Friday, January 9, 2009

Ordinary Me Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Good Luck Bracelet

Jennifer woke up one morning hearing the laughter coming from the room of John and Yehleen. She got up and went straight to their room to see what was going on. She saw John and Frank seated on the floor, John had his eyes closed, his hand on Frank’s hands. “What’s going on here?” Jennifer asked. “Shhh…just watch” Yehleen said and so she watched on.

“You have a pet dog named…wait…I can see the letters…it starts with a T” Frank said. “Yes” John responded as he kept his eyes closed. “T…Terrence, yes his name is Terrence” Frank said and John nodded his head. Jennifer noticed Yehleen giving spelling the name Terrence with sign language. “Man you are really good. Okay tell me my greatest dream then” John said as he again closed his eyes. Yehleen again started spelling using sign language and Jennifer pretended not to see it.

“Ah yes…I can sense it has something to do with a car…you want to drive again” Frank said and John opened his eyes for he could not believe he guessed it right. “Wow, I can’t believe it, how did you know that?” John said and Frank laughed. “Its one of my superhero abilities” he said.

“Really? Since when have you learned sign language?” Jennifer commented and everyone looked at her. “What are you talking about, this is the real deal” Frank replied. “Yeah right, so you don’t mind if I try right?” Jennifer said. Yehleen and Frank smiled at each other as Yehleen nodded. “Okay sure have a seat” Frank said as John got out of the way. Jennifer sat down in front of Frank and looked at Yehleen. “I don’t want to close my eyes, and I want Yehleen right beside me” Jennifer said and Frank scratched his head. “Fine, wait a minute I have something to get in my room” he said and he stood up.

“Oh excuses, don’t tell me you are not coming back anymore you fraud” Jennifer said. “I will come back and show you that my power is real” he replied as he rushed out of the room. “Sign language, you two con artists” Jennifer commented and Yehleen laughed. “Sorry John we were just having fun” Yehleen said. “Yeah I know because I only told you about the car thing so I figured it out” John replied. Frank came back to the room and seated in front of Jennifer. He quickly took her hand and held it with both hands. Frank covered Jennifer’s wrist and he closed his eyes and Jennifer started laughing.

“Okay you fraud, I want you to tell me my favorite flower” Jennifer said and Frank started to hum. Everyone was laughing at Frank as he kept on moving and shaking Jennifer’s hand. “Hmm…I can see your favorite flower…I can smell them…wait…almost there I just cannot recognize the scent” he murmured and the more they laughed at him. “Shhh…don’t laugh or you shall break my concentration…I can smell it…oh yes…definitely it’s a rose” he said and he opened his eyes. Jennifer laughed and shook her head, “No its not, I knew you were a fraud” she said as she stood up slowly.

Frank acted frustrated and shook his head, “Well you got me, I may have gotten your favorite flower wrong but I’m sure that bracelet looks good on you” he said and Jennifer noticed that there was a bracelet on her wrist. “What? I didn’t even feel it” she whispered as she looked at the bracelet, Yehleen was giggling and she stood beside Jennifer. “Wow, that looks expensive” she said. Jennifer blushed and looked at Frank; she smiled at him and pinched his arm. “That’s a good luck bracelet, so don’t lose it” Frank said as he finally stood up. Jennifer giggled and could not take her eyes off the bracelet.

“And your favorite flower is a lily, the white lilies that could only be found where you grew up” Frank said and Jennifer’s jaw dropped. “How did you know?” she asked and Yehleen and John looked at her. “Is it true?” Yehleen asked and Jennifer slowly nodded her head. “Yes but I never told anyone…how did you know?” she said and Frank smiled. “I told you I am the real deal” Frank said as he walked out of the room. “Frank wait up! Let’s go test the new Wii!” John said as he wheeled after him.

Jennifer looked at Yehleen bewildered; she shook her head and stared at the bracelet. “How could have he known that?” she whispered and Yehleen touched the bracelet. “Are these diamonds?” she asked and Jennifer took a closer look. “Wow, I think they are” she said and they started to giggle. “He really likes you” Yehleen said and Jennifer smiled. “Honestly my heart is beating so fast, he is full of surprises. But is he for real? I mean about the lilies, how did he know it could only be found at home?” Jennifer said and Yehleen laughed. “Maybe when he says can do something all you have to do is believe in him” she said and they smiled at each other.

