Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 6

Chapter 6: About Hannah

“Three months and Frank-mania has gotten to everyone. Reports say he has been spotted in key cities around the country helping out our law enforcers. With this the national crime rate has gone down by 300 percent. So Frank wherever you are thank you very much!” the reporter said on the television.

“Hey how about us?” John complained. “Hey John, whenever they say Frank, that isn’t just me anymore, its every one of us in the team including the cops who poses as me” Frank said and everyone smiled.

“On the lighter side of the news, the President’s son Darwin Johnson arrived this morning with his long time fiancée Hannah Morgan. The two has been said to be engaged for five months now. Darwin is not only known to be the President’s son but likewise a good actor who starred in several hit movies. As you can see on the video they arrived this morning from a Caribbean vacation” the reporter said.

“Jennifer can you change the channel please” Frank said and Yehleen and John looked at him. “I am watching the news” Jennifer replied. “Please Jennifer can you change the channel” Frank repeated and even Erick was starting to worry. Jennifer looked at Frank angrily, “Go buy your own television set! I have the remote so whatever I want to watch you all have to watch!” she yelled. Frank stood up and walked towards the elevator, Erick followed him. As the elevator door closed Yehleen grabbed the remote from Jennifer and stared her in the eye. “You bitch! Didn’t you recognize her? That was his ex girlfriend! Hannah Morgan!” Yehleen yelled and Jennifer was shocked and looked at the two. “Oh my God I didn’t know” she said.

“What? You didn’t know? It’s on his file folder and you didn’t know? Did you even read his file?” John asked and put on his ear piece. Jennifer bowed her head and realized the problem. Yehleen sat on the couch crying feeling sorry for Frank, “She left Frank to be with that actor, poor Frank” she said with a shaky voice as John tried to make contact with Erick. “Valiant are you there?” John whispered. “Yes I am here Merlin” Erick replied. “How’s Papo?” John asked. “Not now John, not now. Don’t worry I am keeping an eye on him. And tell that wicked bitch not to show her face to me ever again!” Erick said and John made sure Jennifer heard it.

A few hours later the elevator door opened and Frank and Erick stepped out. Jennifer approach Frank immediately to apologize but Erick lunged at her to slap her face. A loud slap echoed in the living room at John and Yehleen looked on but they were surprised to see that Erick actually slapped Frank who rushed in front of Jennifer. “Ouch” Frank said. “Oh sorry Franky, why did you get in the way?” Erick said. Frank pushed Erick backwards and stared him down. “What’s done is done; she didn’t know so let it go. I am fine. You don’t have to blame her for what happened, she didn’t know” Frank said and Erick took a deep breath but still managed to stare at Jennifer. Frank walked towards Jennifer and lifted her bowed head, “You don’t have to feel sorry, I am not mad, I am fine okay?” he told her but Jennifer just stood still. “And it also goes for the both of you, don’t blame her for anything, I would have known eventually. I just beg of you all not to talk about it anymore, is that okay?” Frank said and everyone nodded.

For three days they watched over Frank secretly but he just acted normally. They took turns watching him sleep in the eventuality he tries to kill himself again. For three days Frank was jolly and acted as if nothing happened.

The following day Frank knocked on Jennifer’s door early in the morning. “What is it Frank, go back to sleep” he heard her say. “Jen I need to get my suit and stuff, I want to go watch a movie” he said. “You can’t go out without me, we can go later, go back to bed” she replied without even thinking. “I am going with Erick” Frank said. “So go with him, you don’t need your suit and stuff, he will protect you” she replied and Frank walked away.

Later that evening Jennifer and Yehleen were watching television as John wheeled in to join them.

“We are now live here in the grand opening of this new movie theater and anytime soon the President’s son will arrive. Darwin Johnson chose this theatre to show the premier of his new so we expect lots of celebrities to grace this grand opening” the reporter said.

“Speaking of movies didn’t Frank and Erick go watch one?” Jennifer asked and the two looked at her. “Why didn’t he invite me? And what’s taking them so long they have been gone since this morning” John said. “Maybe they went to visit the troops, you know how much Frank loves those guys” Yehleen said. The elevator door opened and they saw Erick step out. “Hey Erick where’s Frank?” Jennifer asked. “I don’t know I went to the base to handle some minor problems” he said and the three looked at each other.

