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OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 13: Twisted Truth

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 13: Twisted Truth

Frank was calmly seated on the couch, across him were Senator David Richards and Arnold. “I know what you are feeling Frank but please calm down. I have sent the best lawyer to defend Jennifer” the senator told him.

“I am calm, what I don’t understand is how come things are going at a fast pace? Yesterday this gang member comes out and today there is already a hearing” Frank said. “I too am asking that question but I cannot do much since if I pull more strings then they might link me to Jennifer. I am not saving myself here, I just don’t want their twisted truth to escalate. Trust me the truth shall prevail” David said.

“And what if it doesn’t?” Frank asked and stared at the senator. “Have faith in the system Frank” David replied as they both turned their attention to the television. “If its just a hearing or preliminary investigation then why is it live on television?” Frank asked. “I really don’t know but I think we are going to have a hard time at the defense” David said as he started to shake his head.

At the city’s military base hundreds of soldiers were on full alert as the hearing was about to begin. Inside the gymnasium two tables were set up face to face. Seated in front were four men, one of them Victor Frisk, the country’s best litigator. Across the four men sat Jennifer and beside her was Howard Dresbon, the country’s best defense lawyer.

“Before we start I was wondering how you could afford the services of Howard here with the salary grade that you have” Victor said. Jennifer looked at her attorney who remained calm, “That was a trick question, don’t bother answering it” Howard whispered.

“Lets not waste anymore time here, we all know why we are here so lets go straight to the point. If you have nothing to hide Agent Appleby I am sure you will be willing to answer all our questions am I right?” Victor said. “As long as the questions are factual and with basis” Howard interrupted. “I was not talking to you!” Victor snapped. “You are baiting her to nullify my presence! I am here to give her legal advice and to prevent you from making her incriminate herself!” the top defense attorney replied.

“Its okay, I have nothing to hide” Jennifer said and Howard looked at her. “See! Its that simple Howard. So lets get the ball rolling here. The witness isn’t here right now for he fears for his life. We have read his sworn testimony and we are just going to ask you some questions Agent Appleby” Victor said.

“After the Wanston bombing, you were asked to take a leave am I correct?” the litigator asked. “I was forced to take a leave” Jennifer answered. “After thirty days you were back to work and that is the same time the gang related crimes started” Victor said and Howard stood up. “That line of questioning is uncalled for!” he said. “Is it? I just stated a fact here” the litigator reasoned so Howard sat down and shook his head.

“Agent Appleby is true that you forced your superior to put you back at field work?” Victor asked. “Yes” Jennifer replied. “You were asked to head a task force to investigate the gang related crimes am I right?” Victor asked and Jennifer replied positively. “And for a month your task force produced nothing” the litigator added.

“Agent Appleby you were the one who shot Rahim am I right?” Victor pushed. “Yes I did” she replied. “Yes, it says here that he pointed a gun and you just acted as a good agent” Victor added.

“You received a phone call saying that the gang members were at the warehouse. Once verified you called for back up and six other law enforcers arrived. You didn’t know what you were up against but instead you lead them inside the warehouse were a gun battle ensued. Six of them critically wounded while you came out unscathed, so you are a really good agent” Victor said. “Where are the questions? You are just stating facts and saying it with doubt” Howard interjected.

“You Agent Appleby headed the task force that produced nothing because you were railroading the investigation!” Victor said. “That is an unfounded allegation!” Howard shouted.

“That is why the gang members movements were flawless because you were giving them information of law enforcement movements!” Victor added. “Victor this is a hearing! You are supposed to act questions and not throw allegations at my client!” Howard snapped.

“You were reminded to wear a vest before the assault but you refused! We have that on video so you cant deny that. Standard protocol, protect yourself, but you didn’t! Why? Because you knew they would not fire upon you! In the end you made sure no gang member lived and you made yourself look like the hero!” Victor shouted. “Damn it! Victor you better stop this!” Howard shouted back.

“You eliminated Rahim so he could not spill the beans on you. The witness said that you were answering to him so with him out of the picture does that make you the boss? Lets say that is not true, the video we have showing you neglecting to wear a vest is enough. If you are innocent, if you had nothing to do with these gang members then you should have worn a vest. That is protocol, especially if you don’t know what is inside that warehouse. But you knew, they would not shoot the boss” Victor calmly said and grinned.

Jennifer had her head bowed, her fists were clenched as she slowly stood up. “Do you want to know the truth? Do you want to know why I didn’t wear a vest?” she softly said. “Oh please enlighten us agent Appleby” Victor replied.

“Yes I wanted to go back to field work, being pegged at a desk made me think of him more. Yes I was assigned to head the task force but I had nothing to do with the gang members. Yes I shot Rahim, protocol or not it felt damn good!”

“Yes! I didn’t wear a vest, I didn’t accept the offer of a vest! You want to know why? Its because I want to be with him! I want to be with Frank!!!” Jennifer shouted as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“You are a good actress, this hearing is over. Take her away!” Victor said. “No bail since she has been allegedly linked to a terrorist. No visitors too!” he added.

