Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Falling

Two weeks passed and Frank has gone global, they just returned from a worldwide tour on countries implementing Operation Salvation. Yehleen and Jennifer just got back from a girl’s day off and as they reach the warehouse they were surprised to see a crane hovering over the building.

“I wonder what that crane is for?” Yehleen asked as they stepped out of the car. “Wow, it’s my first time to see a crane up close, how many feet is that? Looking up just hurts my neck” Jennifer said. “Hey look there is someone on the crane, oh my God is that Frank?” Yehleen said and the man on the crane waived at them.

“It’s him, what the hell is he doing up there?” Jennifer asked as they looked at each other. “Don’t tell me he is…Frank don’t do it!!!” Yehleen yelled as Jennifer looked up.

“Hey!!! Watch me!!!” Frank shouted as he raised his arms in the air and jumped. “Frank!!! Nooooo!!!” Jennifer screamed as she ran towards the crane. Frank came flying down as he was screaming his lungs out; Jennifer came right under where he would land and opened her arms as if to catch him. Jennifer was scared and seconds later their faces were so close to each other but Frank bounced back up which bewildered Jennifer.

“It’s a bungee!” Yehleen yelled as she laughed. As Frank stopped bouncing up and down, he was still hanging upside down and he was face to face with Jennifer. “Were you trying to catch me?” Frank said and Jennifer pouted and shook her head. “How was I supposed to know it was a bungee, of course I tried to catch you I was worried!” she shouted and Frank laughed. “We almost kissed, speaking of kiss does this remind you of a Spiderman and Mary Jane when they kissed?” Frank said and Jennifer twisted his ear. Seconds later they heard another man screaming; as they looked up they saw John falling downwards screaming like a girl.

As John steadied Yehleen embraced him and they kissed just like in the movie. “I’m so jealous” Frank said and Yehleen and John laughed. “Jennifer why don’t you kiss Frank too, just for fun” Yehleen suggested and Jennifer shook her head blushing. “Oh yeah Erick is next” John said so they all looked up and they saw Erick waiving at them. “This is going to be a funny one” Frank said and he and John already started laughing.
Erick came falling down but he stopped midway, “Hey!!! What gives!!! I think the cord got stuck!!!” they could hear him yelling but John and Frank laughed louder. Jennifer unfastened Frank down as Erick was still screaming for help. “Frank did you do this?!!!” Erick shouted and Frank and John could not stop laughing. As they got John down they all waived at Erick who was already laughing at himself. “Hey okay get me down now please” he begged.

“John how did you get up there?” Yehleen asked and he smiled. “Frank carried me on his back, boy I never imagined I could do that with my condition, thanks Frank” John said as he sat on the ground. Jennifer looked up and sighed, “I would like to try it too” she murmured and Yehleen said the same. “Okay why don’t we all go up but first we have to get Erick down” Frank said. “Why? Let him stay there for a little longer” John suggested and they all looked at each other and laughed.

Other agents were called out to man the ground as the four climbed back up. “Hey please get me down” Erick pleaded and they all ignored him. First to go were Yehleen and John, both screamed and laughed all the way but Jennifer suddenly wanted to back out. “Hey what’s wrong?” Frank asked. “I don’t think this is a good idea” she said as she knelt on the platform shaking. “Oh come on, you have to try it, don’t worry I am here” Frank reassured and Jennifer slowly crawled like a baby.

As Frank attached the cords to both of them Jennifer was still shaking, “Hey I know you are afraid but look at Erick, he is still hanging right? It’s safe I promise and I am here, if you want you can hold my hand and we will jump together” Frank said and Jennifer slowly stood up and embraced him. “Hey, if you two need privacy just tell me so I can close my eyes” Frank teased them. “It’s not what you think! I am just scared” Jennifer said. “Come on hold my hand” Frank said and Jennifer looked at him and reached out her hand. “Now take a deep breath, don’t close your eyes or else you will miss the fun” Frank told her and Jennifer took a deep breath and Frank suddenly grinned at pulled her. As they fell of the platform Jennifer immediately embraced Frank, “Frank!!!” she screamed. “Don’t close your eyes!!!” Frank responded as they plunged downwards. Jennifer’s scream turned into laughter as they reached the lower peak and started bouncing up and down.

As their cords steadied Yehleen and John were there to greet them. “So romantic jumping down embracing each other” Yehleen teased and Jennifer quickly released Frank. “He tricked me and I got scared” Jennifer said. As they got released from the cords and the harness Frank looked up and waived at Erick. “I am coming get release you, so hang on a little longer” Frank said as he walked towards the ladder. Jennifer tugged on his shirt so Frank looked at her. “One more try” she whispered and John and Yehleen laughed at her. “Jen! You are acting like a child” Yehleen said and Jennifer pouted. “Okay let’s go up again, how about you guys?” Frank asked. “No, that’s enough for the two of us” Yehleen said as she patted John’s head.

“Okay, let’s go Jen” Frank said but Jennifer tugged his shirt again. “My knees are still shaking” she said. Frank knelt down and told her to get on his back, Jennifer was ashamed but Yehleen egged her on. Jennifer got on his back and wrapped her arms around him, John and Yehleen smiled at her and Jennifer could not hide her smile anymore. She leaned her head on his should and waived at them as they started to climb up.

“Who thought of this?” Jennifer asked. “I did, I wanted to fulfill one of John’s wishes, and well at least everyone had fun” Frank said. “You must be tired for carrying him up twice and now me” she said. “Nope, I don’t feel tired at all” Frank replied. “I think I am falling…” Jennifer murmured so Frank stopped, “Hold on to me tighter then” he said but Jennifer wasn’t about to fall off but still she embraced him tighter. Frank then started to climb again this time slower, “Frank what if I lose my grip and I fall?” she suddenly asked. “Then I would fall after you, I’m sure I am heavier so I would reach the ground first just in time to catch you” he said. Jennifer smiled and closed her eyes.

“A while ago I was really scared, I thought you were going to kill yourself again. I know there is no way for me to catch you but I tried” Jennifer said and Frank laughed. “Relax Jen, I am way past that stage, from now on I promise you I won’t die on you” he told her. “Liar” she said. “I am not lying, that is a promise. And besides if I die who will catch you when you fall? So I can’t die, I have to be there when you fall” he said and Jennifer couldn’t stop her heart beating rapidly as she listened to his sweet words.

Ten minutes later they were ready to jump, Erick just touched ground and Yehleen was helping him off his straps. Jennifer held Franks hands and she closed her eyes. “Are you ready?” Frank asked. “Wait, can we stay like this a little bit longer?” she asked. “Okay” Frank said as he imitated what she was doing. “Frank, I really wish you were a real superhero that could fly” she said and Frank laughed. “Why?” he asked. “Well so you could swoop me in your arms and fly me across the city, we could go pick up my favorite flower miles away everyday. I know its just wishful thinking though” she said.

“Be careful what you wish for, you never know it might come true” Frank said. “Yeah right, let’s go!” Jennifer replied as he pulled Frank off the platform. This time she never screamed but once again she embraced him. She never closed her eyes but she focused on his face. “Frank…I am falling…” she told him. Frank looked at her and smiled, “Don’t worry I am here with you” he said as he embraced her back.