breath. “Paul you talk too much, all you have to do is get the feel of it and you have to relax” she told him. “Okay, but what do I do when our lips touch? Where do I tilt my head? How long should our lips be together?” he asked her and Diane suddenly pulled his head closer and their lips touched. Paul was surprised and his eyes were wide open looking at Diane but she already had her eyes closed. He relaxed and closed his eyes, he was with Diane, his best friend and they were kissing. Something felt awkward but he has liked her for a long time, he did not think anymore and he just enjoyed the first kiss of his life.

After thirty seconds Paul pulled away and looked at Diane who slowly opened her eyes. “How did I do?” he asked. “Your lips are soft, it felt good” she told him and he looked at her curiously. Diane turned around quickly, “I meant you did fine” she said and Paul laughed. “Should we try it again? Practice makes perfect you know” he suggested. “No, you will be fine and I have to do school work now so you have to go” she told him.

“Since when did you have to do school work privately? We used to do it together” Paul said. “Well times change so go home now Paul” she told him and she walked towards the window. Paul jumped out of the window but looked at her. “Diane, about the kiss…” he was about to say but she quickly interrupted. “It was just a kiss Paul and nothing more” she said. “To you maybe it was just a kiss but you know I have wanted to kiss you for a long time. It is really funny but I really liked it, so I don’t feel bad anymore because you dumped me, I got to kiss you in the end” he revealed and smiled at her.

Diane was speechless and simply looked at him, Paul walked away and waived at her. She did enjoy the kiss but was now full or regrets, she knew that he was starting to fade away from her. And when he is totally gone that kiss will haunt her forever.

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: First Date

“Diane you have a visitor!”
“Yes mom I will be right there!” Diane replied as she ran out towards the living room. “Sarah! Its good you didn’t get lost finding my place” she said. Sarah smiled at her and said “I asked around, so what is your problem that you were saying?” Diane looked around, “We better discuss this in my room” she said and she led Sarah towards her room.

Diane locked the door as Sarah walked around the room looking at the pictures on the wall. “I didn’t know who else to call, I thought you might be able to help Paul” Diane said and Sarah looked at her curiously. “Well you know what happened, Kara saying she likes him, I thought he would be happy but he is not” Diane told her. “How can you say he is not happy?” Sarah asked and Diane sat down on the bed. “You see when Paul is happy he becomes energetic, when Paul is sad he keeps it to himself and stays away from others. When Paul has a problem he goes on the roof and stays there the whole day” she revealed. “So why don’t you go and talk to him, you are his best friend right?” Sarah suggested.

Diane sighed and bowed her head. “Well I might have hurt his feelings the other day and we have not been talking since” she revealed. “So you want me to try and talk to him?” Sarah asked and Diane looked at her and nodded. “How about Fred and Jeff, maybe then can try to talk to him” Sarah again suggested. “I did call them but they are busy with something, so you are the only one left I know who is friends with him” Diane said. “Okay show me where he is and I will try to talk to him” Sarah said and Diane quickly stood up and led her outside. “Wait I forgot something, I will be right back” Diane said and she rushed towards the kitchen.

Diane came back holding a something wrapped in a foil and handed it to Sarah. “When you have the chance give this to him, it might help” she said. “What is this?” Sarah asked, “Chicken sandwich, his favorite” Diane replied and Sarah nodded her head. They proceeded towards the back of Paul’s house and there was a ladder which led up to the roof. “I have to leave you now, I have to give my brother a bath” Diane said and Sarah began to climb the ladder.

Sarah reached the rooftop and she saw Paul asleep. She sat beside him and pinched his nose. Paul woke up and slowly opened his eyes, “Sarah?” he asked and she smiled at him and nodded. “Sarah! What are you doing here?! You might fall off the roof! You could have called my name and I would have gone down!” Paul said as he panicked. Sarah moved closer to him and handed him the sandwich, Paul took at looked at her. “So she put you up to this, and there is even a bribe offer I see” he said and Sarah laughed. “She is just concerned for you” Sarah said and Paul laughed. “Yeah right, concerned about me. She isn’t even happy for me especially when Kara kissed me on the cheek. Oh boy you should have seen her give me the cold shoulder after that” Paul revealed.

