Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half of Me: Chapter 6

Half of Me
by Paul Diaz

Chapter Six: Nothing

It was a bright early day of June; Kristine got up and proceeded to the kitchen to cook breakfast. As she got down from the stairs she noticed the house door open. She began to panic and ran back up to wake up Henry. “Henry wake up! We have been robbed!” Kristine screamed as she bang on the room door.

Immediately Henry opened the door and took out his gun, Darlene alighted from her room visibly terrified. “What do you mean we have been robbed?” Henry asked. “The door is open” Kristine said so the old man ran down the stairs but as soon as he reached the first floor he heard another scream. “Henry! Adam is not in his room!” Darlene shouted.

Henry quickly checked the first floor, the two women slowly walked behind him. “I don’t see anything missing” Henry said so he tucked in his gun and looked at Kristine. “Maybe he just went out for a walk” he told them so they quickly walked towards the door and stepped out of the house. On the bench they saw Adam so they all breathed a sigh of relief. “You gave us a little scare there” Henry said as Kristine bowed her head. “I am sorry, I could not think straight once I saw the door open” she whispered but Darlene embraced her. “It’s okay, I would have panicked in the same manner” she told the young lady.

The three happily walked towards Adam but the stopped a few steps with the sight of blood dripping from the young man’s knuckles. Even his forehead had a cut and the his whole face was bloody. Kristine trembled and screamed as Darlene ran back to the house. Henry took off his shirt and wiped the blood off Adam’s face, “What the hell did you do?” he angrily asked.

“I thought I could take down this tree. He is a tough one. This tree reminds me of Aimee. I don’t want seeing this tree so I tried to kill it” Adam said as he remained calm on the bench. “Kristine! Quit standing there and go get the first aid kit!” Henry instructed as the trembling young woman ran back to the house. Darlene ran out holding her phone close to her ear calling for help.

Minutes later Adam was patched up, Darlene was escorting the paramedics back to the ambulance as Henry sat beside the young man. Adam’s eyes were seething with anger, his fists were clenched and his teeth were grinding. “Who do you see when you punch the tree? Do you see Aimee? Are you mad at her?” Henry asked. “I can never be mad at her, I am mad at myself” Adam replied.

“Why are you blaming yourself?” Henry asked. “Because I should have seen this coming. Maybe I did something wrong that I was not aware of! I should have paid more attention! The problem is I really don’t know what I did wrong!!! Do you understand me? I am mad at myself because I don’t know what I did!!!” Adam shouted and he stood up and walked towards the house.

Breakfast was served and the three were surprised to see Adam back to normal. He was enjoying his food and smiling at everyone. “Hey, sorry for what happened. I really am but don’t worry it will never happen again” he told them and everyone smiled at him. After eating Adam stood up and walked towards the living room, they saw him do some stretching and sat down. He turned on the television and calmly watched the news.

Darlene was relieved so she enjoyed eating, Henry dropped his guard and did the same. After breakfast Kristine did the dishes, Darlene was busy on her phone negotiating cancelled shows and appearances for her ward. Henry on the other hand decided to take a bath after seeing Adam asleep on the couch.

After a refreshing bath Henry went to the living room only to find Adam gone. “Kristine where is Adam?” he asked. “I don’t know, maybe in his room” she answered so the old man went to check but he wasn’t there. Henry looked outside the window, there was no one on the bench but he saw the car missing. He quickly ran down the stairs and confronted Darlene. “He took the car!” he shouted. “Let me get back at you…” Darlene said on the phone as she turned it off. “What did you say?” she asked.

“Adam took the car!” he repeated and Darlene quickly turned towards the coffee table to find her bag missing. “Oh my God, he took my bag too!” she said and the three began to panic. “Why didn’t you two check on him?!” Henry yelled. “I was busy in the kitchen, ask Darlene, she was here all the time” Kristine countered. “I didn’t even notice him, I thought he was asleep” Darlene reasoned so Henry grabbed the phone and called David.

Three hours later the SUV returned so the three came out of the house. David got out of the driver’s seat and greeted them. The other door opened and a drunk Adam stepped out. “Hey did I worry you all?” he asked. Adam was tipsy but managed to walk towards the bench. David and Henry rushed to his side to assist him but the young man refused. “I am not a baby! I can walk so let go of me!” he shouted.

