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Chapter 7: Broken

Chapter 7: Broken

It was the twelfth day and Jeff had just finished working on the final vehicle. He sat down on the ground and stared at the car as Anya sat beside him. “Hey Anya, do you think twelve hundred dollars would be enough?” he asked. “I don’t think so, why are you giving up?” she asked. “I have to, I think she is being suspicious already so I have to act quickly” he explained. “Wait here” she told him and Anya went inside the house.

A few minutes later Anya returned with her driver, butler and other servants. They dirtied eight more cars and Jeff was surprised. “Anya its getting dark I don’t think I would be able to finish them all tonight” Jeff said. “I know that is why we are helping you” she said and he just stood there staring at her. “Anya you don’t have to do this, you have helped a lot already” he said. “Jeff twelve hundred dollars isn’t enough, so get up and start working” she said as she too got her hands dirty.

The next day Jeff was so excited, he looked all over the campus for Nadine. Not realizing the time he felt silly because Nadine would still be arriving so immediately ran towards the front gate and there she was. Nadine was surprised to see Jeff all lively and he even hugged her tightly and kissed her. “I missed you” he told her but somehow there was already doubt on her mind.

“Hey Nadine, are you doing anything tonight?” he asked. “No, why?” she asked. “Okay, after your class go straight home and I will do the same. Wait for my text message okay?” he told her. “But you don’t have a phone” she said. “I’m going to borrow Tony’s phone, I’m sure he would not mind one text message” he said. “Why are you so excited? Tell me what’s going to happen” she said.

“I really can’t, but please trust me. I know you have doubted me for the past two weeks so tonight I will set everything straight. Please wait for my text message, oh does Tony have your number?” he asked. “Yes he does, we have been hanging out with each other for the past two weeks” she said and Jeff stood still and could not believe what he just heard.

“Don’t worry he is just being a friend. So see you later then” Nadine said as she hurried to her first class. Jeff felt uneasy over what he just heard, he knew Tony too well and he could not believe that he was just being friendly.

After classes Jeff took a bath and got dressed. Lucky for him Tony was in the room so he asked if he could borrow his phone. “Wait a minute I’m sending a text message to my mom” Tony said and after that he handed his phone to Jeff. Jeff immediately sent a text message to Nadine and returned the phone. He took a deep breath and made sure the money was in his pocket. He left the room without saying a word and after a few seconds there was a loud knock on the door.

Tony stood up and opened the door and a huge student was there. “Hey man, what gives? Are you being gay or something? What the hell does this message of yours mean?” the guy asked and showed his phone. Tony read the text message, “Meet me at the Lemorange at seven” it read. He got out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to the guy, “Sorry Drake, it wasn’t meant for you, here something to make you forget about this ever happening” he said and closed the door. Tony knew Jeff would erase the message after sending so before he handed over his phone he switched the numbers of Nadine and Drake.

Tony got dressed and sent a text message to Nadine, “Meet me by the river ASAP, I have something important to tell you about Jeff” the message read and he quickly got going.

It was almost seven and Jeff was seated at a window side table inside Lemorange. He was waiting for her, and he was so excited. Near the river a black car pulled over and Nadine stepped out and quickly ran towards the tree. Tony was there standing as he had his head bowed. “What is it?” Nadine asked. “I assume that he made you a promise to send you a text message right?” Tony asked. “Yes, don’t tell me you didn’t lend him your phone” she said. “I actually did, and out of curiosity I read it after he left” he answered.

“But I have not received it yet” she said. “I know because he didn’t send one to you” Tony said and she was shocked and saddened. “Here read it yourself” Tony told her and he showed her the message sent to an unsaved number. “I don’t know who owns that number but maybe you know. Do you recognize it?” Tony asked and Nadine was shaking in anger. She tried to keep calm as she brought out her phone to check.

She went through all her contacts but she didn’t find a match. She punched in the number on her phone and tried to call but Tony stopped her. “Don’t do that, I am sorry Nadine. Jeff is seeing another girl” he said and Nadine bowed her head and Tony quickly embraced her. “Why?! How can he do this to me?!” she screamed as she started to cry. “Hush now, I know it hurts you but I have seen the signs for a long time. I just didn’t know how to tell you since you don’t believe me” Tony said as he flashed an evil grin while he was comforting her.

