Saturday, March 27, 2010

Palms and Pockets Chapter 22: Inseparable

Palms and Pockets

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 22: Inseparable

For the whole summer, John and Anne were inseparable. Today was no different as they went to the local university to enroll themselves in college. Rick and Jeremy were there to meet them but Kevin was no longer around for he was received a scholarship in an Ivy League University.

The four walked around the huge campus. There were so many buildings around and it was far different than high school. “So John have you decided what youre going to take up?” Rick asked. “Well I think I am taking up something in line with business and management” the young man said and Anne smiled at him. “Oh so you two are taking the same course then?” Jeremy asked.

“I want to be like my father” Anne told them and everyone looked at John. “I want to be like her father too” he said and they all laughed. “Oh well we have to leave the two of you now for this is our building. See you after enrollment” Rick told them as he and Jeremy proceeded towards the engineering building.

Anne and John walked around the campus and the young woman kept elbowing him. “You want to be like my father?” she asked and John laughed. “I want to be with you” he said. “But John this is college. You should take the course that you really like” Anne told him. “But I am taking the course of the one I really like” he countered and the young woman giggled and pinched him.

A few minutes later the two were busy choosing schedules of the classes they want to attend. “Do all of our classes have to be the same?” Anne asked and John looked at her oddly. “Okay let me choose other classes then” he replied as he started looking again at the schedule. The young woman laughed and covered his eyes, “I was just kidding” she told him. “No, it seems you don’t want me to be your classmate” John said as he really did list new schedules.

“Okay then let me copy your new schedule” Anne said and the young man laughed and showed her the new list. “I don’t know what these subjects are for but they sound exotic” he said and they both laughed. “We stick to our first schedule” the young woman said. “You want me to be your classmate in all subjects?” John asked. “No, but I have no choice” she replied and he was saddened. “No choice?” John sadly asked and Anne laughed and hugged him. “I have no choice because I want to be with you. Its just so sad you have to be my classmate” she said.

John was confused but after a few seconds the two again started laughing. “Gotcha!” Anne said and the young man scratched his head in defeat. “Excuse me” a girl said and the two turned around. “Hi, I am Daphne and this is Elaine. We are from the Sigma Alpha Tau Sorority. We are here to invite you to come visit our house” the bubbly blonde girl said. “Oh sorry I don’t think that is a good idea” John said as he played with his hair.

The four of them laughed for a moment, “We weren’t talking to you, we were inviting your girlfriend” Elaine said. “Oh he isn’t my boyfriend, he is just my friend” Anne said and everyone looked at her. “Why don’t you come with us, we wont force you to join. We just want you to see what we are all about” Daphne told her and Anne looked at John. “Sure go ahead. Let me finish the enrollment for us” he replied.

“Oh please let us help you with those. You don’t have to worry about anything, consider yourselves enrolled. We are the top sorority on campus and we do have connections here in school and out of school. So while waiting for her you can go around and visit the other fraternity houses” Elaine said and the two were impressed.

John walked around and after a few minutes he was surprised to see Sarah. “Hey John” the young woman greeted. “Hey Sarah, what are you taking up?” he asked. “Oh I just came here to check out the place where you guys will be going to” she replied. “You are not going to college here?” John asked.

“I saw a snack cart nearby, wanna go grab a bite?” Sarah asked. “Oh sure lets go I have time to spare” he replied. A few meters away they sat down under an umbrella shade. “So youre not going to college?” John asked and the young woman laughed. “I am silly but in New York” she replied.

“New York? So youre leaving?” the young man asked. “Tomorrow. That is why I am enjoying my last day in this city” Sarah told him. “Oh yeah that’s where your dad works. So how about your mom? She will be left alone here?” John asked. “No, we are already moving to New York” she replied.

“Whoa so this is goodbye?” John said and the young woman caressed his hand. “Don’t be like that John, your making me feel worse already. We still can chat and e-mail you know” Sarah told him. “I am really sorry Sarah if things didn’t work out between us” John softly uttered. “Oh John I already accepted that a long time ago. I am happy for the both of you” she replied.

“Happy as in happy or youre just saying that because you don’t have any other nice thing to say?” John asked and the young woman laughed. “Why can you read minds? I am happy for you my friend” she told him. John paused and looked at her, “Friend?” he asked and pointed to his hand. “No more, I don’t have to look at your hand anymore. I have let you go and that is why when my dad said we are moving to New York it somehow made things easier” she revealed.