After dinner Erick received a call and he called for Jennifer and talked to her in private. As the rest was busy watching television they were surprised to see Erick and Jennifer suited up. “Where are you going?” Frank asked. “We have a tactical meeting, don’t worry it won’t take long we will be back” Erick said. “Can I come with you?” Frank again asked and the two stepped inside the elevator. “No, just stay here, don’t worry I have my lucky bracelet with me” Jennifer said as the elevator door closed.

“Are you sure about the info?” Jennifer asked Erick. “Yes, several operative are already at the site. This is our chance to attack them” Erick replied as they stepped out the elevator. “Why did they call for us?” Jennifer asked and Erick looked at her, “Because we are the best and we are the closest, other will be arriving if needed but we have to strike now or we lose this chance to stop them” Erick told her.

An hour later Frank was feeling uneasy so he kept pacing along the living room. “What! What do you mean they were expecting you?!” John suddenly shouted and Frank rushed to his side.
“I don’t know, send back up immediately we are outnumbered and we can’t see anything. They knew w were coming!” said the voice and Frank recognized it to be Erick’s. “You knew and you didn’t tell me!” Frank lashed at John; Yehleen was terrified because was shaking with anger. “Frank calm down I can explain” John said.

“You knew about this and you didn’t tell me!” he again shouted and Yehleen stood up to pacify him. Frank ran towards the elevator and Yehleen panicked. “Oh boy this is bad” John said. “What happened to Erick and Jennifer?” Yehleen asked. “They were ambushed by the terrorists, and somehow someone led the other operatives to a wrong location. Someone must have hacked our system” John said as he kept punching at his laptop. “Where do you did Frank go?” she asked. “Don’t worry he didn’t ask where they were, for sure he will be just around cooling his head” John said.

Frank run as fast as he can thinking of Jennifer and Erick. He didn’t know where they were but somehow he could sense it. He could not explain why but he just ran towards a direction his gut told him to.

On an abandoned building several miles away Jennifer was being escorted out of the building by two bloodied operatives. All of them were coughing as they slowly walked out.

“Are you okay?!!!” Jennifer heard someone say and as she looked who it was she saw it was Frank. “Frank how did you get here?” she asked. “Are you hurt? Were you shot?” he asked. “No I’m fine, I was shot but luckily I had my vest on” she said. “Then why are you bleeding?!” Frank shouted and Jennifer noticed blood flowing from her arm.

“How about Erick?” he asked. Jennifer shook her head and fell on his arms. “I don’t know, everything happened so fast. We thought we have cornered them but suddenly the room was filled with smoke. They knew we were coming. Shots were fired and I couldn’t see anything…I just felt two bullets hit me…I couldn’t see anything. I was afraid to fire my gun because I might hit an ally…so I just lay down on the floor because I didn’t want to get hit…then they found me and took me out” she narrated.

“Take her away from here” Frank commanded the two operatives as he ran inside the building. “Frank no! Frank come back here!!!” Jennifer yelled but she was being carried away. “Let me go! I order you to let me go! Frank!!!” she screamed but the operatives would not let her go.

Several minutes later they saw Frank come out of the building carrying Erick. “Take them both to the hospital right now!” Frank ordered but Jennifer tried to hold on to him. “Frank where are you going?” she asked and Frank looked at her. At that moment she saw a different Frank, someone terrifying. His eyes were very angry and she remembered what Hannah told her. “Frank don’t do this, you can’t do this. Frank!!!” she said but he ran away again towards the building. The operatives held on to Jennifer as she they went in the van. She was trying to go out but the van started to speed away.

Frank stepped inside the building, the smoke was started to dissipate and he could hear several men laughing. As the smoke cleared he saw several dead operatives on the ground, scattered bullet casings and blood everywhere. Frank walked forward but something caught his attention, the bracelet he gave Jennifer was on the ground covered with blood. He picked up the bracelet and clutched it in his hand, he could control his anger so he shouted and punched the wall. The wall collapsed to Frank’s surprise, he could not believe what he had just done. He walked to the other wall and again punched it too collapsed. Frank started laughing as he looked at his fists, they were bloody but he felt a different sensation. He again saw the bracelet and he placed it inside his pocket, he saw another agent who was crawling and he walked to him.

Frank brought out the agent and lay him down on the ground. “Hey I have to borrow your vest if you don’t mind” he told him. “Wait what are you going to do?” he asked. Frank just smiled as he took off the agent’s vest, the man on the ground handed him his weapon, “Here you might need this” he said but Frank shook his head. “I’m not a violent person” Frank said and he walked back inside the building.

