Sunday, May 25, 2008

...I Am Now

...I Am Now
Paul Diaz

What seemed like a fairy tale ended abruptly
With no happy ending, it was a dream, just a fantasy
I lived in a fairy tale that i wished there was no ending
It was just another sad story, with an end to my disliking

What once was is now just a distant memory
A tale which could be told by who else but me
Lost I was and I hid it from everyone
Too ashamed to admit that half my heart was gone

With tired and dried eyes I open them and see nothing
Scared to make a step but somehow i must start moving
Its time to end the old book and a new one I shall start
A new but tedious journey to mend my broken heart

Just like nine years ago i am again alone
I let go of all the misery and harshness my fate has shown
People kept asking how I am but i shy away somehow
This time when they ask me, heads up i answer....