Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 6: Flawless Script

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 6: Flawless Script

After an extended Vegas stay the two gangs gather at the warehouse. Days ago the mere sight of each other would automatically mean bloodshed would follow, but this time the two groups seemed as if they were never rivals.

William entered the warehouse followed by several men, the gang members happily greet him. “Gentlemen, I believe its time we put this show on the road. You all have your scripts ready so let me just select who will be doing what” the man said. After their assignments were given several SUV’s arrived, “We shall be gathering back here after three hours. Just stick to the script and leave the rest to us. Some of my men will accompany you so you do not have to worry about anything. When I say anything I mean anything” William said and he grinned.

Several minutes later one SUV parked near Frank’s monument, and inside the vehicle were Darrel and three more gang members. “Clifford will you stop shaking” ordered the fat guy. “Sorry Jayzee, i just got butterflies in my stomach” the youngest man said. “Hey yo listen, the man said we have nothing to worry about so chill your ass yo” Jayzee told him.

“Hey Cliff, all we have to do is vandalize the statue, think about the cool million bro” the man on the driver seat said. “Easy for you to say Bobby, what if we get caught?” Clifford replied. “You know what I think we should pump some lead into this fool, he said don’t worry about anything” Darrel repeated and Clifford stared at the monument with two guards nearby.

A minute later a beautiful woman stood in front of their vehicle, she looked at them momentarily and then started ripping her clothes. The men inside the van got excited but the woman walked towards the monument and started shouting. “Help me! Please help me!” she screamed and another man appeared beside the woman. The man grabbed her arm as she again screamed catching the attention of the guards. “Help me please!” she yelled as the man started to run away.

The guards run towards the woman and check on her, “He tried to rape me!” she said as she pointed to the man who was running away. The two guards quickly run after the suspect and seconds later the woman looked at the gang members and pointed to the statue.

“Hey come on, lets do this” Darrel said and the four men got out of the car and headed to the statue. Jayzee was about to deface the statue but the woman interrupted. “Didn’t you read the script? You have to cover your faces” she said as she brought out a video camera. “Oh yeah, sorry about that. Hey do you think after this we can go and get a drink?” the fat man asked but the woman remained silent and started to shoot.

The four gang members painted Frank’s face green, they covered his face with a pink bandana and painted their given gang sign on his chest. The woman captured everything on video and seconds later she received a call on her phone. “We have to get out of here quick” she told them so the men quickly ran to the SUV and woman suddenly disappeared.

At a nearby residential district two vans arrive. The gang members get out and look around as they verify the script. A car pulls over and several men approach them. “Why aren’t you wearing your gang colors?” he asked. The gang members return to their respective vans to wear their uniform, everyone laughing at the color of their bandana.

The gang members got out of the van and everyone was laughing. The man received a call and immediately panicked. “Everyone get back in the van quick!” he ordered and so the gang members did as instructed. Seconds later a patrol car arrived to conduct its nightly patrol, the gang members remained calm inside and waited for the cops to pass them.

William’s men got out of the car and signaled the gang members to come to them. They all gather at the back of the car, the trunk was popped open and several high caliber weapons were seen. “Holy crap! Are these real?” one gang member asked. “You all know the script so grab one each and position yourselves” the man said as the gang members took one piece each and started playing around.

“Gentlemen! We are working on a time frame here so one group position yourselves on this side and the other across the street. These guns are real so avoid hitting each other. Make the gun battle look real gentlemen” he said as another man brought out a video camera. “Don’t forget to cover your faces. And I repeat you are not to shoot each other. I don’t know how you are going to do it just make it all look real” the other man told them.

As a security measure William’s men mixed the two gangs up, after which they took their spots and the guns started blazing. For five minutes gun shots echoed through the silent residential area, the gang members were having fun and amazingly avoided hitting each other.

After the chaos a lot of windows were shattered, walls bore bullet holes but no one was injured. The gang members were told to gather as another van arrived. “Okay gentlemen we shall meet back at the warehouse” a man said as he received a call. Seconds later he opened the van and they all saw several dead men inside wearing their gang colors.

“Whoa who are those?” one gang member asked. “I said go now, the cops will be here in a moment” the man said as William’s men started unloading the dead bodies and scattered them along the street. The gang members got to their vans and all were amazed on how William’s men got everything covered.

Back at the warehouse several gang members were already there as the two vans arrived. Gang members got off the van boasting of the high caliber firearms they were holding. “Hey yo wanna go do some drive by?” one asked and everyone laughed.

“You got to fire guns? Hell no man! All we did was spray paint!” Darrel complained as their group felt envious. Two other vans arrived and the gang members were all holding bags of chips and canned drinks. “And they are the ones who went on a robbing spree” Jayzee whispered. “Relax, this is only the start, maybe next time you can get a better piece of the action” William told him.

The last van arrived and all the gang members inside were scared and angry. “Hey you told us you got everything covered! The cops got two of us” one angry member said. Everyone looked at William who calmly nodded his head and smiled.

A few seconds later a patrol car arrived and everyone started to panic. “Everyone relax” William said as the two cops stepped out the of the vehicle and opened the back doors. The two gang members stepped out laughing so everyone was confused.

“They are with us” William said and the gang members breathed easily. “It had to be done since there were too many witnesses” one uniformed cop said. “Yes its alright I understand” William said as the two cops started removing their uniforms. “Hey are they real cops?” Darrel asked and William laughed at him. “What do you think?” the man replied and the gang members were somewhat confused.

