Friday, November 13, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 2: Save Franky


by Paul Diaz

Chapter 2: Save Franky

It has been three days and Nathan has made little progress. His test subject has just died, he looked at the timer and saw six hours. Elaine arrives and was surprised to see the messy looking man totally exhausted. “Nathan! You have to get some sleep, you look like a zombie” the young woman said.

“Three days and I am only able to extend my son’s life by six hours!” Nathan angrily stated as he stood up and stammered at his desk. “Come on get some rest upstairs and let me try” Elaine suggests. “No! I have to save my son, Francesca is counting on me” the man says as he sits down and takes a deep breath.

“She is right Nathan, why don’t you go get some rest and let me continue” Francesca said as she entered the laboratory. “Francesca! What are you doing here? You should be resting at the hospital. Who is watching over Franky?” Nathan said as he quickly ran to his wife. “Relax I can manage, David is watching over him” the woman replied.

“David Richards? The city mayor?” Nathan asked. “Yes, your best friend. Six hours? That is big progress, come on go get some rest and let me take over” Francesca told him. “You look weak, you should be resting” the man countered. “Actually she looks better than you do” Elaine interrupts and the two women share a laugh. “And why didn’t you call and tell me you were coming?” Nathan asked. “I actually did but your phone was off” his wife answered. “I always keep it on” the man said. “Oh there is no reception down here” Elaine stated and the couple shook their heads.

“Let me take over, you go back to the hospital and watch over Franky. Our son needs you there, you have done well” Francesca said as she hugged and kissed her husband. “I am sorry Francesca, this is all I can do. You are better at this. Now my mind is torn, I cant leave you like this. You have not recovered yet” the man whispered. “Relax Nathan, I will be fine. Now go to Franky and be with him. Tell him mom will find a cure. Okay?” she whispered back as they embraced.

Four days later Francesca was outside enjoying the sunshine while talking to her husband on the phone. “Any sign of improvement?” she asked. “No sign at all, James said Franky is getting weaker each day even on life support” Nathan replied. Francesca looked towards the sky and sighed. “Could you please tell him to hang on and his mom loves him so much” she said. “I will, I have to go now. You take care over there, I know you can save our son. I love you” Nathan said as the he hang up.

As Francesca was about to enter the facility she saw Elaine entering the compound gate. The lady scientist went to greet her ward but she immediately fell in love with the puppy the young lady was holding in her arms. “Is that yours?” Francesca asked. “Oh no, they had no more weak mice nor hamsters at the pet store. All they had was this dying puppy” Elaine replied.

Francesca took the puppy and embraced it, the weak golden retriever was still able to lick her cheek. “I have always wanted a dog like this, oh it’s a girl. Can I have her?” she asked and Elaine was shocked. “Ah of course but do you think you should attach yourself to that when we are not sure if…” the young scientist said but Francesca interrupted. “She is going to be fine, I know the new serum will work” the older scientist said as she cuddled the weak puppy. “Come on lets go try it on her.”

Two days later the two ladies found themselves glued to the television at the house on the ground floor. As the final episode ended Elaine stopped the DVD player and Francesca looked at her. “What? Its over? What happened to them?” she asked and the young lady laughed. “Oh that is how they make television series shows, they always leave us hanging at the last episode. That means there is another season” Elaine explained.

“I want to know what happened to Chuck and Sarah” Francesca said and Elaine laughed. “You know what, I think my son is going to be like Chuck, I mean he will inherit our brains but I think he will definitely be shy like his father” the older scientist said. “Nathan is shy?” the young lady asked. “Oh yes, but he was very funny. I knew he liked me but he was too shy to say so. We were classmates and we were like competing for top honors. There was no dull day with him so I courted him” Francesca revealed.

“You did what?” Elaine asked in surprised and Francesca laughed. “Yes I did and I am not ashamed because if I didn’t maybe I am not married to him now. That is how shy he was. So I think Franky will inherit that from him, and I do hope he finds a Sarah that would love him too” Francesca said. “You want your son to fall in love with a Federal Agent?” Elaine asked and they both laughed. “No silly, I was just saying that I do hope my son grows up well and finds a girl who will love him. Federal Agent or not” the older scientist said.

After a snack the two go back underground to the laboratory. As Elaine opened the door they were surprised to see the lab in disarray. “Oh my God! Someone was here!” she exclaimed. Francesca entered the room and immediately ran towards the counter, “Wait here I will go call security” Elaine said. “No! Come here and look!” the elder scientist joyfully told her.

Elaine ran to Francesca’s side and saw the puppy tearing the couch in pieces. “The serum worked” Francesca said as she knelt down on one knee and the puppy approached her. “Oh my God you did it! Look at the counter, its been two days. Quick lets check her vital stats” Elaine said in excitement.

