Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: First Girlfriend

Paul had just made another fantastic meal and he and Kara were in the garden after lunch. The sky was dim and the rain clouds were starting to gather. “It was raining that day when we first met” Kara said as she was looking up at the sky. Paul looked up too and closed his eyes, “That day my heart went crazy, Kara Miller shared an umbrella with me. For the first time I heard your voice, I can still feel how you held on to my arm. That day I wanted time to stop, and if it was a dream I did not want to wake up. Now, I can’t still believe I am beside you, Kara Miller beside a pathetic guy like me on her garden. I think from that day I never woke up” he said and suddenly he felt something soft touch his lips.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw Kara staring at him. “Do you still think you are dreaming?” she whispered as she bit his lower lip. “If this was a fairy tale I would be sleeping beauty” he responded and Kara giggled. Their lips locked and electricity flowed through his body, he was not dreaming, but he could not control his body. A few seconds later rain started to pour and Kara ran towards the house. Paul stood up and looked up at the sky, “Just when I was enjoying you had to ruin it!” he yelled as the rain grew stronger. “You could have waited for five minutes more you know!” he again shouted but a bright flash of light and loud thunder made him ran towards the shade. “Is that all you’ve got? We can continue inside you know and you can’t interrupt us there!” he said and Kara was laughing at him.

Evening came and the rain got even stronger, Paul stayed for dinner and he waited for the rain to subside so he could go home. “Paul, why don’t you just spend the night here?” Mrs. Miller suggested and Paul looked at Kara who was nodding her head. “Is that going to be okay?” he asked, “Of course, wait here I will prepare the guest room” she said and Kara hugged him. “Why are you hugging me all of a sudden?” Paul asked Kara and she just smiled at him. Paul tried to Kara but she moved away, “save it for later” she whispered and he started to get nervous.

A few minutes later Paul kissed Kara goodnight and he went inside the guest room. It was cold and it was still raining outside. Paul got in bed, he hugged one pillow and he instantly fell asleep. Paul thought he was dreaming as he could hear Kara’s voice clearly. “Would you be rather hugging me instead of that pillow?” he heard her whisper. Paul slowly opened his eyes and there was Kara staring at him. “Kara what are you doing here?!” he asked and Kara signaled him to keep quiet. “My mom and Dad are in the next room” she whispered. “Go back to your room or else your dad is going to kill me” he said softly. “I can’t, If I go now then you will see me naked” she said and Paul looked at her and saw her tucked inside the blanket. He immediately went out of the blanket and stood up. “Kara your dad is going to kill me if he finds out” he reiterated.

“Your boxers are cute, and I never imagined you having a muscular body” she said and she got out of the blanket to reveal that she was not naked after all. “I was just kidding you, see I have my PJ’s on, so come back inside its cold” she said and Paul sat down on the floor instead. “You should really go back to your room Kara” he told her but Kara went inside the blanket. “It’s cold, come here and you don’t have to worry we are not going to do anything…unless you are planning to do something to me” she teased him and Paul quickly shook his head. “I am not planning anything” he said. “So what are you afraid of? Come here then” she told him and Paul hesitated a little but he slowly got on bed and slid inside the blanket.

Paul and Kara were face to face and she moved closer to him and he started shaking. “Why are you so nervous?” she asked him and Paul remained silent. Kara moved closer to him and she wrapped her hands around her head. “Kara this is not a good idea, can you move back a little” he whispered but Kara did the opposite. Their lips were touching and Kara was staring into his eyes. “Kara I really think you should move back a little” he repeated, “Why?” she asked and Paul took a deep breath. “Kara…your chest in pressing into my chest and I am a guy so…you really should move back” he said. Kara bit his lip and suddenly she was surprised and moved back a little. Kara started laughing and Paul was so embarrassed.

“I am sorry…it just happened I guess” Paul said but Kara was still giggling. She moved closer to him again and pressed her body against his. “It’s okay, actually I’m flattered” she said and Paul smiled. “Flattered?” he asked and Kara nodded. “Yes, it just shows that you are attracted to me so I am flattered” she explained and then she started kissing him. A few seconds later they heard a woman moaning so they froze and looked at each other. The moaning got louder and they started laughing. “Now that is awkward. I think we should cover our ears now” he suggested but Kara was still laughing.

As the noise from the other room stopped Kara embraced Paul. “It looks like my parents are not getting separated?” she whispered. “Yeah because they just joined” Paul joked and Kara giggled. “Paul there is something about you that is so mysterious, I can’t explain it but I just somehow I feel it deep inside of me” she said. “A lot of guys have courted me” she added and Paul pouted. “Now you are making me jealous and feel so tiny” he answered. “No listen to me, a lot of guys have courted me and I never gave them a chance, I thought Kevin was going to be my first boyfriend but I was wrong” she said. “Kevin was not your boyfriend?” Paul asked and Kara nodded. “So you mean to say you never had a boyfriend in your life?” he asked and Kara smiled at him, “I do have one now…and I am about to kiss him” she answered and Kara kissed Paul on the lips.

Paul smiled widely and pinched himself, “Excuse me I have to stand up” he said but Kara embraced him tightly. “Why?” she asked and Paul grinned. “This is the part where I should be jumping and pumping my fist on the air” he said and Kara smiled at him. She turned her body and leaned on his chest and pulled his arm around her waist. “I can’t believe it I have a girlfriend” Paul whispered and he embraced her tightly. “Paul…you’re hand is on my breast” she whispered and Paul immediately moved his hand away and she started laughing. “I was just kidding you” she said. “No wonder it wasn’t soft and mushy” he told her and they ended up laughing again.

Monday arrived and Paul and Kara were holding hands as they were walking around campus. Paul had his head bowed down and Kara got mad at him. “Why are you bowing you head? Are you ashamed of me?” she asked him. “I am not ashamed of you but everyone is looking and by the looks of it they must be wondering why you chose me” he said. Kara turned to Paul and placed her arms around his head, “Do not mind what they are saying, they don’t know you. You are a wonderful person, amazing is an understatement and…I love you Paul. I hope that’s enough reason for you because I mean it” she explained and Paul lifted his head and smiled. “I love you too Kara.”

Nearby Diane was watching the two couple as they were embracing. “It could have been you standing there with him Diane” and she turned to see Sarah beside her. “Well I am just happy for him right now” Diane said. “But if pains you seeing them like that does it?” Sarah told her and Diane fell silent. “I would be lying to you if I said no” Diane whispered and Sarah looked at her. Sarah turned around and started walking away, “Diane, to tell you honestly it hurts me too”