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Chapter 5: The Prodigal Son

Chapter 5: The Prodigal Son

“Nadine, I feel so ashamed already, you always treat me out. Today you spent so much money for our dinner. I honestly feel so small right now” Jeff said as they stepped out of an expensive restaurant in the city. Nadine wrapped her arms around his body and looked at him, “We have been together for three months now, I love you and I love being with you. Could you just forget about money matters when we are together?” she said and he embraced her. “I can’t, I am the guy and I am supposed to be the one paying for stuff like this. I feel so useless” he replied.

“Oh don’t be like that, you are not useless. In fact you put a smile on my face every day. Ever since I met you there has never been a dull day. Please don’t spoil the dinner we just had over an issue like this. Could you just forget the monetary issue and just focus on the wonderful dinner we had together?” Nadine said and Jeff smiled at her. “I just don’t want you to think that I am taking advantage” he said. “For three months you actually haven’t” she replied and Jeff looked at her curiously. “Are you thinking of something else?” Jeff asked and Nadine laughed and kissed him. “Are you holding back or are you not attracted to me?” Nadine whispered and Jeff laughed.

“My, public display of affection! Jeff I never knew you had it in you” they heard a voice say and as they turned their heads they say Anthony with a pretty lady. “Hey Tony” Jeff said but Tony had a surprise look on his face. “Nadine?!” he exclaimed and Jeff looked at his girlfriend. “Hello Tony” Nadine said as she held on tightly to Jeff’s arm.

“Wow, so you are Jeff’s girlfriend, what a real surprise I should say” Tony said and Nadine looked away. “Why do you say that?” Jeff asked and Tony just shook his head and acted innocent. “Oh its nothing, oh yeah Jeff I was wondering if you could…ah you know go someplace else for tonight” Tony said and Nadine looked angrily at him. “Don’t worry he is sleeping at my place tonight” she said and Jeff was surprised. “I am?” he asked and Nadine smiled at her. “He is?” Tony asked with a tad bit of jealousy in his face. “Yes he is, so if you would excuse us our ride is here” Nadine said as a black car pulled over and Fritz stepped out.

Tony could not do anything but look at the two as they boarded the car. Fritz closed the door and stared at Tony who turned around and led his partner away. Inside the car Jeff was nervous and confused. Everything happened so fast that he could not react; he looked at Nadine and saw she was quite irritated. “Ah Nadine, could you just take me to the campus, I’m sure I could find some friends who can let me sleep in their room for tonight” he said. “You’re staying at my place tonight” she said and kept a straight face. Jeff was embarrassed for the driver and Fritz could hear what they were talking about.

“Is it me your mad at?” Jeff asked but Fritz turned and looked at him and signaled him to keep quiet. Jeff sat still as he could feel the anger mounting inside Nadine. She had her fists clenched so he held them and looked at her. “Its Tony right?” he said and Nadine took a deep breath and looked at him. “That guy is an asshole. He used to hang out with us. He was one of us” she said. “Then what happened?” Jeff asked and Fritz again looked at him and shook his head. Jeff understood that something bad had happened so just sat back and caressed her hands.

The car stopped and they all got out, Jeff could not believe what he was seeing. It was a wide estate with a huge mansion situated at the center. Several expensive cars were lined up in front and there were so many trees and flowers all around. “Jeff are you alright?” Nadine asked and Jeff looked at her. “Am I alright? I think you should ask if I am dreaming” he said and she laughed. “Come on lets go inside” she said and she held his hand and led the way towards the door.

The door opened and an old man wearing a suit greeted them. “Good evening Miss Nadine, will your guest be staying with us for tonight?” the man asked and Nadine smiled and nodded. “I shall go prepare one guest room then” the man said and Nadine whispered in his ear. The man smiled and nodded and closed the door behind them. “Wow, this place is huge” Jeff commented as he stood still looking at his surroundings. “Well this is where I live, my room is upstairs” she said and she walked towards the stairs and Jeff followed her.

Nadine was halfway up but she noticed Jeff was still at the bottom, “Come on what are you waiting for?” she asked. “Where are your parents?” he asked. “They are not here, they will be back tomorrow” she said and Jeff started walking up the stairs. Nadine’s room was at the second floor, there were several rooms there and her room was the largest.

She stepped inside her room but Jeff remain outside, “Come on in” she said but Jeff shook his head. “I think you should show me to my room now” he said and Nadine laughed and walked towards him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and stared him in the eyes. “I didn’t let them fix a guest room for you” she said softly and Jeff grinned. “And why did you do that?” he asked and she smiled. “My room is big enough for the both of us” she said and indeed it was.

“Okay I can sleep on the floor” he told her but she brushed her lips against his lips and teased him. “Then I will sleep on the floor with you” she whispered. “You have a big bed, you don’t have to sleep on the floor with me” he told her. “It’s so lonely sleeping alone in a big bed” she countered and Jeff started to laugh. “So if I sleep beside you in your bed you won’t get lonely?” he asked and she smiled. “It won’t, but I’m not sure if we would be able to sleep” she teased and they both laughed.

Jeff sat on her bed and she closed the door. Jeff was nervous and could not keep still. “I can’t sleep with these clothes on, and I’m sure I can’t borrow any of your clothes” he said and Nadine opened her drawer and took out several boxer shorts and shirts and handed them over. Jeff was surprised to see they were his size and they all brand new. “You have a brother?” he asked and Nadine sat down beside him. “I don’t, I actually bought those for you just in case you will be sleeping over” she said and Jeff began to laugh. “Why am I thinking that you planned this to happen?” he said and Nadine shyly smiled and grabbed all the clothes from him.

