Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6: Heart Break

One more week and school was about to begin, Caileen went over to Anthony’s house since Tim had a family outing. She found Anthony sitting under the shade and was once again scribbling. “Hey you! I have not seen you for a while” she surprised him. Anthony stopped writing and put the pad away and looked at her. “Good morning Mindy” he said. Caileen laughed and she sat down and Panther jumped on her lap. “You like my friend Mindy, you should have told me sooner so I could have set up a date for you two, and she seems to like you too” Caileen told him. “No, I don’t like her, she is going out with someone else” he said. “So what have you been doing these days? I kind of missed you” she said. “The usual daily stuff, been out often too, just driving around the city and stuff” he told her. “What were you writing?” she asked as she tried to reach for the pad. Anthony quickly grabbed it and moved it farther away from her grasps. “Nothing, just some chores I have to accomplish, hey Mindy would you like to go to the city with me?” he asked. Caileen pouted and crossed her arms, “I am not Mindy, if you like her just tell me so I can give her number to you” she said and Anthony laughed. “Oh right sorry, well would you like to go to the city with me?” he again asked.

“I’m not changing, I am wearing this dress” she said thinking that they would be using the bike again. “Oh you don’t have to change, come on lets go. I will treat you for lunch so you can tell me all about Tim” he told her and Caileen grabbed his arm with glee. “We are going to use your car? Tell me what kind of car is it? A Porsche? Ferrari? Mercedes, or a BMW?” she asked and Anthony just laughed and said “Follow me and you will see” They walked towards the front and Anthony pressed the remote switch and garage door opened, Caileen was so excited to see what kind of car he had. As the garage door was fully opened Caileen’s jaw dropped as four sparkling cars were parked inside. “Oh my God, you have all of them” she said as she stood still in disbelief. “So pick one” he told her and Caileen looked at him. “Did you rob a bank? You are damn rich, all my dream cars in one garage, oh God and I get to ride them too” she exclaimed and she looked at the three cars and she could not make up her mind. “Come on pick one, I promise you will get to ride the others too one day” he told her.

“Okay since you can’t choose one, let’s take the SUV today, since its summer and it has a sun roof too” he said. Anthony opened the door for her and she quickly got in, Caileen could not still believe that he had all the cars she ever wanted. “Why are you being so kind to me today?” Caileen asked as Anthony got in the driver’s seat. “Only today? Have I not been kind to you before?” he replied and Caileen smiled at him, “Well not really, but today you are different and I like it this way” she said. “Get used to it, its going to be this way from now on” he added and she started laughing. “Is jealousy the reason?” she teased him and he looked at her, “What do you think?” he snapped back and she smiled. “I have a better idea, do you know how to drive?” he asked her and Caileen’s eyes grew big as she knew he was going to let her drive. “Are you serious?” she asked. “Do you know how to drive?” he again asked her and Caileen was smiling from ear to ear, “My dad taught me, but I don’t have a license yet” she answered and Anthony handed her the key and he stepped out of the car.

Anthony opened her door and Caileen looked at him, “Well what are you waiting for? Move over to the driver’s seat then” he said and still she could not believe what was happening. Caileen moved to the driver’s seat and when she was about to start the engine Anthony stopped her. “Seatbelts please” he said and Caileen laughed and put on her seatbelt. “What am I missing tell me quick” she said and Anthony held on tight, “What else start the engine and drive, oh please don’t kill us” he replied and Caileen gamely started the engine and started to drive.

Caileen drove slowly and she was giggling all the way. She had no license, she was driving one of her dream cars and Anthony was being nice to her for a change, she thought this was her lucky day. Once they reached the city Anthony told her to pull over and park the car, she laughed since she didn’t know how to parallel park. “Ok let me do it” he said and he got out of the car and they changed places. As soon as the car was parked Caileen was still full of smiles and waited for Anthony. “Okay where do you want to eat?” he asked her. “I don’t know, im just so happy right now I think I cant eat, you decide” she said. “Nope you decide, take advantage while I am this nice” he told her and she giggled. “Okay then, I would choose the most expensive restaurant and I am going to eat everything I want” she threatened and Anthony nodded.