After checking the puppy Francesca was in tears, “I knew you could do it, you will be able to save Franky now” Elaine said as she embraced her. “I have no time to waste, I have to make the serum for humans, for Franky” Francesca said. “Okay, I will go call the maintenance people to have the lab cleaned and go get some food for the puppy” the young lady said as she rushed out of the laboratory.

Outside the facility Elaine takes out her phone and starts to dial. “Hello, its me. She did it. Should I kill her now?” she asked. “Has the serum been tested on a human subject?” the man on the other line asked. “Not yet, she is still working on the human serum” Elaine replied. “Let her finish it to save us the effort then kill her when its done” the man instructed. “Okay, I will call you when its done” the young lady replied.

Elaine turns around and was surprised to see Francesca holding the puppy. “I cant work with this puppy playing at the lab so I will let him play here” the older scientist said. “Oh I just called my mom, I remembered it was her birthday. I told her I have to work on something big so I cant come home” Elaine lied. “Yeah I have to call Nathan too and tell him the good news. Kindly go have the laboratory cleaned so we can start work when I get back” Francesca said and the young lady did as instructed.

Francesca watched Elaine walk away, she felt something grim about her. She let down the puppy and took out her phone and called Nathan.

The next day at the hospital, Nathan was napping but James woke him up. “Nathan he is crashing” the doctor said. Nathan immediately stood up and looked at his friend. “What? Can you do something while Francesca isn’t here yet?” he asked. “We are trying but she better get here soon or else it would be too late” James replied. “Keep him alive and I will go get her” Nathan said as he immediately rushed outside of the room.

Back at the laboratory Francesca breathed a sigh of relief as she holds up one vial on her hand. “Its done” she exclaimed. “You have not tested it yet on a human subject” Elaine told her. “There is no time for that now, I know this will work” Francesca replied as she placed the vial on a metal container. Elaine saw four vials as the elder scientist closed the lid. The young lady walked towards the table and takes out a gun from the drawer. “I am really sorry Francesca” she said as she pointed the gun at her.

“What are you trying to do Elaine?” the elder scientist asked. “I am really sorry. Please hand me the vials” Elaine said. “I am sure we can work this out, my son needs this” Francesca told her. “I know and I don’t care so hand me the vials now!” the young lady angrily said.

“I am taking them to my son, if you want to shoot me then do it” Francesca said as she started to walk towards the door. Elaine pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire. She again pulled the trigger several times only to notice there were no bullets. “I never liked you from the beginning” Francesca said as she turned around and fired the stun gun at Elaine. The wire connected to the young woman’s chest as electricity started to shock her. A few seconds later Elaine fell to the ground shaking.

Francesca rushed out of the facility, a motorbike stopped in front of her so she was trembling and holding on tightly to the metal container and dog cage. “Francesca! Is it done?” Nathan asked as he took of his helmet. “Thank God its you” she exclaimed. “Why whats wrong?” Nathan asked. “Elaine tried to kill me” Francesca said.

“What?!!!” Nathan asked. “I have no time to explain, why are you here?” she asked. “Franky is crashing, is the serum ready?” he replied. “Yes, here take it and go” Francesca told him. “What? Lets go together” he told her. “I am sure she is working for someone else, they will come after us. They are after the serum Nathan. You go take this to baby Frank, I will try to lead them away” Francesca said.

“Hell no! You are coming with me” Nathan countered. “Its better this way. Look if they both capture us then its all over for the three of us. Elaine doesn’t know you are here, so I am sure they will be following me. Take the back route back to the hospital and save our son” Francesca explained.

“Francesca will you think about what you are saying. What if they capture you? What will happen?” Nathan asked. “I don’t know but Nathan our son needs this serum. It’s the only way. If I lead them away I can buy you some time in order for you to get to the hospital. So go now!” the wife said and Nathan was in disarray.

“This cant be happening!” the man shouted but Francesca hugged him and kissed him on the lips. “Go save our son, I beg you” she whispered as both of them started to shed tears. “What if something happens to you?” he asked but Francesca hugged him tighter. “Save Franky, tell him I love him very much. Save Franky” she said.

No matter how hard it was for him, Nathan got on the bike, the metal container he placed inside a bag. “Why do I have to take this dog?” he asked. “Just take it, trust me” his wife said as they kissed one last time. “I will get to see you later right?” Nathan asked and Francesca just smiled at her. “Go Nathan, save our son” she said.

The motorbike dashed towards the back route, Francesca ran to her car and as she started the engine she heard a gun shot. She looked back and saw a dazed Elaine trying to point her gun properly towards the car. She sped away quickly not thinking about her but of her son. She was terrified but the only thing that kept her going was the thought of her son alive and smiling.