“Maybe she is jealous” Sarah said and Paul looked at her. Seconds later he started laughing again and said “Jealous? That’s not true; she said I was not her type so there is no reason for her to be jealous. A friend getting jealous? Is that even possible?” he asked her. “If Fred or Jeff would get kissed by a girl would I be jealous? Of course not I would be happy for them. They were happy for me when Kara kissed me, I don’t understand why my best friend would get mad” he explained. Sarah just looked at him as he opened the foil and took a bite of the sandwich. Sarah noticed Paul’s expression changed and that there was no more sign of anger on him. “This is really good; you want to take a bite?” Paul offered but Sarah shook her head. “She really knows how to calm me down, tell her I forgive her” Paul said as he kept on eating.

“So are you ready to go down now?” Sarah asked but Paul shook his head. “Youre problem has been solved already why don’t you want to go down?” she asked. “Our misunderstanding with Diane isn’t the problem, I have a major problem and I don’t know what to do” he said and he looked at her seriously. “So tell me about it maybe I can help” Sarah offered but Paul shook his head and pouted. Paul looked at her and took a deep breath, “Sarah, I am gay” he said softly and she was surprised to hear that. Sarah was speechless and just stared at him, a few seconds later Paul burst out in laughter.

“Relax I was just kidding you, of course I am not gay. Did you think I really was?” he asked and Sarah started laughing. “Well since you were serious I thought you were” she said and he laughed even louder. “I cant be gay actually, can a gay person be attracted to someone like you?” Paul said and Sarah suddenly felt happy and she could feel the blood rush towards her cheeks. “Anyway my real problem is that I am going on a date with Kara but I don’t know how to go on a date” he said and the happiness that Sarah felt simply vanished in an instant.

“I have never been on a date; I don’t know what to do on a date. I don’t know how to act, or where to go, I really am pathetic” he said. Since this is my first date ever I don’t want to mess it up, I want it to turn out fine but I don’t know what to do” he added and bowed his head. The two fell silent as Sarah likewise bowed her head as she was feeling a rather slight pain on her heart. “Have a date with me” Sarah suddenly said and Paul immediately looked at her. “What?” he asked and Sarah blushed and shook her head. “Let’s go on a date…no I mean mock date…just like a test date…no I think it’s a bad idea” she said as she looked away. “Okay so when do we go out?” Paul asked and Sarah looked at him.

“I didn’t mean it that way; I was just saying we go out so you can get the feel of it. So when you and Kara go out at least you would know what to expect or how to act already. I did not mean that we are going on a date” Sarah said and Paul nodded. “Still we are going on a date, mock date, test date or whatever you call it we are going out” he said and he smiled at her. Sarah blushed again and smiled back “Tomorrow then?” she asked and Paul suddenly started shaking he again bowed his head. “Now I have another problem?” he told her and Sarah suddenly thought that Paul was feeling guilty. “I think we should not go out after all” she said and Paul shook his head. “I don’t know what to do on our date” he said and Sarah started laughing.

“Honestly I don’t know what I am going to do” he told her again and Sarah could not stop laughing. “Paul relax, just be yourself and you will know what to do when you get there” she said and he laughed with her. “Hey Sarah, so where would you like to go? I mean when it comes to dating all I can think of is eating out, watching a movie, strolling around, you know the common scenes we see from movies” he told her. “I don’t know Paul, just surprise me I think that will be better” she said and Paul looked away and slowly grinned.

Sarah dropped by Diane’s window before going home, Diane came closer to hear the news. “Diane he says he forgives you” Sarah said and Diane was so happy. “So is he okay now? Did he go down already?” Diane asked and Sarah shook her head. “He says he wants to be alone a little bit more but he is okay now” she told her. Diane smiled and she felt happy hearing Paul was okay. “Tell me Diane, yesterday, you were going to confront the guy you like, was that guy Paul?”

Diane fell silent but quickly denied, “No, of course not” she replied. “Then why did you not go to the guy after hearing Kara said she likes Paul?” Sarah again asked. Diane took a deep breath and looked away “Well it was a grand event for my friend so I was happy for him and so it slipped my mind” she said and Sarah simply nodded.

“So Diane, would it be okay with you then I go out with Paul?”

Diane looked at Sarah and now she knew at that moment that they liked the same guy. “You were going to confront Paul that day were you?” Diane asked and they both stared at each other. “And so were you” Sarah snapped back. The two just stared each other and neither one backing down. “Hey Sarah you’re still here, let me walk you to the bus stop” Paul suddenly appeared. The two didn’t bother looking at him so he felt something strange going on. “Hey are you two okay?” he asked and Sarah turned to him and smiled. “We are fine, right Diane?” she asked and Diane nodded. “Okay then, come on let me walk you to the bus stop” he again offered and Sarah waived nodded her head and started to walk. “Diane thanks for the sandwich, see you later okay?” he said but Diane quickly shut her window.

