Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half of Me: Chapter 10

Half of Me
by Paul Diaz

Chapter 10: Worthless

85th day of the year

After dinner Adam did the dishes while Aimee stepped outside of the house and hid. She took out her mobile phone and checked if there was someone else there. “Hello, Rebecca? Its me Aimee” she said. “Aimee, what a surprise. How are you?” her former manager answered. “Happy, let me get straight to the point. I need your help” the young woman said and Rebecca started laughing.

“Let me guess, you want a good gift for Adam for his birthday right?” the old lady said. “I actually have something in mind but my parents are arriving tomorrow and I need you to arrange me rental without Adam knowing” Aimee said. “What? Are you out of your mind? If Adam finds out you are driving he will get mad and might kill me if he learns I had a part in it” Rebecca replied. “That is why we are going to keep this from him. I need you to pick me up first thing in the morning. I am going to pick up my parents at the airport then we are going for a long drive to buy Adam’s gift” Aimee explained.

Rebecca sighed and paused, “Let me do the driving. I will come to pick you up tomorrow then we go pick up your parents. Let me do the driving okay?” she said. “Are you sure? I don’t want to ruin your plans and schedule Rebecca” Aimee said. “It so happens I am not doing anything tomorrow and the other day so it’s okay and I owe you and Adam a lot. So what time will I come over?” Rebecca replied. “Six in the morning, is that okay?” Aimee asked. “Okay then, you better make sure Adam does not find out okay?” Rebecca told her and the young lady laughed. “Don’t worry I have that covered. I have to go Rebecca, thank you so much” Aimee said as she turned off the phone.

Aimee went back inside the house and went straight to the kitchen. Adam was still doing the dishes so Aimee stood behind him and embraced his body. “What is taking you so long? We have a dish washing machine but you don’t use it” Aimee said. “Oh I do enjoy washing the dishes because you exerted effort to cook for me so consider this as payment” Adam explained and they both laughed.

“I had another kind of payment in mind you know” Aimee said as she pressed her body against his and started to move her hands on his chest. “Oh wow! You should have told me sooner” Adam said and his fiancée released him and slowly walked away. “You know where to find me right?” Aimee teased and the young man sped up his dish washing. “I will be there in a minute” he replied.

86th day

Aimee woke up and looked at the clock; it was already five in the morning so she slowly got out of bed and silently walked towards the closet. She took her clothes and towel then immediately rushed towards the bathroom downstairs. Thirty minutes later she was changed and in the kitchen preparing breakfast for Adam. Aimee’s heard a car pull over so she rushed towards the door and signaled Rebecca to keep quiet.

Back at the kitchen Rebecca sipped a cup of coffee while watching Aimee cook. “Why are you still cooking? Cant he cook on his own?” she asked. The young woman smiled at her former manager as she covered the plate. “Adam knows but I like cooking for him. Anyway it’s all set so we can leave now” she replied. “You should leave him a note so he won’t get worried” Rebecca told her. “You’re right, go start the car and I will be down in a minute” Aimee said as she walked up towards the second floor.

Aimee wrote a note at the study desk, she kept on looking at a sleeping Adam while doing so. She walked towards Adam and she stooped down to kiss him but she stopped. Although she wanted to kiss her fiancée she was afraid it might wake him up so Aimee just blew a kiss towards him and slowly walked out of the room. Down at the kitchen she posted the note on the refrigirator, she quickly went outside but something was holding her back. Aimee was about to enter the car but stopped to take one last look at their home, “I wont be gone for long my love” she whispered.

An hour later Aimee and Rebecca were at the airport. It didn’t take long for Aimee to get noticed by several press people lingering at the arrival area. The young lady quickly hid at the back of Rebecca as several photographers rushed towards her. “Please not now! This is a private matter!” Rebecca shouted but the photographers were insistent as two reporters started hurling questions at Aimee.

A tall muscular old man forced his way in between and in a low strong voice he shouted. “Leave her alone!” he said. The photographers and reporters were visibly afraid of the muscular man so they started to back off. “Thank God for security personnel like you” Rebecca said but Aimee laughed. “Hello dad” the young woman said as her father hugged her tightly.

Rebecca was embarrassed so she stepped backwards, “Oh that’s alright dear, most people mistake him for much worse. You must be Darlene?” an elderly red haired woman said. Rebecca was lost for words because she was just like staring at an older version of Aimee. “I see where she got her looks. I am Rebecca, her former manager” she said as the older lady hugged her. “Oh yes, Aimee told me lots of good things about you. Sorry that she had to change you” the older lady whispered.

