Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Someone Extraordinary

The following morning on a secured wing of the city’s main hospital, Jennifer walked past the suited guards and headed towards the room on the far end. As she enters she saw two women standing beside Frank’s bed. John was quietly seated on his wheelchair typing on his laptop. Jennifer walked towards the other side of the bed and saw Hannah holding Frank’s hand.

“Why is she here?” Jennifer asked Yehleen. “It’s okay they know, president’s son remember?” Yehleen replied. Jennifer pouted and stared at Hannah who was looking at Frank who was still unconscious. “Did he wake up yet?” Jennifer asked and Hannah shook her head.

“Hannah I think you should go get some rest, let us be the ones to watch over him” Yehleen suggested. “No, its okay I am not tired” Hannah answered. “So tell me how does it feel like to be the fiancée of the President’s son?” Jennifer asked and Hannah looked at her. “I really would not like to talk about it” she said and Yehleen signaled Jennifer to quit the subject.

“Hey Frank you better wake up now, you have to get my donuts” John said and everyone started to giggle and laugh. Hannah caressed Franks head and smiled, “Frank is such a kind person, very thoughtful and he always sees to it everyone is happy” Hannah said. “He could make anyone laugh, he makes his own jokes about him being fat, but I guess you don’t hear those jokes anymore since he isn’t fat now” Hannah added.

“Oh yeah we do, but this time he uses the past participle and still he makes us laugh” Yehleen answered. “I bet you have heard him sing” Hannah said and Yehleen giggled, “He has a great voice and we were actually surprised, he should have been a singer” John said. “I don’t remember him singing” Jennifer said and Yehleen and John looked at her. “He sang during his birthday party” John said. “Birthday party?” Jennifer asked and Yehleen pouted at her.

“Of course you weren’t there because you thought he was hitting on you, remember the first day at the base he invited you to dinner and you shut him down?” Yehleen said and Jennifer shook her head as she bowed slowly. “Sorry, I really thought he was hitting on me” she whispered and Hannah started laughing.

“Frank is a shy person, actually he didn’t court me, and I courted him” Hannah revealed and everyone looked at her. “Seriously?” Yehleen asked and Hannah smiled as she held Frank’s hands. “Yes, we were schoolmates and we always bumped into each other. He was a geek and I enjoyed his company because he would always make me laugh, he knew the right words to say when I was down, I don’t know I just fell in love with him. I waited for him to court me but funny thing is he was too shy perhaps so I courted him” Hannah revealed and everyone were smiling.

“So did he say yes at once?” John asked and Hannah shook her head. “He actually avoided me for a whole week and once I got him cornered I asked him why, he said maybe what I was feeling was just a passing fancy so he wanted me to have time to think very hard about it” Hannah said. “But I really was in love with him so instead of answering I kissed him” she added and Yehleen giggled. “Then what happened?” she asked.

“He ran and did the cartwheel, he ran some more and came back to me asking me to wake him up. So I kissed him again and then we became a couple. But you know he was still shy, when we are alone he holds my hands but when there are people around he distances himself. He said he did that so I would not feel embarrassed when people look at us. I got mad at him for thinking that way, I told him I don’t care what people say but still he could not hold my hands in public. There are times when I introduce him to my friends he would always say that he was my pet pig, of course my friends would laugh but I really don’t like seeing him degrade himself” Hannah narrated.

“When I got my license to be a nurse I was assigned to the emergency room of the hospital. He intentionally cut himself and I was the one who treated him. He said he wanted to be my first patient, although I had three ahead of him I just pretended that he was the first one I had that day” Hannah said and Yehleen started to cry. “Such a sweet guy he is” she said as she wiped her tears.

“I know, there wasn’t a boring day with him, he loved surprising me. Frank please wake up now” Hannah whispered. “So tell us then why did you leave him? Why did you exchange him for that better looking rich guy then?” Jennifer suddenly asked and Hannah bowed her head. Yehleen looked angrily at Jennifer as the tension started to mount, “Come on tell us, you left him because he wasn’t good looking? You chose a better looking man. You expect us to believe what you are saying? That Frank is this good, this kind, isn’t that what a dream guy is made of? Oh sorry he is fat that time so you just had to leave him didn’t you?” Jennifer continued. “Jen! Shut up!” Yehleen shouted and Hannah turned around. “Sorry, I have to go” she said. Yehleen went with Hannah outside the room; John followed them shaking his head as he looked at Jennifer. “Well it’s true! You do the math! They were seeing each other even before she was with Frank; didn’t you hear what the reporter said? They have been engaged exactly the time she left him!” Jennifer said.