Two hours later at a nearby hospital Frank was standing watch beside Jennifer’s bed. As he stroked her hand she woke up and opened her eyes slowly. “Hi” she whispered. “Hi, how are you?” he said. “Im fine, it was just a flesh wound. How’s Erick?” she asked. “He will be alright, he got shot in his arm and leg but nothing to worry about” Frank told her.

“You lied to me” Frank said and Jennifer sighed, “Sorry I was just following orders. Did they get them?” she said. Frank just smiled and nodded his head. “Frank, why did you go back inside? What did you do?” she asked. Frank brought out the bracelet and placed on her wrist. “I saw that you were not wearing this so I went to get it back for you” he said as he locked the bracelet. Jennifer smiled and held his hand, “You went back inside to look for this bracelet?” she asked and Frank nodded. “Don’t ever lose this again okay?” he told her.

“Hey Frank how did you know where we were?” Jennifer asked but Frank put his finger on her lips, “Shhh...Get some rest first we can tell stories later. Don’t worry I am not going anywhere” he told her and he kissed her on the forehead. Jennifer smiled and slowly closed her eyes.

Inside another hospital room Senator David Richards was seated beside the bed of another agent. “I heard from your superior that you saw everything that happened to the terrorists?” the senator asked and the agent nodded his head. “Tell me everything you saw in detail” the senator requested.

“We were ambushed; there was so much smoke in the room I couldn’t breathe. I hit the floor once I heard the gunshots…I heard them screaming…I could not fire my weapon…we couldn’t see where they were. I stood up and I was supposed to run outside for air…I got shot in my torso…I fell to the ground but I got shot again on my leg. I crawled up screaming in pain and I passed out. Next thing I remember I saw Frank…I saw him angry…he punched a wall and collapsed…I knew I was hallucinating but I crawled towards him. I saw him hit the other wall and it likewise collapsed…I really did not understand what was happening…we all know he is just like us but seeing him make two walls crumble I really thought my mind was going haywire.

He saw, he brought me out. He asked for my vest…I offered him my gun but he refused. He went back in; I know our duty to protect him so I crawled back inside. The smoke was gone…I could hear him shouting…he was very angry. He kept asking ‘who shot her?’ and I could hear the screams of men…like those in deep pain or being tortured…I was scared but I thought they got him so I moved closer.

I wish I didn’t go back in because the next things I saw I will never forget…the faces of those terrorists in extreme pain…on was begging me to shoot him…their hands…they couldn’t move them…it’s as if they had no more bones in them…I was so scared he might see me…I crawled back out hearing those screams…I tried to block them out but until now I can hear them” the agent said as tears were pouring profusely down his cheeks.

“I see” the senator said and he stood up. “Sir I am not crazy, I really saw it happen” the agent said and the senator nodded his head. “Yes I believe you but may I ask you not to tell anyone else. If you can keep this matter between us I can make sure you will be compensated very well” the senator said. “Sabbatical leave and a college fund for my kids…and if you can please find a way to erase this memory from my mind, please sir I beg you” the agent said and the senator looked at him. The Senator held his hand and comforted him, “I cannot promise you removing those memories completely but I promise you the best help I can find. Take a vacation as long as you want, with pay don’t worry as long as this story never gets out” David said and the agent nodded.

The senator left the room and proceeded towards the parking area. He took out his mobile phone but he suddenly looked up the building and saw Frank staring at him from the window. He got inside the car and quickly dialed.
“Hello Nathan, we need to talk” the senator said.

Back in Jennifer’s room Frank was seated looking at his fists. He still could not believe what he just did. He closed his eyes and images of the terrorist he last beat up filled his mind.

“You won’t stop us all. You are too late. We know you are a fake”

“You are too late. You can’t stop us”

“Did you ever take time to look at the birds as they flock together…such a wonderful sight seeing them flying all together…did you ever spent time just watching them?”
“No you are all too materialistic for those things…you never spent time just watching the water flow down the river…the birds flying above in a single formation…and here comes the hunter who kills them all in one stone”

“The birds die…they didn’t see it coming…in one blink of an eye all the birds are dead”

Those words played all over and over in his head, he tried to make meaning of it all but he was just too tired to do so. He glances towards the bed and sees Jennifer sleeping, she is safe and so he too closes his eyes and rests.