A few seconds later she saw Elaine’s car at her back mirror. Francesca sped up but a few meters ahead there were several cars blocking the road. Armed men had guns pointed at her so she had no choice but to stop the car. Francesca stopped the car, she reached inside her bag and brought out a similar metal case and held it tightly.

“Step out of the car and hand over the vials” Elaine shouted as she stood outside pointing her gun at Francesca. The lady scientist did as ordered but hugged the metal casing close to her chest. “Hand it over!” Elaine said but Francesca just stared her down.

“Tell me why Elaine?” she asked. “That is not important now so hand the vials to me!” Elaine shouted. “Its okay Elaine you can tell her” a man said. Francesca turned her head and saw a weak man being pushed on a wheelchair. Elaine walked over to the man and kissed him on the cheek. “You did well my dear” the man told her.

“My son needs this serum, please I beg you let me go. I can make more if you want but for now let me go save my son” Francesca pleaded. “You know what Francesca, can I call you Francesca? If only you wrote down the formula the correct formula then it could have ended differently. My daughter told me right from the start you were very careful, writing down the wrong formula, but I do understand how great minds like you and your husband work” the man said.

“That is how we were trained by the government” Francesca told him. “Yes I know so hand the vials over” he replied. “My son needs this, I promise you I will write down the formula or even work for you after. Just let me go to my son because he really needs this now” Francesca begged.

“You see I need that too. So hand them over” the old man said. “I can give you three, but let me take one for my son” Francesca pleaded and the old man took a deep breath. “Okay, will you administer one serum to me then” he said. Francesca opened the metal case and took out a syringe. She took out one vial and filled the syringe. The old man stretched out his arm and Francesca administered the shot. The old man smiled and looked at her daughter while Francesca was taking a few steps backward.

“Now, give me the remaining three vials” the man said and Francesca shook her head. “Oh come on, I promise to give your son a golden casket and a big funeral. I will make millions with that serum and I am sure my daughter can learn your formula. You may be very intelligent but you are not wise” he told her.

Francesca started laughing as she threw the metal case towards the man. “I am sorry but I am intelligent and wise at the same time” she said. Elaine picked up the metal case and inspected the vials, “These are not the vials! I was dazed but I am sure I heard a motor bike. You gave it to someone else did you?” she asked and the more Francesca laughed.

“Those vials are Leptospirosis samples” Francesca said and the man held his arm. “We need to get to the hospital, we need to get to his son!” Elaine said. “Go! Go quick!” the old man instructed. “Dad you have to come with me, we need to get medical assistance for you” Elaine said. “Go! Now!” the man said. Elaine rushed to another car and sped away, the old man signaled to his men and guns were pointed at Francesca.

“I will make sure you three will get a really good funeral” the old man told her as he signaled his men to shoot.

Thirty minutes later Elaine was at the hospital, she quickly entered the room of Franky and found no one there. She walked towards the baby and closed her eyes as she held on the plug of the life support machine. “I am sorry” she said as she pulled the plug.

At the outskirts of the city a motor bike stopped in front of a parked van. The moon was shining brightly, Nathan took off his helmet and was greeted by another man. “David is he okay?” he asked. “Yes Nathan but you have to hurry” David Richards told him.

Another man opened the van doors and there was baby Franky connected to a life support system monitored by James. Nathan quickly injected his son with the serum as everyone looked at the baby’s vital stats. Tears started to flow down Nathan’s cheeks as David comforted him. “I am sure she is going to be fine” the mayor whispered.

“Its working! His vital signs are improving. You two really did it” James exclaimed as Nathan breathed a sigh of relief. James turned of the life support machine and baby Franky opened his eyes and giggled. The three men laughed and were in tears as baby Franky gripped the thumb of Nathan tightly.

James conducted some tests so Nathan and David stood a few feet back. “David I have to ask you a big favor” Nathan said. “What is it Nathan?” the mayor asked. “I need you to find a good family that will take care of Franky” the scientist said. “I understand” his friend replied.

“Could you likewise make sure he is always okay. Please watch over him. I have to go in hiding. I am sure they will come after me too” Nathan said and the mayor patted his shoulder. A loud noise was heard so the security detail of the mayor drew out their guns. Everyone rushed at the back of the van and saw the dog cage destroyed and the puppy sitting obediently wagging her tongue.

Everyone could not believe what just happened so they all looked at Nathan. “This puppy was your test subject?” David asked and Nathan nodded his head in shock. “And what you injected Franky was the same serum?” the mayor added and Nathan looked at him.

“Francesca!!! Our son is going to be extraordinary”