Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 11: Still Standing

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 11: Still Standing

“It has been confirmed, the mastermind in the Wanston building bombing only known as Rahim has been shot dead. Sources say that Agent Jennifer Appleby, former member of Operation Salvation and who is known to have been romantically linked to Frank was the one who fired the shot”

“Reports are still coming in on what really happened inside the FBI building. Some say it was protocol but there are other who say it was for revenge. The field supervisor shall be conducting a press conference any moment and we shall bring it to you live. This is Sarah Kelly reporting from the Federal Bureau of Investigation building”

Jeremy turns off the television in his office and faces Jennifer who was calmly seated. “So tell me, was it protocol or revenge?” he asked her. “You were there when it happened so you tell me” the female agent replied. “That was the fastest gun draw I ever saw, pinpoint accuracy to add to it. Were you planning on shooting him the moment you saw him?” Jeremy asked. Jennifer stared at her boss and sighed, “I didn’t plan to but I really wanted to” she said.

Jeremy brought out a badge and pistol from his desk and moved them towards Jennifer. “We all saw what happened, the surveillance videos can back up your story. Let me handle the press conference. So now go and make yourself busy and crack that case already before they conduct another attack” he said and the female agent took her gun and badge but stared at her boss. “You know what it felt damn good” she said and then went out of the office.

Jennifer was headed towards the conference room but she saw Kevin enjoying a laugh with the secretary. She walked towards him and stared at the secretary so the young woman excused herself. “Arent you being rude?” Kevin asked. “Cut the crap, you handed him the keys when you brought him food” Jennifer said and the agent was surprised. “What the hell are you talking about?” he asked.

Jennifer stood in front of Kevin and made sure he heard what she was saying. “You bent down making sure he saw your gun. You even shouted gun before he was able to get hold of it” she whispered and Kevin pushed her back. “What the hell is wrong with you?!!!” he shouted as other agents came to separate the two. “I don’t know why but I am going to prove it!” Jennifer shouted as she was being pulled away from Kevin.

“Jen what was that all about?” John asked as Jennifer sat down inside the conference room. She looked around and saw that they were the only three inside the room. “John I want you to look into Kevin, his phone calls, credit card usage, oh just get everything” Jennifer told him. “Why are you doing this?” Yehleen asked.

“I know he gave the keys to Rahim and he purposely bent down so his gun was exposed. A perfect set up don’t you think?” Jennifer explained. “That is a serious accusation Jen. Kevin is a good agent and his record is clean” the doctor told her. “Too clean?” Jennifer asked and Yehleen pouted and nodded her head.

Ed was about to enter the room when he saw Kevin leaning by the door. “Arent you going in?” Ed asked. “You go ahead, I am going to let off some steam” the other agent replied. “I am sure that was just a misunderstanding” Ed told him and they nodded at each other. Kevin got out of the building and went inside his car. He quickly took out his phone and dialed.

“Hey William I am taking some heat here” Kevin said. “What do you mean?” the man on the other end asked. “She knows, agent Appleby knows and I overheard them talking about me” the agent said. William typed on his keyboard and seconds later the profile of Jennifer appeared on screen.

“So this is the one who shot Rahim, don’t you think she should be thankful for the opportunity we gave her? I heard the news and they say she is romantically linked to that Frank guy” William said. “The one who got Rahim was part of Operation Salvation too, there are two more of them and I really think they are dangerous” Kevin said and the man on the other end of the line laughed.

“I can sense the fear from your voice. So what do you want me to do?” William asked. “Get her off my back, get them off my back” Kevin replied. “Okay, since the death of Rahim didn’t stop them. I thought his death would close the case but I can see they are again being nosy so okay, let me get some things in motion. I will call you back in a while. For the mean time just act normal” William said as the phone call was cut short.

William pressed a button at his desk and a few seconds later Tina entered his office. “We are moving. Have some men clean everything here and make sure no traces of us is left. Call for one gang and tell them I want to talk to them and make sure they don’t tell the other gang” he instructed.