Frank was trembling in anger, the remote control in his hand was crushed. “Frank, calm down. I am sure Victor would be hit by many. That is not how to conduct a hearing” David said. “You told me to trust the law, they made her look bad” Frank whispered. “I know, but I tell you that was not the way a hearing is supposed to be conducted. Don’t worry better law men know that” the senator reasoned.

“Innocent until proven guilty, why is she being treated like a terrorist?” Frank asked. “Frank, please understand. This is a sensational case. Two cases that are tied together. I know the real culprits found a loophole, events happened so they pieced the puzzle together. In both cases Jennifer was present, you and I know she was just doing her job. The others will play with the facts, you can look at two ways. Jennifer being a good agent, or Jennifer being the mastermind. They have decided to take the latter side so we have to defend her, we have to abide by the law” David explained.

“And what if the law fails? What if the truth is replaced by lies? What will happen to her?” Frank asked. The senator could not respond so Frank headed to his room. The door was slammed and seconds later David and Arnold heard glass break. They rushed to Frank’s room, the window was shattered and he was nowhere to be found. “How are you going to stop someone like him?” David asked. “Pray to God” Arnold uttered.

Hours later at the military base, Jeremy, John and Yehleen were seated on one end of a room. Seconds later Jennifer was brought inside by two soldiers. The female agent was seated at the other end of the room as the two soldiers stood a few steps away. “Jesus Christ why is this happening?” Jeremy asked as he shook his head.

A military officer entered the room and looked at the three. “Hey you only have five minutes. I am really sorry but this is all I can do” the officer said. “Jen how are you doing?” Yehleen asked as she started to cry. “I am okay, don’t worry about me” Jennifer replied.

“I am sorry your parents were not allowed to visit you. We are taking a bid risk of being her but what the heck. Is there something you need?” John asked. “Even if I say there are things I need they will not allow them. I am fine, please look over my parents” Jennifer asked. There was nothing that could be really said so for five minutes the three just cheered Jennifer up.

An hour later Jennifer was inside her cell. There were no windows, she lay on a cushion set on the floor. The cell door opened and William entered. “Good evening Jennifer” he said. The agent sat up and angrily looked at the man who stood by the door. “What do you want?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, I just came to see how it felt like to be you. It could have been me inside here you know” William said and grinned at her. “You bastard! You and Kevin, who else is involved?” she said and the man laughed.

“Rahim, but you shot him dead. The rest? You would be surprised if I told you” William gloated. “You see Jennifer, you and your team has caused us so much problems. First the Wanston bombing that your boyfriend stopped, oh he died” William said and Jennifer stood up but could not reach him since her legs were chained.

“You bastard, when I get out of here I am going to kill you!” Jennifer shouted. “Get out of here? Oh no, actually you wanted to be with Frank? Tomorrow you will get your wish. Why am I so bravely telling you this? Who are you going to tell? Who is going to believe you now?” William said as he laughed louder.

“Don’t worry agent Appleby you die the same way as your boyfriend did. The whole world will be able to see it. Oh but don’t worry your body will be intact unlike your shredded Frank” William told her. Jennifer really extended her body, she was able to land one punch straight to his face. William fell back and was dazed but managed to stand up and laugh.

“Goodbye Agent Appleby, say hello to Frank for me” William said as he took his exit.

Outside the military bases stood a hooded man, Frank was seething in anger as he watched the vehicle of William exit the gates. “What are you planning to do?” a man asked.

“How did you find me?” Frank asked and Erick stood beside him. “David called me. I still cant believe Frank” Erick said. “What? Are you going to hug me now?” Frank asked and the Major laughed.

“How? Just tell me how” Erick pleaded. “It’s a long story but trust me I am normal, a bit” Frank told him. “Okay as long as your alive that’s fine with me. Frank I want you to think of what you are about to do now” Erick told him.

“The law isn’t on her side” the hooded man said. “Yeah I know but it isn’t over yet. We all know that she is innocent, they have twisted the truth but eventually they cant keep it hidden in lies” Erick said.

“So you are just going to break in and get her out? So that just makes her look more guilty. That is just like admission. She wont be free, anywhere she goes people would know her” Erick said. “Just like me, if I show up the people would ask what am I really? I cant wait for the law to correct a right, I can make things right” Frank replied.

“So you already have decided” Erick told him. “Maybe, do you think you can stop me?” Frank asked and Erick shook his head. “I alone cannot, but maybe if we try we might be able to” the major said and Frank looked at him. Several men emerged from the darkness, faces that he recognized quickly.

“You break in, you have to get passed us. If you wait then we are with you” one soldier said. Frank couldn’t help it, he missed his troop mates so he immediately hugged each one. “How long do I have to wait?” he asked.

“Actually not that long my friend. They are transferring Jennifer tomorrow, and I don’t trust that devious person. Something big is going to happen tomorrow and John is working on it right now. He intercepted a call from William but that guy is careful, the call was scrambled so John is decoding it” Erick explained.

“This William guy, his surname is familiar. Gregory, a certain female bearing that surname killed my mother and almost killed me”

“William better pray he is not related to her…or else”

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