Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Walk With Caileen (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5: First Love

The following morning Caileen went on her usual morning jog and while she was running she felt someone running beside her. As she looked it was Panther so she quickly picked her up and cuddled him. “Good morning Panther, you are so cute. Why are you out here?” she said to the dog and the dog barked at her. “He is asking if you are still mad at me.” Anthony said and Caileen was surprised to see him. “You hurt my feelings but that’s okay, oh I forgot I must not show my face in front of you or else you will get depressed again” she told him and he bowed his head. “About that, I am really sorry, I was so dumb to tell you that” Anthony said. “Words don’t mean much, you have to show that you are really sorry” Caileen stated.

“You want me to kneel down and beg for your forgiveness?” Anthony asked and Caileen laughed. “No, I want you to treat me out for lunch. I have not been out for such a long time but if mom learns that you are treating me out for sure she would let me go” she said and he laughed at her. “Okay, lunch it is then” he said and Caileen smiled. “But promise me that you won’t wear a dress” Anthony added and Caileen looked at him strangely. “How come?” she asked and Anthony scratched his head. “Trust me you would not want to wear a dress, if possible wear something red, make sure its not a dress or a skirt, wear pants” he told her and Caileen laughed. “I don’t know why but okay, so what time will I come over?” she asked. Anthony grinned at her, “I will pick you up” he said and Caileen started laughing. “Is this a date?” she added. “Definitely not, I have to go now, about the time well you will know when I will be there” he told her and he took the dog and left.

Two hours later Caileen was so excited and she could not keep still. “Sweety, why are you so excited?” Karen asked her. “Mom, it’s been a long time since I went out, and he told me to wear red, maybe it’s his favorite color” she said. “So you really are in love with him” her mother said and Caileen smiled. “No, I tricked him, I said he has to treat me for lunch in order for me to forgive him” she stated and Karen laughed. “It’s funny, I wanted to wear the floral dress you bought me, but somehow he knew it and told me not to wear a dress. I wonder why he does not want me to wear a dress” Caileen expressed and she sat down and pondered. A few seconds later they heard a roaring sound that was coming closer to their home so they rushed to the door to have a look. There was Anthony wearing a leather jacket with matching killer dark shades riding a huge and shiny motorcycle, he turned off the engine and walked towards the door. “Good morning Karen” he said and the two women had their mouths open. “Wow! A Harley! That is so cool!” Caileen exclaimed. “Now I understand why you didn’t want her to wear a dress” Karen said and Anthony scratched his head.

“Good, you are wearing red, here this will look good on you then” he said as he handed Caileen a red helmet with two little horns. Caileen raised her eyebrows and pouted but Karen started laughing. “Wait here, I have to get the camera” Karen said as she was still laughing. “So you had this planned did you? Me wearing red and this helmet, she-devil, so you still see me as a pest” Caileen said. Anthony bowed his head and looked at her, “I didn’t plan this, I had that helmet for a long time now…she never wore it…it’s okay if you don’t want to wear it” he told her. Caileen looked at him and then looked at the helmet, she giggled and shook her head, “Okay I will wear it then” she said. As she put on the helmet Karen came out of the door and started laughing louder. “Oh my God honey, you are so cute, come on you two move closer and I will take your picture. Caileen moved closer to Anthony and they both looked at the camera, “Wait, something is not right, Anthony place your hand on my daughter’s shoulder” Karen said and Caileen reacted. “Mom!” she shouted but Anthony did what Karen told her and Caileen fell froze. “Okay, smile…sorry honey, you don’t have to since you’re wearing that, one..two..” and their picture was taken. “Wait mom, one more” Caileen asked as she took of her helmet and Karen smiled at her. Caileen leaned her head against Anthony’s chest and the shot was taken.

“Tony, do I stay in front or at your back?” Caileen asked as they walked towards the motorcycle. “At the back honey, unless you know how to drive one of those” Karen said. Anthony got on the bike and Caileen got at the back and immediately hugged Anthony’s body, she looked at her mother and she smiled at her. “You don’t have to hold on to me yet since we’re not moving, and you have to wear the helmet” Anthony said. Caileen blushed and wore the helmet, Karen was giggling as she took another picture of the two. “How come I have to wear a helmet and you don’t?” Caileen asked and Anthony wore his dark glasses, “Because I am going to look cool this way, hold on tight now” he told her as he started the engine and they sped off.