A few hours later William was standing at an empty room. This used to be his office but now there was nothing left inside. “Sir, they are here” Tina said. “Are the dummy accounts ready?” he asked. “Yes sir, but wouldn’t they notice that they are fake accounts?” she asked. “they are too dumb to notice and I don’t think any of them do have a Swiss account so its enough to fool them. As long as they see their names and how much is inside the account would motivate them” William explained as the two left the room.

Inside the warehouse, the gang members were surprised to see crates all around. The place used to be empty but this time it really looked like a warehouse. “Good Evening gentlemen. Please come closer” William told them.

“Don’t mind the crates please, they are valuable items. How would you like to earn an instant million today?” he asked. “Each?” one member asked. “Yes, one million dollars each deposited to your very own Swiss accounts” William told them and the gang members were shocked.

“I take your reaction as a yes so I have set up your accounts already. Tina please show them their accounts” William instructed as the secretary set up her laptop in front of everybody. Some gang members gathered and took a look, they burst in laughter after seeing their names and the amounts they had. “Oh shit is this real?” one member asked. “As real as it can get” Tina said.

“What do we have to do boss?” a gang member asked. “Well, I told you these crates are valuable items. It took us a hard time obtaining them and in business you will always have rivals. This rival of mine want these items so I would be needing you to guard them” he told them.

“That would be easy boss” a gang member commented. “I don’t think so, you see this rival of mine has goons posing as cops. I heard reports that they would be coming over later this evening to take these items from me” William said. A van entered the warehouse and two men stepped out and opened the van doors. High caliber rifles were seen along with body armors.

“But I wont let you guard this place without firepower” William said as he brought out one gun and shot his bodyguard on the chest. The man fell to the ground but seconds later slowly stood up grimacing in pain. “Yes its painful but look he is alive” he said and the gang members were excited. “We get to wear that right?” one asked and William nodded.

The gang members suited up and each was given rifles and ammo. “Hey boss there are only twenty of us, what if they come in hundreds?” one gang member asked. “That is why you will be guarding from the second floor, their only way inside is through the main floor so you will have a vantage point” William explained and the gang members were liking it. “Hey boss what if they don’t show up?” one asked. “Oh don’t worry they will” William replied.

The gang members were fooling around the warehouse, William and Tina silently exited through the back door. “You know that those are not real body armors right?” Tina asked and William grinned. “They wouldn’t know that unless they start shooting themselves then what would be a problem. I am sure they saw how painful it is to be shot and I don’t think they would be dumb enough to try” William explained.

“So shall I call the FBI to give the tip?” Tina asked and William looked at her. “No, I want to do it. Make sure that reporter will be here to see the bloodbath. Its time to make the cops busy” he told her.

Back at the FBI building, it was another unproductive day for the agents. They were about to call it a night when John noticed a spike at the police channel. “I think the gangs are at it again. Several 911 calls were just made now” he said as he showed them his laptop.

As the other were busy Kevin received a text message, “Take the forest” it said. A secretary entered the room and everyone looked at her, “We have no agents left but our presence is needed at a nearby forest, they say its gang related” she told them. Kevin quickly stood up and looked at Ed, “Lets take this” he said.

Jennifer didn’t bother to react, Ed looked at her but she only nodded. As the two agents left the room the secretary came back. “Agent Appleby I think you would like to take this call” the secretary said as Jennifer followed her to the lobby.

“Agent Appleby” Jennifer answered. “The warehouse at the outskirt of the city. They are there” the man on the other said. “Hello? Who is this?” she asked. “They are there, you should head there immediately” the man said and the phone call ended. “Jen what is it?” Yehleen asked. “I don’t know, but he said they are at the warehouse” the agent replied.