“Mom!” Aimee shouted as she was about to hug her mother the older woman grab hold of her daughter’s hand. “Oh my, what a huge rock!” she exclaimed. Aimee smiled proudly as she flashed her ring. “So where is that lucky man? Where is he?” Aimee’s father asked. “Oh dad I left him at home, remember I told you we are going to go get his surprise gift?” Aimee said. “Kevin are you sure your friend has prepared it?” Aimee’s mother asked. “Oh Mary relax its ready, they have repainted it all green too as requested” he replied.

“You are buying Adam a yacht? Why would you do that when you are scared of deep waters?” Rebecca suddenly asked. “Well Adam told me before he wanted to own one so we could travel by water together. When he knew I was scared of deep waters he stopped mentioning it. Whenever I ask him about it he says he doesn’t want it anymore but I can tell he is lying. He is shelving his dream just because of me. Adam has given me everything I ever wanted so this time I want to give him this” Aimee explained.

“But Aimee how did you pay for it without Adam knowing?” the former manager asked. Aimee smiled and looked at her parents, “Well Adam never asks how much we earn. He does not even know how much he has. I told him I was sending money for my parents but even if I didn’t tell him he would not care where I spend my money. Ever since we became a couple he never lets me spend” the young lady answered.

“But we are still a hundred grand short” Kevin said. “I have it here dad, I think you should hold it” Aimee replied as she handed her big bad over. Mary was wiping her tears so everyone noticed, “What’s wrong mom?” Aimee asked. “Oh, nothing dear. A year ago when you two came over to visit us we had doubts about Adam but he proved us wrong. He has taken good care of you and I can tell he loves you so much” Mary said. “And I love him too” her daughter replied.

Thirty minutes later they were on the road. Aimee and her mother were at the back seat telling stories while Kevin was snoring up front. They reached an intersection, their light was green so Rebecca floored it. Aimee was flashing her rings once again when her former manager shouted. “Were going to get hit!!!”

As Aimee and her mother looked to right a speeding truck was close by. Before they could react the truck had hit them. Everything happened so fast, Rebecca’s car spun around several times before hitting a concrete barrier. The truck that hit them suddenly stopped as the driver rushed towards them.

“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to” he said as he tried to open door. Kevin got out of the car and assaulted the truck driver. The muscular old man was so enraged that he kept punching and kicking the driver. “Kevin!!!” Mary shouted, the old man turned and he saw his daughter’s face all bloody. Rebecca holding her neck got out of the car and took out her phone and dialed 911.

“Rebecca” Aimee said with a weak voice. Kevin and truck driver took Aimee out of the car and laid her on the ground. “Mary are you okay?” Kevin asked. “Yes, but our daughter! Is she okay?” the older woman replied. “Rebecca” Aimee again said. “Yes I know, I am getting help!” the former manager answered. “No Rebecca! Adam must not know” the young woman said and Rebecca looked at her.

“Why? He must know!” Mary said as she stepped out of the car and knelt down beside her daughter. “No mom, he must not know. His parents…they died in a car accident. He must not know” Aimee said. “The truck is still working; I can rush her to the nearest hospital. I am really sorry I didn’t mean to. I fell asleep, I just had to do overtime because my son is also sick and we need money for we don’t have insurance” the driver said as tears filled his eyes.

“He is right, let’s go!” Rebecca said. “How about your car?” Mary asked. “We don’t have time for that now. Let’s get her to a hospital, we have to move fast before other cars arrive and notice. We have to keep this private so new wont spread” the former manager said. Kevin got back at the back of the car; he forcibly removed the whole seat. “Sorry Rebecca” he said as he laid the seat on the ground. They carried Aimee and let her lay down on the seat as they rushed her to the back of the truck.

Rebecca was not your ordinary manager; she likewise serves as public relations consultant to many. She was good at it that is why as soon as they reached the hospital there were several people ready to keep the incident clean. “Is it safe?” Rebecca asked as she stepped down of the back of the truck. Several doctors brought out a stretcher and attended to Aimee. “Yes, everything has been arranged” a well suited man said. “You should relax; we shall take over from her. Doctor please have her checked too” another man said as more doctors came to attend to Aimee’s parents and Rebecca.

87th day

The room was silent except for a continuous beeping sound from a machine indicating Aimee’s heartbeat. The young woman lay unconscious, various medical equipment were set up and attached to her body. Inside the room with her was her parents who kept watch the whole night. Outside the room Rebecca was chatting with Aimee’s doctor.

“Well all vital signs are normal, she would be waking up any moment now” the doctor said. “What about her hands?” Rebecca asked and the doctor shook his head. “It would take time before they heal but I am not sure if they will be like before. There is therapy for that but still we cannot be certain” the doctor replied. Rebecca shook her head and sighed, “How are you going to tell her that she would not be able to play the piano again?” she asked and the doctor took a deep breath and shook his head.