Adam sat on the bench; he leaned his head back and started to laugh. “Hey! She left me! You up there, God! Are you listening? She left me! Could you please erase these damn memories because they are killing me!!! Are you listening to me?” the young man shouted. His four friends could not do anything, they just let him vent out his anger. It was better this way rather than hurting himself.

Minutes later Adam fell silent and started to sob. He took a deep breath and signaled for everyone to come closer. “Adam, I have to tell you that you better get in shape soon because the producers are already mad. They need you to go ahead with the concert even without Aimee” Darlene said. “I can’t sing without her. Cancel it” he replied. “But Adam they are going to sue us” Darlene told him. “Pay them, I don’t care. Pay them all. I can’t sing without Aimee. If you don’t want then fine, I shall go but I tell you I am just going to stand there” the young man said.

“Adam if I pay them all you will have nothing left. You might even lose this house” Darlene reminded him. The young man fell silent and he closed his eyes and quickly stood up. He ran towards the lake and jumped on the water. David was about to go after him but Henry stopped him. “Don’t worry the water is shallow” he said. So they just watched Adam float on the water as he looked up towards the sky. “I already lost everything the moment she left” Adam said as he lay seemingly lifeless.

The next morning over breakfast everyone was relieved to see Adam join them. The young man looked groggy but he did eat a lot. “Adam, I know you were drunk yesterday so about the concerts…” Darlene said and the young man looked at her. “Cancel them, pay them if needed” he answered. “But Adam, there is still time to think about it. You have seven days to prepare” Darlene reasoned. “Do you see Aimee around? She isn’t here so no concerts. Bring her back then let’s have them, without her cancel them” Adam insisted.

“I can play the piano” Kristine suddenly blurted out and the young man glared at her. “What is your name?” he asked. “What do you mean?” the pretty lady asked. “Tell me your name” Adam said. “Kristine, silly you pretending to have amnesia” she said. “Kristine, so no concerts. Its either you are deaf or dumb. You are not Aimee and no one can replace her” the crooner harshly uttered stabbing Kristine painfully in the heart.

“I never said I wanted to replace her! I was just offering so to save the concerts” Kristine snapped back and Henry shook his head. Adam stood up and pointed at the young woman, “You! Yes you are sticking around too much. Maybe Aimee was jealous so she left me. Its your fault” Adam said and Kristine was surprised. “Why are you placing the blame on me? What have I done?” Kristine asked as tears filled her eyes.

“Shut up! I don’t want to see you hear again! Pack your things and leave” Adam instructed. Kristine stood up and ran upstairs, Henry quickly followed her. “You are too harsh putting the blame on anyone Adam. Its not like you anymore” Darlene said. “Or maybe she was jealous of you! Yeah maybe it was you because we are too close” Adam said as he stared at his assistant. “What are you talking about?! You are not making sense! Do not pass your anger on us we are just here trying to help you!” Darlene fought back.

“I don’t need anyone. I want all of you to leave as soon as possible. I will go to my room and when I come back down after an hour I don’t want to see you all here” Adam said and he did as he said. After an hour Adam was fresh from a bath, he was wearing a dark green jogging suit and walked in front of a mirror. He has not seen his own face ever since Aimee left and he has grown facial hair. He looked thinner and pale and he barely could recognize himself.

Down at the living room he found the three seated, he looked at them and shook his head. “So you are all still here, fine with me. Enjoy yourselves, I am going out” he said. “Adam, let me drive you” Henry offered. “I want to come too” Darlene said. “Hey, I am not a child. I can drive and I can take care of myself. I told you three to leave but since you want to stay then stay but leave me alone! I will do what I want from now on do you understand?” Adam said.

Darlene stood up and confronted him, “I have to make sure you keep your image. I don’t want to see you ruin yourself in public” she told him. “I am not a puppet! Back off! I can think for myself and do things for myself. If you want to help then cancel everything! There is no more Adam and Aimee so tell the whole world that” Adam snapped and Henry pulled Darlene aside. “Adam that is not you boy, I know you are angry but let me remind you that you are still you. Don’t do anything you will regret” the old man told him.

“I am me and I am broken so let this broken man alone! All of you! You think you know what I am feeling? Then if you know then you should understand. If not shut up and leave me alone! Darlene where are my keys? Don’t you follow me or call David to tail me. I want to live my own life from now on so respect that!” Adam said as he grabbed the keys from Darlene and rushed out of the house.

