Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Farewells and Broken Promises

For two weeks the whole world mourned but just like any other ordinary person, they had to let Frank go.

Thousands of people gathered at the cemetery, a stage was set up for a short program. They never found Frank’s remains so they just gathered some ashes and placed it inside a golden urn. In front of the stage seated several people close to Frank, and the ones holding his urn were the two women he loved so much.

Around the field were Frank’s clones from all over the world, they stood at attention, heads up high and proud of him. All the heads of state were present but they didn’t draw attention, this day there were ordinary people for the only one person that mattered this day they were setting free.

An on the stage was an old woman who started to talk about Frank. “I don’t care what he said, I really saw him fly down and stop those rude men who stole my bag. I gave him my number so he can tell me whatever he wanted but you know I was surprised one day, he called me up. I was thinking what it was he needed but all he wanted was to know how I was doing”

“He called me up often after that telling me about this girl he was starting to fall in love with. He even sent me a picture of this girl and she was pretty. I think I see her in front” the old lady said as she pointed at Jennifer who was sobbing.

“Frank you silly boy, I didn’t expect you to go ahead of me. Anyway, Frank, wait for me there, I won’t be living much longer so we shall meet again soon my friend”

After the old woman got down from the stage a little boy came running and several agents tried to stop him. The senator signaled them to let him go and the boy went up the stage. He could not be seen on the podium so Erick went up and carried him.

“Hello. My name is Michael. Frank was my friend. Every morning he would walk me to school. My dad left us and mom has to work two jobs. She can’t walk me to school. I was afraid to cross the street but one day Frank held my hand and he promised me to come walk me to school every day”

“One day he didn’t show up. I crossed the street on my own. I just imagined he was with me” Michael said and tears again started falling on everyone’s eyes. “Yeah, even though they say Frank is dead, he isn’t dead to me. Frank will always be by my side”

“Now mom does not work two jobs because we have our own apartment. Frank gave it to us. Last Christmas he gave us money too. Frank is not dead. He is just invisible because he is shy to show us his wounds. Frank I can cross the street on my own now. Frank are you there? It’s me Michael, Frank when you get well you can come visit me okay?” the boy said and smiled as Erick escorted him off the stage.

More people took the stage and talked about Frank but as the last one got off Jennifer stood up and walked towards the podium.

“Frank, you promised me, why did you die on me?!!!” she shouted. “Why did you leave me behind?!!!” Frank! If this is one your jokes please stop it. Frank! I miss you so much!” she said as she sobbed. Hannah got on stage and comforted her. The two women embraced and it was time to set him free.

The senator took the two ladies aside as he took the podium. He signaled one agent and they unveiled a bronze statue of Frank. It was an image of Frank standing tall and smiling and everyone clapped their hands. “So that we shall never forget him, all countries all over the world will have one exactly like this. To remind us that even though we are just ordinary, we can do extraordinary things just like Frank. He is a hero to the whole world but still up to the very end he was just ordinary like all of us. Frank wherever you are thank you!”

At the back of the crowd stood two men watching the proceedings. “You’re welcome senator” said the man dressed in black and who had his face covered.
“Frank we should go now” Nathan said. “Dad, can we stay here longer, I just want to see Jennifer’s face a little longer” Frank said.

“Fine, five more minutes then” Nathan said. “Hey dad, why can I do all these super stuff?” Frank asked as he looked at Jennifer from afar. “I will explain everything later son, I promise” Nathan said.

“Hey dad, am I an alien?” Frank asked and Nathan laughed.

“Son, you are not an alien. Aside from your extraordinary abilities, you are just ordinary” Nathan said.

Two weeks ago

Frank started to twitch as his nose started getting itchy. “…my nose is itchy” he said to the camera as he lifted his hand and scratched his nose. The bomb all around the building ignited and everything went black. He was thrown backwards and he hit his head on the wall. Everything went black as he fell to the ground. The earth shook and everything started to crumble around him.

Ten minutes after amidst the dark a little flame ignited and it slowly died down. Only the light of the cigarette could be seen in the dark as Frank started coughing. He started laughing and laughing as he could not believe he was still alive. He laughed even louder but people from the outside could never hear him.

“No matter how hard I try I just can’t die” he said out loud and he again started laughing. “I even said goodbye to the whole world already” The louder he laughed and coughed as he puffed his cigarette.

“Jenny! Can you hear me?! I didn’t break my promise!!! I didn’t die!!! What the heck I can’t even die!!!” he shouted and laughed his heart out.

“Jenny I didn’t break my promise!!!”