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Palms and Pockets Chapter 16: Prom Night

Palms and Pockets

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 16: Prom Night

John was standing in front of his parents, in two hours he would be attending his first and last prom. Linda and Bob were teary eyed staring at their son as he strutted his sporty black suit. “Mom will this really match her red dress?” he asked. “Of course, you have a red shirt and dark red tie” Linda replied as he tried to fix his collar.

“I am sure Anne will be very jealous when she sees you with Sarah” Bob said and John looked at them. “Why would she be? She has Charles and not me. She has no right to be jealous” he told them. “And how about you? I know why you didn’t want to attend the prom before” Linda teased. “I love Anne and yes I am jealous but I cant remain stuck at being jealous forever. I want to be happy. If she is happy then I deserve to be happy too” John replied.

“Its good to see you are moving on then” Bob said and the young man fell silent and looked at himself at the mirror. “Right now I am at a crossroad. The road towards Anne has been blocked but still I try to traverse it. Another road that has been blocked before is now cleared. Tonight will help me decide” John told them.

An hour later the young man stepped out of the limousine that his father rented. He started to pace around the car waiting for the door of Sarah’s home to open. The driver stepped out of the car and confronted John. “You are not supposed to wait out here, you are supposed to go get her” he told him.

John started to laugh slapped his head. “And don’t forget the corsage” the driver added and the young man went inside the car to get it. “Uh do I just give it to her?” he asked and the driver laughed. “You see the ribbons? You tie it around her wrist” he instructed. “Which hand?” John asked and the more the two laughed. “Whichever she hands to you, now go” the driver said.

John went to the door and took several deep breaths before knocking. The door opened and a tall middle aged man stood before him. “Good Evening mister Gonzales” the young man greeted. “You must be John, come inside. Sarah will be down shortly, that is if her mother keeps her mouth shut” the middle aged man said and they both laughed. John was able to breath normally, a while ago he was so nervous but Sarah’s father made him calm down.

While seated at the couch he again started shaking as Tod Gonzales looked at him. “Just by looking at you, I like you better than that Barry guy she was dating” the man said. “Sarah told me they broke up a month ago” John said. “Yes, I too would break up with her if she kept talking about another guy” Tod said. “Another guy?” John asked.

“Yes, she kept talking about you. You are the drummer right?” Tod revealed. The young man was surprised and before he could react he saw someone in red coming down the stairs. The two men stood up and watched Sarah descent. Halfway down Sarah stopped and smiled at John whose jaw dropped.

The young woman was wearing a red elegant dress, a little daring with a plunging neckline but still decent. Tod gave John a little push and the young man quickly walked towards the stairs to meet Sarah.

Two steps down John reached his hand and Sarah accepted it. “Pretty is an understatement so I would go with beautiful, you look so beautiful” John told her and Sarah laughed. The young man tied the corsage around her wrist and then stood beside each other in front of Sarah’s parents.

“I think we still have a few minutes to spare” Olivia said as she took out the camera. The couple’s picture were taken then John offered to take the family’s picture. After five minutes the couple was ready to leave but Sarah looked at John. “Can we take some more?” she asked. John obliged and he noticed that the young woman was happy. The words of Tod minutes ago still lingered on his mind thus inching him closer to take the road that leads to Sarah.

The school gymnasium was the venue for the prom. The event had just started and the students began entering the venue by couples. The students barely recognized the place as it was transformed perfectly. The lighting was dim, there were tables all around and they loved the heavenly motif. Everyone felt that they were floating among the clouds with the sky blue and cloudy back drops.

Rick, Kevin and Jeremy were all seated alongside their dates and shared a laugh as their fellow schoolmates made their entrance. The three gentlemen suddenly stopped as they saw Anne and Charles enter the venue. “If I were John, I would be really jealous right now” Rick uttered as they were mesmerized by the young woman’s beauty.

Anne wore an angelic white dress and her hair was tied back to reveal her pretty face. The young woman noticed them so they smiled and Kevin signaled them to come over. The couple sat down and the first thing Anne noticed was her friend that was missing. “Have you seen John?” she asked. “Nope, you are neighbors and you have not seen him?” Jeremy replied.

“I actually have not. He is always not there lately. You guys must have been practicing too hard” Anne told them. “Well not really, don’t worry he promised to show up so he will be here” Rick assured her so they all turned their heads towards the entrance and waited for their friend.

Twenty minutes later Anne’s neck was starting to ache and she gave up. As she face the table she noticed John’s three friends seemingly frozen. “Whats with you three?” she asked. “He came” Rick uttered. “With Sarah?” Kevin added and the young woman quickly turned around and saw her friend.

Lots of students were clapping and cheering as John and Sarah made their entrance. All guys were mesmerized by Sarah and the temperature inside the venue seemed to rise because of what she was wearing. Anne smiled as she saw John who was looking very sharp and handsome but for the first time in her life she felt something new once again as she saw Sarah’s arm wrapped tightly around his.

“Where would you like to seat? With your friends?” Sarah asked and John looked over towards his friends and waved at them. “You decide Sarah” he told her. “Lets seat with my friends” she said as she saw Anne looking at them. The young man smiled at her and nodded, “Then lead the way to your friends” he replied. John’s friends watched him seat several tables away as they noticed Anne’s smile vanish. “Well at least he came” Kevin said to try to pacify the young woman’s feelings.

The program started and Anne kept looking at John, the young man had his back turned but she was hoping that he would just once turn around and look at her. Dinner time arrived and the young woman was quite happy for John had changed seats, this time she was able to see his face but he was still never looked her way.