They went to the classiest place there is and at the front lobby they were stopped from entering. “Sorry sir, only if you have reservations” the receptionist said. “I know the owner” Anthony said and he stepped forward but a huge man stood in his way. “Do you have a reservation?” the huge man asked and Anthony looked at the receptionist, “Call the owner, now!” he demanded and the receptionist did so at once. Caileen was scared and tugged on Anthony, “Hey, you don’t have to do that lets just go to another restaurant” she whispered. “No don’t worry I have this covered” he told her and a minute later a decent looking man approached them and said “Yes they said you know me?”

“Hello Rutherford, remember me?” Anthony said and the man looked surprised and his jaw dropped. “Oh my God is that you?” Rutherford said and Anthony laughed. “Yes I am God and I demand you give us a table quickly” he replied and the man hugged him. “I can’t believe it where have you been? Hugo get out of the way, Frank get them the best table at once” Rutherford ordered. “But sir, the best table is reserved for the Mayor” Frank said. “Give the Mayor another table, quick snap snap” Rutherford said and Frank ran towards the dining area. “I thought you two broke up” the owner said and Anthony whispered in his ear and Rutherford nodded. “I see, I am sorry, come on lets go to your table now” he said as he escorted the two inside.
As the two were seated Anthony called for Rutherford again and said “I would appreciate it much if you didn’t tell anyone you saw me” and the man nodded and he left to attend to the Mayor who just arrived. “Well time to order, what would you like to have?” he asked Caileen and she just stared at him in disbelief. “What are you really? I mean, huge house, lots of expensive cars, priority over the Mayor…I mean wow who are you?” she asked and Anthony laughed at her. “Anthony your neighbor, come on don’t be silly and order” he just said. After two hours the left the restaurant and they were seated in the car all full and sleepy. “Man I ate too much I want to take a nap” Anthony said and Caileen was staring at him. “Tell me really what you do?” she asked and Anthony looked at her. “Why do you want to know?” he replied. “Like I said you are so rich and we just ate in the most expensive restaurant and they did not even let you pay? It’s so unreal or maybe you are a member of the Mafia” she said and Anthony laughed. “Welcome to my world Caileen” he told her and she was not satisfied with his answer.

Anthony looked at his watch and immediately started the car, “Teach me the song with the sitting on the tree and the kissing” he said. Caileen gamely sang it, “Caileen and Timothy sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G” and she laughed and laughed. “Mindy and Timothy sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G” Anthony sang and Caileen got mad. “Why do you keep saying Mindy and this time with Timothy, it should be Mindy and Anthony!” she exclaimed but Anthony drove slowly and pointed outside. Caileen looked to where he was pointing and she saw Timothy and Mindy interlocking lips on an outside restaurant. Anthony stopped the car and Caileen was frozen looking at the two as they continued their passionate kissing.

Caileen wanted to go out of the car but Anthony stopped her, “Trust me there is nothing you can do, they have been seeing each other always” he told her and she looked at her and tears were starting to fall from her eyes. Caileen sat back and sobbed, Anthony drove away and all that could be heard inside the car was Caileen gasping for air. They reached an abandoned beach and Anthony parked the car, he went out and opened Caileen’s door. “Come with me” he said and stepped out still crying. They walked along the beach and sat down.

“I’m sorry Caileen, I planned everything, I wanted you to see it for yourself because if I just told you maybe you would not believe me” Caileen looked at him and the more she cried. “I have seen them several times together already and yesterday I saw you and Tim, I saw you two were getting too close already so I decided you have to know about it. I know how much it hurts because I have been there already” he related and Caileen just kept sobbing.

“This is the first place I went to when I got my heart broken, I even cried but much worse than you I should say. Eight years is no joke that is why I cried for several days in this place. I was so angry but the sound of the water kept me calm the whole time. Only a few people come here so I vented out my anger by shouting, it really helps you know, you should try it” he told her. Caileen remained silent as she continued crying, Anthony stood up and looked at her, “Let me leave you alone for a moment, I will be in the car if you need me” he said and Caileen looked up to him and said “Don’t leave me, stay with me” she murmured. Anthony sat back down and Caileen leaned on him, he put his arm on her shoulder and patted her gently. “It’s painful isn’t it?” he asked her and she nodded. “So can you imagine how much pain I felt two years ago?” he again asked and she looked at him. Anthony wiped away her tears with his hands and pinched her cheek, “Look you are so pretty even when you are crying, but you would look really beautiful if you smiling” he whispered and her lips trembled and a smile broke out. “See, you look beautiful again making me fall in love with you more. Now let me wipe this tears some more just in case your prince charming arrives he might think I made you cry” he added and Caileen stared at him and smiled even more.

