Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half of Me: Chapter 9

Half of Me
by Paul Diaz

Chapter 9: Mue

It was a sunny day of August, Darlene and Christine were wearing skimpy bikinis and sunbathing by the lake. “I need to have more times like this since it takes away all the stress” Darlene said. “Oh how is everything going in terms of show cancellations?” Kristine asked. Darlene frowned and sighed then turned to look at the house. “Well if Adam does keeps cancelling then he will lose this house soon” she replied. “What a waste that would be, I do hope he recovers and accepts things so he could finally move on” the young woman stated.

“I don’t know, I was there when they started and I don’t think he could recover that easily. Aimee was everything to him. I just can’t imagine myself working for someone else” Darlene said. “Work aside, how come I don’t see you dating?” Kristine asked and Darlene giggled. “No time for love but I do have someone you know” Adam’s assistant said. “Oh come on? You are kidding me right?” the younger lady said. Darlene grinned and played with her hair as she closed her eyes and started to hum. “Just because you don’t see me with someone means I don’t have a relationship. I am busy and he is busy, but if this continues then I probably have to settle down with him” Darlene revealed.

The brunette assistant looked at the younger woman’s eyes and finally asked her. “How about you?” Kristine was pretty; she had straight blond hair and hazel blue eyes. Her cheeks immediately turned red as she looked away shyly. “Do you need to ask me that?” she replied. “So you are still into Adam even though he is already engaged to Aimee?” Darlene asked and the younger woman grinned. “She isn’t here anymore is she?” she replied.

Darlene fixed her dark shades and stretched her body, she placed her hands and the back of her head and rested on them. “If we had this conversations months ago then I would have advised you to back off. Now that she is gone well all I ask is why Adam?” the assistant asked. Kristine sat up and looked at Darlene and started to giggle. “Well I admit at first it was love at first sight. I like him because he was handsome, rich and famous. I was contented being an underling at art class as long as he taught me, yeah knowing they were a couple with Aimee did hurt” the young lass narrated.

“As time passed I started getting jealous. I learned he was a really nice guy so I fell in love with him but I knew where I stood. Seeing him do all those things for Aimee made me love him even more but I was contented by just being around him. Now as he sheds tears for Aimee the more I have fallen deeper. You rarely see a man cry because of a woman. I don’t want to sound evil but I imagined he was crying those tears for me, if only he chose me then he wouldn’t be crying at all” Kristine said.

“I too fell in love with him and I got my heart shattered the moment he met Aimee. I used to tease Adam for being a coward for not expressing his love at once for Aimee but you know I was hurting myself because I too was a coward. Once I saw he truly loved her then I knew I was just going to be his manager and assistant and I had to move on” Darlene revealed and the two suddenly had a connection.

“May the best woman win?” Kristine joyfully asked and the two laughed. “No, I told you my heart belongs to someone already. I won’t mind if you try but I am sorry I won’t take your side because somehow I am still hoping for them to be reunited” Darlene told her. “It’s okay, but I am in no hurry. Right now all I want is for Adam to recover and I want to be there for him always” Kristine said and they smiled at each other.

“By the way where is Adam?” Darlene asked. “After he ate he entered the art room. So I thought he would be okay so I came out to join you” Kristine replied. “What is he doing inside that room? He has been locking himself inside that room for a week now” the assistant said. “Well you know sometimes when I feel down I paint. Maybe Adam is doing the same, releasing depression maybe” the young woman said. “Oh come on lets go clean their room” Darlene said and Kristine pouted. “His room, Aimee isn’t here anymore” she said. “Kristine it is still their room until Adam finally accepts everything. Deal with it okay?” Darlene told her.

After the two women got changed they immediately proceeded to the master’s bedroom. The room was untidy and there were lots of photographs scattered on the floor. Darlene began picking up the photos while Kristine found a letter and she began to read it. “You shouldn’t be reading that” Darlene reminded her. “It’s not a letter, it’s just a poem” Kristine replied. The assistant walked towards the young woman and they both read the poem.

