Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half of Me: Prologue

Half Of Me


Paul Diaz


The arena was packed with people, all sitting silently as their attention was focused on the two people on the stage. A beautiful young woman with long red hair wearing an elegant dark green dress was seated in front of a piano. She smiles at the man standing a few steps away from her, a tall handsome man wearing a matching dark green tuxedo. The young man smiles back at her and she begins to play.

A soft and relaxing tune emanated from the piano, most of the audience had their eyes closed seeming relaxed and the rest had smiles on their faces. A few seconds later the young man starts singing and everyone was in awe with his marvelous voice. The crooner’s voice was blending well with the tune of the piano. With every word the man uttered everyone in the audience could simply feel his emotions. The crowd was carried away as tears began falling but the smiles never faded. After the song the audience could not help but applause loudly and it took a few seconds before they stopped.

The concert continued, eight more songs were sang and after the final note that the woman played the crowd stood up and the arena was filled with cheers, claps and calls for more. The young man walked towards the piano and took the woman’s hand as he escorted her towards the center where they both bowed. The crowd cheered more wildly as the couple on stage locked lips for a second and waived to the everyone.

Like their usual concerts, this would be the time that they both walk off the stage but today was different. The young man took the microphone and begged the crowd to sit down and be quiet. The man looked backstage as the staffs were all looking at him and signaling them to exit as the curtains would be lowered. “Please let me have this moment” he said and the arena fell silent and the woman beside him was looking at him. “What’s going on?” she asked.

“Thank you. I am Adam Bowfield, years ago I was no one. I was just a normal guy who was blessed with a talent for singing. Standing beside me is Aimee Patterson, definitely a beautiful young woman who is blessed in playing the piano. Years back I already made a name for myself, I sang all over the world and so did she but we were not together. It just so happened that our paths crossed and I have loved her eversince and forever will. Some critics say we both could be better off as solo artists just like before. Some say together we do make good music and I couldn’t agree more” Adam said.

“I am known to sing with full emotions, I admit I really do. With each song I sing I let everything go in order for the listener to feel what I am feeling. I hope tonight you all felt what I really feel deep inside of me. Well if you didn’t then let me show you” he added as he faced Aimee and knelt down on one knee. From his pocket he brought out a diamond ring as he looked at the stunned woman in front of him.

“Aimee, it’s been two years since we first met, and fifteen concerts in ten countries. Here we are at a country where we have never been, here we are together. You could have gone here alone, played your piano in your own concert. I could have gone here alone, singing in my own concert but here we are together. Could we have gone higher, could we have become more famous if we never met? Here we are together, two years together, and I admit I can never sing a song anymore without your piano accompaniment. Even at rehearsals I always need you there”

“Words cannot come out of my mouth without the tune you play. Could I have been gone higher without you? Yes probably but I am sure I would have not been this happy, and I hope you feel the same way. With you I can sing forever, and even if I lose my voice one day and you grow weak to play, my heart will sing for me and I do hope you heart will be there to play the tune”

“So Aimee…Will you play good music with me for the rest of our lives?”