“I actually did but Tony ruined it, still you ended up here even if it was not according to my plan” she said and Jeff laughed louder. “Okay, so which of those would you want me to wear?” he asked but Nadine walked back to her drawer and returned the clothes inside. “None of them” she replied and Jeff again laughed. “You expect me to sleep naked beside you?” he asked and Nadine flashed and evil smile. “Who said you will be the only one naked?” she replied as she started turned off the lights and started taking her clothes off. A minute later they were under the sheets, they faced each other and embraced.

“You’re trembling” Nadine said and Jeff laughed. “Sorry, it’s my first time being naked with a girl in bed” he explained. “Okay, so how does it feel?” she asked as she pressed her body closer to his. “Soft” he replied and Nadine laughed. “Really then how come I’m feeling something that isn’t?” she teased and Jeff giggled. “You’re teasing me, you have to guide me through this you know” he said and Nadine moved her face closer to his face. “I think I can’t do that, this is my first time too” she said and Jeff was a bit surprised and they smiled at each other. “Wow, so I guess we have to explore then…so where do we start?” he told her. “I think we should start by kissing” Nadine said and their lips locked and their naked bodies intertwined.

The next morning Jeff woke up smiling; he looked at Nadine and was surprised to see her smiling at him too. “How come you look much prettier now?” Jeff said and she laughed and embraced him. “Do you have any regrets?” he asked, Nadine was surprised with his question. “Of course not, I had three boyfriends before you. They never got the chance to do what you did. I really wanted to wait until we got married but I couldn’t resist, and you didn’t disappoint me” she said and they both laughed.

“I really wanted to do better but it was my first so it’s good to hear that you were satisfied” he said and she kissed him on the cheek and her hands started to get naughty. “I never said I was satisfied” she said and Jeff suddenly felt bad. “But don’t worry, you still have the whole day to make me” she teased. “It’s good your parents aren’t here” he told her. “Why?” she asked. “Well if they were here last night they could have heard you moaning so loud” he teased her and imitated her. Nadine burst in laughter as she covered his mouth with her hands. The rest of the day they spent like children teasing and enjoying each other’s company. Several times they turned to adults where they expressed their deep feelings through passionate love making.

Monday afternoon Jeff and Nadine were strolling around the campus and they happen to pass by the so called elite’s hangout. Anya, Bart and Maureen were seated casually and they all noticed a different glow on Nadine’s face. “Hey Nadine you look different today” Maureen said and Nadine giggled and held Jeff’s arm tightly. “Oh my God, you…” Maureen said as she pulled Nadine to take seat and they whispered. The two were giggling, Jeff suddenly felt embarrassed but Bart stood up and held his hand. “I’m taking you offer, come let’s take a walk” Bart said and they walked around campus pretending to be a gay couple.

The three girls laughed their hearts out as they watched the two gleefully walk around. Their hands were swaying and everyone who saw them laughed thinking it was just an act. For Bart it was not an act, this was his first step in telling everyone the truth. Jeff was being a friend and he looked as if he was the gay one.

“I can’t believe it you slept with him did you?” Maureen said and Nadine giggled. “Oh spare me the details” Anya said so the two took a walk as Nadine told her friend all about it. Jeff and Bart returned but the prodigal son showed his face. “Hi guys!” Tony said and Anya quickly stood up and looked at Jeff. “Take a walk with me please” she begged. Bart sat down beside Tony and waived at Anya and Jeff as they took a walk.

“Why do you all seem mad at Tony? Even Nadine acted strange the other night when we saw him” Jeff said. “He used to be one of us, there were lots of people in our group before but because of him only a few of us are left” Anya related. “He is my roommate and all I know is he is a player” Jeff said. “Exactly” Anya replied but Jeff still didn’t understand why he was hated that much.

“Tony hit on all of the guys’ girlfriends. They really beat him up one time but that didn’t make him leave so they guy’s left. We thought he already changed and he made us believe that. He courted me, I almost gave in but he slipped. We learned that he was hitting on all of us girls at the same time. The worst thing he did was tell the whole world that he slept with all of us. Everyone knew he was a playboy so people easily believed him. Some of us admitted sleeping with him, some kept quiet, and some denied but no one believed us” Anya recalled and Jeff felt angry but he knew better.

“I’m sure he didn’t sleep with Nadine” Jeff said and Anya laughed and elbowed him. “I’m sure you are” she replied and they laughed but Jeff looked at her. “Why are you looking at me like that? You think I slept with him?” she asked. “I’m not saying anything, I just looked at you” he explained and Anya grinned. “Or would you like me to show you proof?” she teased him. “That won’t be necessary, I believe you” he said. “Okay but if ever you have doubts I won’t mind showing you” she said and they laughed.

Nadine and Maureen joined Jeff and Anya; from afar Tony and Bart looked on. “What does that guy have that I don’t? I definitely look better and that guy is dirt poor but how come the girls seem to like him?” Tony said and Bart leaned his head on his shoulder. Tony pushed him away and stood up, “What the hell are you doing? Are you gay?” Tony exclaimed and Bart smiled and nodded. “You’re gay?!” he again asked and Bart stood up and faced him. “Yeah! You have a problem with that?” he said and Tony stepped backwards shaking his head. “Stay away from me you freak!” he told Bart.

“You asked why we like Jeff? The answer is simple, he isn’t you” Bart said it straight to his face. Tony sat down and watched Bart join the group, his eyes fixated on Nadine and Jeff. He was angry and very jealous, he looked little of Jeff but at this moment he was someone he could never be.

“I’m going to destroy you” he whispers as he watches the group walk towards the campus exit.