Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Good day to all,

I would like to announce to everyone that Salamangka has been completed.

It has 46 chapters with a total of 558 pages. After six weeks of hard work its final done. All that is left is the editting. I have to read and correct errors if there are any. I may add or remaster some scenes if deemed necessary to make the story better.

Once done with the editting i shall make the personalized e-book copies. So far only 44 have shown interest in the story. Please have patience as i have to make 44 unique copies too. The ebooks shall be released at the same time and i shall be posting the announcement on the group's wall.

To those who tried to join the group with false names and accounts i am sorry i have to turn you down. I cannot add people with anime or cartoon character names.

For the rest who are still interested all you have to do is join the group and have your real name and email address listed at the discussion area.

The story is a dark fantasy love story.

Link to the group for only those interested to purchase the ebook