Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ONE BEAT: Final Chapter

Chapter 9: New Beat

Six months have passed and Sheryl has moved on with her life. She was still working at the same company and Jean was her new best friend. One Saturday morning Sheryl was stuffing her bag with clothes and Jean was helping her.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” Jean asked her. Sheryl smiled and said “I will be fine I am going to be back, I just need to finish this list” and she shows Jean the list.

“Are you crazy? Bungee Jumping and sky diving? Are you trying to kill yourself?” Jean said as she read the two unaccomplished tasks on the list. Sheryl laughs and takes the list. “You see we made a promise with John that we would finish this list together. We are together so I might as well finish it now” she said.

“Here take the SUV you will travel better with it” Jean offers the key to John’s car. Sheryl shook her head and said “That is your car now Jean, remember his promise. You are so sexy now so you deserve that car. I will just rent my one since I won’t be gone that long.”

“When I come back I will resign from work” Sheryl stated. Jean looked surprised and asked “Why? Where are you going to work if you resign?” Sheryl smiled at her again and zipped her bag. “At the hospital, Doctor Cartwright promised me an administrative position so I guess I will take it. I want to continue John’s work of helping people, I don’t know why but our heart tells me to do so” and Jean starts to get teary-eyed.

“Wait for me here, I will come with you. Don’t argue with me but I promised John to take care of you so wait for me here okay?” Jean said as she rushed to the hospital. Jean applied for an emergency leave so she could be with Sheryl.

The two of them went on a vacation; it was Jean’s first time to flaunt her new body. After spending several days on the beach they proceeded to the nearest venue for bungee jumping.

“Sheryl are you sure you have to do this?” Jean asked as Sheryl was being strapped in. “I have to; remember it’s a promise I made with John. So see you later Jean” she said and laughed. A few moments later Sheryl’s scream reverberated loudly as she went for free fall. She held her chest and thought about John the whole time and she was plunging downwards.

“John can you see this!? Another one done John! One more to go! I miss you John!!!”

As Jean reached the bottom she saw Sheryl unstrapped already and facing a corner. “Are you alright Sheryl?” Jean asked her. Sheryl wiped the tears in her eyes and faced her friend “I am fine I just remembered him again. I wish we could have done this together” Sheryl confessed. Jean comforted her and said “Now don’t cry remember he is with you always. He lives inside of you now so it was as if both of you jumped at the same time” she said.

Sheryl smiled and managed to laugh a bit “Hey Jean if I ask a favor would you do it?” she asked her friend. “Of course I will. Name it and I will do it” Jean boasted. Sheryl grinned and looked at her and Jean’s eyes grew bigger. “Oh no, no way, you are not going to let me jump. No way that is out of the question!” she said.

A few minutes later Jean was back on top and was strapped in and ready to jump. “Sheryl if it were not for John’s heart inside you I would really kill you!!!” she said as the attendant pushed her off. Jean’s scream was louder and Sheryl was enjoying watching from below.

Three days have passed and they found themselves in an abandoned airfield. This day was going to be Sheryl’s big jump, she was going sky diving. Jean and Sheryl attended the briefing for beginners and after an hour they were taught the proper way to jump and act on mid air.

“Sheryl I am just accompanying you to do this drills, but I am not jumping with you remember that” Jean told her. Sheryl was laughing and nodded “Don’t worry John is with me I will be fine” she said.

Jean helped Sheryl put on her jump suit and suddenly she froze and her jaw dropped. “Jean I cant see a thing come on help me” Sheryl said but Jean was not moving and she shook her head several times and then she smiled.

“Whats wrong with you Jean? Why are you spacing out all of a sudden?” Sheryl asked. “Nothing, there was dirt in my eyes I am sorry” she said.

Sheryl boarded the plane along with several people and their instructor. Jean waived at her one last time and moved towards the guest area. The plane started to move and a few seconds later it was airborne.

“Listen to me, I will repeat it one last time, your chutes will automatically open so just wait for it. If you feel scared do not panic just pull the cord is it clear?” their instructed repeated. Everyone nodded and the instructor put on his helmet. “Everyone put on your helmets now” he added.

Sheryl laughed at the person beside her because he had his helmet on since boarding the plane. She looked at the man beside him and said “You are excited I can tell” and she laughed at him. The man looked at her as she was about to wear her helmet. The man took off his helmet and Sheryl could not believe what was happening.

Her heart jumped and beat faster; she shook her head several times and wiped her eyes. She wanted to say something but words could not come out from her mouth. Tears started to materialize on her eyes and the man beside her wiped them.

“Do you think I would let you finish the list on your own?” John said. “Sorry about the bungee jump I was late by thirty minutes” he added and smiled at her. Sheryl dropped her helmet and embraced him tightly and started to cry.

“Is this a dream John?” she managed to ask him. John laughed and everyone was looking at the two of them. John kissed her on the lips and it lasted for a few seconds. “But how…I mean…you are really here with me” Sheryl said as she wiped her tears.

“We exchanged hearts” he said. “But my heart was supposed to be changed” she answered back. “Yup and they did change it” he said and smiled. “So you have my heart and I have your heart, well what was supposed to be your heart, but still it’s the same” he joked.

Sheryl smiled and still pouted. “How about the…” she was about to say but John put her helmet on her head and locked it. “Jeff took it out, all of it. I am fine now don’t worry” he said and he put on his helmet. Sheryl embraced him once again and the instructor tapped John and nodded.

John held Sheryl hands and they slowly walked towards the exit.

“When we get down we need to make a new list!” John shouted and she smiled and nodded. John jumped first and a few seconds later Sheryl followed. They drifted in mid air and a few seconds later John came beside Sheryl and he held her hand.

He moved his body as they were floating so they were face to face, both hands locked. He pulled her closer and everyone below thought it was an exhibition show. They started clapping and cheering for the two as their lips found each other.