Monday, November 23, 2009

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary Chapter 10: Outsmarted

OM2: Not Quite Ordinary

by Paul Diaz

Chapter 10: Outsmarted

At the outskirt of the local airport, a car was parked with its trunk barely open. A rifle barrel with silencer was peeking out, inside the car a man was on the phone at the driver’s seat. “Yes we are in position” he said. The back seat was gone and present was another man laying on his chest and focusing the rifle. “Ask him where he wants the first bullet?” the man boasted.

William grinned and tapped his table, “Just tell him not to miss” he said. “Okay boss, I have to call you back. The plane is here” the driver said. From the horizon the strong engine of the military plane could be heard as it gears up for a landing. At the tarmac several cars were already starting to move towards the landing area.

A minute later the plane landed, the driver dialed his phone as his companion got ready. “Sir they have landed” he said. “Keep this line open, I cant tap into the airport’s surveillance cameras so give me a live report” William said. “Hey you two better shut up now!” the sniper yelled.

Armed soldiers started to get out of the plane as more soldiers and suited agents kept watch. A few seconds later a man in cuffs was escorted out of the plane and the sniper took a deep breath. “Here we go” he whispered. On his scope he could see the arms of Rahim, his trigger hand was ready and awaiting for the target’s head to show. A glimpse of the face and suddenly a loud explosion was heard nearby.

Soldiers rushed Rahim to a car which quickly sped away along with four other marked vehicles. “What the hell happened?” William asked. The driver started the car as the his companion shut the trunk. “We don’t know sir, there was an explosion at the airport. They are rushing Rahim out so we are going to give chase” the driver said.

William stood up and kicked his desk, “What explosion?!!!” he yelled. “How the hell should we know, maybe there are others after Rahim” the driver said. William took a deep breath and turned on his computer. “Don’t let him get off the vehicle alive. Do what you have to do, I will send more guys to assist. Keep this line open” he instructed.

William’s men kept their distance from the convoy, and ten minutes later they were surprised to see the marked vehicles enter a drive thru restaurant. “Sir, they entered a drive thru” the driver said. “Don’t follow them, I know this tactic. Once they exit don’t follow the convoy, wait for the unmarked vehicle and follow it” William said.

A minute later the marked vehicles exited the drive thru, William’s men waited and just as their boss said an unmarked vehicle emerged. “Boss you were right, we are going to follow them now” the driver said. William was grinning and nodding, “I am sending them your direction, guys don’t make it so messy” he instructed as he turned off his phone.

Two minutes later Tina barges in the office and immediately turned on the television. “I am sorry but you should see this” she said. William looked at the television and he was surprised to see Rahim at a press conference. Beside him was Erick and on the other side was Jennifer, as the former was speaking to the media. William could not comprehend what was happening, it took him a few more seconds before he understood that they were outsmarted.

Erick was standing proud as he presented Rahim to the media, “This is a momentous day, we have the mastermind in the Wanston bombing” he said as loud applauses were heard all around. “Sir, are we violating any laws by bringing him here?” one reporter asked.

“No we are not, his country gave the go signal for us to capture him and extradite him” Erick answered. “Sir, about the airport bombing earlier, were Rahim’s men trying to get hold of him?” another reporter asked and Erick laughed.

“I am sorry but that was all staged. We knew that there would be some coming after Rahim, in order for him not to talk. So I secretly made a plan, I got in touch with my fellow Operation Salvation members” Erick paused and looked at Jennifer. “I took the risk of flying Rahim here by commercial plane. We were met by FBI agents at the airport and they did a good job of securing us” Erick explained.

“As expected my plan paid off. There were men after the convoy and a few seconds ago I heard they were in a fierce gun battle with the authorities who cornered them. I still have no idea who this men are” Erick added and William quickly dialed his phone but there was no one answering on the other end. He tried to call his other men but they were not answering too.

William was enraged; he threw his phone at the television and kicked his chair. “Sir please calm down” Tina said. “Get out! Get out of here!!!” William shouted and the scared secretary rushed out of the office.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation building was heavily guarded. All roads to the building was blocked as this was the first time they were guarding a known terrorist. Inside the building, Rahim was comfortably seated at the investigation room. He smiled at the mirror for he knew there were agents looking at him from the other side. Erick, Yehleen, John and Jennifer were gathered and staring at the terrorist.

“Why aren’t we given lead on this?” Jennifer asked. “We four are not allowed to be even near him” John added. “I think Yehleen can explain why” Erick told them. “Guys, I know you all want a piece of him, that is why they are not allowing us to be even close to him. We four who were closest to Frank that is” the doctor explained. Jennifer banged her hands on the glass and screamed. “That is so unfair!!!”

Rahim smiled and raised his cuffed hands. “BOOM!!!” he shouted and then laughed. Jennifer rushed to the door but Erick managed to grab her. “Let me go!” she yelled. “Jennifer, don’t let him get into you. We already have him so let the law take care of him” Erick told her. “The law is not enough to heal a hurting heart!!! Just give me ten minutes with him please!!!” she screamed but Erick hugged her tighter.