Adam parked his car in front of the art school; he wore his hood and stepped out of the car. He took a deep breath and looked at the building where he met Aimee, a sudden rush of memories flooded his mind, and tears started to form so he wore his shades and walked away. He traversed the same path as their first walk together heading towards the restaurant where they first had lunch.

He entered the doors of the restaurant, he took of his hood and shades and the front desk clerk recognized him at once. “The usual table sir?” the lady asked and Adam looked at the people inside and stared at the usual window side table they usually take. “Yes please” he answered. A waiter escorted him to his seat but Adam was hesitant to sit down. “Is there something wrong sir?” the waiter asked.

Images of Aimee seated and smiling clouded Adam’s imagination, a smile alighted on his face. “Sir are you okay?” the waiter asked and Adam sat down and shook his head. “I am fine” he replied. “The usual sir?” the middle aged man asked. “Yes please, and if you could serve too her usual dish” Adam said and the waiter was bewildered. “As you wish sir” the server replied and left.

Twenty minutes later the food was served and Adam found himself at an awkward situation. He stared at his food and the plate across, even though how hard he tried to imagine she was there but Aimee wasn’t. Still, Adam took the other plate and cut the beef into pieces. He returned the plate and started to work at his own but he could not help the tears from falling anymore.

Just as if she was there, Adam reached his fork to take a piece of meat from the other plate. They were used to eating this way but this time the food in front of him remained untouched. The food did not taste as good when Aimee was present. The smile of her face with every chew he took was gone, vivid images filled his mind but it was not the same. It was a painful lunch for Adam, this was their favorite restaurant but now he was beginning to hate it.

Across the restaurant was a movie house, which was where Adam proceeded after lunch. He stood at the lobby for a long time for he did not know what movie to choose. Aimee used to do the choosing and Adam would like whatever movie she chose. After twenty minutes he picked one and bought tickets for two because he was used to doing that.

Inside the cinema the movie began to play, Adam again felt awkward for during this time he was already holding Aimee’s hand. He would intentionally not watch and fall asleep on her shoulder so that when they walk home she would tell him what he missed. This time Adam was alone and all his attention was on the movie but he could not understand anything. When the film ended he walked out knowing nothing, he just wasted almost two hours and if he didn’t look back at the poster he would not even know the title of the movie he just watched.

It was a lonely walk back to the art school; he forgot to wear his hood so a lot of people recognized him and greeted him. Adam would just nod and smile but continue his painful walk back to his car. A few more steps and Adam brought out the key, he was about to press the alarm button when a horde of photographers and a media crew rushed towards him.

It was chaos with the lights flashing and the reporter jostling for a good spot in front of Adam. He was asking questions to where Adam was not listening. “How true is it that Aimee left you? Are the rumors true?” the reporter asked and Adam smiled at him. “Can you confirm the reports?” the reporter insisted.

Adam wanted to get inside the car but his eyes stared at the camera. He grabbed the microphone and signaled the reporter to keep quiet. “No there is no truth to those rumors. Aimee went on a vacation, she needed a break” Adam said. “So there it is not true that you two have separated” the reporter said.

Adam shook his head and even managed to smile. “Of course not! But you know what I do miss her. So will this be shown on television?” he asked and the camera man nodded. “Good, I would like to take this opportunity to speak to Aimee. You see we made an agreement that we would not contact each other, so we could miss each other. So Aimee if you are watching I miss you badly”

“I went to eat lunch at our favorite restaurant but the food didn’t taste the same. I went to watch a movie after and it’s so lonely. I miss you Aimee, I didn’t fall asleep at the movie house” Adam said and it elicited laughter. “But Aimee I wish you were here to tell me the story for I didn’t understand anything, I just kept thinking of you all the time” he paused and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Aimee…I am nothing without you. I feel incomplete. Come back soon Aimee…I am nothing without you. Please Aimee come home” Adam said as he finally pressed the alarm button and the photographers let him go.

The reporter stood in front of the camera wiping his own tears, “Well there you have it an exclusive interview with Adam Bowfield. He refuted the rumors about their alleged break up with Aimee Patterson. Aimee if you are watching cut your vacation short and come back home…he could have just stood in front of the camera without saying a word for you to notice his sadness…wherever you are come home.”