The room door opened and Kevin peeked outside, “She is awake” he said softly. Rebecca and the doctor entered the room. Mary was beside her daughter caressing her forehead. “Good morning Aimee, I am Doctor Jim Garrison. How are you feeling?” the doctor said. “Hungry” Aimee said and the doctor laughed. “Well that is a good sign” the doctor told her. “I want to know if I can play again. I can’t feel my hands” Aimee said and everyone in the room fell silent and looked at the doctor.

“As soon as I saw the truck I moved my hands, I don’t know why I did that” Aimee recalled as tears started to flow down her cheeks. “Hush now dear, that was instinct. Don’t worry your hands will heal. Am I right doctor?” Mary said as she looked at Jim. “Right now you cannot feel your hands because of the impact. Sad to say it’s been broken in several areas but your mother is right they will heal” Jim told her.

“They will heal but will I be able to play the piano again?” Aimee asked. “Aimee your hands will heal. After which you can undergo therapy, it will be a long process so just relax” the doctor told her. “Will I be able to play the piano again?!” Aimee angrily asked as she looked at Jim. “I am going to be honest with you. Your hands suffered severe damage. It’s going to take a long time to heal and I am not sure if therapy could make them work like before. Be thankful you are alive” Jim said.

“So I am worthless now” Aimee softly whispered. “No don’t say that. Think positive dear. Your hands will heal and you will be able to play again. I think you should call Adam now” Mary told her daughter. “No! I am worthless to him now!” Aimee shouted as more tears poured down her cheeks.

“We barely know Adam personally but with your stories he loves you very much. He will accept it, I agree with your mother we should call him” Kevin said. “No!!! Don’t you dare call him!” the young woman reiterated. “Aimee! When are we going to tell him then?” Rebecca asked and Aimee started crying profusely. “Never” she said as her mother embraced her.

101st day

A few miles away from their lake house Aimee sat inside a dim lit room inside a cabin. She was staring outside the window where a calm lake was present. “This lake is the same lake from our house” she uttered. “That is right. If you follow the lake then you are home” Rebecca said as she sat down by the bed.

“So this lake connects me and Adam but he doesn’t know that” Aimee said. “Yes unless you tell him. Do you like to call him up?” her former manager asked. “No. Did mom and dad arrive safely?” she asked. “Yes they called up when you were asleep. Aimee, it’s been two weeks now, I am sure Adam is hurting already” Rebecca said.

“I know he is because I am too” the young lady replied. “I don’t understand why you are doing this. You are ruining everything. You love him and he loves you so why are you doing this?” Rebecca asked. “I have no choice because I am worthless to him now” Aimee answered.

“There you go again. Aimee, he loves you. He will be able to accept the fact that you cannot play the piano anymore. Why are you hurting him this way? Why are you hurting yourself too?” the older lady asked. “I have no choice, I am worthless to him now” Aimee repeated.

Rebecca gave up and walked towards the door when Aimee turned and looked at her. “Can we call him up?” the young lady asked. “Finally!” Rebecca exclaimed. “We are going to call him up but please be quiet. Use the disposable phones we bought. I just want to hear his voice” Aimee said. Rebecca didn’t bother to argue so she opened the door and called out for Harvey.

“Harvey were you able to get the disposable phones?” the elder woman asked. Harvey was a middle aged man, and he was the truck driver who caused the accident. Harvey walked towards the room and handed the phone to Rebecca, “Harvey, I told you to smile didn’t I?” Aimee said and the man bowed his head. “I am really sorry Aimee. I still feel bad about everything” he softly spoke. “Harvey all is forgiven. By the way how is your son doing?” the young woman asked.

Harvey’s face lit up and he managed to smile. “He is doing well thanks to you he was able to have the operation. Again I feel bad because I already ruined your career but still you paid for my son’s operation. I really don’t know how repay you for your kindness” he said. “It is what Adam would have done. Oh by the way I hope you don’t mind me staying here at your cabin” Aimee said and the man shook his head and smiled. “Oh you can stay here as long as you want and if you need anything just tell me” Harvey replied.

Harvey stepped out of the room as the elder woman started to dial Adam’s number. Rebecca held the phone close to Aimee’s ear, Adam’s voice was heard and tears began falling down Aimee’s cheeks. Aimee closed her eyes and for a few more seconds she just remained silent and just listened to Adam’s voice. A few seconds later she shook her head and Rebecca ended the call.

“I don’t want him to have pity on me for the rest of our lives. I don’t want him to stop singing because I can’t play anymore. I can’t play anymore and if I go back to him I know him so well that he would stop singing too. I want him to continue singing and I know he will learn to sing without me again. This is so painful but this is the only way. I may have stopped playing for a reason but I will never let Adam stop singing because of me”

“I am worthless for a reason; I don’t want Adam to be worthless because of me. He will learn to sing again without me…I am sorry Adam…I am worthless”