“So you mean to say you have given up on the hope thing?” he asked. “Yes but not totally. For now I have accepted where I stand. Things didn’t work out like I wanted and I don’t want to remove you totally from my life. That is why I am going to be your friend and please trust me when I say that I am happy for the two of you” Sarah said.

“You know what a while ago she introduced me to some girls as her friend” John shared. “And it hurt you? You were expecting to be introduced as what?” Sarah asked and the young man grinned. “You know, boyfriend perhaps” he replied and she smiled. “People who see you two would think that you are her boyfriend. Maybe she was just shy to admit it” Sarah told him.

“Shy? She is ashamed of me?” he asked. “No, not that way. Look she just broke up with Charles barely two months ago. Maybe she was just being careful. You know people might brand her differently if she had a new boyfriend at once. Don’t worry even if she says that you are not her boyfriend, we can see that she treats you as such” she explained and the young man smiled.

“I will surely miss you Sarah. You explain many things to me in a way that I can understand. Who am I going to turn to when we have problems now?” he said. “I think you were not listening when I said we can chat and e-mail but don’t get caught” Sarah told him. “Get caught?” he asked. “We girls can be very jealous even if you say that you were just chatting with a friend” she explained and they both laughed.

A few minutes later the two were walking around campus and they saw Anne with her eyebrows raised approaching them. “Oh boy am I in trouble?” John whispered and Sarah chuckled. “Yes I think you are” she replied as Anne was walking faster towards them.

“Hello Anne” Sarah greeted and the young woman smiled and immediately wrapped her hands around John’s arm. “Sarah here was saying goodbye. They will be moving to New York” John said and Anne’s facial expression changed. “Oh that’s sad to hear” here she replied.

“Let me leave you two alone, I have to see other friends and tell them. Anne you take of John. And you my friend you take good care of her too” Sarah said as she smiled at the two and left. As the two watch her walk away Anne leaned her head on John’s shoulder. “I didn’t know she was nice” she whispered. “Who told you she wasn’t?” John replied but the young woman remained silent and deep inside she felt relieved.

“So how did the Sorority thing go?” John asked and Anne looked at him and was happy. “They have a big house nearby, it had so many rooms. If I join them I start as a pledge and I can live here in campus. They do have this big sister thingy where you get paired with an upper year of your same course so they can guide you. And they have study groups and lots of social activities too” she gamely said.

“So are you joining them?” he asked. “Nope” Anne replied. “Why? You seem to be so happy telling me those things” he told her. “Well we live nearby. If I stay here then you would be alone coming to school. If I join them then I would be too busy with activities and no time for you anymore. So I said no” she explained and John felt so happy.

“Would you like me to join them?” Anne asked as she looked at him. “If you join them then I have to go to New York” John teased and the young woman raised her eyebrow. “If you go to New York then I will go with you” she replied and they both laughed. “I don’t want you to join them” John said. “I told you I didn’t, so do you still want to go to New York?” Anne replied and John nodded. “Only if you come with me” he told her and they smiled at each other.

“So if you didn’t join them how about our enrollment?” John asked and the young woman took out some cards. “They still did, look here our classcards” Anne said and the young man was surprised. “They still did it even if you didn’t join them?” he asked. “Yup, I too was surprised actually but they told me they were not forcing anyone to join them. Whether or not girls join them they still help out” Anne said.

“Hmmm they are good people then” John said. “Yup that is why I almost said yes” she replied and he looked at her. “But I already know a person who is similar to them” she added. “Who?” he asked and Anne playfully smiled and bumped him. “So you prefer to with this guy?” John asked and the two of them were chuckling.

“Uhuh but this guy wants to go to New York it seems. Which is so odd because he never told me before that he wanted to go there. Maybe to follow a girl!” Anne said. “Really? Do I hear jealousy in your voice?” he teased and the young woman laughed. “Of course not!” Anne replied.

“You are not jealous even a tiny bit?” the young man asked as he grinned at her. “No, because I know he wants to be here with me” Anne responded and the both laughed. “Enrollment is over, I guess we have to go home now” John told her. “What do you think did your mom cook for lunch?” Anne asked. “Oh you want to eat lunch at our place?” said and the young woman smiled at him and nodded.

