Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Franktastic!

One morning the whole team was testing their new field vehicle that Frank requested from the president.

“Frank you really are a spoiled brat, I can believe the president himself gave this to us” Erick said as he handled the driving. “Actually Darwin paid for this, he owes me his life remember so if there is anything we need all we have to do is ask” Frank said and Jennifer looked at him. “So what else are you going to ask him?” she asked. “A private jet sounds nice so we can fly wherever we want to” Frank said and John was so excited in front.

“Yeah! And ask for a yacht too so we go land, air and sea. Hey Cap go faster, floor it!” John said and Erick sped up and everyone held on to their seats. “Oh by the way twinkle toes its Major now” Erick said as he sped up some more. “Turn on the siren!” Frank said and John turned them on. They were having so much fun but at the back seat Yehleen was witness on the closeness of Frank and Jennifer. She saw Jennifer holding on to his hand with her head leaned on his shoulder.

“All units please are advised robbery in progress at Darlington Bank. All available units within the area respond. Several armed suspects with high caliber rifles spotted”

“Hey were two blocks away, well John you wished for field work so here it is” Erick said as he picked up the transceiver. “Salvation Team on the way, requesting Salvation clones to stand down nationwide, Frank is going in” Erick said and everyone looked at him.

“Me? I am going in?” Frank asked. “Relax, I just told them to stand down since you will be seen here afterwards. Protocol remember?” Erick said. Jennifer took out her gun and checked it and Frank looked at her. “You’re not going out, you are staying here in the car with us” he told her. “Frank, I am still an agent, they might need more help and relax I am trained for this” she said.

“I know but you have to stay with me, you have to protect me right?” Frank said. “You will be safe here, don’t worry about me I can handle myself, I will be with Erick. You three just sit here in the car, when everything is over you know what to do” she said. Frank held on to her shirt and arm and leaned on her. “Nope, you stay by my side, if you go out you take me with you” Frank said and Yehleen started laughing.

They arrive at the scene and gun shots were heard. They saw several masked men trading fire with a few cops who were already there. Jennifer opened the car door but Frank would not let her go. Erick went out ahead and John was busy on his laptop coordinating with other operatives. “Frank let me go” Jennifer said. “Stay here with me, it’s safer here” he told her. “Frank! I am trained for this, let me do my work!” she yelled and Frank let her go. “Don’t worry I will be safe okay?” Jennifer said as she closed the door. Frank sighed and sat back; Yehleen held his hand and looked at him. “You are worried about her?” she asked. “Yeah” he just replied. “Don’t be, she is a good field agent, there is nothing to worry about” Yehleen said. Frank was very worried but there was nothing he could do but just watch.

It was just like a warzone on the street. For twenty minutes there was nonstop gunfire. The suspects had the authorities move back due to the strength of their firepower. Inside the vehicle Frank was still worried, Yehleen was glued on the small television screen and John was enjoying his first field experience.

“Sarah Kelly reporting for TXN news. Thirty minutes have passed and the suspects and the cops are still at it. Several cops have already been rushed to the nearby hospital, and where is Frank when you need him?”

“In the car watching” Frank said and he banged his head on the window. “Frank the poster boy is hiding inside a bullet proof vehicle waiting for them to stage the grand finale, that is where your hero is” he again said. Yehleen looked at him and comforted him, “Don’t say that Frank” she said. “I want to pee, where can I pee?” he asked and he scooted over to the driver’s seat. “What are you doing?” John asked.

“Driving us out of here, I really need to pee” Frank said and they didn’t argue with him. Frank drove the vehicle around the corner; he took out the keys and quickly got out. He then pressed the remote to lock all doors, Yehleen was banging on the window so as John but Frank walked back towards the scene.

“Ice Queen! Valiant! Papo got out of the car and is heading there!” John said over the radio.
“What? Are you serious?” Jennifer replied. “Where is he I don’t see him around? Do you see him? If you do take him out of here ASAP!” Erick commanded.
Amid the bystanders Frank emerged, Sarah approached him right away with the cameraman as cheers erupted from the crowd. The cops suddenly stopped firing as they looked at Frank. “Frank where have you been?” Sarah asked as she pushed her way closer to him. “Hello Sarah, you’re pretty” Frank said and Sarah blushed and smiled. “No need to know where I have been, I am here now. So please excuse me and let me stop this mess” he said as he walked towards the bank.