“Let’s go home” she said and so Anthony stood up and held out his hand to her. She grabbed his hand and he gave her the key. “You drive us home” he told her and Caileen who was sad moments ago was again happy as she ran towards the car. Along the way Caileen was full of smiles and she was humming a tune which Anthony noticed. “Wow a few minutes ago you were like weeping and now you seem to be in a jolly mood” he commented and Caileen shrugged her shoulders. “May I know the reason for the sudden change in mood?” he asked and Caileen smiled at him. “Something you said probably but I am not telling you” she answered. “Something I said? Help me remember” he told her. “Sorry I won’t…what would happen if I stepped on this harder?” she playfully asked and the car sped faster. Anthony held on tight as Caileen was giggling, “Please don’t kill us!” he yelled and laughter erupted inside the car.

An hour later they arrived home safely, Caileen ran out and hugged her mother who was outside to greet them. “Anthony! You let her drive?” she asked and he shrugged his shoulders. “Twice, Im going to take a bath now, see you Anthony!” she said as she ran inside the house. “You actually let her drive?” Karen repeated and Anthony walked towards her. “Yes but there is a reason, have a walk with me” he said and Karen walked with him.

“I know she looks jolly and happy but she just encountered her first heart break” he revealed and Karen was surprised. “You broke up with her?” Karen joked and Anthony scratched his head. “I was just kidding; you mean she broke up with Timothy already?” Karen asked and Anthony nodded. “Why so sudden?” she inquired and Anthony sighed, “Well boyfriend meets girlfriend…you know that kind of television stuff” he said. “Mindy and Timothy?” Karen said and Anthony nodded. “Oh my, how did it happen?” she asked. “Well you see I have seen Mindy and Tim getting together a few times and yesterday I saw Tim and Caileen go separate ways. I thought Tim was going home but he met up with Mindy and I saw them kiss, not the normal kiss but torridly I should say. So this I knew I had to tell Caileen but she probably won’t believe me so I had to show her and we actually did see them a while ago” he elaborated and Karen was surprised.

“So how did she take it?” Karen asked. “The usual reaction, anger, crying oh you know what I mean you’re a doctor” he told her and she nodded. Karen smiled and laughed, “Then how come she does not seem to be sad or depressed?” Karen added and Anthony smiled. “I administered my special treatment, the eight year heart break treatment and I think it works wonders” he said and they both laughed. “But still my treatment does not work efficiently there are times when those memories kick in so you should be there for her when that happens” he told her and Karen nodded.

“I knew it, Caileen Barton just did not sound right” Karen quipped and Anthony was confused. “Oh Timothy Barton, I was just pondering that thought days ago” she added and Anthony smiled at her. “Caileen Kevins sounds so much better doesn’t it?” Karen teased him and Anthony looked at her curiously, “Oh I was just kidding, since you healed her maybe she can heal you too you know” Karen added and Anthony walked to his car. “Maybe, I have to go now” he said. “Do you like my daughter Anthony?” Karen asked and he smiled at her. “Ask me that question in a month then I will give you my answer” he said. “A month? Why the wait?” she again asked. “Her birthday, when she turns eighteen” he said and he entered his car. Karen waived at him smiling and she slowly walked inside the house.

“What was his answer mom?” Caileen asked and Karen was surprised to see her standing behind the door. “Didn’t you hear it?” Karen asked. “No, I could not hear it, was it a yes?” Caileen said and Karen laughed. “You don’t look depressed, he told me about today” Karen said but Caileen insisted, “Was it a yes?” “He didn’t say, he told me to ask again on your birthday, why are you curious?” Karen told her. “Oh nothing, maybe you were right all along” Caileen replied and Karen looked at her. “Right about what?” she asked. “Oh nothing, forget it, I just wished the days would move faster to my birthday” Caileen said and she ran upstairs.