After a minute the two were speechless but Kristine noticed something. “This was handwritten so misspelling once would be alright but four times I don’t think that is right. ME is spelled as M-E but how come he keeps spelling it M-U-E?” she asked. Darlene took a look at the poem again and likewise wondered. “Maybe it’s not me, maybe MUE means something else” she said.

My voice could calm raging rivers
My songs could be heard across the seas
My voice could make millions happy
But why can’t it be mue?

And one day my eyes saw you
I suddenly felt something new
My heart beat mad and somewhat crazy
Happy! This time its mue.

I start to sing without even knowing
But its not my voice that I am hearing
Am I being controlled against my will?
But this song I hear is about the emotions I feel

And then the song stops but I scream your name
I promise it’s not mue, am I going insane?
So I bow my head for there is no one else I see
Then from my heart I hear a voice saying
“its mue”

“Well if Mue means something then it does not fit the poem at all” Kristine said as they reread the poem. “Well whatever that Mue is its only Aimee and Adam who will know it unless you want to ask him” Darlene said. Kristine folded the poem and smiled. “Whatever it is, it just makes me want him more. It would be nice receiving a poem from a guy expressing how much he loves you. Adam is just so perfect” Kristine said with dreamy eyes as Darlene started to shake her. “Wake up! Wake up! Come on let’s clean this place and cook lunch. Adam must be hungry already” Darlene said.

Thirty minutes later the room was tidy, the two women left the room but Kristine saw the art room door open so she went to take a peek. “Kristine, leave him alone” Darlene whispered but the younger woman did not heed her words. She opened the door and saw Adam sitting motionless in front of the easel. There was nothing painted on the canvass in front of the young man so Kristine looked around for other new paintings.

Adam has been locking himself inside the art room but there was no sign of new works of art. “Adam are you okay?” Kristine asked as Darlene likewise entered the room. “So where is the new art work you have been working on?” the assistant asked and Adam turned to her and showed his hands. “I can’t paint nor draw, something is wrong with my hands” he said with a very worried face. The two women started to panic, Darlene ran downstairs and called for Henry.

They rushed Adam to the nearest hospital and for two hours later he was released. Doctor Richard North attended to Adam, he was the best there was and he was Darlene’s boyfriend. Adam and Kristine visited the children’s ward because the young crooner was always fond of children. Meanwhile Darlene and Richard walked hand in hand along the hallway towards the physician’s office.

“Are you sure he is okay?” Darlene asked. “Yes, the X-ray results showed nothing broken. We conducted several tests and he is fine. Maybe it’s just mental” Richard told her. “Mental? What do you mean mental? Are you trying to say he is going crazy? He said he has been feeling that pain for one week already but he never told us until a while ago, so is he crazy?” Darlene asked with a worry look on her face. “Of course not, what I am trying to say darling is that it’s all in his mind” Richard clarified but still Darlene was boggled.

Once inside the office they both sat at the sofa, Richard noticed the sad look on his girlfriend’s face so he held her hand and caressed it. “Look, does he have any twin or sibling? It’s a rare occurrence but if the sibling is in pain then what he must be feeling is that pain” Richard told her. “He is an only child and his parents died in a car accident when he was little” Darlene said.

“Oh that is tragic and then Aimee left him? I understand how you feel darling and yeah he needs you there. As for his hand pains well I can’t prescribe any medication since there isn’t anything wrong but I have an idea” Richard said as he stood up and went to his desk. “You are going to give him these pills and you make sure he takes them” the doctor said as he transferred some pills inside a small container. “What are those pills for?” Darlene asked. “Vitamins, he looks pale so I am going to tell him its for the pain. Sometimes the mind can cure you know so as long as he thinks it’s a cure then his mind might heal the imaginary pain” Richard explained.

Ten minutes later the two met up with Adam and Kristine at the children’s ward and the doctor immediately handed the pills to Adam. “Here you go, you have to finish them. Take one pill a day okay?” Richard said and the young man nodded. “Ah doctor may I have a word with you in private?” Adam asked as the two women looked at Richard. “Certainly, please excuse us ladies” the doctor said as he and Adam had a walk.