The following day Paul went to Sarah’s house and waited for her outside. Sarah saw him sitting by the porch so she sat down beside him. “Are you ready to go?” Paul asked and Sarah looked at him and asked “Where are we going?” she said and Paul stood up and grinned at her. “I can’t tell you but just trust me for now” he said and Sarah stood up and was excited to go.

After a long bus ride they walk towards a forest and after a twenty minutes walk they finally arrive at their destination. “He we are, I do hope you like this place” Paul said and Sarah was speechless as she looked around at the majestic scenery. There was a calm lake and on both sides were assorted flowers growing. “This place is amazing, how did you find this place?” Sarah asked as she picked one flower. “Well I found it yesterday, after I you left I went out in search of a good spot and I found this place” he said and Sarah was more amazed at him.

Sarah and Paul took a walk around the place and along the way they got to know each other better. After an hour they arrived at the same spot where they first were. “Are you hungry?” Paul asked her and Sarah smiled and nodded. Paul walked towards a tree and brought out a picnic basket and Sarah started laughing. “When did you put that there? I didn’t see you carrying that a while ago” she said. Paul walked towards the edge of the lake and said “If you dip your feet in the water you can feel the little fishes nibbling on your feet” he said and Sarah was surprised and wanted to try. She took off her shoes and socks then sat on a rock. Paul did the same and they both dipped their feet in the water. A few seconds later Sarah started giggling and laughing as the little fishes were gathering around her feet.

“It tickles” she said and Paul started laughing. “Sarah I am sorry but I was only able to make us sandwiches. I wanted to make a meal for you but I thought that it might get cold” he said as he offered her a sandwich. “When I told you surprise me I did not expect it to turn out this way. This is just like a dream, and if I was Kara I would be very happy. So honestly right now I envy her” she said and Paul looked at her confused. “Envy? Why would you be envious of Kara?” he asked.

“Well just look at this place, it is so beautiful. And you even looked hard for this place. Then you planned ahead and even made food. So I really don’t know why you were being problematic on having your first date with Kara, this is perfect and I am sure she will love it” she said. Paul shook his head and looked down at the fishes. “Kara will never see this place” he softly spoke and Sarah was surprised. “You are not going to bring Kara here? Why?” she asked.

“Yesterday you said that you would go out with me, even though it’s just a mock date I was really happy. You told me to be myself and to surprise you. Something was not right though, I mean that if the date was to be make belief it would be unfair to you because you would be pretending to be Kara. So when I went in search of this place it was not Kara I wanted to impress, it was you. I planned this day for you since I owe you a lot for giving me confidence and telling me to be who I am, so this is me Sarah. And this place is only for you, this place is our special place” Paul said and tears started to form on her eyes.

“Here Sarah taste the sandwich I made for you” Paul offered and Sarah took that sandwich and held it in her arms. She opened the foil slowly and took a small bite and her tears started to fall down her cheeks. She suddenly could not believe how delicious the sandwich was and so she quickly wiped her tears and looked at Paul. “This is so delicious” she said and Paul looked at her and said “Since you liked it then I will name it the Sarah Special” and he smiled at her.

“How about Kara?” Sarah asked and Paul took a deep breath, “I don’t want to think about problems right now since I am enjoying my first ever date” he told her. Sarah felt so happy and she scooted over and planted a kiss on his cheek. Paul looked at Sarah and he froze touching his cheek, “Sorry I am not really used to that yet” he said and Sarah laughed at him. “You just made my first date so memorable” he added. Sarah looked at the fishes and smiled, “It’s my first date too, and I am glad it was with you” she whispered.

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: I Like You

A week passed, Paul had become the talk of the campus. Almost everyone heard what he did to the bullies and Jeff and Fred were just happy being with him. “Hey Paul you might want to take a look at this” Jeff said as Paul rose up from his short nap on the grass. Kara was walking with a tall and handsome guy and they seemed to be having an argument. “As expected the most beautiful girl with the most handsome guy on campus, a perfect couple I might add” Fred commented. “Kevin Yates, basketball superstar, and you were asking if she would go out with you last week. Well there is your answer Paul, a loud and clear no” Jeff added. Paul looked on as the couple stopped, “So what do you think they are fighting about?” he asked.

