Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 15

Chapter 15: A Dreamy Christmas

It was Christmas Eve and Lisa and Bart were preparing a hefty meal and Jennifer was watching them. “I wonder where Frank went” Jennifer said as she sat back and sighed. “Maybe he went to buy you a Christmas present dear” Lisa told her. Jennifer slouched and pouted and a few seconds later Frank came walking towards them. Jennifer stood up and hugged him tightly, “where have you been I was so worried” she said and Frank laughed.

“I just went for a walk nearby” he said and Jennifer looked at him curiously. “Went for a walk even it’s so dark out there? You liar!” she said but she still hugged him. “Actually I came back here get you, I have something to show you” he said and Jennifer looked at him. “Show me? What? Where?” she asked and Frank grinned at her. “You’ll see” he said.

“Go you two but be sure to come back at once or you will miss this hearty meal” Lisa said and the two lovebirds walked out of the house.

The two walked across the field under the moonlight. Jennifer noticed that they were heading towards the pond. “Frank where are you taking me?” she asked. “I can’t tell you yet” he replied. “But this trail leads to the pond, where I get my favorite lilies” she said. “How did you know this trail?” she asked. “Every night I go out for a walk after I tuck you in bed” he said.

Moments later they reach the pond, it was so dark and the moon’s light was barely seen because of the tall trees around. “So what about this place? I have been here a hundred of times” Jennifer said. “I know but I am sure you have not seen this place at night” Frank said. “Of course, look at those trees, even if the moon grew bigger I’m sure this place won’t get lit up” she said. “Okay, now I have to have you seat down” Frank said and Jennifer sat on the ground. Frank brought out a handkerchief and covered Jennifer’s eyes. “Is this necessary?” she asked.

“Yes, now don’t peek, just seat down there for a moment as I have to do something” he said and Jennifer took a deep breath and started humming. A few minutes later Frank held Jennifer’s hand and helped her up. He stood at her back and slowly removed the blindfold. Jennifer could not believe what she was seeing. For the first time the place was brightened up glowing white lilies. “Oh my God! How did you do this?” she said as she started to walk around in amazement.
Moments ago the place was dark but now the pond was visible. All around the place were white lilies that were glowing like light bulbs. Jennifer walked around and still she could not believe it. She looked at Frank and hugged him, “How did you do these?” she asked.

“Fireflies, I placed fireflies inside the lilies. They are glowing inside the lilies” he told her and he embraced her back. “You never cease to amaze me, you always make my heart beat madly” she softly said as she gazed into his eyes. “That’s because I love seeing you smile. That smile is what makes me want to live on, makes me want to wake up the next morning as I sleep. The smile that I would like to be seeing for the rest of my life” he told her

Jennifer smiled and she could feel her heart beat faster. “You say all those but somehow I doubt you. I can feel you still have feeling for Hannah” she said. Frank smiled at her and took a deep breath. “Hannah will always be here in my heart. I won’t deny it, I still love her. I really thought she would be the only one who would be in my heart but since I met you that thinking has changed. I know it sounds ridiculous to love two people at the same time but I do. I love you Jennifer. I love Hannah still, eight years is such a long time for me to just forget in an instant. She is still in my heart but you are also in my heart now”

“The love I have for you is different; if words can explain it…I love you more. The love I have for her is slowly fading…it’s not like the love I have for you that is growing daily. Don’t ask me what I saw in you that made me love you for I cannot say, if my heart could speak then maybe you will know. I know even if I say I love you will still have doubts, I can’t blame you for that. But Jennifer…I do love you…very much” he said.

Jennifer felt a different sensation inside of her. Those words he said made her feel so light, she wanted to reply but she didn’t know what words to say. Once again their faces were close to each other, their lips barely touching. Still she didn’t know the right words, and even though she could search for it there was only one way she could reply at that moment.

Their lips touched each other finally as they kissed just like they did in her dream. After a few seconds Jennifer pulled her head back, she looked down on the ground and say they feet on the ground. “This isn’t a dream” he heard Frank say, she smiled at him and they kissed once again.

Under the moonlight and glowing lilies started to fade, the fireflies started to gather and it caught their attention. Just like a scene in a fantasy flick the fireflies surrounded them, the lone beings in the darkness with hearts beating as one.

“I think we should head back now” Frank told her. Jennifer pulled his head closer and bit his lower lip, “Let’s stay here a little bit longer” she whispers and they once again kissed.

As the clock hit twelve midnight everyone greeted each other a merry Christmas. A festive meal was set on the dining table and they all gathered around. Lisa and Bart noticed something different on their daughter, her smile was sweeter and it never faded away since they came in the house.

