Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 3

Chapter 3: About Franky

Thirty days have passed and the conference room was filled with people. Salvation team members were present along with the heads of different government agencies were well seated. Standing in front was Captain Erick Harrison and all focus was on him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please focus your attention on the screen. For thirty days it was my task to train the subject Frank Miller, this is what he looked like a month ago” he said and on the screen surveillance videos of Frank appeared including the two video clips of his heroics.

“I was tasked to train him, make him physically fit and capable of defending himself in one month but there is little we can teach in that amount of time so we focused on physical conditioning and some basic self defense skills. We let him join a troop of young recruits of the marines, he bunked with them, trained with them and he was treated the same like them. He never complained, as you can see in the video whatever the new recruits did he likewise did, although we had to give him extra and advanced training and even though his body could not take it anymore he still woke up the next day and did some more.”

“I have been in service for a long time and this is the first time I had a troop of recruits where not even one gave up. Even at the point where they were all drained out we the officers were surprised that they still had the strength to laugh all night and wake up on time the next morning. Hell week as we call it seemed like a normal training week to them, we were surprised so we tried to find out what was happening during night times. With their bodies aching and all of them in their beds, Frank was still standing making them all laugh, telling jokes about his being fat, even making silly jokes about me and the officers. Can you imagine bunch of men massaging in other? Well see for yourself, I don’t know how Frank convinced them but they did it and they are still doing it now”

“There were reports of some recruits who wanted to quit but when we confronted them they had already changed their minds. We asked them why and they all had the same answer, ‘Franky talked to me’. To our curiosity we the officers bunked with them for a night, the recruits were tense since we were there but Frank just continued his antics. We the officers actually enjoyed it and as the recruits saw us laughing and enjoying, the tension was gone. Amazingly we the officers bunked with them from that day on. Yes we even had to join in their group massage”

“I must congratulate you Senator for finding Franky, he sure is something. But let me tell you one big problem with him. Within one month he tried to kill himself four times, let me tell you we guarded him well after the first try but he is very sneaky ever since, in short he outwitted us, he sweet talked us to look the other way. He manipulated us to pretend he was okay. After the first attempt I asked the recruits to watch over him, thus they foiled his next three attempts”

“Whatever pain is causing him to do this must be so deep; I myself have never experienced that kind of pain that would want me to take my life. So that is the only problem with Frank, we must make sure someone is watching him constantly” the captain said.

“Hey cap is that Frank on the screen?” John asked and the captain laughed. “Oh no, he never wanted us to capture his video so wherever we hid the camera he always knew. But we were able to capture him from the backside, but still he knew it. We asked him why and the reason he gave was ‘so that there will be no memories of me when I die’” Erick said.

“Let me share with you this video clip taken yesterday as he left camp, I can’t say more just watch it” the captain added. On the screen was video taken by a hidden camera inside the sleeping quarters, recruits lined up all with heads bowed down as Frank hugged them one by one. All were crying and emotional and three of the recruits even blocked the door so that Frank would not be able to step out. “Up to now I get emotional watching this video, I don’t know what Frank did to them but can you imagine the effect if he did the same to the public?” the captain said with a shaky voice.

The lights turned back on and most of the people in the room were teary eyed. The captain took his seat and everyone looked to the center. “So are the clones ready?” the senator asked. “Yes they are senator, they have been assigned to major key locations around the city” the chief of police said. “We must begin this operation immediately, according to our sources the terrorist cells are on the move, several cells are known to be in this city” the chief of homeland security said. “But for sure they won’t only be in this city, how about the other cities?” the chief of police asked. “Yes we cannot deny the fact that it is only not this city but reports tell us that they are planning something big here and we must stop them at all costs. If we stop them here then hopefully the other cells would take notice and back down” the senator added.

“We already have blocked suspected bank transfers to known terrorist operatives, so rest assured they would be lacking funds to mount something big. But if they are desperate they will find a way and that we all know is resorting to the crimes that we are used to. But they are itching to take our country down lets not forget that so for sure they will find a way to attack, maybe not now or tomorrow but we should be ready and we must be one step ahead of them, better yet two steps ahead” the senator said.
“So how does this superhero thing help?” Jennifer asked. “Well right now we all have our hands full, petty crimes, local criminals and terrorists. If this operation is successful then we can reduce the crime rate by a big margin. If we are able to instill fear on criminals then that is a good thing, we can focus our resources in stopping the terrorist cells” the senator explained.

“And how about the other cities? I’m sure all the people would want this hero to be on their city too” Jennifer said. “Yes you are correct that is why right now all other city governments are preparing their own clones, but for now we shall start the operation in this city” the senator added.

“So everything seems to be all set, so where is Frank?” Yehleen asked. The senator looks at Erick and the captain picks up the phone. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door, “Come in Frank” the senator said.

