Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Walk With Caileen (Preview)

A Walk With Caileen

Paul Diaz

It was the first day of summer vacation and Caileen woke up early to go for her early morning jog. It was only five in the morning and as she stepped out of their front door she stopped and looked around her surroundings. Everything was new to her, she was used to seeing crowded houses but this time there were only two on that residential area. They had moved to a place where only a few could afford and she was starting to like it since there were tall trees around and there was a mini park nearby.

She tied back her red hair and put on her hood and started to jog towards the park, along the way she could not help glance on the other house. After an hour of circling the park she started to cool down by walking and still her eyes were drawn towards the other house. It was a huge house with a terrace at the second floor; huge gates were all around so she could not see clearly all around. Due to her curiosity she walked towards the guards’ outpost and asked who lived there but she learned that no one was living there but there were people who came to clean it.

On her way back home she started to think that a celebrity lives there and the more excited she was. She was only seventeen, pretty and smart, her parents were both doctors and they did spoil her for she was their only child. Before Caileen went inside their house she glanced again at the other house and somehow she felt something amazing would happen soon.

----sorry for being gone for a long time, well i am currently writing this story and I do hope you will like it. It will take some time but currently i have finished two chapters