Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half of Me: Epilogue

Half of Me

by Paul Diaz


Mary Patterson was wearing a dark green elegant down while her husband was wearing a matching tailored suit. Rebecca was adjusting Henry’s tie while Darlene and Kristine were teasing them. Harvey and his wife were likewise there and on the other far end of the first row David and his pregnant wife were present. All of the important people to Adam and Aimee were all there awaiting the start of the couple’s first comeback concert together.

“Are Aimee’s hands okay now?” Harvey asked as Rebecca shrugged her shoulders. Everyone looked at Darlene as she too looked dumbfounded. “Don’t look at me, they were the ones who set up this concert. I wanted to help but they told me its going to be a surprise” the manager of the couple said. “Why don’t you all just relax and enjoy the show, its about to start” Kevin said with a low deep voice.

A few minutes later the curtains opened revealing a huge backdrop of two hands arched forming a hand. From the left Adam, wearing his dark green trademark suit walked towards the middle as he looked towards the right of the stage. Aimee emerged seconds later wearing a majestic dark green gown, she walked towards the center where the couple held hands and together walked forward.

Everybody in the crowd were on their feet applauding, they were happy to see the couple reunited once again. If there was something different from the couple it were the matching golden rings found on their ring fingers. A year ago the were separated, they found each each other, and now together and never to be separated again.

After the customary bow the crowd sat down and silence filled the huge concert arena. Adam grabbed the microphone and took a deep breath. “If there was a sin I was guilty of I would admit it would be selfishness. Tonight I have gone passed that and so I want to share with you what I have been keeping from everyone” he said as he faced his beautful wife and kissed her. Adam handed Aimee the microphone and turned around and walked towards the piano.

Everyone was confused when Adam sat in front of the piano, they were used to seeing Aimee there and Adam standing at the center. Tonight was different as the two smiled at each other, Adam started to play the piano and seconds later Aimee started singing.

All had their jaws dropped especially those in the front row. Everyone marvelled at Aimee’s beautiful voice, something Adam indeed was keeping for himself. A lot of people were confused where to focus on, Aimee’s beautiful voice or Adam’s improved piano playing. Many thought that it was just the first song but after the last note it was still Aimee who was serenading them and Adam was just providing the musical accompaniment for his wife.

From afar people could see Aimee’s hands still somewhat crooked, it should be her playing the piano but this time she was singing. Aimee could not play the piano but Adam played for her. What the young man used to do, he let his wife do it and tonight they have proved to the whole world that they are indeed half of each other. They were both halves of a whole and even with reversed roles they still produced beautiful music together.

Watching the two on stage made everyone understand what the backdrop was all about. Two separate hands forming one heart; it was plain and simple true and undying love.

Both will be halves of each other, together as one forever.

Happy Birthday Monica.