Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Walk With Caileen (Epilogue)


“George! Come here quick take a look at this!” Karen shouted and her husband came running to the living room. “What is it?” he asked. “You have to read the ending of this book” she said as she wiped her tears from her eyes. “Why are you crying? You reached the end of the book already? You just started reading that an hour ago” George said as he sat beside Karen.

“It’s about them, about Caileen and Anthony. The first chapters I know it by heart since it has been everything that has happened between them. So to my curiosity I went at once to the last chapter. Here listen to this” Karen related as she started to read.

Caileen and Paul walked the down the lonely majestic road. The trees on each side seemed to bow down to them as they passed. At the end of the road was a carriage with two white horses in front. He faced her and held her hands, their eyes met and for a man who could not express his emotions he finally did. The three words he has been dying to tell her finally came out of his mouth. Words do not mean much these days so he sealed those words with a kiss.

George had tears in his eyes as Karen closed the book. “What was the carriage for? Did they ride it?” he asked her and Karen pinched him. “Oh George don’t you get it, she is his princess, royalty do ride carriages remember?” Karen explained. “Oh I thought they rode Rolls Royce” George added.

“So did they ride the carriage? If not then why mention about it?” George joked and Karen pinched his some more. “I know you are playing dumb again George, but don’t you just feel it? I am so happy and excited for Caileen. She gets to be a princess after all” Karen said and George nodded. “I am not letting Anthony marry our daughter!” George exclaimed and Karen was surprised. “And what would be the reason?” she asked. “Imagine she let my daughter walk that long stretch? He has four cars, they could have just rode one and drove slowly you know. That would be cool, or even better they could have rode the carriage, such a waste indeed” George said and Karen started to laugh at her husband.

“Honey, do you think Anthony will lend me his Ferrari?” George asked as he leaned his head on his wife’s shoulder. “I would look so cool on that ride; imagine Doctor George Peterson the coolest MD on the planet. I could do On-call duty and imagine how fast I would get to my patients. I could even volunteer for Rescue 911. Cool eh?” George said and Karen kept laughing. “I thought you were not going to let him marry Caileen?” she asked him. George grinned and said “Well if Caileen gets to be a princess that would make me King would it?” he told her and the more Karen laughed.

“Honey, do you think we should retire now? I think our daughter is in good hands already. Or do you think we should try making her a brother?” George teased.

“Oh George shut up and read the last part”

Yes Jenny this is the place you have been mentioning. You said that whoever could bring you to this place you would surely marry. I am here right now Jenny but I am not with you.

I am not alone.

I will walk this long stretch, but not with you.

I will walk this road not alone for this is…

A walk with Caileen