“He told me he was going with you to see a movie” Jennifer said and Erick sat down and shrugged his shoulders. Jennifer felt nervous all of a sudden as she looked at the television, “Hey John is there a way Frank would have known about this theatre opening?” she asked. John was also starting to worry as he brought out his laptop and checked. “Damn it! He hacked his way to the security details” John said and Erick stood up. “How far is that city?” he asked. “Eight hours by car” John replied. “Oh my God, he went there!” Yehleen yelled.

“Suit up and let’s go!” Erick commanded as he ran towards the elevator, Jennifer followed him as John kept on typing on his computer. “Hey it says here he took the SUV this morning, he must be there by now” John said. “Okay, have the chopper ready and alert the operatives in that city tell them we are coming” Erick said as the doors closed.

“John I am worried, I think we should go with them” Yehleen suggested. “Yeah you’re right, come on let’s go, don’t forget to bring the portable television so we can keep watch” John said as they too rushed towards the elevator.

Thirty minutes later the crowd was getting noisier as celebrities and government officials walk through the red carpet. Flashing lights from cameras are all around as cheers and claps are heard all around. Amid the crowd stood Frank waiting to see her again, dressed in all black to signify he is mourning wishing no one would recognize him. Ten more minutes and a convoy arrives, security personnel get out the first few vehicles and spread out as a huge limousine parks.

Darwin Johnson steps out of the vehicle with all smiles as he waves to the crowd. He reaches his hand inside the car and suddenly Frank’s heart began beating rapidly. There she was the woman he loved, Hannah stepped out of the car smiling and waving her hands too. They walk side by side on the red carpet as more flashes are seen. Frank could not take his eyes of her, for a long time he has never seen her smiling this way, not even when they were still together.

Frank forced himself forward and the lady beside him recognized him but the attention still was on the two people walking along the aisle. Ten feet away, that was the distance when Hannah noticed Frank, her smile suddenly vanished and tears started to fall down Frank’s cheeks. Five feet away and Frank still had his eyes on her, Hannah’s lips were shaking and Darwin was beginning to notice.

A camera man with an official ID stood in front of the couple as the two stopped to strike a pose. Frank looked away and focused on the camera man and he noticed him bringing out a gun. Suddenly time slowed down for Frank as the camera man pointed the gun towards Darwin, without thinking he lunged out from the crowd and stood in front of Darwin and Hannah.
“Frank don’t!!!” Hannah screamed but the gun already fired and a bullet hit Frank at the center of his chest. Security details were able to pin the gunman down on the ground, more security rushed Darwin and Hannah away. People were screaming but Frank was still stand holding on to his chest. He turns around and sees Hannah being rushed away but still she was screaming his name. Frank just smiled and as the crowd dispersed in terror Frank walked away with his head bowed down.

Frank kept walking away and each step he took he felt weaker. Two SUV’s stopped suddenly in front of him and Jennifer quickly got out and ran towards him. Frank stood up straight and smiled at her, “Are you okay?” she asked. “Of course I am, why shouldn’t I be?” Frank replied and Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief. Frank walked towards the second SUV and he saw Erick get out, he quickly gripped Erick’s arm tightly and showed him the blood on his hands. “Please don’t make her worry, it’s my fault” Frank whispered as Erick quickly got him inside and they sped away.

“Where are they going?” Yehleen asked as she alighted from the vehicle. “I don’t know, he said he was okay” Jennifer said and as she looked on the ground she noticed drops of blood and she remembered Frank didn’t have his vest on. “Oh my God he was shot!” Jennifer shouted as she got back on the vehicle, Yehleen panicked and quickly got inside. “Quickly go after them” Jennifer ordered the driver. “What’s going on who was shot? Frank? He has his vest so why are you worried?” John said from the back but Jennifer bowed her head weeping.

On the other vehicle Erick had Frank in his arms, “Hang on buddy, don’t you die on me now” he said as he kept pressure on Frank’s chest. “Hey, don’t get mad at Jen, it’s my fault. I really wanted to see her you know” Frank whispered. “I know don’t worry, you had to see her” Erick said. Frank smiled at him and closed his eyes, “Erick I feel very sleepy” Frank said. “No! Wake up! Keep talking to me buddy” Erick said with a shaky voice.

“Erick, are you crying?” Frank asked and Erick laughed. “Yes, but don’t tell anyone” he answered. “Erick you snore too loud” Frank said. “I know buddy, I know, keep talking for me okay?” Erick told him but Frank closed his eyes once again and fell silent.