“Papo what are you doing?” Jennifer asked over the radio. “Stopping this what else” he responded as he was already twenty feet away from the suspect. The masked man started shaking on the sight of Frank, he reloaded a new magazine on his rifle but he was now shaking profusely. Frank walked towards him slowly and the man pointed the rifle at him. “Don’t come close!!!” the man yelled but Frank kept walking towards him.

“You know who I am?” Frank asked. The man still shaking and looking back at the bank said “Yeah, don’t come near I will shoot!”
“You know bullets can’t stop me right. So even though you shoot your gun I am still going to get you” Frank said and a gunshot was heard and it hit Frank on the chest. Frank was wearing a vest but still he felt so much pain, he could not let the man see this so he mustered all his courage to take a few more steps. The other suspect who fired the gun ran back inside the bank and Frank was now face to face with the lone suspect outside. “I told you bullets have no effect on me. Now let me tell you what I can do, I can take your gun and form it into a donkey just like a balloon. Or I can punch you in the face but I really can control my power, so probably you could die at once. You would not like that right?” Frank said and the man shook his head.

“So why don’t you give me your gun and kneel on the ground, tell your friends to come out before I lose my temper” he softly said and the man handed the gun to Frank and fell on his knees. The suspect radioed his accomplices and after a few seconds they came out with their hands up in the air. The crowd erupted in cheers as the cops apprehended the suspects.

The crowd ran towards Frank but the other police stopped them, Frank walked towards Jennifer and Erick. They noticed he was walking funny, “Frank are you okay?” Jennifer asked as she held on to his arm. “Holy crap…I can’t believe I just did that…I think I peed on my pants” he said and Erick and Jennifer laughed loudly. “Next time I will just stay in the car…I promise…but hey was I cool or what?” Frank said and Jennifer pouted at him. “Are you mad at me?” he asked her but she smiled and hugged him. “You were so cool” she whispered.

Back at the base later that evening everyone was watching the news.

“…and again Frank saves the day, it took him only one minute to make all suspects surrender. I don’t know what kind of mind power he used but he got the job done. So Frank if you are listening the people of this city thank you.” Sarah said.

“Wait Sarah, we heard you were able to talk with Frank before he stopped those suspects. What did he tell you?” the anchor man asked.

Sarah was blushing and smiling, “Well he told me I was pretty” she said and the anchorman laughed. “Okay thank you again Sarah, that was Sarah Kelly reporting live at the Darlington bank.

“You told her she was pretty” Jennifer whispered and crossed her arms. Yehleen laughed but she covered her mouth. “What did you say?” Frank asked and Jennifer looked at him angrily, “Nothing” she said. “Hey Frank do you have mental powers?” John asked and Frank nodded. “You want to see my powers?” Frank asked and everyone looked at him.

Frank stood up and walked to the center, “Everyone look at Jennifer” he said and everyone looked at her. “Now watch as I will make her mad” he said and everyone waited, Frank put his hands on his head and looked at her. “I told Sarah Kelly she was pretty” he said and Jennifer frowned and everyone laughed. “You see I told you I had mental powers” Frank joked and John egged him to do it again.

“Okay this time I am going to make her smile” he said and Jennifer took a deep breath and said “Yeah right, in your dreams” Frank again put his hands on his head and looked at her. Everyone was looking at Jennifer, “I told Sarah Kelly she was pretty but I didn’t say I like her” Frank uttered and Jennifer’s lips twitched. “Frank it didn’t work” Yehleen said. “Oh wait I’m not done yet” he said but Jennifer stared him in the eye “Go ahead give it your best shot” she dared him.

“Okay, to show you I have real mental powers I shall go to the kitchen and use my powers there” Frank said and he walked towards the kitchen until they could not see him. “Okay are you all ready?” he asked. “Yeah, show us your powers” John said.