Across the Lemorange Anya was seated inside her car staring at Jeff who was still waiting for Nadine. “Damn it Nadine where the hell are you?!” she shouted as her driver looked at her. “It has been an hour already madam, maybe you should call his date” the driver suggested. “No, I cannot interfere, maybe she is just late. Let him wait a little longer” she said.

Thirty minutes passed and Nadine stopped crying, Tony wiped her eyes and stood up. “Come on lets go see who the girl is” he suggested. Nadine stood up and shook her head, “No I’m just going to go home. This is too much for me to take in” she said. “No, listen to me; it’s better to know who you are dealing with. Call it closure” he told her and so they got in the car.

Jeff has been waiting for two hours, he was getting anxious but he saw a familiar face. “Anya what are you doing here?” he asked as she took a seat in front of him. “I happened to pass by and saw you alone” she told him and he pouted and bowed his head. “I feel so embarrassed, the waiter has been asking me every twenty minutes and I ran out of excuses anymore. What makes me feel sadder is she isn’t still here. I want to wait until I can but I guess I’m just going to make a fool of myself” he said.

“Wait let me call her” Anya said as she brought out her phone. As she was about to press the call button her phone rang and it was Nadine calling. “Hello, where are you?” Anya asked. “Pass the phone to Jeff” Nadine said and Anya was shocked. She handed the phone to Jeff and saw Nadine and Tony standing beside her car across the street.

“Nadine why didn’t you show up?” Jeff asked as he looked across the street and saw the two. “She showed up. So is this what you wanted to show me?” she said. Jeff stood up and waived at Nadine, “Wait for me, I will explain everything” he said. “Don’t bother, there is nothing else to explain because I have seen everything. I hate liars, I hate you!” Nadine said and she turned off her phone. Tony and Nadine got inside the car and Jeff could not do anything, he tried to call her number but she didn’t pick up.

Jeff sat down and bowed his head, the waiter approached and Anya told him that they were leaving. “No, lets order” Jeff said. “What? Jeff, Nadine already left with Tony and basically it’s my fault because I entered” Anya said. “Anya please have dinner with me, help me save this day, talk to me, eat with me, please I beg you help me save a good memory for this day” Jeff softly pleaded and Anya took the menu. “Please order for me” Jeff said as Anya saw tears flowing down his cheeks.

It actually was a silent dinner, Anya felt guilty for what happened. “Jeff I’m sorry” she said. “It’s not your fault, it was all mine. She told me she has been seeing Tony for the past two weeks. I know he did something to change her mind” he told her and she saw his fists tightening and his face full of anger. After dinner Anya offered him a ride back to the University but Jeff declined. Jeff took a long walk back and Anya followed him in the car. As she watched Jeff take each step her tears started to fall.

As Jeff reached the campus he turned to look at the car and waived, he knew she was trailing him but he never saw the tears she was shedding for him. As the car turned around and left, Jeff walked away from campus and headed towards the river. He didn’t want to enter his dorm room for he was afraid of what he might do to Tony.

Jeff woke up with a cough; his eyes were sore due to the tears that never stopped flowing even when he tried to sleep. “So you slept here” Nadine said and he was surprised to see her standing beside him. “Look Nadine I can explain everything” he said as he stood up and faced her. “Explain what? I saw everything, I just can believe it was Anya, you are worst than Tony” she told him.

“Tony!? You are comparing me to that guy?” he asked and she shook her head. “Actually no, he is better than you. You got what you wanted, so you moved to the next rich girl. That’s your game plan right?” she said and Jeff could not believe what she was saying. “I can’t believe what Tony did to you, he turned you against me” he said. “You think? He is just being a friend. He knew something was fishy so he told me and I listened to him” she explained and the more enraged he was.

“I cant believe you trust him more than me” Jeff said. “Well you were gone for two weeks, so he was there for me. I saw a different side of Tony. He even gave me a sketch and poems daily” she said and she brought out her folder and showed him the sketch and the poems. Jeff laughed and shook his head, “I cant believe that asshole, he stole this from me” Jeff said and Nadine laughed louder. “See, he was right. He said that is exactly what you were going to say. Jeff stop pretending, you can never be like Tony. If you say this was yours then why didn’t you give them to me? No, this isn’t yours, I even saw Tony sketch this, I hate liars Jeff. I hate you and I don’t want to see you ever again!” she yelled.

