Friday, January 2, 2009



Sorry i have not been updating this blog for two months but things will change now. I have three stories on my mind actually and i am currently writing one now.

For the viewers who are used to my other blog, things here are different hehehhe. I post the whole story after i have finished unlike the other side where i post it by chapters.

Well i am thinking about doing the same actually, releasing a chapter after i finish one, but sometimes for stories like this the start affects the end and the end has to jive with the beginning. So i have to do some edits here and there.

Requests for a tagalog love story are abundant so i will try and make one soon.

For now i am writing ORDINARY ME, no its not a sequel to JUST ME hahahaha

its about an ordinary guy who isnt really ordinary hahaha...i cant say much or else it would spoil everything.

But its a superhero kind of story but it wont focus on super natural occurence or powers to the imaginary level. The story will focus on the so on...

I am going to try and make it funny at the same time.

Requests for names have been granted...

I have included Arnold already
JM and Yehleen...yes they will be included but i have to edit the JM maybe you can give the meaning of JM instead hehehehe

The main character will be Frank...and the ex will be name yet for the female lead character so keep on requesting.