Anne barely touched her food and just watched John eat. She could see sauce on his lip and her hand instinctively grabbed the napkin but she was too far away from him. What made her feel worse is when she saw Sarah wipe the sauce out of John lip, slowly but surely the pain she was feeling inside was eating her away.

“Anne are you alright? The food is good you should eat” Charles said. The young woman looked at her boyfriend and noticed sauce on his lip. “Wipe your mouth Charles” she replied and continued to play with her food.

Thirty minutes later it was time to announce who were the king and queen. The venue started to become noisy as each and everyone had their own bets. In the end Barry was proclaimed as king and Sarah as the queen. Slow music started to play and the winning couple had their dance at the center as everyone watched.

Twenty seconds into the song John stood up and everyone was surprised to see him walk towards the couple. He tapped Barry’s back so the taller guy turned to look at him. “Time is up” John said. “What are you talking about?” Barry asked. “I said time is up, go back to your partner now” John repeated as he took Sarah’s hand.

The two men stared at each other as the other students were getting ready to see a fight. “Yeah you are king but she is my date. There is no rule that states how long the king and queen should dance. She is with me so I have the right to decide, and I say your time is up.. If you cant understand me then maybe we can discuss this outside if you want?” John bravely said.

The king took one step back, turned around and walked away in defeat. The crowd started chanting John’s name as he face Sarah. The young woman was so happy and she could not stop smiling. “Sarah you have to help me look good, I don’t know how to dance so you better tell me where to put my hands” John murmured and she laughed.

The two were dancing and a few seconds later the others decided to join them. Charles and Anne were close by and the young woman wished that her friend would see her. She wished so hard that he too would cut in and dance with her but two song have passed and it never happened.

There was one guy brave enough to try to ask Sarah for a dance. John just stared him down and grinned at him. “In your dreams” he said prompting his schoolmate to walk away embarrassed. Sarah was enjoying the night as John had his eyes fixed on hers. “You are too tense, you should relax” she whispered. “I cant, ive been trying to look down” he replied and Sarah laughed.

“Are you being naughty?” she asked and John laughed. “No, I wanted to look at my feet. I am scared I might step on you foot” he told her. Sarah held his two hands and placed them on her hips. She wrapped her hands around him and pulled him closer. “There, you don’t have to worry now, just sway” she whispered.

“John I just noticed that you never looked at her” Sarah said. “I did” he whispered and smiled at her. “Really? Tell me what she is wearing then?” she asked and the young man stared at her eyes. “Well her hair is nice” he said and Sarah raised her eyebrow. “She is wearing a red dress and has such beautiful olive green eyes and I am dancing with her” he added. “But you are describing me” she said.

“I know. Tonight is about you and me right? I wanted to be happy and I honestly am. If I wasn’t then I would have looked at her already. I think tonight I never will” he whispered in her ear. Sarah was floating above the clouds, her heart was beating rapidly and all she could do was lean her head against his shoulder.

A few steps away Anne was suffering deep inside. She could not take her eyes away from the two and the pain she was feeling was getting worse. She held Charles’ hand but imagined it was John’s. She saw Sarah leaning her head against John’s chest and she knew what that feeling was because she had done it several times. All she could do was imagine that feeling and so she closed her eyes.

Minutes later a group of students began chanting the word “Party” and all eyes were on John and the other band members. Kevin led the way and got up on stage and rallied his friends. “Lets get the party started!!!” he yelled and his schoolmates countered with a chant of “Four eyes” repeatedly.

Once again the four were on stage and even though they have not started the crowd went wild. They played their winning piece and the pain in Anne’s heart started to dissipate as she watched her friends play.

Rick, Kevin, Jeremy and John played differently. They were better than the last time they performed. Unlike last time where they had to repeat their winning piece several times, this time they prepared lots of hit songs to entertain their schoolmates.

Raven and Sarah took their places on stage to the surprise of everyone but there was one person who didn’t like it. Anne who was beginning to be happy stepped as the pain was starting to creep in again.

The young woman just focused on John who was playing the drums but this night was not hers. After two songs Raven approached John and took his sticks away. The young man looked surprised but Sarah pulled him towards the center stage.

Rick, Kevin and Jeremy started laughing as the young man started trembling. Raven hit the drums and showcased her skills to the crowds’ delight as Sarah explained to John what was about to happen. Everyone laughed as John looked so shocked and scared, he tried to run away but Sarah held on to him thus creating a comic scene.

Anne managed to laugh a bit as her friend ran around the stage. John managed to escape but his schoolmates carried him back. Chants of his name was heard all around, Anne even joined in to which she was about to regret.

John and Sarah stood at the center as Kevin started to play a love song. “Don’t pretend you don’t know this John, we heard you sing it” Sarah said on the microphone and the louder everyone chanted the young man’s name.

Sarah faced John and she started singing.

“You and I must make a pact. We must bring salvation back. Where there is love, I’ll be there…” she sang.

With one deep breath, John grabbed Rick’s microphone, faced Sarah and he started singing with her. The party mood changed and there were couples who decided to dance again. Charles held Anne’s hand but the young woman looked at him sadly, “Take me home” she said.

“What? Its not over yet” he told her. “I want to go home now” the young woman insisted. “Can you just wait till this is all over?” Charles asked. “Let me borrow your phone” Anne said and the young man gave it to her. A few seconds later Anne returned the phone and stormed out of the venue.

While waiting for her father to arrive Anne could still hear John and Sarah’s voice. Tears started to blur her vision, the pain inside her was too much and she could not hold it in anymore. In tears she looked up at the stars, even if the moon smiled at her, tonight was not hers.

It was theirs.

(I decided to continue, because a lot do not still understand. This will be the last time i have to give in. I too need to think about myself. I do hope this makes a lot happy.

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