“That is his?! Are you sure you saw him draw that?! Are you sure?! Then ask him where is the other half of this sketch!!! Go ahead ask him where the other half is!!! Ask him where are the rest of the poems! Maybe he even got hold of my story, go ahead ask him for the story and read it!!!” he shouted back and ran away.

That afternoon Nadine visited Jeff and Tony’s room but only the latter was there. “What a surprise” Tony said as he opened the door. “I want to ask you about the missing half of the sketch” Nadine said and Tony felt clueless. “What do you mean other half of the sketch?” he said as he recalled tearing the page from Jeff’s art notebook. “I don’t know, Jeff told me it was his drawing and he told me to ask you about the other half” she clarified and Tony shook his head. “Just like I told you am I right?” he replied and Nadine sat down on his bed.

“He also told me the poems are his, and he is telling me to ask you about the story” Nadine said and Tony sat down beside her. “So tell me who do you believe in? Me or him?” he asked and Nadine sighed. “I guess it has to be you” she said. “Well about the story, yes I did make a story but the school has it. If you want I can accompany you to the dean’s office to see it” Tony said but Nadine shook her head. “That won’t be necessary, I believe you” she said and Tony was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I cant believe I fell in love with a liar” she said. “Well you can confront him later he will be back any minute now. He comes to drop his things and goes back out at this times” Tony said and suddenly she had an idea. “I want to make him feel worse, take of your shirt quick” she said as she started to take off her blouse. “Wow, we don’t have to do this Nadine” Tony said.

“We are not doing anything, we will just pretend we had sex, come on get inside the blanket and don’t you touch me! I am warning you!” she said and Tony laughed and got inside the blanket. The two were in position as Nadine took off her bra to make it more realistic, “Don’t you dare look or touch me” she said and Tony just grinned.

Ten minutes later they heard the door open; Jeff stepped inside and was shocked to see Nadine in bed with Tony. He stood there frozen, his heart was aching and it was about to crumble. “What are you staring at?” Nadine asked and he just shook his head. Jeff walked towards his side of the room. “You want to go another round?” Tony asked and Nadine looked at him angrily. “Come on its just acting” he whispered. “Give me time to rest, I can’t go three successive” Nadine said and they both smiled.

Fifteen minutes later Jeff walked towards the door carrying his full back pack. He turned towards Nadine and smiled, he bowed to her and Tony then he left. As soon as the door closed the two burst in laughter. “We broke him!” Tony said and Nadine was laughing her heart out. “Did you see that? All he could do was smile and bow his head! It feels good!” she shouted and the more they laughed.

“I guess I have to find a new roommate” Tony commented and Nadine looked at him. “Why? Are you kicking him out?” she asked. “No, did you see he left. He isn’t coming back” he replied. “Maybe he just went to the library” she said but Tony laughed. “No, you saw him, he had his backpack full, that’s everything he owns, that pathetic loser” Tony said and Nadine pushed him off the bed. “Turn around and look!” she yelled as she got dressed.

Nadine quickly went to Jeff’s side of the room and saw nothing left. The drawers were empty and there was no trace of any valuables she could recognize that belongs to him. “I told you he got it all in his bag” Tony said as Nadine ran out the door.

She ran towards the river but she didn’t see anyone sitting under the tree. She waited for him, she was feeling guilty. She sat down and started to cry and call out for his name. “Jeff please come back” she whispered as more tears started flowing down her cheeks.

The tree was wide; there was another person on the other side crying like her. He could hear her and he wanted to tell her he was just there but what he saw in the room pained him so much. He just hugged his backpack and cried in silence.

It was already dark, Fritz went to pick up Nadine and she went with him. As the car sped away Jeff followed and walked towards the town. Tony saw everything; he thought that the two have spoken to each other. He walked towards the tree and stared at it.

“I’m not finished with you yet Jeff” he whispered to himself.