“I know you’re awake, she left already” Jennifer said and Frank slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath. “You shouldn’t have been that harsh on her” Frank said and Jennifer pouted. “Well she deserves it” she replied. “Don’t be mean to her please, she did what she had to do, she wasn’t happy with me anymore so I really can’t blame her” Frank said.

“I’m sorry” Jennifer said as tears started to flow down her cheeks. Frank held her hand and smiled at her, “Come on now, the Ice Queen doesn’t cry, stop crying Jen” Frank said. “It’s my fault, I should have given you your suit and went with you” she explained as she started sobbing. “No, it’s not your fault, I chose to stand in front of the bullet” Frank said.

“I’m angry at you, why did you do that? The gun was pointed at him not her. If he died wouldn’t you be happy? You would have another chance at her. Didn’t you think of that?” Jennifer said as she gripped his hand tightly. Frank sighed and closed his eyes, “I actually did think of that” he whispered and Jennifer looked at him. “So tell me why you saved him?” she asked and Frank smiled as tears started flowing.

“The moment I saw her on television, I saw her smile, not just a smile but a smile I have never seen before. He made her happy like I never did and you can see that on her smile. I could not accept it so I had to see it for myself. So I went there, she smiled that way again. I never made her smile that way so when I saw the gun I didn’t think twice anymore. I didn’t save him, I save her happiness, and he makes her happy so I didn’t want to take that away from her. I love her so much and I always want her to be happy, so I did it knowing that I could die. I just had to do it do you understand, she was so happy with him” Frank explained as he was crying.

Jennifer wiped her tears as she slowly walked out of the room, as she closed the door she saw Hannah leaning on the wall crying. “Did you hear what he said?” Jennifer asked her. “Yes” Hannah replied. “Even though you have hurt him he still thinks about what’s best for you, can your hubby beat that?” Jennifer added but Hannah remained silent. “Congratulations on your wedding” Jennifer said and she walked away.

Hannah turned towards the door and held the knob; she didn’t have enough courage to turn it so she fell on her knees sobbing.
The following morning Jennifer was spoon feeding Frank as John, Yehleen and Erick came to visit. “Oh look how sweet they are” Yehleen teased and Jennifer smirked. “I am just doing this since he can’t move his hands” she said. “Here buddy I got you donuts” Erick said as he handed the box to Frank. Frank reached out his hands and got the box, “Can’t move his hands?” John teased and Jennifer looked at Frank angrily. “You said you can’t move your hands” she said. Frank smiled and said “It’s a miracle I can move my hands now!” Everyone started laughing as Jennifer shook her head.

Frank opened the box and picked the heart shape donut and handed it to Jennifer. “What? You want me to feed you this donut too?” she asked. “No, this is for you” Frank said and Jennifer blushed, the three pretended to look away but they were all smiling. “Hey I was thinking about it and I think I don’t want to be a poster boy anymore” Frank said and everyone looked at him.

“You are quitting?” John asked. “No, I mean I want to get into the action, I want to do real hero stuff and not just acting stuff. I did some training, I think I can handle it, I can go running after bad guys or if you let me hold a gun I can shoot at them too” Frank said and everyone in unison said “NO!!!”

“Okay no guns then but I really want to go after bad guys. Being shot gave me a sudden rush, maybe that’s what I need you know to get over this sad feelings I have inside” Frank explained and Erick took a deep breath. “Sorry no deal” he said. “Why afraid that you will cry again when I get shot?” Frank said and the three looked at Erick grinning. “I didn’t cry, why are you making that stuff up?” Erick said and everyone started laughing. “Chill Cap, everyone cried for Frank, you don’t have to be shy” John teased him and the room was filled with laughter.

An hour later there was a knock on the door, Erick opened it and he was surprised to see the President and his body guards. Erick led him inside and everyone stood at attention and greeted him. “So I finally get to meet the man who saved my son’s life” the President said as he approached Frank and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you mister President” Frank said. “No it’s my pleasure to meet you Frank, thank you for saving my son’s life” the president said. “I actually came here to discuss something with you in private” the old man said, everyone in the room started walking towards the door but Frank stopped them.

“Don’t go, if you have something to tell me you can say it openly, they are my team mates” Frank said and the President nodded. “Okay then, kindly close the door and I hope whatever we discuss here shall not go out of this room” he said. Erick closed the door but the guard would not let him, the president nodded his head and the guard gave way and closed the door.