“Mom, dad, you have been staring at me since we came back” Jennifer said and her parents smiled at her. “Well you are glowing dear, I wonder why” her mother joyfully said. Jennifer giggled and leaned on Frank’s shoulder. “I’m just happy, did I ever tell you two that I liked Frank?” she replied and they nodded. “Well forget what I said because I really love him” she said and she looked at Frank who looked away embarrassed.

After eating the whole group gathered around the living room, Frank took center stage and Jennifer wondered what surprise he had in store. “First of all let me say that I love Jennifer so much” he said and Lisa embraced her daughter and teased her. “Now with that said, I would like to give you some gifts” he told them as he brought out his mobile phone and played a video and showed it to them.

The video was presentation of a house, Lisa, Bart and Jennifer crowded in to take a look. “Wow this is a nice house” Lisa said. “Damn it has mini bar, and even a pool table. I’d like to have those when we get a house in the city” Bart said. “Hey Frank, whose house is this and why are you showing this to us?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s your house” he said and everyone looked at him. Frank smiled and nodded his head as Lisa and Bart looked in disbelief. “Jenny, you didn’t tell us you already have a house” Bart said. Jenny looked surprised too as she looked at Frank. “That’s not my house dad, Frank what are you saying?” she asked. “That house, my gift to you, all of you” Frank told her and again she could not believe what he was saying.

“Frank this is not a nice joke” Jennifer said and Frank laughed. “Im not joking, that house is yours. Sorry I don’t have the keys yet but once we get back to the city I can get it for you. You told me your parents wanted to retire in the city so with all the money I earned from selling the designs, and since I love you very much I decided to buy that house for you” he said and Lisa and Bart were silent. Tears were rolling down their cheeks as they both shook their head.

Jennifer looked at the video and still she could not believe it. “I don’t know what to say really. This is so much already” she said as tears too started to form around her eyes. “Just say you love me, that’s all I need to hear” he told her. Jennifer stood up and hugged him as Bart and Lisa did the same.

“Hey, stop crying, there’s one more gift you need to see” he told her and she looked at him and wiped her eyes. “I’m listening” she said as she tried to smile. “Wait here and I will go and get it” he told her and he walked out of the house. Jennifer sat in between her parents as they hugged her and again they watched the video.

Frank came back inside and took a deep breath. Jennifer looked around but she didn’t see anything with him. “So where is my other present?” she asked. “I actually have a hard time bringing it in, so why don’t you call it” he said and Jennifer’s eyes grew bigger as she stared at him. “No! You must be kidding me” she said and Frank smiled. “No I’m not, go ahead call him by his name” he said and Jennifer shook her head in disbelief, “What’s his name?” she asked. “What do you think his name is?” he answered.

“Papo! Here boy!” Jennifer yelled and they heard a dog bark from the outside. They all looked towards the door as a golden retriever came running inside. It ran towards Frank and circled him as Jennifer stood up and knelt on the ground. “Papo, here boy” she said and the dog walked towards her. Jennifer hugged the dog and now she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer.

It was already two in the morning, Frank and Jennifer was still walking around the field as Papo walked beside them. “Frank this day alone you made me very happy, but I feel embarrassed since I don’t even have anything to give you” she said. Frank held her hand and stopped, he looked at her and lifter her head. “Jen, being with you is enough for me. Like I told you all you have to do is smile and I will be okay” he said. “The pond scene and Papo they are already enough, but the house, I feel so ashamed already” she softly said and bowed her head again.

“Jen, the house is just a material thing. I just wanted to make your parents happy. I don’t need money, I never did really. All I need is you by my side always. I am not trying to buy with you all these gifts, I just wanted to make you happy” he said. All she could do was hug him for once again she had a difficult time looking for the right words. “I love you Frank” she whispered and Papo suddenly barked. They both laughed as they looked at the dog who was staring at them.

“Papo loves you too” Frank said and again they laughed. “So you speak dog language now” Jennifer teased and Frank began to bark and Papo barked back at him. “Ah yes Papo, sorry, he said it’s time for his bedtime” Frank told her and he began to walk back to the house. He noticed Jennifer didn’t move an inch from where they were, “Jen come on time for bed” Frank said but Jennifer just stood there looking at him.

“Together” she said softly as smiled at him. She turned around and walked towards the barn and Frank caught up with her. “Together, me and you?” he asked excitedly and Jennifer held his hand and led him towards the barn.

And underneath the blanket their bodies unite in harmonious heavenly bliss. Until the moon bade goodbye and the sun peeked and smiled, two naked bodies embracing, enjoying each other’s company. On this Christmas day a bond founded by love was formed.