Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beyond Forever: Prologue

Well let me start by sharing with you a dark fairy tale from my mind.

Beyond Forever
by Paul Diaz

Prologue: Light and Dark
In an alternate reality there ruled two major forces in the afterlife, the army of darkness and the force of light. Their majestic kingdoms were only separated by a small piece of land which they called the Neutral ground. The force of light is headed by their powerful god named Kato and his rival god was Levias, the god of darkness. These two have ruled the afterlife for 400 years and within this time there was peace. Unlike their predecessors, the afterlife was in constant chaos, wars broke out often and even extended to the mortal world. Kato and Levias instilled peace and whenever there was conflict, only the two of them were allowed to battle in the Neutral ground.
The Neutral ground was a small piece of land; it separated the two kingdoms apart. Within these grounds the two gods cast a spell so that only the two of them could use their powers in this area, the rest of their followers once they have set foot on this grounds shall become mere mortals and powerless. Inhabitants of the two kingdoms rarely visit the Neutral grounds, for once they do mortal battle here and they die their souls shall be lost forever. Even the slightest injury would cause their deaths once they go back to their own kingdoms. But the Neutral ground was like paradise, it was the very best of what nature has to offer.
The mortal world was just like ours, but once a human being dies, his soul still takes the same human form but several transformations are added depending on which kingdom he or she goes to. All those whose lives were filled with sin go to the dark side and the rest they become inhabitants of the Kingdom of Light. Once an inhabitant is chosen to join the ranks of the army of darkness then their eyes change to dark black with a red outer ring, and their hair turns to fiery red. Those of the light have eyes of silvery white and their hair turn to gold; add to that a distinct glow on their skin.
One good thing about dying in this reality is that you retain all your memories, even up to the time you died. Many lovers have been separated, many have ventured towards the Neutral ground wishing that their loved ones would likewise be there looking for them at the same time. Some just give up and start a new life and find love all over again, and some become miserable inhabitants for the rest of their stay in the afterlife.
Millions of inhabitants of the afterlife have failed in finding their loved ones, one couple did, and this is their story.