“Who they?” the doctor asked. “I think it was a tip, I have to go and check” Jennifer said as she immediately rushed to the elevator. “You want us to come with you?” John asked. “No, I need you here just in case this tip is true. I will keep in touch” Jennifer said as the elevator door closed.

Thirty minutes later Jennifer parked her vehicle one block away from the warehouse, she was surprised to see a news van arrive. Sarah Kelly got out of the van and Jennifer immediately confronted her. “What are you doing here?” the agent asked. “So its true then? This is where the gang members are” Sarah said. “Who told you?” Jennifer asked.

“Well I got a tip a while ago, your presence here confirms it” the reporter said. “There is nothing to confirm yet” Jennifer told her. The camera man was about to turn on the lights but the agent stopped him. “What are you trying to do? Get us killed? Wait, that has zoom right? Focus on the warehouse and see if there are gang members” she said and the cameraman did as instructed. “Oh shit this is the place” the man whispered as Jennifer grabbed the camera to take a look for herself.

The agent told them to get down as she took her phone and started to call. “John, its confirmed, this is the place. I will be needing back up immediately. The two men I saw in front were carrying high caliber rifles” Jennifer said. “Oh about that, I think everyone is busy right now” John replied. “Damn it John, send anyone who can shoot here immediately” Jennifer told him. “Okay okay hang on I am on it” the computer whiz replied.

Twenty minutes later two patrol cars and one unmarked vehicle arrived. Four policemen and two agents that were fully suited up approached Jennifer and Sarah. “We have no time to waste, I have confirmed the gang presence. We have to go in immediately” Jennifer said. “There are only seven of you” Sarah interrupted. “Shouldn’t we wait for the SWAT team to arrive?” one cop asked. “And let them get away? This is our chance so I say we take it. If you don’t want to then stay behind” Jennifer said as she started to move towards the warehouse.

“Agent Appleby you aren’t wearing a vest” one agent whispered and Jennifer looked at him. “I left mine at the office” she replied. “I have an extra on the car” the agent told her but Jennifer ignored him and ran towards the warehouse. “One crazy bitch that is” Sarah commented as she signaled her cameraman to start filming.

There were no gang members in front of the warehouse, Jennifer and the other two agents took lead while the four cops trailed them. The side door to the warehouse was open, they silently walked inside only to be greeted by one gang member who was calmly seated on a chair. “FBI! Drop the weapon and don’t move!” Jennifer shouted as her companions took guard.

The gang member laughed and stood up, “My boss told me you were coming” he said and Jennifer was surprised. From the second floor the other gang members showed up pointing their rifles at the visitors. “What do you call this? Ambush? Yeah gangster style” the gang member on the floor said as he pointed his rifle at Jennifer. “Your safety is on dumbass” Jennifer said as the gang member checked the lady agent shot him on the forehead. Seeing their fellow gang member on the floor the others started to fire and all hell broke loose.

All television channels showed the live broadcast of Sarah Kelly as the gun battle inside the warehouse continued. “Five minutes have passed and still the firefight is ongoing. Three FBI agents and four cops headed by Agent Jennifer Appleby have engaged the gang members. We cannot go any closer but from the sounds that we are hearing from the inside it doesn’t sound good at all” Sarah said.

William was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the television from a hotel suite. “Sir what will happen to those gang members who survive that gun battle?” Tina asked. “I don’t think they will survive since the SWAT are on their way to the scene. As well as the other cops, I don’t think they will let one gang member live after seeing their comrades killed” he told her.

“The pareamedics and SWAT team have arrived…wait the gun battle seemed to have ended” Sarah Kelly said as the camera zoomed in at the warehouse entrance. “The door is opened and I think there is someone coming out. The SWAT team have postioned themselves…we have to take cover now” the reporter added.

The SWAT team has surrounded the warehouse, they fire smoke bombs from all angles to draw the people inside to come out.

“Smoke is coming out from the warehouse door and we can see someone coming out. Its Agent Appleby!!! She is alive!!!”