“Gentlemen don’t ask questions, just follow your scripts. I would like to congratulate everyone. As a treat I would like you to be the first ones to watch the videos” William said as a giant screened rolled down. Gang members sat down and enjoyed their role play.

After watching all the videos the gang members were clapping and having fun. With a snap of a finger two men arrived carrying two bags. “Now, this isn’t part of your million, consider this as your allowance, twenty thousand dollars each” William said and the gang members had their jaws dropped.

“We shall gather again here after three days, all I ask is that you stay away from trouble. Can you do that?” William asked and just like robots they all nodded. “You are not allowed to talk about this to anyone. I am very serious on this matter. Act normal and I repeat don’t do anything stupid. If you get caught I shall have you killed, I am sure you know why” William told them.

“What about the dead bodies?” one asked and William took a deep breath. “Well they are dead” he jokingly replied and everyone laughed. “Yeah I know they are dead but who are they?” the gang member asked. “Okay, to make this look real it had to be done. Don’t worry they wont be missed, maybe you know them as your drug peddlers and petty thieves so you really don’t have to worry about it” William explained.

“Ei, what if we get caught while we are following the script? Just like today?” one asked. “Then I shall get you out, we have top class lawyers so you don’t have to worry. But if you get caught off the job then I shall introduce you to our top class assassins. Do you understand why?” William asked and everyone nodded. “Good! So gentlemen I shall see you in three days, thank you” he said in parting as he exited towards his office.

Inside the office William takes a seat as a woman enters the office. “Status report” he ordered and the woman sits down and looks at him. “Everything went well in all key cities” she replied. “Any problems?” William asked and the woman shook her head.

“What is the buzz on the police line?” William asked. “Just as we expected, they are trying to keep the cases isolated” the woman replied. “Have the videos distributed to the media, oh by the way choose the highest bidder. Make sure circulate a teaser video on the internet to make them believe we have the real videos” William instructed.

“Sir how about Sarah Kelly?” the woman asked and the man took a deep breath and paused. “You are right, she is a very influential reporter, chance of plans for this city then. Send the link to the teaser video to her email as soon as possible. I am sure she would like to get hold of the rest, give her a cheap price. The important thing here is that majority watch their network so we give it to them. As for the rest of the cities stick to the highest bidder plan” he said.

“Will that be all sir?” the woman asked. “For now it is Tina, so get to work we cant waste every second” William said. As the woman stood up William turned on the LCD panels, “By the way Tina, how about the videos and pictures that I requested?” he asked. “Sir they are ready, would you like me to send a copy of each to your computer?” Tina asked. “I will be very busy so could you assemble a team and do me a favor” he replied as he took out a photograph of Nathan Miller from his desk.

“I want you to find out if this man is present on the pictures and videos” William said as he handed over the photograph. “Sir this is an old picture, do you have recent ones?” Tina asked and William shook his head but suddenly had an idea. William took out the photo clipping of Frank and handed it to Tina. “This is Frank Miller” she exclaimed.

“Yes, and that man is his father. Tina I would like you to work on this secretly” William told her. “Okay, I can have them age this person on the old photograph. So we could have an idea what he looks like now” Tina said and William smiled at her. “Thank you Tina and if you can give me some privacy now please” he said and the woman exited the office.

“So you are still looking for that man” one voice said and William forgot that the video conference was on. “This is personal and I don’t want to talk about it” he replied. “How can we be assured that your attention is on you plan and not other plan?” another man asked. “The first stage of my plan went well so never question me again on my priorities” William angrily said.

“We have copies of the script of you plan and can you explain how we are going to benefit from it all?” one asked. “Indeed my sentiments as well, all that are on the list are petty crimes such as vandalism, robbery, mugging, and the only shining star I see is the scripted gang shoot out” one said.

“Gentlemen, you are missing the bigger picture here. All those on the list are low risk crimes, low risk meaning lesser chances to be caught. Today was just the first stage and its intention was to gain attention from the public. When the sun rises and when it hits the news everyone may think its just gang related”

“In three days we move to the second stage, nothing new or spectacular but more crimes. This time we plan to show them that this is serious. When the third stage is complete we would have succeeded in planting fear already and you all know what fear can do. That is the time we take advantage”

“Stocks would drop so we buy them. We take some time off to calm things, stocks would rise and so we have instant gains with no effort at all. This is better than robbing a bank, low risk but a legal and legitimate move am I right?” William told them and the five other men on screen were liking it.

“Once we reach the highest peak we sell the stocks and push forth with the fourth stage where we level up in the crimes. We get nastier and focus the activities on the business districts. They market value would drop so with the money we have we buy them all”

“In short gentlemen, at the end of my plan we could be owning forty percent of the businesses of the city. But the plan is not only in this city, so in general we would be owning forty percent of all businesses nationwide”

“Now do you see the bigger picture? You all know what a leverage like that could give us. We can control the whole country with that amount of leverage and gaining that would be effortless with my plan” he explained and the five men started clapping.

“Wait, they would be able to see how we reached that far so they would get suspicious” one man said. “As long as I cover all tracks and links to the crimes then we are safe. We would just look like greedy men who took advantage but that is not against the law is it? That is still fair play so we don’t have to worry about that”

“So it seems you have everything under control, is there anything we can do to help?” one asked and William took a deep breath and stared at each one. “Actually there is, Nathan Miller is alive and I will need some help looking for him. You all know what he is protecting and I am not interested with that, all I want is some time with him alone. I have my people working out some things and when they are ready I shall give you the details” William said.

“Just point the direction and we will find him for you”