Frank pressed the second button on his collar and whispered “Remember you asked me about the like word, and you said if I liked you as a friend? I said something like that right? Well I lied. I do like you more than that”

As all eyes were on Jennifer as she suddenly smiled and everyone was surprised. Frank came back to join them and the three looked at him. “You really have mental powers?” John asked but Frank pointed at his communications device. Everyone looked at Jennifer and saw she was also wearing hers so they started laughing. “Damn! I almost fell for it, I really thought you have powers” Erick said. “Hmmm so what did you tell her?” Yehleen asked. Frank shrugged his shoulders and looked at Jennifer who again smiled and looked away. Yehleen elbowed her and said “Come on what did he tell you?” Jennifer shrugged her shoulders too and shook her head, “He pressed the right button” she said.

Past ten in the evening Jennifer could not sleep, she got up and walked around her room thinking of Frank. She got her communications device and stared at the second button for a long time. She wanted to press it but she didn’t know what to say. For five minutes she paced all around her room and suddenly she went to the terrace and pressed the button.

“Papo, still awake?” she said.
“Yup, why are you still awake?” Frank replied.
“I can’t sleep, why are you awake?” Jennifer asked.
“I can’t sleep too. Why is there something bothering you?” he replied.
“Yes. I’ve been thinking about what you said a while ago” Jennifer said.
“Okay, what about it?” Frank asked.
“Well somehow I don’t believe you” she told him as she giggled.
“You don’t believe what I said? I really meant it” he answered.
“Sounds good but I really don’t know. I still don’t believe you” she said.
“Okay, what should I do to make you believe that I like you?” Frank asked and Jennifer leaned on the railing and smiled.
“Well I want you to kiss me” she said.
“Kiss you? Okay tomorrow I will, but not in front of the others okay?” he said.
Jennifer was all smiles and her heartbeat was beginning to rise. “I can’t wait for tomorrow, I want you to kiss me now” she said.
“Now? You want me to go to your room and kiss you? Okay” he said. Jennifer was excited but she decided to make things more interesting.
“But listen there’s a catch to it. You have to come to my room without going out of your room, and I am at the terrace by the way” she said as she again giggled.
“Okay, I accept the challenge. But if I succeed in coming there without exiting my room will you allow me to kiss you?” he asked.
Jennifer laughed at the impossibility of the task but still she played along, “Of course, don’t make me wait” she said.
“Okay, but you have to close your eyes. Do it now” Frank commanded and Jennifer laughed.
“Why do I have to close my eyes?” she asked.
“Trust me, for this to work you have to close your eyes” he told her. Jennifer shook her head but she gave in. Even though she knew it was impossible she closed he eyes and waited for him to say something funny. “Okay I have my eyes closed now” she said.

Jennifer heard a sound but she didn’t budge, she kept her eyes closed and waited. “What’s taking you so long?” she asked. “You can open them now” Frank said and she was surprised to see him in front of her. “Oh my God, you’re here” she said and Frank smiled at her. “You told me to come here” he said as she noticed him hanging on a rope and holding on to the terrace. Her heart beat faster and she still could not believe that he was right there in front of her. “Well I think you owe something” Frank said as he moved his face closer to hers. Jennifer became shy, her face turned red but she moved her face closer to his.

“A kiss right?” she whispered and smiled. “If I remember correctly I think it was a kiss indeed” Frank said. Their lips almost touching each other, she began to close her eyes but someone just had to ruin the moment. “Hey Frank why did you go on ahead I told you to let me go down first” she heard Erick say and seconds later there came Erick rappelling down beside Frank.

“Oh Good evening Jen, I was just teaching Frank how to rappel” Erick said as he held himself steady in line with Frank. Jennifer moved a step back and smiled, “Rappelling this late at night?” she asked. “Yep, because if we did it in the morning John would want to try but I can’t explain to him that you have to use your legs so we decided to have it at night” Erick explained and Jennifer laughed. “Okay, I will go down first, you better observe what I do Frank, bye Jen” Erick said as he rappelled going down.

Jennifer moved near the railing and watched Erick move down. Frank suddenly kissed her on the cheek and she was surprised. “That wasn’t the kiss I had in mind so you still owe me a kiss remember that” Frank said as he smiled at her. Jennifer held on to her cheek as she watched Frank rappel down. Still her heart beat was so fast, that was not the kiss she too had imagined but for tonight it was enough for she knew that she still owed him the real one.