Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beyond Forever: Chapter 2

Beyond Forever

Paul Diaz

Chapter 2: Power Play

The grounds in the Neutral ground begins to tremble and it awakens the two lovers who fell asleep.

“What was that?!! Jenny wake up!!!” Paul shouts out loud.

“What time is it? Oh my!!! We slept for too long!!!” says Jenny as she begins to panic as a dark cloud emerges from the East and bright shining light emerges from the west.

“Paul come on lets hide! We have no time to return to our kingdoms, they are coming!!!” says Jenny as she grabs her clothes and runs as far as she can. Paul follows her and grabs her by the hand as they head towards an enormous tree.

“We should be safe here, why would they meet at a time like this?” asks Paul.

“We overslept, we should have gone back, we are in trouble Paul!” says Jenny as they both hide and take cover.

“Shhhh keep quiet they are already here” whispers Paul as he holds on to Jenny tightly.

As the dark smoke fades four figure appears and in front of the group is an old man wearing a fiery red outfit. He is accompanied by three dark warriors all looking fierce and ready to do battle. The light from the west shines brighter and brighter then it suddenly fades and another four figures emerge. Another old man is leading the forces of light and he walks towards the dark army.

“Levias you do know why we are here don’t you?” says the old man from the Kingdom of Light.

“Isnt it quite obvious Kato, you still think of me as a fool do you?” says Levias the god of Darkness.

“So I see that you are not here to settle this in a peaceful manner, so be it” says Kato as he signals his light inhabitants to move back.

Levias does the same and he charges at once towards Kato and he raises his hands and it emits a tremendous flame. Kato holds his ground and points a finger towards Levias, a thundering sound in the sky suddenly erupts and several lightning bolts starts heading towards Levias. The god of Darkness evades all of the bolts and Kato rushes in towards him. A bright gold light blinds everyone in the area as the two of them collide. The forces of Light head back towards their kingdom as the army of Darkness does the same.

“Are they gone? Have they retreated yet?” asks Kato.

“Yes, shall we start the show for them then?” asks Levias and Kato nods his head. Both of them chants spells at the same time and after a few seconds they both start laughing.

“So what are you letting your inhabitants see this time Levias? That you are beating the crap out of me again?” asks Kato.

“And how about you my brother do you actually let me win with the images you let them see?” counters the god of Darkness.

“Ahahahahaha of course not, we should maintain our image you know, its been a long time my little brother, come lets go by the pond and sit” says the god of Light and they go towards the pond.

“Did you hear that Jenny? They are brothers? And they don’t fight at all, but the last time I saw them slugging it out, a really mighty battle but Lord Levias won” whispers Paul.

“You saw wrong, Lord Kato won that fight, I was watching too, but did you hear what they said? They are just letting us think they are fighting, so its all for a show, in reality they spend time together?” says Jenny.

“Shhh lets just listen to them, at least now we know they just place spells on us to make us think they are fighting, really interesting I should say” again Paul whispers as they listen intently.

“Kato before you speak you should know that our …” Levias was to finish but Kato interrupts him and holds his hands.

“Yes I know, lower your voice will you, its funny how they turned out to be, I didn’t expect their love to shift over here” says Kato in a soft voice.

“Hahahaha Oh me too, I really liked them when they were still living, did you know it was Trevor who cut the brakes of the other truck that sandwiched them. The funny thing is that Paul and Trevor are starting to be friends” says Levias.

“So is not that enough amusement for you Levias? Or do you want to see another romance in the making?”

“I know you want it too Kato, so what do you say shall we find new lovebirds and watch their love prosper one more time?”

“Oh Levias I have a wonderful idea!” ADAM and EVE COME OUT INTO THE OPEN!!!” roars the thunderous voice of Kato as he faces towards the huge tree.

“Paul he is calling for us to come out, what should we do?” says Jenny as she clings to Paul trembling.

Paul stands up and shows himself and reaches his hands towards Jenny and says “Come on Jenny we have been found out, theres no point hiding now” and Jenny holds his hands and walks towards Paul still trembling.

“Mighty gods hear my plea, spare her of punishment, it was I who forced her to stay with me here!” shouts Paul .

“Paul!!! What are you saying?!” Don’t be selfish again, together we shall take the punishment!” says Jenny.

“My my Adam and Eve in the Neutral Garden, SILENCE THE BOTH OF YOU!!!” roars Levias and the two tremble in fear. “You both know what you did, and so as for your punishment you shall not be allowed to step into these grounds again!”

“But we do have a proposal for you two, lets say a bargain” Kato says and the two fear-stricken beings listen on. “In exchange for your punishment, how would you like to go back into the world of the living? Yes, to once live again, the both of you”

Paul and Jenny look at each other and their faces suddenly erupts with smiles and laughter. “Yes! Yes we do accept!” shouts Jenny as she gleefully steps forward pulling Paul along.

“But here is the catch, I am sure my brother Kato wont disagree with me, you two shall be reborn as babies and to different families” and the lord of Darkness goes into a big grin.

The smiles in the faces of Paul and Jenny suddenly went stale, both fall on their knees and once again they face each other.

“Cant you just punish me in another way, please I beg of you two Jenny is the love of my life!” shouts Paul as he hold Jenny close to him.

“Well sad to say Paul, you only have two choices, be separated forever here in the afterlife or be reborn into different families, well if you both are meant to be then you just might find each other again” says the lord of Darkness.

Tears begin to fall on both of their faces, Paul hugs Jenny tightly and says “Jenny its best if we be reborn again”

“But Paul! We might not be able to meet again, I can’t stand that! If we are reborn again then we will lose all our memories, we shall start from scratch. I would not know you existed nor would you know I existed. “ and Jenny begins to cry.

“Listen to me Jenny, I know the chance of finding each other is nearly impossible but compared to not seeing you again I would take that chance. Jenny please look at me” and Jenny raises her head and faces Paul. He wipes the tears off her face and says “I love you, I will always will, I promise you here and now that I will find you. I will definitely find you” and he finally hugs her tightly as ever.

“Well Kato we have our answer, please do the honors “says Levias as he steps aside to give way to his brother.

Kato raises both of his hands and a blinding light encompasses the two beings. As the light fades they are gone.

“Another marvelous light display my brother, but do you always have to use that much amount of light?” says Levias.

“Well I would rather see them that way compared to your usual black smoke you know. Maybe next time I would use white smoke instead for effects. “says Kato and the both of them start laughing.

“Well I guess I will see you in let’s say twenty three years?” asks Levias.

“Oh by the way Levias I was wondering how does our fight usually end, I know you make me lose but how do I lose?”

“Ahahahaha well Its always me outsmarting you in the end my brother, a neck to neck battle but of course I have to keep my reputation intact.”

“I see, so farewell Levias my brother, it was nice seeing you again”

“Wait! How do I end up in our fights? What do you show you light beings Kato?”

“Well, I always burn your clothes and you end up running naked back to you kingdom Levias, ahahahahaha”

“No wonder those beings of yours have no respect for me whatsoever, so that’s how you want to play then next time we meet my army will laugh their hearts out too Kato”

“Well lets see who laughs the loudest, I do have plans for our next imaginary battle you know, see you in twenty three years Levias”

And the two gods walk back to their kingdom victorious in each way.