The two had lunch on an outdoor restaurant and after eating Anthony told Caileen to sit still as he had to go see some business associated. As he left she heard someone call her name. “Caileen?” the man said and she turned around to see who it was. Her heart skipped faster and she could not believe among all the people she would be seeing would be her long time crush. “Tim…Timothy?” she said and he sat across her. “I knew it was you, but I was ashamed to come over a while ago since you were with that man” he said. “Oh…he is my friend…scary person right?” she asked. “Oh no definitely not, he is way too cool, I thought he was your boyfriend” Tim said and Caileen laughed. “Him, my boyfriend? Are you crazy? He is just a friend and he treated me to lunch. What brings you here?” she asked him. “Well its summer and I got bored at home, how about you what have you been doing this lately?” he said. “Well im grounded, my mom let me out since it was with Anthony, he is our neighbor, he lives alone” she said.

“Caileen!” they heard someone shout and they turned to see a young lady running towards them. Caileen immediately stood up and the two girls hugged. “Mindy! Wow I missed you, you have not been returning my text messages and calls” Caileen said. Mindy paused as she looked at Tim who stood up and offered his seat. “Oh, Mindy this is Timothy, Tim this is Mindy my best friend” Caileen said and the two shook hands. “Wow, we just came back from Hawaii and I was just accompanying my mom. I can’t stay too long since we have to go somewhere else to meet my dad, but hey call me later” Mindy said and she immediately left. “That was fast” Tim commented and Caileen smiled at her, “Can I get your number too, you know just to keep in touch” Tim shyly asked and Caileen blushed and gave it to him. “I have to go too, but I will call you sometime maybe you would like to go hang out with me or I can accompany you to places since I am bored at home” he said. “Oh I would love that, you call me anytime. Oh look here he comes” Caileen said as the loud engine sound was approaching. “Okay then see you soon Caileen” Tim said and smiled at her.

Anthony turned off the engine and as he was about to get off the big bike two ladies stopped and stared at him and they both giggled. Anthony just smiled and walked towards Caileen and scratched his head. “It’s just the bike, they like the bike” he told her. “No, you actually look cool, my friend even said so” she commented. “Oh, the guy you were just with?” Anthony asked and Caileen blushed again. “Timothy, he is my friend” she said. “A friend you say? Then why are you blushing? You like him I can see that in your face” Anthony told her. “I have had a crush for him for a long time now, and he got my number and said he wanted to hang out with me” she related and she giggled. “He looks decent, is he a good guy?” he asked her and Caileen looked at him curiously. “Why are you asking me that? Are you jealous?” she teased him. Anthony laughed at her and said “I told you I am not into young girls, just say I’m just acting like a parent when I asked that question” he said and she pouted. “I don’t know, I guess so…it’s so hot lets go home now” she said.

As soon as they arrived at Caileen’s home she got out of the bike and looked at him. “That’s funny, I never saw this bike in your home, where was it hidden?” she asked. “In the garage, you never asked to enter the garage so I didn’t show you” he told her. “So what else is inside you garage?” she asked. “Oh nothing much, maybe one time you will get to ride one of them too” he told her. Caileen looked at him and smiled, “You should make me angry often, so next time you take me out using a car hopefully” she said and he laughed. “Oh, I have no plans on making you angry anymore trust me, so see you soon then” he told her as he sped off. Caileen slowly walked inside the house with the red helmet on hand. She went to the living room and sat down lifelessly.

“So how was your date?” Karen asked her. “It’s not a date mom, he just treated me out because I said so” she replied. “What happened, you were all smiles when you left, why the sad face now?” her mother asked. “I don’t know you know what I saw Tim today and he asked for my number” Caileen said in delight. “Tim? Anthony? Another man in your life, I thought you were in love with Anthony?” Karen teased her. “I told you I am not, we are just friends, and neighbors should be the better word” Caileen stated. Karen just looked at her curiously and continued reading her book. “Why the sudden change of heart…I wonder” Karen said softly and Caileen sighed. “He told me he didn’t like young girls, he asked about Tim and I asked if he was jealous, he told me he was just being like a parent” Caileen related and pouted.