“I know there is nothing wrong with me but I need to ask you a favor” Adam softly said. “Okay, what is it?” Richard asked. “I need you to ask around all hospitals for injured hand victims, I think Aimee is in pain. I just can feel it” the young man said and the doctor was surprised. “What makes you think she is in pain?” Richard asked and Adam looked at him. “I don’t know, I just can feel it. I am so worried because her hands…she uses them to play the piano. I have been protecting and taking care of her hands so please doc could you just check for me?” Adam pleaded.

Richard touched his forehead and sighed then nodded. “Okay I can do that. You know I was just telling Darlene the same thing but I never imagined Aimee to be your connection. Usually it happens between siblings or family members, so you think you are feeling her pain? Don’t worry even though I am a doctor there are some things even science or medicine cannot explain so I believe you” the doctor said and Adam smiled and nodded.

The group ordered some takeout food and proceeded home. Adam immediately rested on the sofa and looked at his hands. Kristine sat beside him thinking of words to ease his imaginary pain. “Adam, as we were cleaning your room this morning there was a piece of paper on the floor. There was a poem written and I hope you don’t mind but we read it” Kristine told him. Adam was busy looking at his hands did not bother to reply to the woman beside him.

“I was wondering what Mue is? First I thought it Me misspelled but it occurred four times. It didn’t start with a capital letter so it is not a noun, so tell me what is Mue?” the young woman asked and Adam looked at her. “Mue is pronounced as Me, it’s the same as me and I want to spell it that way. Don’t ask why there is a letter U in between because it isn’t you” Adam explained.

It took a few seconds before Kristine fully grasped what the young man said and she was a little bit hurt on how Adam explained it. “It’s just like saying you will always be a part of me, right?” she asked and this time she was happy for Adam smiled at her and nodded. “She is half of me and I am half of her…even if…” the young man cut short his speech and took a deep breath and again looked at his hands.

“Hey guys come on lets eat!” Henry called out, Adam and Kristine stood up at the same time but the young man suddenly froze and looked at the telephone. “Adam? What’s wrong?” Kristine asked. Darlene came to see what was happening and she saw Adam staring at the telephone looking worried. “What is it?” she asked. Adam pointed at the phone and looked at the two. “It’s going to ring any moment now” he said.

Just as Darlene was about to laugh the phone rang and it sent shivers to the two ladies. Adam walked calmly towards the phone and picked it up. “Hello?” he answered. On the other end there was silence but the young man recognized the person breathing. “Aimee! Hello Aimee I know it’s you. I am so glad you called up. Are you okay? They rushed me to the hospital a while ago you know. Oh sorry I know you won’t speak to me so just listen okay? Yeah as I was saying they rushed me to the hospital because I felt pain on my hands” Adam told her.

“Aimee don’t worry I am fine, the tests were negative so I want to ask are your hands okay? Maybe I was feeling your pain so are they okay? Please tell me they are okay. Remember a year ago when you had tummy ache and you called me. Before you could say it I told you my stomach was feeling upset for no reason. Is it the same Aimee?” Adam continued but this time he heard Aimee sobbing.

“Aimee! Why are you crying? Aimee talk to me please!” he shouted as Kristine and Darlene moved closer to the young man. A busy tone was heard as tears began falling the young man’s cheeks. “She is crying and I am not there with her” Adam murmured as Darlene embraced him. “Come on Adam maybe she misses you” his assistant whispered. “I miss her so much, why did she leave me?” Adam said as he embraced Darlene back and cried.

Several miles away inside a dim lit room sat Aimee, she was weeping and her former manager was there wiping her tears. The young woman’s face was the same, but she was wearing a neck brace. Her two hands were wrapped in gauze and they were shaking as she sat on a wheelchair. “Why don’t you want to talk to him?” the older lady asked. Aimee sat silent on the wheelchair looking at her hands as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“I am useless to him now”