“I don’t know but I think you would want to stop that guy because he is hurting her” Jeff said and Paul saw Kevin holding Kara tightly on her arm and shaking it. Paul quickly stood up and walked towards the couple and as he drew nearer her could hear clearly what they were fighting about. “What do you mean it’s over? I told you I was not fooling around, it was just a friendly kiss okay?!” Kevin said. “Stupid! If it was just a kiss then how come you had your arms around her? How come it lasted around thirty seconds?!” Kara shouted back. “I got carried away okay! And you want to know the reason why I got carried away? Its because you would not even give me a single kiss!” Kevin lashed at her. “I didn’t want to kiss you because of your reputation, I gave you a chance to prove me wrong but you just solidified my claim! I don’t want to see you anymore!” she said and Kevin took a deep breath.

Kevin looked around and saw lots of people staring at them, he bit his lip and swung his arm to slap her. Kara closed her eyes for she knew what was coming, she heard the slap but she did not feel anything. She opened her eyes quickly and to her surprise she was staring at the back of Paul who had received the slap for her. Kevin too was surprised as he slowly dropped his arm, standing in front of him was Paul whose angry eyes were focused on his. “Who do the hell do you think you are?!” Kevin told him. “A guy should never raise his hand on a girl” Paul said softly. Kevin shoved him but Paul stood his ground.

Everyone was intently watching them, Paul’s eyes were focused and anger can be read from his face. “So you think you are a tough guy!” Kevin shouted in Paul’s face. “You slap like a girl!” he countered and everybody laughed. Kevin was so embarrassed and he again shoved Paul but he would not budge. Paul advanced closer and he stood face to face with Kevin and their noses touched. “Do you really want to go that way?!” Paul shouted at his face as he advanced forward and Kevin was moved back. “Do you really want to go that way?!” he repeated as he kept on moving forward pushing Kevin backwards until he tripped on a flower pot and fell to the ground.

Paul was still staring at him with his fists clenched and shaking. Two guys rushed to Kevin’s rescue and helped him up. “Let go of me!” Kevin shouted and Paul moved closer to his face. “Kevin back off now, he’s the guy everyone’s been talking about man” his companion said. Kevin moved backwards slowly but Paul inched closer, “Okay okay you win” he said as he raised his arms and walked backwards. People started clapping and cheering as Kevin and his crew walked away. Paul was still standing there watching them leave, his fists were still shaking but Kara tapped his back. Paul turned around and smiled at her “Are you okay?” he said and Kara was surprised with how fast his emotion changed, she managed to nod her head and smile back.
They walked toward Jeff and Fred who were imitating Paul and Kevin. Jeff was acting as Paul and he was pushing Fred back. “Do you want to go that way?” he said. “I want to go this way” Fred jokingly said and Jeff pushed him back until he fell. Kara laughed and Fred stood back up and slapped Jeff. “Hey what was that for?” he asked. “Kevin did slap Paul so since you were pretending to be Paul I had to pretend to be Kevin too” Fred explained and Paul suddenly burst in laughter.

Lots of people passed by their group and they were all congratulating the hero. Paul simply nodded at them and kept on bowing his head and sometimes flashing a mild grin. Kara was looking at him intently, she could see the hand mark on his face and she knew that could have been on hers. She reached her hand and touched cheek and Paul turned to face her. “Does it hurt?” she asked him, “A little, but it looks better on my face than yours” he said and Kara smiled at him. “Here something to take the pain away” she said and she kissed him on the cheek.

Paul touched his cheek and remained motionless; Jeff and Fred were likewise in shock as they had seen what just happened. Kara stood up and politely smiled at the two, “I have to go now, I have a class. Thanks Paul” she said and then walked away. “Dude what just happened?” Jeff asked as they both look at Paul who was still touching his cheek smiling. “She kissed him” Fred said. “If we could just rub our cheek against his then it would be like she kissed us too, right?” Jeff said and he looked at Fred. They both stared at each other for a moment, “Dude that would make us look like the two cowboys in the mountain” Fred said. “To hell with what others may think!” Jeff shouted and tackled Paul, Fred joined in as the three of them wrestled each other on the ground.

“What are you guys doing?!” said a female voice. The three stopped wrestling each other and they turned around to see. “Oh hi Diane” Paul said as they all stood up and tidied themselves. “I came as soon as I heard but it seems it was nothing after all” she said and she started to fix Paul’s shirt collar. “Kara kissed Paul on the cheek” Jeff revealed and Diane stood still for a moment and let go of his collar. “Come on Paul lets go home” she said and went ahead. Jeff and Fred were shaking their head and signaled Paul to go follow her. Paul caught up with Diane and he offered to carry her bags but she didn’t want to. This day was a milestone for them for they had their first ever silent walk home.