“Jennifer, there is a saying but I am not familiar with it. It says something like this, no matter how harsh the law is, it is still the law” Erick whispered. “Just think like Frank Jen, what would he do if he was in your place? What could he have done if it was you who died?” Yehleen said. “Frank would tear that asshole in pieces! He would shred every bone in his body and I would like to do the same!!!” Jennifer shouted as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“You asked the wrong question” John suddenly quipped and everyone looked at him. “I too would shred every bone in his body if it was you he killed Yehl. I am on your side Jen but we swore to uphold the law. That is why we have our badges to remind us of that. That room has electronic locks, I can disable them for you. If you are willing to spend the rest of your life in jail then just tell me. Would Frank like you to end up that way?” John told her.

Jennifer looked at John and bowed her head. “The man who was responsible for killing Frank is in the other room and I cant even do anything about it” she whispered and Erick closed his eyes and there was something inside of him raring to come out. “Frank is alive” he whispered and the three looked at him.

The military officer suddenly choked and took a deep breath. He released Jennifer and pointed to his heart. He knew he had to keep his promise and he found a way out. The four of them comforted each other and they all looked at Rahim who was still smiling. “I just wish the law would be harsher on him” Jennifer said. “Yeah, I hope they chop of his head” Yehleen said and everyone smiled for the doctor was never known to show signs of violence, this was a first.

It was back to work for all of the other agents, the military men were responsible for guarding Rahim for the mean time as he was about to be transferred to a more secure area later.

Inside the conference room Kevin and Ed were waiting for the three to take their seats. A phone rang and Kevin took out his phone and looked at it. “Excuse me guys, I really have to take this” he said as he quickly went out of the room. The agent ran towards the stairway and looked around before answering his phone.

“Hello, I told you not to call me on this phone” Kevin said. “Is he still there?” the man on the other line asked. “What do you think? I thought you were going to handle things?” Kevin replied. “You didn’t tell me your office had other plans” the man replied.

“Hey I didn’t know about it. It was between Operation Salvation members only!” Kevin snapped. “Still you should have known that, I am not paying you to just take orders so earn your keep!” the man on the other line shouted. “Okay William, what do you want me to do?” Kevin asked.

“I want you to clean the mess up” William said. “Are you crazy?! I cant do that!” the agent told him. “Oh you are not going to pull the trigger. All you have to do is set things in motion and let others pull the trigger. Do you understand?” William told him and Kevin took a deep breath. “Yeah, I have a plan but its going to cost you” he said. “Just get it done and we talk later” William said as he turned off the phone.

It was lunch time at the office, a secretary was about to bring Rahim food but Kevin intercepted her. “Let me, he is a dangerous man so I don’t want to risk a pretty lady like you” he told her. The young secretary smiled at the agent and handed him the food tray.

Kevin stood in front of the door as the two military men radioed for the door to be opened. Kevin was escorted inside and he placed the tray in front of the terrorist. Rahim raised his hands and looked at Kevin. “How am I supposed to eat?” he asked. The agent stared the terrorist in the eye as he raised the napkin slowly. “I don’t care how you are supposed to eat! Be thankful that we are even feeding you! I would rather see you starve to death!!!” Kevin berated him but his eyes slowly looked at the napkin to which Rahim followed.

The terrorist saw the key to the handcuffs, he stared the agent in the eyes and knew he was on his side. Kevin took the plastic cup of water and threw it on Rahim’s face, the military men held him back and the agent walked out of the door.

Two hours later the whole building was filled with armed soldiers, Rahim was about to be transferred to a maximum security facility. “Come on lets go line up along the corridors to bid him farewell” John gamely said. Yehleen and Jennifer followed and they all stood by the hallway.

The two unarmed soldiers brought out Rahim of the holding room and the three started to walk. Kevin was nearest, he bent down to tie his shoes. Everyone was looking at Rahim at that instant but the terrorist had his sights somewhere else. Kevin bent down far enough in order for his firearm to be exposed, Rahim saw it and he immediately rushed and to get hold of the weapon.

Kevin immediately shouted, “Gun!!!” and at the same time Rahim took hold of the pistol. He was about to point it but a gun shot was heard.

Rahim fell to the ground, blood started gushing out of the bullet hole in his forehead. All eyes were on him momentarily but it immediately shifted to the person who fired the shot.

Erick ran towards the hallway, he saw Jennifer holding her pistol with both hands. Armed soldiers grabbed the gun from Jennifer and they took her away. “What did you do?!!” Erick asked as he looked at the dead body of the terrorist.

“He had a gun” Jennifer said as she too could not believe what she had done. Kevin stood up and looked at Rahim, he then looked at Jennifer and shook his head.

When the commotion had died down, Jennifer was inside the questioning room being interrogated by military officers. Erick was pacing down the hallway shaking his head as Kevin walked towards the stairway and he brought out his phone.

“Its done”