Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Sandwich: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Yana

Thirteen years ago on a bright sunny day Diana was seated in from of their porch as she watched several trucks pass by. To her curiosity she followed them and she saw a family was moving on the house beside theirs. A little kid same as her age stepped out of the car and he immediately smiled at her.

“Are you going to be my neighbor?” the boy asked her and Diana moved a few steps back holding her stuff toy. “My mom told me not to talk to strangers” she said and the boy scratched his head. “I am Paul and we are going to be neighbors, do you have toys?” Paul asked and Diana showed him her stuff toy. “This is your only toy? What is your name?” Paul asked again and Diana looked at him closely. “This is my favorite toy since my mom gave it to me, my name is Diana” she said.

“Yana!” Paul shouted and then smiled at her. “Not Yana! My name is Diana!” she yelled. “Like the princess, you are pretty would you like to be my girlfriend?” Paul said and Diana frowned at him and ran away.

A few days later Diana was at her window staring outside as she saw Paul crying. “Why are you crying?” Diana asked and Paul came closer to the window and he looked up wiping his tears. “I am hungry” he told her and Diana laughed at him. “You are such a cry baby, where are your parent?” she asked and Paul tried to climb the window. “What are you doing?!” Diana yelled and Paul was already hanging and taking a peek inside the room. “Your room is nice, mom and dad went to work, and do you have food here?” he said and pulled him inside and they both fell to the floor.

“Your parents did not leave you food?” Diana asked and Paul jumped on her bed and he sat on it. “I don’t know, maybe they did. Do you have food?” he said and Diana walked towards the door and told him to wait for her. Five minutes later she came back with a sandwich and gave it to him. Paul opened the bread and looked what was inside, “Chicken and mayo, but it feels cold” he said and Diana grabbed the sandwich from him. “I don’t know how to use the microwave so if you don’t want it then I will throw it away” she said. “No please, let me eat it, I am hungry” Paul pleaded and Diana felt sorry for him so she gave him the sandwich.

A few days later Diana saw Paul hammering on a piece of wood and she started to get curious. “Paul what are you doing?” she asked and Paul just looked at her and smiled. “I can’t tell you it’s a secret. Go away for now okay?” he said and Diana ran back inside her house. Three hours later as Diana was playing inside her room Paul suddenly showed up at her window. “Yana! Look I can easily climb up now” he said and Diana went to the window and looked. “You made a ladder?” she said and Paul climbed inside and jumped on her bed. “Yup, so I can easily climb your window, you don’t have to pull me up” he said and Diana was amazed at him. “Yana, I’m hungry” Paul said as he looked at her innocently. Diana again made a sandwich for him but this time it was warm.

One month passed and Diana was received a puppy as her early birthday gift from her father. She ran towards Paul’s house to tell him the news and she dragged him to her room to see her new puppy. Once they got inside her room Diana saw the puppy gnawing on her stuff toy and she screamed. Paul immediately grabbed hold of the puppy and was able to pry the toy out of the dog’s mouth. “Look Diana I saved your teddy bear” he said but she threw the stuff toy on the ground since it was already torn in many places. Diana ran to her mom and Paul was left inside the room with the puppy. “You are a bad puppy, you made Yana cry. Don’t worry I will fix this just watch you bad puppy” he said to the dog and he got out of the window.

Diana’s birthday arrived and Paul ran towards Diana’s window early in the morning. He knocked at the window and a few seconds later Diana opened it. “Happy Birthday Yana!” Paul greeted her and she smiled at him. “Oh Paul look what mommy gave me, a new stuff toy!” she said as she hugged her new teddy bear. Paul just smiled but deep inside he was hurt and he did not bother to show her the old stuff toy that he fixed. “Come back later for the party okay?” she told him and he just nodded and went down the ladder. Paul walked home clutching the old stuff toy in his arms, “I thought she would be happy seeing you again but she has a new one. Don’t worry I will keep you so cheer up okay?” he whispered.