Monday, September 6, 2010

Salamangka Purchase list

Good day,

These are the following people who have indicated their interest on purchasing the Salamangka e-book. I have cleaned the group so only those who will be availing the ebook will be the members in order for them to receive the updates needed.

If you do not find your name here please send me a message and join the group.

For those who just joined the group a while ago i will give you one day to indicate your interest or else i will have to remove you. Its easier making the personalization using the members' list rather thank scrolling through the thread that is why i had to clean the group.

Cesar MT

Ramil B

Jay R S

Kristopher NT

Dhong R

Jojo S. L

Vincent Roy G

Nivla S

Ronald ARR

Gil M

Leirenuj Z

Rey B

Justine JdP


Jeffrey CG

Hannel MD

Catherine G

Bryan M

Archie DCM

Jam-pong P

Arnold B

Alvin O

Ramson A

Julius JM

Peter P

Robert D

Jonathan S

Eczztah S

Cherry T

Rene S

Kai S

Cezar TG

Benjie S

Adrian C

Glenne B

Eric B

Lei Anne V

Jake C

Reynaldo SS

Arvin A

John AR

Jey L

John C

Nico LY

Marston P

Jam C

Jefferson M

Roderick A

Tutoy M

Charles FMC

Domz S

Brandon N

Esmar CF

Maria CTO

Feyrrie JT

Jp Dumaran

Romnick CC

Fortunato T

Jhuls BS

Richard DS

Brehn G

Lester C

Edgar O

Erwin W

Abel R

Those who wish to avail of the ebook

join here

then go to DISSCUSSION

then find topic "Those who will avail the Salamangka e-book"

You have to enlist at the discussion area and not simply join the group. After one day after approval and your name is not in the discussion thread i will have to remove you because only those who will be purchasing shall be the ones getting updates.