Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salamangka Sample Copy






Good day to all,

I would like to announce to everyone that Salamangka has been completed.

It has 46 chapters with a total of 558 pages. After six weeks of hard work its final done. All that is left is the editting. I have to read and correct errors if there are any. I may add or remaster some scenes if deemed necessary to make the story better.

Once done with the editting i shall make the personalized e-book copies. So far only 44 have shown interest in the story. Please have patience as i have to make 44 unique copies too. The ebooks shall be released at the same time and i shall be posting the announcement on the group's wall.

To those who tried to join the group with false names and accounts i am sorry i have to turn you down. I cannot add people with anime or cartoon character names.

For the rest who are still interested all you have to do is join the group and have your real name and email address listed at the discussion area.

The story is a dark fantasy love story.

Link to the group for only those interested to purchase the ebook

Monday, August 30, 2010



[Republic Act No. 8293]

Chapter XVII


Sec. 216. Remedies for Infringement. -

216.1. Any person infringing a right protected under this law shall be liable:

(a) To an injunction restraining such infringement. The court may also order the defendant to desist from an infringement, among others, to prevent the entry into the channels of commerce of imported goods that involve an infringement, immediately after customs clearance of such goods.

(b) Pay to the copyright proprietor or his assigns or heirs such actual damages, including legal costs and other expenses, as he may have incurred due to the infringement as well as the profits the infringer may have made due to such infringement, and in proving profits the plaintiff shall be required to prove sales only and the defendant shall be required to prove every element of cost which he claims, or, in lieu of actual damages and profits, such damages which to the court shall appear to be just and shall not be regarded as penalty.

(c) Deliver under oath, for impounding during the pendency of the action, upon such terms and conditions as the court may prescribe, sales invoices and other documents evidencing sales, all articles and their packaging alleged to infringe a copyright and implements for making them.

(d) Deliver under oath for destruction without any compensation all infringing copies or devices, as well as all plates, molds, or other means for making such infringing copies as the court may order.

(e) Such other terms and conditions, including the payment of moral and exemplary damages, which the court may deem proper, wise and equitable and the destruction of infringing copies of the work even in the event of acquittal in a criminal case.

216. 2. In an infringement action, the court shall also have the power to order the seizure and impounding of any article which may serve as evidence in the court proceedings. (Sec. 28, P. D. No. 49a)

Sec. 217. Criminal Penalties. -

217.1. Any person infringing any right secured by provisions of Part IV of this Act or aiding or abetting such infringement shall be guilty of a crime punishable by:

(a) Imprisonment of one (1) year to three (3) years plus a fine ranging from Fifty thousand pesos (P50,000) to One hundred fifty thousand pesos (P150,000) for the first offense.

(b) Imprisonment of three (3) years and one (1) day to six (6) years plus a fine ranging from One hundred fifty thousand pesos (P150,000) to Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000) for the second offense.

(c) Imprisonment of six (6) years and one (1) day to nine (9) years plus a fine ranging from Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000) to One million five hundred thousand pesos (P1,500,000) for the third and subsequent offenses.

(d) In all cases, subsidiary imprisonment in cases of insolvency.

217.2. In determining the number of years of imprisonment and the amount of fine, the court shall consider the value of the infringing materials that the defendant has produced or manufactured and the damage that the copyright owner has suffered by reason of the infringement.

217.3. Any person who at the time when copyright subsists in a work has in his possession an article which he knows, or ought to know, to be an infringing copy of the work for the purpose of:

(a) Selling, letting for hire, or by way of trade offering or exposing for sale, or hire, the article;

(b) Distributing the article for purpose of trade, or for any other purpose to an extent that will prejudice the rights of the copyright owner in the work; or

(c) Trade exhibit of the article in public, shall be guilty of an offense and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment and fine as above mentioned. (Sec. 29, P. D. No. 49a)


Almost Done


I have just finished writing Salamangka chapter 45. I am down to the last two chapters which is 46 and the Epilogue. After that i shall be reading the whole story to edit typos and errors.

Once the story is really complete i shall start creating the personalized e-books. Names of those who purchased shall be included at the first pages and a few more miniature markings within the ebook for security purposes.

I do understand that others are waiting for their "free copy" so this way we can pinpoint who among those who purchased has distributed or resold the copy.

Thank you to Pareng JR for teaching me how to make a non visible watermark.

For those who are interested to purchase please do join the group and reply at this thread on the discussion board.

Everything you need to know shall be discussed in the group.




Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salamangka Status Update


These are the chapters that have been written so far


Chapter 1: Benjoe

Chapter 2: Baby Demon

Chapter 3: Kampon ng Kadiliman

Chapter 4: Happy Demon

Chapter 5: Salamangkero

Chapter 6: Pagmulat

Chapter 7: Mga Sinag at Tala

Chapter 8: Pagtanggap

Chapter 9: Pagtuklas

Chapter 10: Ika Pitong Kampana

Chapter 11: Taga Hilom

Chapter 12: Ikalawang Tala

Chapter 13: Paglaya

Chapter 14: Paghasik

Chapter 15: Kapanganakan

Chapter 16: Silent Assassin

Chapter 17: Pagpapakilala

Chapter 18: Ang Bagong Propeta

Chapter 19: Ikalawang Bruha

Chapter 20: Hiwaga Sa Norte

Chapter 21: Ganti ng Langit

Chapter 22: Pagsanib

Chapter 23: Pagbaksak ng Tala

Chapter 24: Ang Katotohanan

Chapter 25: Langit

Chapter 26: Antonio

Chapter 27: Ang Hamon

Chapter 28: Ang Tagapag Ayos

Chapter 29: Paghihimagsik

Chapter 30: Great Battle

Chapter 31: Mga Tagapagmana

Chapter 32: Saturnino

Chapter 33: Ang Dalawang Tala

Chapter 34: Brod at Brad

Chapter 35: Hiwaga

Chapter 36: Paglikas

Chapter 37: Lupain ng Kapangyarihan

Chapter 38: Ang Paghahanda

Chapter 39: Ika Treseng Kampana

Chapter 40: Pagbagsak ng Tagapag Ayos

Chapter 41: Pagtagumpay ni Basilio

Chapter 42: Lagim

Chapter 43: Tunay na Tagapag Ayos

Chapter 44: Gera Sa Disyerto

Chapter 45: Duwelo ng Tagapagmana

Chapter 46: Balanse


Currently starting Chapter 41, so far 485 pages have been written

For those interested to purchase the e-book once it is finished please do join the group

If you cannot join the group do send me an email

Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Task scheduler configurator
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