The door opened and Frank entered the room, all eyes were on him. “Ladies and gentlemen, the new Frank Miller” Erick said and everyone clapped. Frank was no fat guy no more, he was supporting a crew cut, his body looked well built just like a military person, and the two ladies in the room could not take their eyes of him. Frank took a seat and smiled at everyone, “Can I eat normal food now?” he said and everyone started laughing. “Would you like pizza again Mister Miller?” the senator asked. “Are you sure all these people eat pizza? They look so serious and it seems they eat people” Frank quipped and again the room erupted in laughter.

“Hey Frank you look more handsome now, I’m thinking of dumping John for you” Yehleen joked. “Oh thirty days with all men has changed me, I like men now so I think I will take John away from you” Frank replied. “I’m just kidding, I would never leave John” Yehleen retracted. “Well I am not joking, hi John” Frank said with a womanly voice and everyone again was laughing as John shook his head.

After lunch the team members were showed to their rooms upstairs. The second floor was still an office area; the third floor was employees’ quarters. The fourth floor was divided into two; there was a gym facility, a game room, a kitchen and a dining area, and one big living room. The fifth floor was reserved for team members; there were only four big rooms, one on each corner.

As the elevator door opened John quickly rolled out and picked a room. “Two rooms have terraces, Frank you are not allowed to have any of those rooms, John and Yehleen you will have one room, and Jennifer you take the other room with a terrace” the captain said. “Your rooms will have their own toilet and bath area; sorry no television sets because since we are a team everyone has to share the television on the floor below. We shall be having breakfast, lunch and dinner all together, just like one big family. If there is anything you need just ask” Erick told them.

“Frank please follow me this way, I will show you your room” Erick said and they walked toward the end of the floor. They entered the room and Frank took a deep breath, Jennifer and the others took a peek inside and they were shocked to see the state of his room. “You can’t be serious!” John said. “It looks like a comfortable detention cell, no windows at all” Yehleen uttered. “It’s okay, I’m fine with this” Frank said as he walked towards the bed and sat down. “Frank I’m sorry, it had to be done” Erick told him. “Its fine, I understand why. Can you leave me alone…oh there are cameras so I guess I have no alone time too. I want to take a nap if that’s okay with you all” Frank said as he got on the bed and relaxed.

They left him and proceeded to the captain’s room where everyone sat down. “Now if you noticed Frank’s room has no windows and I am sure you all know why. His doors have no locks, and there are cameras installed to watch his every move. In your rooms there are monitors so that we all can watch him. There are people downstairs who will be watching him too. Even his bathroom is not spared I should say so I don’t know what you shall be seeing but whatever it is never talk about it. If you see he tries to do something suspicious go and stop him at once” Erick told them.

“I am just curious, with the power of the government; we could have chosen another guy. I mean we could easily make fake videos, we could have paid fake eyewitnesses and all that, so tell me why him?” Jennifer asked. “I really don’t know, I never asked the senator why” Erick answered. “We could have chosen a non-suicidal guy, now we end up with probably a nut case; sorry to say this out loud but what happens when he succeeds in killing himself? We would be the laughing stock of the whole world, can you imagine HERO TAKES OWN LIFE” she added. “That’s why we are here to make sure he doesn’t” Erick said and Jennifer shook her head.

“Yeah right, it’s just as if you want us to babysit this nut job for 24 hours, I’m sure he would find a way because he is brilliant as you say” Jennifer added and the captain stood up enraged. “Look here agent, we have been a team for several years now, last mission we had you had the subject killed because of your attitude! They pegged you to a desk job after that, now they are giving you this chance to redeem yourself and that is how you are going to act? Shame on you! We vouched for your return, if you plan on getting him killed you better tell us now because let me be the first one to shoot you in the head!” Erick yelled. “Hey stop it you two! Whatever happened in the past stays in the past; this is our chance to make amends. Everyone felt badly about what happened last time so shut it cap! You can’t put all the blame on her; we all are at fault but this time let’s make this work okay?” John said. Silence filled the room as their tempers simmered down; Jennifer stood up and left without saying a word. A few seconds later Yehleen and John followed.

Around six in the evening Frank knocked on the door of Jennifer, a few seconds later she opened her door. “What do you want?” she asked. “I would like to invite you to dinner…” he said but immediately Jennifer raised an eyebrow. “Oh, so you think just because you look good now that gives you the right to hit on me already” she said. “No that’s not the case” Frank replied. “You may look more handsome now but I will never go out with you so go away and leave me alone!” she said and she slammed her door.

Frank bowed his head as he walked towards the elevator; Erick, Yehleen and John were waiting for him there. “Frank don’t mind her for now, come on lets go celebrate your birthday” John said and Frank smiled at them. “Hey cap how about my troop mates?” Frank asked as the elevator door closed. “Relax Franky everyone will be there” Erick assured.