As they entered Diane’s room Paul sat on the corner and looked at her. Diane sat in front of her study table and brought out her notebook. She scribbled some texts and acted as if Paul didn’t exist. “Are you mad at me?” Paul asked. “No. Why should I get mad?” she replied. “Then why have you been ignoring me since we left school?” he inquired. Diane did not answer him and she continued scribbling. Paul stood up and went to her window and opened it. “It’s about the kiss right?” he uttered but still it fell on deaf ears.

“For the first time in my life I got kissed by a girl. I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t see it coming but she kissed me. Maybe it was her way showing her gratitude for what I did but I was not asking for anything in return. Was I happy? More surprised actually but yes I won’t lie to you I was happy. I was expecting you to be happy for me because you are my friend but it seems you are not. I’m venturing in unchartered territory and I was expecting you to be there for me but I guess I am alone” Paul said and he jumped out of the window.

Diane ran towards the window but she was too late, she saw Paul walking home with his head bowed down. “…because I like you” she whispered as tears began flowing down her cheek.

The following day Paul and Diane had their second silent walk, this time they were going to school. They were still seated beside each other inside the classroom but it was as if they did not know each other. Lunch time came and Diane found herself seating under a tree and she had a surprise visit from someone she did not expect. “You’re Diane right?” Sarah asked and Diane looked at her and nodded. “I am Sarah, may I join you for a moment?” she asked. “Please do, we are classmates in several classes right?” Diane said and Sarah nodded and smiled at her.

“I know we just met but I can sense that you have a problem. Do you want to share it with me?” Sarah told her. Diane sighed and looked at her, “Did you ever like someone but you were scared to admit that you like him?” Diane asked and Sarah nodded her head. “That even though you know he likes you too still you are afraid to tell him how you feel” Sarah added and Diane smiled and nodded. “So you have experienced that too?” Diane asked and Sarah laughed. “Not in the past tense though, I mean right now there is a guy I like but somehow am scared to tell him or even show him I like him” Sarah imparted and Diane became excited.

“I wished we became friends sooner Sarah, I didn’t know we had lots in common” Diane said and Sarah smiled at her. “You know what there is only one way out of your misery, you have to stand up and tell him what you really feel” Sarah suggested. Diane liked the idea but she became hesitant and so she shook her head. “Still afraid? Okay then if you do it then I will do it too. I will likewise tell the guy I like how I feel about him” Sarah suggested and Diane suddenly gained confidence. “Right, come on I will go first, come with me and I will accompany you later” Diane said and Sarah was surprised. “We are going to do it now?” she asked and Diane stood up and nodded. “We must do it now, you never know they might slip away from us” she said and they both laughed.

Meanwhile on the other side of the school campus Paul was having his afternoon nap while Fred and Jeff were pestering him. “Guys please stop I want to take a nap, I did not get much sleep last night” he told them as he put his arms on his head to cover his eyes. “Ooh having sleepless night thinking of Kara Miller” Jeff teased him. “Well I would have sleepless nights too if she kissed me, who wouldn’t?” Fred said. “Guys please let me take a nap” Paul reiterated and the two fell silent not due to his plea but for a girl standing near them. Kara signals the two to not say a word and they both nodded but Jeff thought of something else.

“Hey Paul before we leave you in peace, are you still thinking about going out with Kara?” Jeff asked. “Always, but just in my imagination though” he answered. Kara was smiling and Fred was giggling. “Hey Paul, in your imagination, how do you ask her out?” Jeff said and he suppressed his laugh and looked at Fred. “Well nothing spectacular, but if I would ask her in real life then I might not be able to utter a word or I might shake my body to death” Paul replied and everyone was silently laughing. “So in your imagination how do you ask her?” Jeff asked and Paul took a deep breath. “In my imagination I am brave I can do anything…It goes this way…Kara would you want to go out with me?” he said. “I would love to go out with you Paul” Kara replied and Paul slowly opened his eyes and saw her smiling at him.

Paul quickly stood up and was so embarrassed, he looked at his friends and they were laughing and giggling. “Kara, I’m sorry I did know you were here” he told her. “Yes I would love to go out with you” Kara repeated and Paul stood still in shock. “You would go out with me?” he asked and Kara smiled at him and nodded. “Why would you want to do that?” Paul asked and suddenly Sarah and Diane arrived. Kara looked embarrassed and her cheeks became red, she looked at Paul and smiled at him and said

“Because…I like you”