“Well after lunch I am going to my room and take a nap” John said and Anne burst in laughter and pinched him. “So what are you trying to say?” she asked. “Well I was just saying, that’s what I do after lunch when there are no classes” he replied and then flashed an evil grin.

Anne twisted his arm but John kept laughing. “Why are you grinning?” she asked. “I don’t know, I cant control myself” he replied. “You are planning something bad I can sense that” Anne said and the more John laughed. “I was just telling you that I do take naps. I never said anything that you take a nap with me” he clarified. “Okay then” Anne said. “Okay? Okay what?” he asked. “Okay we go eat lunch at your place” she told him. “And I am going to take a nap after” John repeated. “Me too” Anne replied and John looked at him. The young woman burst in laughter and pinched him hard, “I didn’t say beside you” she told him and John pretended to be sad.

An hour later they were seated in front of the dining table while they watched Linda cook. “You two seem to be happy today” she commented as the two could not stop chuckling. “It must be the heat mom” John said and Anne burst in laughter. “Yes that is why I am picking Colleen up after work and we two are going to the spa and unwind” his mother replied.

“Can we come too?” John asked. “Only to the mall after lunch if you two want” Linda replied. “Youre going to the mall?” Anne asked. “Yes dear, do you want to come with me?” Linda replied and the young woman shook her head. “Oh do you have plans after lunch Anne?” John asked and she covered her mouth and giggled. “I think I am going to take a nap at home” she replied and the young man pouted. Anne laughed and stepped on his foot. “Oh I think I am taking a nap too in my room” he emphasized.

After lunch Linda left the two at the living room and went to the mall. John yawned and stretched his arms and looked at Anne. “I think I am going to my room now” he said. “Okay, I will just finish this show then I will lock the door on my way out” she replied. The young man went to his room and got on his bed. A few seconds later he saw Anne standing by the door laughing. “This isn’t your room Anne” he told her.

“I know” she replied as she stood by the door and leaned on the wall. “Hey Anne, this morning you told them that I was your friend” John said and the young woman nodded. “You are my friend right?” she asked. “Yes but I just thought that I was more than that by now” he told her.

“What are you trying to say more than a friend?” she asked and John took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling. “Well something like Charles perhaps” he replied. “Boyfriend?” Anne asked. “Yeah. You know that I love you right? And those three candles you said were not just numbers so I guess you meant that you love me too right?” John said.

“Why John? Are you not happy just being this way?” Anne asked. “I don’t know, sorry I was just saying” he replied and closed his eyes. The door locked so John opened his eyes to look, he saw Anne walking towards him and a few seconds later she was beside him in bed.

Anne caressed his face and stared at his eyes. “Are you not happy this way?” she again asked. John took her hand and placed it on his chest, “Now youre making my heart beat fast” he whispered. “Feel mine too, it’s the same” she told him. “No its okay, I believe you” he said. “I insist” Anne told him and she grabbed his hand and placed in on her chest. John closed his eyes and his hand was shaking. “Whats wrong?” she asked.

“Anne…uh my hand is…feeling something soft” he uttered and the young woman laughed. “I told you to feel my heartbeat” she replied. “How am I supposed to do that when you just let me touch your…that soft thing” he countered and she smiled. “Well my heart is located past that soft thing you know. And if you have a problem with it why do you have your hand still there and squeezing it?” she told him.

John grinned a bit and the two laughed. “Hmmm makes me jealous of Charles. Really jealous for he was the first to touch these” John commented. “He never did. He tried but I made sure he couldn’t breath after” Anne said. “Still jealous for he must have kissed you many times” the young man said and pouted.

“Two times only” she replied and John was surprised. “You kissed me more than two times” he said and the young woman smiled at him. “I thought you were going to take a nap?” Anne whispered. “I find that hard to do now” he softly said as he looked her in the eyes.

“Do you remember how many times we have kissed?” Anne asked and John started recalling. “Of course I do, we have kissed nineteen times already” he proudly replied and Anne kissed him. “Twenty” she whispered and the young man smiled.

“I love you Anne” John finally had said the words that he wanted to tell her for a long time. The young woman embraced him and smiled. “I love you too John” she said.

Their kisses amassed in number as they tossed and turned in bed. Today marked something first in their lives, just as planned they slept in each other arms.