Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resbak E-Book


by Jonathan Paul Diaz

A normal boy falls for a girl. He sacrifices everything just to get to know her. He risks his life to be around her even if it means dealing with powerful opponents with magic. With no magic powers how can he survive and prove himself worthy to the girl he truly desires.

Behind the budding love story, mystical and magical events take place shaking the core of the magic world of the Philippines.

"I have no powers, i know i can die here in this school. I can also die outside. No one can tell how i may die. But there is a difference, in here i get a chance to meet her. When i die in a duel at least i have good memories to bring with me. Outside, i may die but with much regret of not knowing her at all. The longer i stay alive in here the more memories i take with me" - Raffy

Prologue: Done

Chapter 1: Magic Wall

Chapter 2: Transfer Student

Chapter 3: Diyamante

Chapter 4: Pagtitipon

Chapter 5: Pagpapakilala

Chapter 6: Peste

Chapter 7: Paghanga

Chapter 8: Attraction

Chapter 9: Maldita

Chapter 10: Ang Panimula

Chapter 11: Target

Chapter 12: Meet the Parents

Chapter 13: Hinahon

Chapter 14: Amazing

Chapter 15: Pagbagsak

Chapter 16: Pag Ahon

Chapter 17: Apprentices

Chapter 18: Gustavo

Chapter 19: Awakening

Chapter 20:Grand Duels

Chapter 21: Raphael

Chapter 22: Alyansa

Chapter 23: The Fourth

Chapter 24: Lineage

Chapter 25: First Flight

Chapter 26: Junior Duel Semi-Finals

Chapter 27: Junior Duel Finals

Chapter 28: Fall of the Fourth

Chapter 29: Cursed Wing

Chapter 30: Haven

Chapter 31: Romance of the Dragons

Chapter 32: Family Affair

Chapter 33: New Year

Chapter 34: Mount Dragoro

Chapter 35: Pagsubok

Chapter 36: Tayong Dalawa

Chapter 37: Cursed

Chapter 38: Dragon Lord

Chapter 39: Paranioa

Chapter 40: VS Gerard and Steve

Chapter 41: VS Armina and Elena

Chapter 42: The Great Fall

Chapter 43: Tiwala

Chapter 44: VS Adolph and Homer

Chapter 45: Grand Finals

Chapter 46: VS Teddy and Stanley

Chapter 47: Revenge of the Fourth

Chapter 48: Rise of the Cursed Dragon


48 Chapters with 540 pages

Resbak is now for sale!!!

Readers comments:

"Just finished reading resbak. and i must say SOBRANG GANDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! BITIN! I WANT MORE! tama talaga na inuna ko sya.. super naglaway ako sa story na to sa preview eh ngaung nabasa ko sya.. ITS WORTH IT! super ganda nakakainis gusto ko pa!" - Dianne

"Grabe.. ayus na ayos sir.. sundan na agad para malaman gano kalakas si santiago.. hehehehe..... Laban na!!" -Edward

"Grabe tapos na ako whooo ang galing mo alaga sir p. Idol... Bitin sa kilig un dulo pero ang galing pa din cant wait for the 2nd book..." - Fatrick

" just finished the story. grabe cant wait to get the book 2 for sure mas maaksyon at kakakilig na kulitan ng magpartner yun.
kakatuwa, ilumina sa ilong grabe ang tawa ko. hehehehe" - Ramil