Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Paul Diaz

She does not have to say it because the message is clear
The worst scenario that mosts lovers do fear
Still I it deny and do wish for the best
I did what i can, God will take care of the rest

Years ago i started to feel what most people call love
She was God's gift to me, a present that i can have
She came to my life and my being single was over
She was my first true love, the one i wished that would last forever

I do admit much fault since it was really a first for me
I was selfish, careless, insensitive, and i was truly sorry
I treasured her more and i treated her like a queen
Everything was set but problems came creeping in

She wanted to work far so apart we could be
Long distance it was but she still loved me
A year did went by and her love started to shatter
I somehow knew that soon our love will be over

She came back to me and my heart started to celebrate
But an ill feeling struck when she started talking about fate
I was the last to know that she would venture to another country
A land far away, a place where i would not be

She gave me a kiss and promised not to take long
So i tucked all tears in and became emotionally strong
A year has gone by and I never heard from her
Is this the end, is it all over?

I have gone through denial although it was not still clear
I keep having nightmares of that painful scenario that i fear
So much tears I have shed but i still hope for the better
I wish that one day this nightmare will be over

The message is clear i wish she could just be honest
Still i am the same idiot who is still hoping for the best
Each day that pass by I wish the tides would start changing
I am in so much pain, i am tired of waiting.