Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Final Chapter

Chapter 17: Two Years Earlier

Graduation was over and they were all about to take different paths. Paul never chose one of the girls but they managed to get along together. But today is different, he was about to tread the path towards the future and he wanted to be with the girl he truly loved.

Paul stood in front of the house of the girl he chose but stood still for a moment as he remembered what exactly happened three years ago when he was told to choose.

On Diane’s window that fateful day
“Is it me Paul?” Diane asked but Paul shook his head. “I just came to return your doll and your umbrella. This doll was with you on the first day we met, do you remember? Remember the dog destroyed this and I fixed it. ? I wanted to give this to you on your birthday when you turned six. I never had the chance to give it to you since I saw you had a new one and you were happy with it. I know it’s late but here I fixed it for you” he said and Diane started to get teary eyed. “This umbrella, you lent me this and with this I met Kara. I have to return it since its yours” he added and Diane looked curiously.

“I have not chosen and I will not do so for a long time. I hope you and the others can be friends. Do it for me please” he pleaded and Diane nodded her head.

The scene changes to the Sarah’s place where she was happy to see Paul.

“Why are you here?” she asked and Paul just smiled with her and he showed her the tree branch. “I know you kept it, I saw it in your room before” she told him. “This brings memories of that day we met and I want you to keep it for me” he told her. “What does your visit here mean?” she inquired and Paul just smiled. “I will not choose anyone for now. I have not decided yet and it’s very difficult to make rash judgments. We all are still young and we all shall commit more mistakes so I want everyone to stay as friends for now and forever” he said and Sarah smiled at him.

It was a school day and Kara approached Paul, “Can we talk in private?” she asked and Paul went with her leaving his two friends behind.
“What is it Kara?” he asked. “I heard you went to Diane’s place and Sarah’s place…you never went to me” she told him. “I just visited them there is no other meaning to it” he said. “So it’s between the two of them and I am out of the picture. Its okay, I understand. Part of the agreement was whoever you choose we just have to accept. I just want you to know that I am hurt, but I am happy for them” she said and Paul scratched his head. “Kara it’s not like that I tell you” he said but Kara smiled at him “I do understand and its okay with me Paul, don’t worry I still love you no matter what happens” she said and walked away.

Back to reality

A rain drop fell on Paul’s forehead and he took a deep breath and went to the door and knocked. The door opened and the girl was surprised to see him. “Paul what are you doing here? I thought you were on your way to New York already” she said. “Can you please come with me for a moment?” he asked and she came with him. They stepped outside and Paul looked up at the sky. “Just wait for it” he said and she looked up at the sky with him.

A few seconds later it started to rain and Paul looked at her and held her hands. “Just as the weatherman forecasted” he said but she looked at him curiously. “Three years ago I didn’t go to you Kara since there was nothing I had to return, the umbrella that we shared was not mine, it was Diane’s umbrella” he told her and Kara still did not understand. “I wanted to return something to you that day though but I was not sure if it was the right time. Do you remember when we first met it was raining?” he asked and Kara nodded.

“Kara the rain reminds me of the first day we met. I actually brought this container and nothing else with me, so today I want to give you back my heart. I know it took a long time so if you say no it’s okay” he told her and Kara started to cry. “So I guess I was too late” Paul softly said but Kara shook her head and pouted. “Stupid! What took you so long?” she shouted and embraced him tightly.