“I’ve had a crush on Tim for a long time, a while ago I saw him and we talked. He asked me if I wanted to hang out with him, I gave him my number but I just remembered I’m grounded” Caileen said. “Is this Tim a good guy?” Karen asked and Caileen laughed. “Why are you laughing?” Karen asked her. “Because that is what Anthony asked me a while ago, I guess he was right, he was just acting like a parent to me” she said. “Well is this Tim a good guy then?” Karen repeated and Caileen smiled, “I don’t know mom, how will I be able to find out if I am grounded?” Caileen replied and Karen smiled at her. “Okay, then you are not grounded anymore but be sure that this Tim is a good guy” Karen stated and Caileen quickly stood up and sat beside her mother and hugged her. “Thank you so much mom! Now should I call him and tell him I’m not grounded anymore or should I wait for his call?” she asked. “Who are talking about, Anthony or Tim?” Karen teased her. “Mom! Tim of course!” Caileen said and Karen laughed.

One week passed and Caileen was with Mindy as they were about to enter Anthony’s front gate. “Hey Caileen are you sure it’s okay with your friend that we just enter?” Mindy asked. “Yeah, come on, I have not seen him for a week since I was always with Tim. I’m sure Anthony won’t mind if we use his pool, and did I tell you that he has this cute little dog?” Caileen said as they slowly walked towards the pool. Anthony was doing laps around the pool; he stopped and noticed the two young ladies approaching. “Oh it’s you” Anthony said and the two ladies smiled at him. He swam to the edge and immediately got out of the pool and Mindy bumped Caileen and whispered, “You didn’t tell me your neighbor was hot” and Caileen looked at her strangely. “Are you crazy? Look at him, he looks old and dirty” Caileen whispered back. “Maybe with that excess hair, but if you look closely and imagine him without it he looks handsome” Mindy said. “Oh shut up, Tim looks better, I didn’t know you were into old men Mindy” Caileen teased her friend as Anthony sat down and toweled off.

“Oh don’t mind me, if you are going to use the pool go ahead” he told them. “Anthony this is my best friend Mindy” Caileen said and Anthony smiled at her. “Mindy do you know how to swim?” he asked. “Yes I do, I love swimming and we have a pool at home” she answered. “Good, Caileen the floaters are in the cabin if you need them” he said and Mindy laughed. The two ladies started undressing and Anthony suddenly stood up and walked towards the cabin. “Hey! I don’t need the floaters I am not a child!” Caileen yelled. “I was not going to get them, I was going to hide myself while you two swim since with the way you two look the weather just got hotter” he replied and Mindy laughed. “He sure is funny too” she said and Caileen pouted.

A few minutes later Panther came out of the cabin, he was biting on the floaters and he walked towards the pool. “Oh look its Panther...and he has the floaters” Caileen exclaimed and Mindy laughed aloud. “Anthony I said I don’t need the floaters!” she yelled and Anthony came out of the cabin scratching his head. “Hey, I don’t know why he took them out, probably he was concerned about you” he said and the more Mindy laughed. Anthony came to sit on the shade holding a pen and a pad paper, Mindy swam closer to the edge and looked at him. “Why don’t you get a haircut and a shave, I know you look handsome” she commented and Caileen laughed, “I will if only you shave your head bald” Anthony replied and Mindy smiled at her. “If I shave my head bald would you shave and get a haircut?” Mindy asked and Caileen looked at her. “Are you serious?” Caileen asked and Mindy nodded. “Just a haircut, but if you shave your eyebrows too then I will shave, deal?” he offered and Mindy laughed.

“You really were going to shave your head for him?” Caileen asked and Mindy smiled, “I was going to but shaving my eyebrows is going too far, But hey Anthony, if I do what you ask will you go on a date with me?” Mindy asked and Caileen was surprised. Anthony looked at her and said “How would the guy your currently dating feel if I go on a date with you then?” Mindy fell silent and just stared at Anthony who was grinning at her, she turned around and looked at Caileen, “You are dating someone and you didn’t tell me?” Caileen said and Mindy just smiled at her. “It’s not that serious, we just went out once, let’s not talk about it, come on race to the other end” she said and she quickly swam. Caileen looked at Anthony who was scribbling on his pad, she tried hard to imagine what he would look like without the excess hair but she just could not get Tim out of her mind.