“Well you see my son wanted to come and thank you personally but he told me that there might be some tension if you know what I mean” he said and Frank nodded his head. “So he told me that he did not want to be in debt to you, he is very rich I should say and so he is willing to offer you anything you want” the President said and Frank took a deep breath and looked at the others.

“I don’t want anything; tell him I save his life for Hannah. He is in no debt to me” Frank said and John raised his eyebrows. Erick shook his head but the president was persistent. “I don’t think he would accept that answer, so you have to tell me what you want, I too am offering anything you want as long as it is within my powers” the old man said and Frank looked at his team mates one by one.

“Fine, I want you to give bonuses to all my clones, and a pay grade increase and full insurance coverages” Frank said and the President nodded his head. Erick stood beside John, both of them pretending to look innocent and Frank laughed. “One rank promotion for the captain and to if possible to these three too, two pay grade increases for my team mates and a vacation package wherever they want” Frank added and again the president nodded. “Is that all? How about you? Is there anything you would want?” the president asked and Frank remained silent.

“Tell your son to keep Hannah smiling and never make her cry, that is all I ask” Frank said and the president smiled at him. “I will tell him that, but Frank if there is anything else you need don’t hesitate to call me. Anything you need remember that. So I will be seeing you in three days then” the president said as he walked towards the door. “Mister President, what do you mean in three days?” Erick asked and everyone was surprised as he was. “Well yes, Frank will be presented to all heads of States, Frank is going global” the president replied and everyone was in shock as he left the room.

Yehleen was jumping for joy as Erick kept shaking John, “We are going global? Is he serious? How are we going global?” Erick said as everyone rejoiced. Frank looked at Jennifer who was smiling at him, “Thank you” she said and Frank smiled back at her. “Hey Cap, if you get promoted what should we call you now?” John asked and Erick grinned. “Major” he said brimming with confidence. “Major problem, major snorer” John joked and everyone laughed loudly.

Several miles away on a deserted land area three men were standing under the moonlight.

“Hello Nathan, nice to see you again, do you remember Doctor Snyder?” Senator David Richards said as he shook hands with another old man. “Good evening to you two, sorry for meeting me in a place like this but I know you understand my situation” Nathan said and the two nodded.

“So David, why did you call me out?” Nathan asked and the Senator turned to Doctor Snyder as he brought out several X-ray films. “See for yourself Nathan” David said as he handed the films to Nathan. “Okay I am not good in medical explanations so doctor help me out, what am I looking at?” Nathan said as he raised the film towards the moonlight.

“As you heard Frank was shot nearly point blank range with a caliber 45 pistol. Usually when that happens people die or if not the bullets penetrates through and through. If you can see clearly the bullet stopped half inch entering his body, it ruptured a major artery but the mere fact that it didn’t go through is something extraordinary” the doctor explained and Nathan grinned.

“So our hunch was right after the first shooting then” Nathan said and the senator nodded. “Well the first incident he was aware that he would be shot, this scenario his mind was preoccupied I guess so the bullet was able to penetrate a little, nevertheless it is just as you said, sorry for doubting you” David said and Nathan laughed.

“Who else knows about this?” Nathan asked. “Only the three of us” Doctor Snyder replied. “Good, let’s keep it that way” Nathan said. “So are you taking him in already?” David asked and Nathan shook his head. “Not yet, maybe one day. David thank you for looking after Frank through all these years” Nathan said and David patted his shoulder. “You don’t have to thank me buddy, I owe so much” the senator replied.

“So tell me David, what is Frank like?” Nathan asked as he lit a cigarette. David laughed and shook his head, “Just like his stubborn father I guess” he said and they all laughed. One driver got out of the car and approached the three, “Nathan we have to go” he said and Nathan looked at him. “Oh I am sure you still remember Arnold don’t you?” Nathan said and David nodded. “How can I forget him I see him guarding Frank everyday” David said and Arnold laughed, “So we have to get going, oh David, my daily supply of donuts have stopped, take a look into that for me” Nathan said as they walked towards their cars.

“Does Frank like donuts?” Nathan asked and David laughed, “Just like his dad, take care of yourself Nathan. Oh by the way, what other abilities of Frank should we watch out for?” David said and Nathan grinned.

“I can’t tell you, just wait and be amazed. See you my friend” Nathan replied as he waived his hands and got in the car.